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JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 86

JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 86

By Zeemah writes

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💞Anel’s POV💞

Dan’s loud breathing gave him out.
Liam dragged him out and punched him on the face.


I rushed to him and dragged Dan from his grip.

“You’re so cruel!” I yelled to his face and quickly turned to face Dan who was holding his face in his hands.

“Liam! Like seriously? You hit teens now!” Claire shouted.
“What the hell are you doing here! Go meet the murderer you know as your dad.” Liam yelled at Dan.
“Whatever hell he’s doing here has nothing to do with you,this is not your house!” Claire yelled back at him.

“I don’t want you anywhere near Anel,i hate you together with your family” He said.
“Just so you know; hate is a strong word! He didn’t kill Mara,no one killed Mara. It was her time and she gave up the ghost,even if she hadn’t done what she did,she would have died cause her time was up, you don’t have to infuse your damn hatred in this boy!”

Liam blew out a breath of frustration “His father killed my sister!”
“His father did, not him! Liam,you just hit a 16years old boy. I can sue you for that” Claire said.
“Go ahead” Liam said looking a bit remorseful.

“Are you okay?” I asked Dan who nodded slowly.
I saw how hard he’s trying hard to fight back tears.
His eyes looks a bit swollen from Liam’s punch.

“Liam,how could you punch him! Can you do the same to me” I said angrily.
“Shut up! What the hell is he doing here!” He yelled.
“And what the hell are you doing here also!” Claire retorted.

“Get out of this house this minute” Liam said menacingly to Dan.
“I’ll be leaving” Dan said.
“Dan,you mustn’t move an inch. This is my dad’s house and i decide who stays and who leaves” I said.

“Liam,i perfectly understand you. You’re still pained about your sister’s death but you’re going over the extreme,i can’t believe you could quarrel with Dan. This has nothing to do with the poor boy.” Claire said.

Liam breathed angrily..”Go pack your things,you’re leaving here with me”
“Who? Me? I guess you’re mistaken” I scoffed.
“Anel you now have the guts to disobey me?”
“Liam am sorry to say this but you don’t deserve respect,a person that could hit someone far younger than him doesn’t deserve any atom of respect” Claire said.

“Where the hell did Kelly got you from” Liam ran his hand through his hair in frustration.

“I believe you’re more matured to be behaving this way,they are both teens for goodness sake,they know what’s best for them. Just let them be and face the alleged culprits” Claire said.
“He’s their son so he’s also responsible!” Liam said.

“What sort of mentality is that? He’s a son to them means he’s responsible for what they did? He was little then,he didn’t even knew what was going on,he’s completely innocent. How can he suffer for things he knows nothing about” Claire said.
“Whatever! He has that same murderer blood running in his veins! I don’t want him around Anel” Liam said.
“This is just so tiring. I can’t believe this” Claire let out a tired breath.

“Shut up miss! You have no right to interfere in my family issue okay?” Liam yelled at Claire.
“I won’t anymore but do you think Mara will be happy with you? With all you’re doing? With what you’ve caused? You think she’ll be happy right? You don’t love her as you claim cause if you do,you won’t keep making her sad even after she’s gone” Claire said.

Liam looked on and couldn’t utter a word for minutes.
He looked completely remorseful and i can read the ‘hurt’ in his eyes.
He loves Mum so much…he hasn’t gotten over her death.

“He didn’t go to school because of you?” Liam asked calmly and i nodded.
“I..I’m sorry for hitting you” He said remorsefully to Dan.
I smiled and held Dan’s hand in mine.

“Liam,i can’t stop being friends with Dan,he means a lot to me. You know he’s the first friend i ever had,it’s so difficult to part ways with him now. His parents were the ones responsible,can we blame his parents alone and leave him out of this. He knows nothing about it” I said.
“Yeah” Claire said and earned a glare from Liam.

Liam shrugged and started walking to the door.

He held the door knob and turned.
“You can continue being friends” He said and we both screamed in excitement..Dan and i.
We hugged each other happily.

Claire smiled and sat her butts down on the couch.

“But…” Liam said and my laughter faded.
“But what?” We chorused.
“Remain being friends,you mustn’t get to love each other. If that happens,then prepare for my wrath. I don’t want any relations whatsoever with his family” He said and slowly walked out of the door.

I dropped my hands from Dan’s and looked at his face.
“Hmm!” He sighed and removed his gaze from mine.
“What’s wrong? You both should be happy that Liam already consented to your friendship” Claire.

“Huh..yes” I said.

We love each other already.

“Let’s not think about that. Let’s enjoy this moment. Liam already consented to our friendship!” I squealed happily and jumped on Dan’s body.
He held me in his arms and started turning slowly.
He got so fast that i couldn’t help but laugh happily.

He also laughed,he stopped rolling me and started pecking me all over my face.


I set other feelings aside and giggled happily enjoying how the pecks tickled my face.
I was still in his arms.

“Pu-t me do-w-n” I said amidst laughter.
“No..no” He said and kept tickling my face with his soft lips.
I closed my eyes and laughed harder..i was enjoying it.

He suddenly stopped which made me open my eyes.
I let out a small gasp when i saw his lips was damn! close to mine.
Our gazes locked and we remained that way.

Who wouldn’t want to kiss this magical lips?
Should i?
No Anel! Don’t.

Claire cleared her throat which made me jolt out of my fantasy.
I landed on the floor at the same time.
“Ouch” I rubbed my butts and frowned at Dan.
“Why did you drop me?” I pouted.
“I’m sorry, Claire startled me” He said and helped me up.

What exactly wanted to happen?
This is actually the second time this is gonna happen.
We nearly kissed twice!!

“Is there something you both aren’t telling me?” Claire asked.
“Yeah!” I sighed and caught Dan’s glance.
“What?” She asked.
“Well…what we aren’t telling you is that my butts hurt” I said playfully.
Dan laughed.
“Silly girl” She said and advanced towards me.

I laughed as i quickly climbed the stairs to my room.

🧚{Two weeks later}🧚

📣Grade 7 and 8 students should gather in the school hall by lunch break, there’s an announcement📣

“Wow!” I exclaimed.
“What announcement can it be?” I asked Dan.
He shrugged…”I don’t know”
“You should know,you’ve been in this school for long” I said.
“I think it’s about the summer camp” He said and my eyes widened.
“Summer camp?”

Its been two weeks,or should i say two happy weeks.
Our friendship waxed stronger each passing day and i keep trying to stop my feelings for him..it’s not working though.
I’ve returned back home,I’m no longer at my dad’s. I miss Claire greatly and I’m glad I’ll be seeing her tomorrow. Today is Friday and we just finished our last exam for the term.

“Yeah,our school organises it every summer,it’s just for 10 days and it’s limited to some classes except grade 7 and 8” He said.
“Ohh” I smiled.
“I’m not very sure it’s what they wanna announce though” He said.
“Of course it is” I said.

“I guess you’re excited about that?” He asked.
“Yes. you?” I asked.
“Of course i am. I’ve always longed to go” He grinned.
“Where exactly are we gonna be having the camp” I asked.
“I can’t say cause our school uses different camps every year”
“Ohhkay” I said.

There’s always this awkwardness when we look into each other’s eyes.

“So when is our results gonna be announced?” I asked.
“After the camp” He said.
“I’m hoping for the highest grade” I said and he laughed.
“I’ve always gotten the highest grade but now that you’re here, you’re the only one that has ever competed with me” He frowned playfully.

“Good for you,I’ve always come first and you can’t beat me to it this time” I said.
“Ohh. .we will see” He said.
“Admit defeat already” I chuckled.
“You should instead” He said.

“Let’s place a bet on it” He said.
“A bet?” I asked in surprise.
“Yeah.. you’re gonna owe me something if i come first,vice versa” He said.
“Fine” I smiled.
“So what are you gonna owe me if i come first?” I asked.
“A kiss…on the lips” He said and my cheeks turned red.
“Ohh”…i breathed and tucked my hair behind my ears to hide my nervousness.

“But that’s to your advantage” I said.
“You think so?” He asked.
I nodded.
“You’re talking like you’ve never felt like kissing my lips” He teased.
“Ah! Never” I lied.
“I don’t believe you” He laughed.

“So what are you gonna give to me if i come first?” He asked.

‘My heart’

“I..i don’t know yet” I said.
“Com’on” He said.
“I’m gonna let you know tomorrow” I said.
“Seriously? But i told you mine immediately” he frowned.
“That was because you already had it in mind.. I still have to think about mine” I said.
“Okay,fine” He said.

“Are you pi..” I was saying.
“Vie is here” He interrupted me.

“Vie” I smiled when i saw Genevieve,my new friend coming towards my desk.
She smiled back.

Oh..i forgot to mention,i already have a new friend.

One of the fat girls Karissa once bullied,she was also the one who saved me the other day,i took a liking to her and decided to make her my female friend,she was so happy that she jumped round the entire school the day i told her to be my friend.

She’s in grade 8, same class as Travis and i still kept wondering why Karissa could bully her.
Lots of students were surprised that i chose a fat girl as my friend but who cares?

“How’re you Anel, Dan?” She asked, standing in front of my desk.
“We’re fine Vie and you?”
“I’m good, how was your last exam?” She asked.
“It was great” Dan said.
“I’m glad it’s over” I said.
“Mine was tedious” She sighed.
“Aw! Sorry”

“Come sit” I said and shifted closer to Dan to create enough space for her.
“Thanks” She smiled and sat beside us.

We normally go to the cafeteria together for lunch.

“You know there’s an announcement by lunch break right?” She asked.
“Yeah,what do you think the announcement will be about?” I asked.
“Our school summer camp of course, it’s always announced after our exam” She said.
“You went in grade 7 right?” I asked and she nodded.
“It was lots of fun,the ten days we spent at the Nile garden was damn great,I’m looking forward to this upcoming one” She said.

“I love gardens” I grinned happily.
“Well…i don’t think we will be going to a garden this year,it’s gonna be a different place” She said and i couldn’t hide my disappointment.

The bell for lunch break rang and students trooped out of the class, everyone can’t wait to hear the announcement.
“It seems we’re not the only excited ones” Dan said as we all stood up and left our seat.
“Of course” Vie said.


Everyone was seated in the hall grade 7 and 8 students to be precise.
Vie, Dan and i were together.

This is the first time I’ll be inside the school hall…it’s very wide and beautiful.

Mrs Oliver walked into the Hall some minutes later with some teachers.
Mr Jones inclusive… Dan quickly blocked my mouth, knowing I’m gonna hiss.

“Com’on” He whispered to me.
I rolled my eyes.

Every students stood up in greetings.

She got to the front of the hall and held the mic.

🎤Good afternoon students,you may all have your seats.

We all sat down,there was complete silence.

🎤Well…most of you already know what this announcement is all about but for those that dont, it’s all about our 2019 summer camp.

Students roared in excitement,i smiled happily and shifted closer to Dan who was grinning uncontrollably.

🎤Silence!” Mrs Oliver said and there was silence immediately.

🎤Our 2019 summer camp is gonna be situated in Grotil water view and mayhem desert.

The screams were deafening and i had to cover my ears.

🎤As most of you know,It’s gonna be for 10 days,so everyone of you should be in school on Monday by 8am for the bus to convey you all there. Thank you and have a nice weekend” She said and dropped the Mic before walking out of the hall with the teachers.

Dan led me out of hall when the screams nearly blocked our ears.
“Damn,my ears nearly fell off” Dan said as we stepped out of the hall.
“Me too but I’m so excited right now,I’ve always heard about Grotil water view but I’ve never heard of mayhem desert. This is just gonna be a great opportunity for me to” I said happily.

Jacq and Karissa walked out of the hall,they hissed loudly before walking past us.


They stopped talking to Dan since the incidence of hot pasta.
Dan made several attempts to continue their friendship but those fops proved to be animals.

“Let’s go eat” Vie said and it was then i noticed her face was not so bright”
“Vie,what’s wrong. Aren’t you happy?” I asked.
“I am but..”
“But what?” I asked.
“My mum once told me there’s a wicked goddess in mayhem desert” She said.


Dan and i glanced at each other.
“Wicked goddess?” We chorused and she nodded.
“That’s just a myth” Dan said.
“I’m afraid it’s not. I won’t be coming with you guys” Vie said sadly and walked away.

“Well…i don’t believe that” Dan said.
“I kinda believe, weren’t you told my mum’s story. There was also a wicked goddess. Quilah” I said.
“But she was killed and i don’t think there’s anymore goddess left” He said.

“But she existed before she was killed,so it’s true. I believe Vie” I said.
“That won’t stop me from going though. What about you?” He asked.

Should I?

“I don’t know” I shrugged.
“Com’on Anel,you were so happy about it moments ago” He said.
“Yeah,before Vie said that”
He sighed.

“I will go…” I said.


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