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JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 77

JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 77

By Zeemah writes

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💞Dan’s POV💞

I cried as i stood beside Anel’s hospital bed.
She’s fast asleep after injected by the doctor.

Liam and everyone are also here and even though the men were trying not to cry,the sadness on their faces is so obvious.

“Anel” granny cried, holding her hand. “Mara,your daughter is mentally unstable and you’re up there watching,do something. I don’t want to lose her like i lost you,the pain of losing you is still buried in my heart”

Dad stood at a corner of the ward, Mum sat beside Ana’s mum on the chair.
Liam and Anel’s dad were standing just beside the bed.

How could everything turn sour in minutes.
I wouldn’t have believed if i was told that I’ll be at the hospital today,and i would have bet with my life if i was told Anel will be mentally unstable.

We played and took pictures beside the pool some hours ago.
How could this happen!

I wiped my tears and made to hold her hand but Liam slapped my hand away and sent me a glare.

“Is that what you should be doing now!” Granny yelled at him.

“Everything started turning bad the moment they visited our house!” He yelled back.
“You invited them” Granny said, obviously trying to keep calm.
“Would i have,if i knew they were the one” He shouted.

“Now, you’ve known. There’s nothing to yell about” Granny said.
“There’s something to yell about granny, don’t try to scold me cause I’m not gonna listen to you” He said and turned to face us.

“Now,you all should leave this minute” He said to us and I glanced at Mum and Dad.
“I..i don’t want to leave, I want to stay with Anel” I said.
“So you can inflict more damages right?” He raised a brow.
“No i won’t,i just wanna be with her, please” I pleaded.

“I won’t repeat myself,If i do you know what will happen. Bryan you know me so well” Liam said.
“Okay, we’ll leave but can you please allow Dan to stay!” Dad said.
“He can’t! Leave before i let out all the anger in me”

“Dan,let’s leave” Dad said.
“No! I want to stay with Anel” I said and succeeded in holding her hand this time.
It was warm.

Her entire face looks pink which got me worried,it was still beautiful though,her closed eyes made me see how long and curly her lashes is.
She has a perfectly round face.

I didn’t realise i was crying until my tears dropped on her cheeks.
I cleaned it gently with my thumb.

“Leave!” Liam growled but i ignored him.
I held on to Anel tighter.
“I’m gonna hit your son” He threatened.
“Hit me,I’m not leaving here” I said.

“Dan, let’s leave” Mum said.
“I’m not leaving” I said with a note of finality.
I crouched beside her bed,still holding her hand.

Liam swore “I swear down,I’m gonna destroy things in this ward if you don’t leave”
“Dan, com’on get up let’s leave” Mum shouted.
“Dan,you can always come back. Let’s leave” Dad said.

I cried and placed her hand on my chest,not wanting to leave her.
Mum dragged me up gently and ,we started walking out of the ward.
I turned back to look at her one last time before i was dragged out of the ward.

“Dad,you caused everything!” I yelled when we got to the hospital compound,my eyes were blazing with tears.
He adjusted his sunglass and sighed.
“Yes i caused it” he said.
“Bryan,you didn’t cause anything. It’s time you stopped blaming yourself for Mara’s death and Dan I’m so disappointed in you. You don’t trust your father?” Mum asked.

“I do but why did he keep everything from me,it would have been better if he had told me earlier,i would have tried to avoid Anel before we got this close. Now everything is all ruined” i wiped my tears.
“I’m sorry son,I’m gonna explain everything to you once we get home” He said and quickly stopped the tears rolling out of the sunglass.

We got to the parking lot,dad unlocked the car and i got into the backseat while they both got into the front.
He turned on the ignition.

“We’ll go pick Mike” He said and started driving out of the hospital.
My entire thought was on Anel…my beautiful psycho.

Today is the saddest day of my life.


I walked into Anel’s living room and saw Mike and Ana sitting on different couch,the TV was on but they both weren’t watching.
They look sad.

“Mike, Ana” I called and they both rushed to me.
“Where’s Anel?” Ana asked and i had to quickly searched for what to say.
“She.. she,they all went out” I said.
“No,they would have taken me along if they went out” She said.

“It was urgent so they had to go immediately, they’ll be back soon” I said.
“No,you’re lieing to me. Anel isn’t fine” She said.
“They..they…sh” I was saying but tears has blinded my eyes.

I tried hard not to let it drop but it did.

“Anel is fine” I said and quickly wiped my tears.
“You’re crying and you said she’s fine. Tell me,is she hurt?” She asked,her eyes starting to get teary.

I shook my head,my throat tightened painfully as i tried to hold another round of threatening tears.
I took Mike’s hand.

“We’ll be leaving now” I said to Ana who i noticed has started crying.
“Ana, Anel is fine. She’ll be fine.” I said.

I saw their house help walking towards us.
“You’re leaving right?” She asked.
I nodded.

She carried the crying Ana in her arms and bid us bye.

I walked out of the door with Mike.
“Is Anel truly okay?” He asked as we walked to the car.

I nodded.


“You want to tell me everything now?” I asked Dad who nodded.

Mum, Dad and i were seated in the living room,Mike has gone to his room to take a nap.

“After everything is ruined?” I asked.
“Dan, everything isn’t ruined yet” Mum said.
“It is, Anel isn’t fine!” I said.

“We were 16 when it all happened…” Dad started.


My mouth was left agape when he finished his narration.

“You mean…that was what happened?” I asked.
“Yeah” He said.
“You weren’t the one who killed her but to be sincere, you’re a little bit involved in it” I said.
“I know” He said.

“She did all she did for you,if you weren’t in her life,she wouldn’t have done that but again you’re not to blame,mum..i mean my biological Mum is the main cause. How could she?” I said disappointedly.

“I miss Mara so much” Mum dabbed her face with an handkerchief.
“With all dad said,i can point out that she was a very nice person”
“Yes she was, Mara was the best friend i ever had then,i wish she hadn’t done all she did, i wish she was still in my life” Dad said.

” Dad, you really need to tell Liam that you didn’t miss her burial intentionally” I said.
“Liam is not gonna listen to me and even if he does,he might not see that as an excuse” He said.
“Only an heartless person won’t see that as an excuse, you stabbed yourself cause you felt guilty about someone’s death,what if you had died in the process,you were hospitalized for a week and you weren’t even discharged before you ran out of the hospital,you went to their house and you were told they already relocated,you searched for them almost with your last breath..is there anyone who would have done better?”

“You’re right Dan” Mum said.
“Whatever that might have happened among you all in the past shouldn’t affect Anel and i,so sad it already has” I said, imagining the condition Anel is right now.
Has she woken?
Is she now feeling better?

“How could i not recognize Mara’s daughter?” Dad said.
“Have you forgotten you only saw her the day she was born,there’s no way you could have remembered her” Mum said.

“Mara wore the fallen angels necklace on Anel’s neck, and i don’t think i sighted any necklace on her neck the day she came here on a visit” Mum said.
“Well,there’s a necklace on her neck” I said.

“Yes,i only see the chain though,the pendant is always tucked inside her shirt like mine”
“That’s it! That’s the necklace” Dad said.
“It should be” I said and stood up.

“I’ll be going up to my room” I said.
“I’m sorry i caused you so much pain Dan,you’re now suffering for what you don’t know about” Dad said somberly.
“It’s nothing Dad,I’m gonna overcome it” I said with confidence.
“Now you’re talking like a man” He teased and i forced a smile.

I walked up the stairs and got to the door of the studio room.
I opened it and walked in.

It was the same way we left it, i walked closer to the image of Anel’s Mum,i brought out my phone,powered it and quickly scrolled to Anel’s pictures. I studied it closely and compared it with her mother’s and i realised I’ve been a fool all this while not to have observe the resemblance of the two. I once observed it though but i didn’t took it serious.

Anel is just like the younger version of her mother,her mother is beautiful while Anel is more beautiful.

How could she do that for love?

Well…At this point, i think i can also do anything..i mean anything for Anel, including dieing for her.

But now,she’s on a hospital bed, suffering from mental disorder, i couldn’t stop my tears as i viewed the pictures we took together some hours ago.
We were both happy then,not knowing what was coming next.
How can i cope without Anel?

I love her…so so much.


I walked into the hospital determined to enter Anel’s ward today.
Liam didn’t allow me in when i came yesterday and i stood outside for hours before i left for home.
I’m not gonna allow that happen today,i have to see Anel.

I walked to the nurse at the reception.
“Good morning” I greeted.
“Morning dear” She smiled.
“I want to see..”
“Asanel Yates,the girl you came here for yesterday” She completed my statement and i smiled,then nodded.

“Can i go in to see her?” I asked.
“No” She said and i noticed she bit her lower lip.
“Why? He told you not to allow me in right?”
“Not that,she has been transferred to a psychiatric hospital” She said and my heart nearly dropped.

Transferring her to a psychiatric hospital means she’s not getting any better.
She’s growing worse instead! Oh..no.
“W..when?” I asked and swallowed back the tears that was threatening to flow.

I don’t cry this easily.
I wonder what Anel have turned me into.
She can turn me into anything she likes,i just want her to get better.

“Yesterday night, when she nearly chopped off her granny’s ear”
“What!” I exclaimed.
“Okay,can you please give me the name of the psychiatric hospital”
“No” She said curtly.
“Why?” I asked.

“I was told not to disclose the location of the hospital” She said.
“Please,do that for me” I pleaded.
“I can’t” she said.
“Please,i really need to see her. Please” I pleaded.
“That means going against my work ethics…I can’t” She said.

“Please,i really need to see her. Just do this for me,I’m not gonna let anyone know you told me anything. Please” I pleaded.
“Okay.. okay,I’m gonna do that but you’re also gonna do something for me too” She said.
“What? I’m ready to do anything” I said.

“Well…i want you to kiss me hard,your lips look succul..” She was saying before i cut her off.
“Nurses like you are should be murdered” I hissed before walking out of the hospital.

💞Jacqueline’s POV💞

“You were the one who told us not to talk to him and now he has also completely ignored us,he didn’t even call us to tell us he won’t be coming to school today” Karissa said to me,with a frown.

We were seated in the cafeteria, having our lunch.

“I did it all for your sake! I thought by doing that, he’ll leave that girl and focus more on you” I said even though i knew that was a lie.

I did it for my sake…
Dan has stopped having my time the moment he started talking to that girl!
I spite her so much.

“But we should have stopped on the second day,you made us ignore him for weeks. He kept coming to us and he even begged us but you refused” She said.
“Well..i planned on speaking to him today but now he’s absent” I said and sipped my juice.

“It’ll have been better if he had been the only one absent, but that girl is also absent,who knows maybe they might have gone on a date” Karissa said and busted into tears.
I hissed in irritation.
“Just shut up and don’t try to embarrass me here” I said and considered what she said.

What if they truly went for a date?
No..no it can’t be.
They can’t possibly stay absent from school because of a date but there’s nothing that girl can’t make Dan do.
He’s at the tip of her finger.

Even when i took the picture of her and Travis in the garden and told Karissa to send it to him, expecting them not to speak to each other ever again but they did and their friendship got even tighter.

They laugh and play in the classroom like they’re the only one there and those stupid classmates love watching them play.

Dan likes her .. I’m damn sure of it.
I wonder what Travis is doing!
He always get down with every girl he want,why’s this one so difficult for him.
I want him to get Asanel out of Dan’s grip.
I want Dan for myself!!!

“Karissa” I called.
“Huh?” She asked.
“I thought Travis want Asanel”
“Yeah,he does” She said.
“So why haven’t he gotten her yet?” I asked.

“He told me she’s being difficult,she’s the only girl in this school who has ever said ‘no’ to him. I truly admire Asanel’s strength and dignity and sometimes i wish to be like her but then she’s distracting Dan from me!” She said and i felt a little bit jealous to hear that she admires Asanel and even wishes to be like her!

Wait till I’m done with Asanel,then I’m gonna deal with you too.

“You want Dan to yourself right?” I asked.
“Yes” She said.
“But he doesn’t want me” She sulked.

“He also want you” I said.
“Really?” Her eyes widened.
“Yes he does but do you know what’s keeping him?” I asked.
“What?” She asked.
“Asanel,she’s the one preventing him from even sparing you a glance” I said.
“Yes,i know that. Asanel is very beautiful and any guy would kill to have her. That’s exactly what’s happening to my Dan” She said.

“Didn’t you noticed that he was starting to have feelings for you before Asanel came?” I asked.
“Of course,he told me he was starting to like you and i urged him to go ahead” i lied.
“OMG” She grinned.

“But everything changed the moment Asanel came into this school” I said.
“What am i gonna do?” She asked.
“I really love Dan” She added.

“Okay,there’s something we’re gonna do” I said.
“What?” She asked.
“We all know how much Travis want Asanel,how about we make Travis get Asanel so Dan is gonna concentrate fully on you”

“Do you think that’s a good idea?” She asked and i felt like smacking the hell out of her.
“Don’t you want Dan for yourself,I’m doing all this for you and yet you’re still questioning me” I said,a little bit pissed.

“I’m sorry. So how are we gonna do that?” She asked.
“We are gonna need Travis help,call him to meet us here right away” I said.
“Okay” she brought out her iPhone and dialed Travis number.

📞Hi Travis.

📞Come meet me in the cafeteria” She said and hung up.

“He’s on his way” She said.
“Thanks so much for wanting to help me Jacq,i can’t wait to have Dan all to myself” She giggled.

What a fool!
I’m doing all this for myself,not for anyone else.
Travis walked to our table few minutes later.

He pecked Karissa on both cheeks and said hi to me before sitting down.

“How’re you girls?” He asked.
“We’re good” Karissa responded.
“So what’s going on?” He asked.
“Travis,we called you here for a reason” Karissa said.
“Really?” He asked.
“Yeah, she’ll do the talking” Karissa pointed to me.
“Okay go on” He faced me.

I cleared my throat slightly…
“Well… we’ve both seen how hard it has been for you, trying to woo Asanel” I said.
“Yeah,girls don’t normally give me much grief but that girl in particular is an exception. Her resistance is making me like her more, i only wanted to just use and dump her before but now I’ve started developing feelings for her and this time i want her to be mine, I’ll be the happiest person on earth if she can concede to my request” He said and i felt like going to meet Asanel wherever she is and kill her right there.

Even Travis! Who’s a playboy is now falling for her.
What sort of spirit does she possess?
Perhaps it’s because she’s the most beautiful girl in school.
I still regret the reason my Mum got married to that ugly man! I inherited my huge nose from him! I would have been prettier if it were to be an handsome man.

“Jacq…Jacq” I heard and jolted out of my thoughts.
“What’s wrong?” Karissa asked.
“Huh..nothing” I quickly wore a smile.
“So,we both know how much you like Asanel and we want to help you,so she can become yours” I said.
“Wow…I’ll be so glad if you can do that” he grinned.

“So how are we gonna go about it?” He asked eagerly.

“Well…i have a plan” I said and let out one of my rare smiles.

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