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JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 78

JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 78

By Zeemah writes

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💞 Dan’s POV💞

“Dan! You mean;you won’t go to school today, again?” Mum asked.
I sighed and rubbed my eyes before sitting up on the bed.
“Yes Mum,I’m not going” I said.
“Why?” She asked.

“How can i go to school when i don’t know how Anel is faring”
“But you’ve missed school for three days now” She said with a worried look .
“Yeah i know”

I’ve tried all i could to get the name of the psychiatric hospital Anel was taken to but i didn’t succeed.

“Dan, you’ve missed a lot of school work, and you know your exam is right around the corner” She said.
“Yeah i do but I’m not going to school if i don’t know how Anel is faring. It’s been three days and I’ve not heard anything from her”

“If you don’t go to school,who do you think will explain the school works to Anel,when she’s well, remember she doesn’t talk to anyone in school but you” Mum said.
“My friends are gonna update me and I’m also gonna update Anel” I said.

“You’re still keen on not going to school today right?”
“Okay then” She sighed and walked out of my room.

I think I’ll have to go back to that hospital today,i should be able to persuade the nurse to tell me the location.

I stood up from my bed some minutes later and was about walking into the bathroom when the door opened again.

“Mum I’ve told you I’m not goi….” I was saying but stopped when i realised it was Dad.
“You’re not going where?” He asked.
“S.. school” I said slowly.
“Dan. You’ve missed school for three days and you want to miss school today again?” He asked.

“I can’t go to school Dad,i need to search for Anel,i don’t know how Anel is faring” I said.

“You think that’s an excuse?” He asked.
“Of course” I murmured.
“Do you even know where the hospital is? You’ve been searching for it for days,remember you almost got knocked down by a truck? And even if you find the hospital,do you think Liam will allow you in? Why miss school for nothing!” He frowned.

“I want to see Anel,it’s been three days and i don’t know how she’s faring”
“I’m not against you wanting to see your friend but you don’t have to miss school for that,your exam is right around the corner,you can go search for the hospital after school” He said.

I shrugged “I don’t think that will be possible Dad”

“Shut up! You have to go in there and get dressed for school” he said.
“But dad…”
“No buts!. Now go get ready, and i dare you to disobey me” He fumed before walking out of my room.

“Ohhh!” I banged my fist on the bedside table.


“I’m ready” I stepped my feet into the living room.
“Won’t you take your breakfast?” Mum asked.
I shook my head.
“I don’t like the way you keep skipping meals this days” She said.
“I’m gonna eat later” I said.
“That’s what you keep saying.” She frowned.
“I promise I’m gonna eat later” I said.

“Mum,I’m running late…” Mike said walking out of the dining room “Huh? You’re going to school today?” Mike asked in surprise.
“Yeah” I said.

“Yaaay…I’ve missed you in the car with me” He rushed to hug me.

“Let’s get going, we’re running late ” I took his hand and we both waved Mum bye.


I alighted from the car in front of my school.
I started walking to the gate.

“Dan, won’t you bid me bye” Mike shouted.
I turned and bid him ‘bye’
He smiled and waved at me before the driver drove off.

I walked into the school gate after showing the gate keeper my school ID.
“Ah!” I sighed in annoyance as students rushed to me.


I stood in front of my classroom door. I know they’re also gonna rush to me if i go in there,i just finished answering some sets of questions and now I’m going to answer another set.
Why did i listened to dad about coming to school today.
I just can’t disobey him.

Should i just leave school and go continue my search for Anel’s hospital

I sighed and was about opening the door.
“Hey,what are you doing there?” I heard a male voice and then turned and saw Mr Jones,our geography teacher.
“Good morning Sir,I’m doing nothing,i was about entering the classroom before you called me” I said.

“Ohh..okay,that your rude friend has been absent from school for days, what’s wrong?” He asked.

He didn’t noticed I’ve been absent but noticed Anel has been absent,they both quarrel every time he’s teaching and it’s just like they dislike each other and now he’s asking of her.
I thought he’ll be happy that the girl that normally challenge him is gone but instead he asked of her.

Anel will be so thrilled if i tell her this.

“She’s feeling unwell but she’ll be fine soon” I said.
“Ohh…” He said and walked forward to open the classroom door.

Thank goodness!
The class won’t dare ask me questions while Mr Jones is there.

I quietly followed him in..

“Good morning class” He greeted.
“Good morning Mr Jones” The class chorused.

Mr Jones presence in the classroom didn’t stop the students from whispering questions to me as i walked to my seat.
“Dan” Karissa waved at me.
I waved back slowly.

I finally got to my seat, dropped my backpack before sitting down.
I brought out my geography note and textbook.

How will i know where they stopped,i should check the scheme of work.
My gaze shifted to Anel’s seat and emptiness hit me real bad.
I imagined her seated there and laughing, calling me ‘maniac’ .

I miss Anel,so much.
I wiped my face when i realised i was crying silently.

I closed my textbook and placed my head on the desk.
I shouldn’t have come to school today in the first place.

“Dan” I heard and raised up my head.
I saw Karissa sitting on Anel’s seat.
“Get up from her seat” I said.
“Huh?” She asked.
“Get up from her seat” I repeated.
“But she’s not here” She said, trying to keep her voice low cause of Mr Jones.

“She’s not here,i know but please get up from her seat. I don’t want any other person sitting there” I said.
“Get up from her seat!!” I yelled which brought everyone attention to us.

Karissa stood up, obviously embarrassed.
I’m surprised i didn’t feel sorry.

“What’s going on there?” Mr Jones asked.
“I’ll just go to my seat” Karissa said, looked at me before walking to her seat..


🌺Lunch Break🌺

Students started chattering as they trooped out of the classroom.
I brought out a novel and started reading.
I can’t wait for closing hour,i need to continue my search. I might get lucky today.

“Dan” i heard Jacq called.
I raised up my head and saw her and Karissa standing right in front of my desk.
I thought they aren’t gonna talk to me forever.
“Huh?” I asked.
“Aren’t you going for lunch break?”
“I’m not”

I thought they don’t call me for lunch break anymore.
Why the change?

“You guys don’t call me for lunch break anymore,why the sudden change?” I asked.
The glanced at each other before Jacq spoke up.

“Look Dan, we’re really sorry, but you also weren’t giving us attention like before,we were so pained about it and then decided not to speak to you for days”
“We’re very sorry Dan” Karissa said.
I managed to smile. “I knew it,you guys were jealous right?
They both nodded.
“It’s fine,your reactions were normal” I said.

“You were absent from school for days. Why? ” Jacq asked.
“Huh..I’ll rather keep that to myself” I said.
“Ohh..really?” Jacq asked.
“Yeah” I said wishing they would leave already.
“What of Anel,she was also absent. Were you guys together?” Karissa asked.
“Well…Anel is ill” I said.
“Woah!” Jacq exclaimed.

“What’s with the ‘woah’ ?” I asked.
“I..I’m just surprised she’s ill,i hope she’s getting better?” She asked.
“Yes she is” I said hopefully.
“So…you were with her all the while?” Karissa asked.
“No,i don’t know the hospital she’s admitted into so I’ve not gone to check on her”

“What do you mean you don’t know the hospital she’s admitted into,is she not your friend?” Jacq asked.
“She’s not just my friend” I said.
“Really?” Jacq asked and i think i saw her struggle to hold her smile.
“We thought she was your friend” Karissa smiled.
“She was my friend but now she has become my best friend” I smiled.
‘and would still be my girl lover’ I thought and grinned.

Jacq smiled “That’s great”
“You mean it’s great that Asanel already became his best friend?” Karissa asked her.
“Of course… isn’t it great?” Jacq smiled,dipped her hands into her hair and sighed.

“Won’t you guys go have your lunch,time is fast running” I said.
“We will, Karissa come with me” Jacq said and i watched the both of them walked away.

Why do i feel something has changed about them, especially Jacq.
Well…maybe it’s because i haven’t talked to them for days.
I picked my novel and continued reading.
My mind kept swaying back to Anel.

Is she okay now?
Is she now mentally stable?
How is she feeling?

I glanced at her seat once more before laying my head on the desk, to cry.

💞Jacq’s POV💞

“Karissa stop crying! She only became his best friend not his girl lover” i said to her.

We were both seating on one of the benches in the hallway.

“From best friends,they are gonna become lovers” She sniffed.
“Com’on don’t you know that once they are best friends,it will be difficult for them to become lovers” I said.

If only she knows that I’m more pained than her.

“Really?” She wiped her cheeks.
“Of course,i know a lot of things about dating and stuffs like that so you gotta trust me okay?”
She nodded.
“We need to reshuffle our plan” I said.
“Anel is now on a sick bed, the plan can’t be carried out without her” I said.

“Okay,so what are we gonna do next?” She asked.

She’s always asking for what we’re gonna do.
Can’t she think for herself!
Well…I’m glad she depends on me,so once i leave her and start dating Dan,she will be as useless as a nothing.

“Well i have a minor plan that’s gonna stir something bad between them”
“Good! So what’s the plan?” She asked.
“You know Dan doesn’t know the name of Anel’s hospital ? He hasn’t visited her since she was sick right?”
“Yeah,Dan said that himself” She said.
“Good! Anel would probably be pissed at Dan for not visiting her,not knowing that he doesn’t know the location of her hospital”
“Yeah,so exactly are we gonna do?”

“Dan looks so sad and i know it’s because he hasn’t seen her for days,he doesn’t know how she’s faring so he’s damn worried right now” I said.
“Does that mean he likes her?” Karissa asked.
“Huh?” I scratched my front hair.
“That means he likes her,you don’t worry about someone you don’t like” She said about to start another round of tears that normally pisses me off!

“If you were also in Anel’s shoes,he would have been worried!” I nearly yelled “Now look here,let me go down with my plan”
“So, we’re going to go in there” I pointed to our classroom.
“And make Dan laugh, we’ll make it look like we are all playing together while someone will quickly take the pictures” I added.

“And what are we going to use the pictures for?” The dummy sitting beside me asked.
“We’re gonna send the pictures to Asanel and tell her Dan doesn’t care about her,that he’s been happy since she left,he hasn’t missed school for a day and he says ‘he’s now free without her’ ” I smiled.
“Wow!” She exclaimed.
“Trust me,that’s gonna break her down, she’s gonna believe that easily cause Dan hasn’t visited her in the hospital since she was sick”

“Wow! You’re so brainy Jacq” She smiled.
“Of course i am” I said proudly.
“But there are two problems…” She said.
“Which are?”
“Who’s gonna take the pictures and how are we gonna get Asanel’s contact?”
“Those are not problems, Travis is gonna take the pictures and I’ll devise a means of stealing her contact from Dan’s phone” I said.

“Good! Thanks Jacq for doing so much for me” She smiled sweetly.
I laughed inwardly…what a fool!
“You are welcome,now quickly call Travis. We need to carry out the plan before lunch break is over” I said.
“Okay” she quickly brought out her phone.


“So that’s how the plan will go,you’ll take the part of taking the pictures,all you just have to do is stay in the garden and take the pictures,you know his seat is close to the window so it’ll be quite easy for you” I said.

He grinned “One Asanel views the pictures and the message,she’s gonna quit their friendship and that’s is when I’ll come in to comfort her, she’ll get used to me and she won’t refuse once i ask her out”

“Exactly!” I smiled at his foolishness.
Even if Anel stop being friends with Dan,she can never turn in Travis direction. I’m only using the both of them to achieve my aim.
I’m gonna discard them once I’m done.

“Now,let’s go quickly. Lunch break will soon be over” I said and we all stood up.
Karissa and i headed back to the classroom while Travis went in the direction of the garden.


💞Dan’s POV💞

I heard a tap on my desk and raised my head from the novel i was reading.

What do they want again.
Jacq and Karissa…they were both smiling.

“What?” I asked.
“Dan, you look sad” Jacq said.
“Ohh” I sighed.
“Why are you sad?” They asked.
“I’m so worried about Anel,i don’t know how she’s faring”
“She’ll be fine” Jacq said soothingly.

“This sad look doesn’t suit you,we want you to atleast smile” Karissa said.
I sighed…”really?”
“Yeah” they both said.
“Okay” I said and quickly forced a smile which disappeared immediately.
“Com’on Dan, that’s not how to smile?” Jacq asked.
Karissa leaned on my desk, smiling,i also faked a smile which lasted longer than the first one.

“Good! Please don’t stop smiling,it suits you than that sad look” Karissa said but i already stopped smiling.
I can’t fake smiling for long.
“Now,you’re gonna do one more thing for us. You know we love to see you happy so you’re gonna laugh not once,twice but thrice” She said.
“Ah!” I sighed.
“Even if we’re incapable of erasing your sadness,then we shouldn’t be incapable of making you laugh” Karissa said.

Why all this?
Well…it shows they truly care for me.
Faking a laugh shouldn’t be difficult.

“Okay” I said and let out a fake laughter.
Karissa also laughed, including Jacq and i found that weird.
“Now,to the second laughter” They both said.

I tried to laugh genuinely this time but it wasn’t working so i had to fake it.
I was a bit surprised when they both raised their hands and laughed with me again.
Jacq held my shoulders,still laughing.

Why are they being so dramatic?

“Now to the third laughter” Karissa said.
“Thanks for making me laugh but i don’t think i can laugh anymore,my cheeks ache” I lied.
I just feel something isn’t right with their behavior.

Jacq shrugged and said “okay”
“Will the pictures be okay?” Karissa asked Jacq.

Which pictures?

“Which pictures?” I asked out of curiousity.
“OMG,did i just said that aloud?” She gasped and i saw Jacq sent her a glare.
“She’s actually talking about the pictures we took in your absence,that we planned on showing to you” Jacq said.

“Ohh…what type of pictures?” I asked.
“Ours” She said.
“Okay, and why’s she alarmed that she said it aloud?”
“We actually planned to make it a surprise” Jacq smiled.
” A Surprise?”
“Yeah,lets leave that aside. I’m glad we made you laugh” Jacq said.
“Yeah thanks”

“I need your phone,it’s in your backpack right?” Jacq asked.
“Yeah,take it there” I said.
She opened my backpack and brought out my phone.

The bell rung, indicating that lunch break is over, they both started walking to their seat.
“I’ll be back with your phone Dan” She said.
“No problem”

💋School Over💋

The gatekeeper opened the gate widely and our driver drove straight into the compound.
He parked under a shade before we alighted.

I’m just gonna freshen up before i continue my search for Anel.
Mike ran ahead of me into the house.
I was about walking after him when our gate keeper called me.

“What?” I asked as i walked to him.
I observed his facial expression isn’t the normal jovial mode.
“Y..your parents aren’t home” He said.
“Okay,they went out right?” I asked
He shook his head.
“They are in the compound?” I asked.
He shook his head again.

“Then,where are they?” I asked.
“T..they they…” He stammered “Please speak up” i said.
“They have been arrested by the cops” He said and my stomach sank immediately.
“What! How?” I asked in trembling voice.
“The cops said a man named Liam Weston ordered their arrest for being responsible for the mental disorder of his niece”



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