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JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 85

JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 85

By Zeemah writes

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💞Anel’s POV💞

“Anel what’s wrong?” Claire asked as i got into the backseat.
“Nothing” I said.

She faced me in the backseat.

“Are you hurt? What happened?” She asked.
“I’m fine” I responded.
“Your eyes looks red like you’ve been crying,your face doesn’t look good either” She said.
“Seriously Claire,I’m fine” I said trying hard to fight back tears.
“Okay” She sighed. “Where’s Dan?”

“I don’t know,will you please drive” I said.
“Okay but are you sure you’re okay?” She asked.
“Yeah” I nodded.
She clipped her seatbelt and turned on the ignition.

I closed my eyes and rested my head properly.

I love him too…i freaking love him…I can’t deny the feeling anymore.
I hate that i love him!
Our fate will just end up like our parent’s.
Why did he have to be a son to my mum’s Artist Shaw.
Why did he have to be a son to the man who caused the death of my mother.

That’s so heartbreaking.

I vowed never love.
I vowed to kill myself the day i find out that I’m in love.
I hate the word ‘love’ !!

But i guess my vows already broke the moment i made Dan my friend.
I should have just ignored him from the beginning.

I feel like killing myself this minute but i can’t !
I just can’t!
I don’t want to cause my family another heartbreak.
Liam might just murder the whole of Dan’s family.

I opened my eyes slowly when i noticed the car was not moving.
I saw Claire staring worriedly at me.

“Claire, please drive” I said.
“Anel,why are you crying?” She asked.
“Huh?” I asked and felt my cheeks with my palms.
My cheeks are wet!…i was crying.

“There’s nothing” I said.
I nodded.
“You want me to believe that. Com’on Anel,you look sad and i just caught you crying. What’s wrong?” She asked and made to hold my hands but i didn’t let her.

“Nothing” I said and glanced at the window and noticed we were still in front of the school gate.
“Claire,start driving already?” I said.
“I can’t Anel, you’re not looking fine to me. Did anyone hurt you?” She asked.
“No! Let’s just go home!” I almost yelled.

Is he still in the garden?

I rubbed my forehead with my palm and noticed it was hot.
Claire sighed and made to turn on the ignition.
I dropped my backpack on the front seat and laid on the backseat.
I wasn’t convenient but i just had to lay down,my head is starting to pound terribly.

“I need water” I said slowly.
“OMG! Anel are you okay?” Claire asked worriedly.
I smiled…”I’m fine Claire,i just developed headache. Give me water”
“Okay” She said and passed a bottle of water to me.
“Open it” I said and she did.

I collected it and gulped half of it,still laying down.
I passed it back to her.
I feel a bit better now.
“Anel you’re beginning to scare me,what happened?” She asked.
“Nothing,I’m perfectly fine. Please drive,we should have gotten home by now” I said.

“Okay” She said,still looking at me.
“Should we go to the hospital?” She asked.
“No!” I screamed.
I swore as my headache increased.
“Ohh.. okay” She said and started driving.

I closed my eyes and sighed.
I started dozing off.

📞Kelly, I don’t know what’s wrong with Anel” I heard Claire said into the phone.


💞Dan’s POV💞

I stood up slowly and started walking out of the garden.

I’m a fool!
A big one at that.

I’m so stupid for thinking she’ll accept my proposal.
She didn’t but I’m glad i expressed my feelings,she now knows how i feel for her.
It’ll no longer be buried in my heart.

I can’t deny the fact that I’m hurt about her rejection.
I’m glad she didn’t even slap me like she does to other guys.

That shows how much she likes me.

I think i will keep persisting even though i know deep down that she won’t accept my proposal.
She still thinks my dad is responsible for her mum’s death.

I should tell her the real story but she doesn’t even wanna hear about it.

I can’t believe the school can be this silent.
I got to the gate and showed the gatekeeper my ID card.
“You’re still in school?” He asked in surprise.
“Yeah” I nodded and stepped out of the gate.

I saw my car parked right in front of me,the driver looked tired and Mike was already dozing in the backseat.

Have they been here for long?

I glanced at my wrist watch.


“OMG,I’m so sorry” I said to the driver as i opened the car door.

I got in beside Mike and closed the car door.

The driver turned on the ignition and started driving…i guess he’s a little bit pissed.
He should be.

“Dan!” Mike yelled.
“What?” i asked.
“We’ve been here for so long, the gatekeeper didn’t want us in” he said.
“Yeah,he kept insisting there was no one student left in school”
“Ohh…i was in the garden. I’m so sorry” I said.

“Okay. You look a bit sad and your eyes are red. Looks like you cried?” He said.
Is it very obvious?

“Really?” I asked in pretence.
He nodded.
“I’m very fine,i don’t know what caused the red eyes. I’m just gonna apply some drops when we get home” I said.

“What made you stay so long in school?” He asked.
“I was in the library, studying” I lied.
“But you said you were in the garden”
“Huh” I widened my eyes.
“Yeah” He said, giving me a suspicious look.

“Ohh.. okay,i was studying in the library before going to the garden” I said.
I’ve improved so much in lies.
“I think you’re lieing” He frowned.
“Think whatever you wanna think” I rolled my eyes.

“Tch! How’s Anel?” He asked.
I blinked rapidly as the memory came rushing back.

She was crying earlier…
Will she be fine?
I’m gonna give her a call when i get home.
I hope our friendship won’t be affected with what i just did.

Did she still consider me as a friend?

“Dan” I heard Mike called.
“Mike,let me be for now” I said and was glad he didn’t persist.

I really need to think….


I cleared the table and then walked into the kitchen with the dishes.
I placed it in the sink and started washing.
We just had dinner.

“Goodnight Dan” Mike said shouted from the dining room.
“Good night” I shouted back.

I hurried with the remaining dishes.


I walked into the living room after i was done with the dishes.
Mum and Dad were watching a movie.

“Goodnight Mum, Dad” I said to them when i got to the living room .
“Goodnight Dan,sweet dreams”

I walked to the stairs and started climbing it to my room.
I need to call Anel again.

I got my room and quickly go freshen up before changing into my pajamas.
I sat on the bed and picked my phone.
I wanna try calling Anel again…
I’ve been calling her but she isn’t picking up.
I hope I’ve not ended our friendship with what i did earlier.

She still didn’t pick up.
I laid on the bed with a deep sigh.
Is she pissed at me?

I hope she’s okay and i hope our friendship is safe.
I really hope so.


The ring tone of my phone made me open my eyes sleep.
I rubbed my eyes and sat up, i peered at my phone with sleepy eyes.
Who could be calling this late..

My eyes got clearer and i quickly received the call.


📞It’s not Anel,this is Claire.

I bit my lip in disappointment.

📞Ohh.. Hi Claire.

📞 Hello Dan, how’re you doing?

📞I’m fine Claire, how’s Anel?

📞Well… Anel is a bit ill. I think she caught the flu.

📞Damn! Has she gone to the hospital?

📞She refused to. She’s sleeping right now.

📞Will she be fine? I’m on my way” I stood up from the bed.

📞No..no Dan,it’s late already. Make it tomorrow”

📞I can be coming right now.

📞No.. tomorrow will be fine.

I sighed..📞Will she be okay?

📞 Of course,she’s in my care.



I disconnected the call and started pacing my room.

I drew a long breathe…If only i had the power to change night to morning.

{Next day}

💞Anel’s POV💞

I opened my eyes and quickly close it.
The morning sun has risen and it’s eye-blinding.
I rolled to the other part of the bed before opening my eyes.

There’s this coffee smell…is Claire making coffee?

I feel hot all over.
I’ve been feeling this way since Dan confessed his feelings to. I didn’t even had my dinner despite Dad and Claire’s effort.

Anel,did love made you this way?
I was fine when he confessed his feelings, the only thing that made me cry is knowing that i love him too.

I shouldn’t love him!
I can’t love him!
How did i get to love him!
Anel, remember your heart is locked.
My heart is not locked anymore..it has been unlocked by Dan!

What if he wasn’t the son of Artist Shaw.
Would i have accepted his proposal?
I wouldn’t have…or would i have?
I’m just so confused right now.

I sat up on the bed and noticed the steaming coffee that was placed on my bedside table.
Wow! I thought so.

I picked it up and gulped it down my dry throat..it moistened my throat and i felt a bit better.
It isn’t tasting like Claire’s coffee but i love it.
I guess it tasted different cause I’m ill.
My head is still pounding though.

I grabbed my phone and unlocked it.
My heart skipped a beat when i saw I’ve missed so many calls from Dan.
Is he okay?

My door creaked open and i didn’t bother to check who came in.
It should be Claire or dad.
I’m still bothered about Dan’s call.
Should i call him back?
No..i won’t.

“Anel” I heard a voice called.

Not just a voice but the only voice that normally increase my heartbeat.

I raised up my head immediately and was a bit surprised to see him.

“W.. what are you doing here?” I asked.
Looking into his eyes alone made me whole again.
His blink sent butterflies dancing in my stomach.
He smiled and the butterflies increased.


“I’m glad your illness isn’t so bad” He said and i noticed his gaze wasn’t on my face but on my..my.


I quickly used my hand to cover my boobs.
Claire made me wear this transparent nightie when i was feeling hot yesternight.
Is he probably thinking I’ve got small boobs?

“Stop staring at my boobs! I know they are little.” I said with a frown and he bursted out laughing.
“It’s still gonna grow bigger” I found myself saying.

Anel! What the hell!!

“I love it that way” He winked.

Anel! Your cheeks mustn’t go red this time.
But my stubborn cheeks didn’t oblige!

“What are you doing here?” I asked again, remembering yesterday’s occurrence.

“I came to check on you,I called you severally yesterday but you didn’t pick up so Claire called me back yesternight and told me you’re a little bit ill.”

“Thanks,I’m fine now” I said.
“That won’t make me leave” He said.
“Won’t you go to school?” I asked.
“You should check your wall clock” He said and i did.

Wow! It’s 12pm!

“Have you been here for long?” I asked and he nodded.
“Yeah,even before your dad left for work. I made the coffee you just drank” He said.

No wonder it tasted different!

“You mean dad saw you?” I asked and he nodded.
“He didn’t say anything?” I asked again.
“No,he didn’t. He only gave me a long look” He shrugged.

“Why didn’t you wake me when you arrived?”
“I didn’t want to disturb you,you really need that sleep” He said.
“Okay,I’m fine now. You can leave” I said.
“Yeah” I said.

“You’re asking me to leave?” He asked.
I shrugged.
“Is this all because of yesterday?” He asked.
“What happened yesterday?” I asked,my stupid cheeks going hot.

“Stop the pretence Anel. I love you and nothing can stop me from loving you” He said.
“You’re gonna make me cry again” I said.
“Why?” He asked.
“Cause i hate the fact that i lo..” I was saying but quickly controlled my tongue.
My cheeks can be so hard to control but not my tongue.

“What?” He asked.

“I think we’re better off as friends” I said and could see the hurt in his eyes.
I felt hurt too.
“You think so?” He asked and i nodded.
“It’s fine” He said.

“You’re looking smokingly hot in your outfit” I said trying to wave aside the tension between us.
I’m glad he smiled.
“Thanks and guess what?”
“You’re looking smokingly sexy in that nighie” He winked and i quickly wrapped my hands round my chest.

“Ah!” I rolled my eyes and we both laughed.


“I can’t believe your flu left,when you saw Dan” Claire teased.
I glanced at Dan with my flushed cheeks and noticed he was grinning.
“No,it wasn’t because of him. I was perfectly well before he came in” I lied.

We just finished eating and we were relaxing in the living room..

“But you d..” Claire was saying but the doorbell interrupted her.
I glanced at her then at the door.
“Are you expecting someone?” I asked.
“OMG that’s Liam” She panicked.

“What!” Dan exclaimed before jumping behind the couch.

“Damn! Did you called him?” I asked.
“No i didn’t,he called Kelly yesternight and asked about you, Kelly told him you were a bit ill and he said he’ll be here today. I’ve totally forgotten” She said.
“Ah!” I sighed as the doorbell rang again.

“Dan, just come out” I said.
“I can’t” He said.
“Just come out,he’s not gonna do anything to you” I said even though i was also afraid for Dan.
Liam can be cruel..

“No,let him stay there or probably go hide somewhere safer. I’ll go open the door” Claire said and quickly rushed to the door.
She unbolted it and Liam came barging in, pushing her aside in the process.

He looked so angry that my heart beat faster in fear.

“Where’s that son of a murderer! You think i won’t know he’s here” He yelled…
My hands trembled as he walked to the exact couch Dan was hiding.


Dan’s loud breathing gave him out.
Liam dragged him out and punched him on the face.



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