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JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 76

JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 76

By Zeemah writes


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💞Anel’s POV💞

Everyone gasped as he furiously threw it at artist shaw who was quick to dodge it from hitting his head but he was not so lucky,the vase shattered on his shoulder.
Everyone stood in shock as blood seeped out of artist Shaw’s shoulder.


I stood rooted to the spot..Liam hates Bryan Shaw this much?
“Liam have you gone nuts!” Dan’s mum screamed at Liam and quickly rushed to her husband trying to stop the bleeding.
“Daddy” Mike cried.
“Like seriously? Dad what’s going on?” Dan asked.

“Artist Shaw please I’m so sorry,are you okay?” I asked with unsteady voice.
“Get out of my house right now!!” Liam yelled, advancing fast towards Artist Shaw with….but Dan blocked his way.

“I won’t let you hit him again” He said to Liam’s face.
“Your father is a killer!” Liam spat.
“Whatever he is,he still remains my father. You should learn how to control your temper instead” Dan said.

A killer?
He killed who?

“Sorry Bryan” Mum rushed back into the living room with a first aid box.
I didn’t even noticed she left the living room.
“I’m okay” Artist Shaw smiled painfully.
“Darling you’re not.” Dan’s mum said and collected the first aid box from mum.

I’m so confused right now…like what the heck is happening right now?

I thought the beef is between artist Shaw and Liam, why’s granny in tears?

“That stupid treatment isn’t gonna be in my house! You this killer should get out of my house this minute!” Liam said breathing heavily.
“Shut up! You hurt him in your house and you’re insisting the treatment won’t be done here. Liam why are you being heartless i didn’t brought you up this way” Granny said sadly.

“I would kill him if i had the chance” Liam said angrily, running his hand through his hair.
Dan’s mum was so fast in cleaning the wound..

“Liam,just hear me out. I w…” Artist Shaw was saying but got interrupted by Liam.
“I can’t believe i allowed you in my house and now you’re spitting,I’m gonna do something you’ll regret. Get out of my house Now” Liam said.

There was silence when the doorbell rang.
No one was willing to go open the door, everyone was preoccupied with their thoughts.
It rang again and Ana had to go open it.

Dad stepped in,holding two paper bags,he hugged Ana and handed her one of the paper bag before closing the door behind him.
I knew Ana would have jumped in excitement if it wasn’t for this tense mood,she only muttered ‘thanks’.

Dad got to the living room and looked surprised to see everyone in such mood.
Shock was written all over his face when he saw Artist Shaw.

“Bryan?” He called.
“Kelly” Artist Shaw smiled but i could see pain through that smile.
“What the hell are you doing here,are you here to kill my daughter too” Dad yelled.
“I’m not here to kill your daughter and i never knew she was your daughter in the first place” Artist Shaw said.

“What’s the meaning of this thrash,why do you all keep accusing him of killing. What exactly is your problem,have you all gone nuts?” Dan’s Mum said angrily.

“What the hell is going on! someone should tell me!” I yelled.

No one spoke up.

” Liam why did you hit Bryan Shaw,what gave you the right to? I know you don’t like him and that was the reason i deliberately made him come without your knowledge thinking you both can sort things out but you proved to be immature” I said and Liam’s face widened.

“I’m sorry if I’m being rude but hitting him was over the extreme,what if he hadn’t dodged it,it would have hit his head for goodness sake!” I said.
“Wow, i knew you have also been bewitched like Mara,the moment you started craving for his artworks” Liam said.

“It isn’t bewitchment,i think only a blind person won’t crave for Artist Shaw’s artworks” I said.
“I believe by the time you hear what he did,you will stop supporting him” Liam said wearing a grim look

“Liam it’s sixteen years already, shouldn’t you have let all this go” mum said.

Sixteen years?

“I can’t and i would never,cause i haven’t gotten over Mara’s death” Liam said.
“Mary” Granny called with a shaky voice.
Mary rushed into the living room.
“Yes ma’am” She responded.
“Take this children upstairs” She said and Mary nodded,then took Ana and Mike’s hand before leading them upstairs.

“Dad,what’s happening?” Dan asked his dad.
“I can see you even got married to Laura, you’ve forgotten if Mara even existed” Liam said.
“I didn’t forget Mara and i would never!” Artist Shaw said.

“Please i think im about to go crazy with confusion, someone should please make all this clear to me”
“Well,this is Bryan the guy who killed your mother!” Liam said.

I shook my head in disbelief…
“He i.. isn’t the o..on..one” I stammered weakly.
Even though i don’t want to believe it but hearing that made me weak.
“He’s the one and that’s the reason i hate him till date”

My eyes went blurry with tears,there was no strength left in me,my legs wobbled and i couldn’t stand by myself any longer.
I was falling to the floor when Dan rushed to hold me.

I realised how much i now hate him.
“Don’t..t..ouch m..e” I said and couldn’t control the tears that scrolled down my cheeks.
His father killed my mother?

“No” I laughed.
He’s the only guy i ever had feelings for.
The only guy i ever imagined my future with?
His father…. killed my mother? No!

This is too much for me to take in.
I sat on the floor and felt my head going hot,i felt weak and i wasn’t feeling anything anymore,i wasn’t hearing anything,i only stared on,still not able to register what’s going on.


💞Dan’s POV💞

“Dad..is that true?” I asked in shock.

I could vividly remember what Anel told me about her Mum.
Her Mum was the reason she didn’t have friends since she was eight cause her mum died cause of friend,her mum was the reason she hate guys cause a guy led to her mother’s death.
Her Mum died the moment she gave birth to her and she told me two people are responsible for her mother’s death.

My dad and my biological Mum.
Her mum’s picture is the one in mum’s library and her drawing is the one in dad’s studio house.


“Dad,did you killed Anel’s mum?” I asked again.
He nodded and i felt sick to the stomach.
“Dad why?” I cried.
“Bryan wasn’t the one who killed Mara,Mara caused everything herself” Mum said.

“He killed her! He’s the reason Mara did all she did and he still didn’t love her,he broke her heart and that was what caused her death” Liam said.

“Do you think love can be forced? If i hadn’t loved you,do you think i would have married you. Liam,you also broke many girls heart in the past, don’t act like you’re a saint” Ana’s Mum said.
“I broke a lot of girls heart but i didn’t kill any of them and it’s so nice hearing that from you” Liam said.
“I’m sorry but Liam,it’s been years,just let all this go please” Ana mum said.

“I didn’t miss her burial intentionally, i was in the hospital for a week….”
“Cut the crap, don’t think I’ll ever believe you,the fact still remains that you killed my sister, you’re the main cause of her death!” Liam said.

“He didn’t kill Mara,Mara did what she did cause she wanted to. Even in her last minute,she told you never to blame anyone for her death” Mum said defensively.

“You all should leave this house” Liam said menacingly.
“Liam,i know how much Mara means to you,she means a lot to me too. Please just hear me out” Dad pleaded.

“She means a lot to you and yet you didn’t love her back,she loved you Bryan and even though you didn’t love her,you should have just pretended to,just to make her happy…”
“For how long would i have pretended. I loved Mara only as a friend,i offered to date her then just to make her happy but she didn’t wanted that,she wanted me to love her” Dad said.

“Can all this thrash you’re saying bring Mara back?” Liam said trying hard to hold his tears but he couldn’t anymore, he cried.

He loved his sister that much?

“Granny you aren’t saying anything, Kelly you aren’t also saying anything. This is Bryan who caused Mara’s death,he’s the reason i can’t see my sister anymore, and you both aren’t saying anything!” Liam yelled, cleaning his tears.

“Liam, i don’t know what to say. I’m not in the right state of mind”
“Liam,he didn’t kill Mara. Bryan didn’t” Granny said.

“I wonder if Mara mean anything to any of you. Bryan,i won’t repeat myself,get out of my house this minute” Liam said.

I looked at Anel who was seated on the floor all this while,it seems she isn’t even aware of what’s going on,she has a faraway look in her eyes,her lips were dry and her skin looked pale. It looked like she has aged in minutes. Tears scrolled down her cheeks unstoppably.

I crouched in front of her and couldn’t also stop my tears.
It seems she isn’t even seeing me,yet her eyes are wide opened.
I’m scared of how she has changed in just minutes.
Will she ever talk to me again?

I touched her skin and it was incredibly cold.
“Anel” I called but she didn’t respond.

“Noooooo” She screamed with her palms pressed on her ears.
The scream was deafening and i couldn’t help but cover my ears.
Everyone rushed to her.

She stopped screaming and suddenly started laughing.
She started loosening her hair, speaking incoherent words.

“Anel what’s wrong?” Everyone asked at the same time but it didn’t looked like she heard any of us.
She continued the incoherent words.

My heart beat faster as i realised what might be happening.

“Anel” Everyone screamed.


Dad,mum and i stood at the entrance of the hospital peering inside.
Liam refused to allow us into the waiting room.

He was pacing the waiting room alongside Ana’s mum, Kelly and Granny.
“You killed my sister and now i don’t know what your son has done to my niece” Liam shouted in our direction.

I haven’t stopped crying since we left the house.
Anel is not behaving normal anymore..
We had to rush her down to the hospital,the doctor has been attending to her over some some hours now.

Dad had to conceal his eyes with sunglass.
If not, his fans might just pop in,in different directions.
“Dad,i don’t want to believe all this. What have you brought me into!” I said and cleaned my tears.
“Your dad isn’t guilty of anything,he didn’t kill Mara” Mum said.

“Why didn’t you tell me all these before now dad. I kept asking you about that drawing but you failed to open up,now look where it led us” I said.
“I’m sorry Dan” He said.

I rushed into the waiting room when i saw the doctor walk up to them.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Liam shouted at me.
I realised mum and Dad also followed me.

“Liam,will you shut up! You made them stood outside for hours and they only came in wanting to know about Anel’s well being and you’re yelling, embarrassing yourself, i don’t want to hear a thing from you anymore” Granny scolded.

“Doctor,how’s my daughter?” Kelly asked the doctor who shook his head and adjusted the stethoscope around his neck.

“You told her anything that led to shock?” He asked.
“Doctor quit unnecessary questions,how’s Anel?” Liam shouted.

“Well…im sorry, she’s now suffering from mental disorder”

Oh no!


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