JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 89

JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 89

By Zeemah writes

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💞Jacq’s POV cont’d💞

I bent and unhooked Karissa’s necklace,i made to unhook Anel’s when a voice stopped me.

“Jacq what are you doing?”

I turned and saw;


Jacq,stop the imagination and get on with this damn thing!
I sighed,hoping she won’t wake while I’m unhooking her necklace.
If she does,then I’m dead!

Where’s the damn hook!
Good! I’ve seen it.
I turned to look at ashlyn and theresa,they were both fast asleep, snoring heavily.

I turned back to Anel and was about to grab the hook when i had a rethink.
There’s no way i will unhook her necklace without touching her neck.
What if she’s a light sleeper?

Thank goodness the hook is facing my direction,i don’t have to turn her neck.
I breathed in.
Jacq,you can do this.

I carefully placed my hands on the hook, trying so hard not to touch her neck but it wasn’t possible.
My hands touched her neck and she stirred, making the hook go in another direction.


My hands followed the hook which was now at the back of her neck.
I held it and quickly unhooked it before she could stir again.
“Yes!!” I smiled and held the necklace in my palm.

I picked karissa’s necklace and wore it on her neck.
I hooked it and carefully made the pendant stay inside her pajamas, exactly the way she does it.
I sighed happily, that was so easy.

I stood up and walked straight to the bathroom with Anel’s necklace folded in my palm.
I dipped it into a bucket of water and watched it shone.
The whole water in the bucket turned golden,the brightness nearly blinded my eyes.

Excitement pumped through my veins and i had to stifle a scream of happiness.

I dipped my second hand into the water and it felt so good.
Oh..my..this is amazing.
This is damn amazing.
I can’t believe I’m gonna own a shiny necklace.

Ofcourse I’m not gonna give it to Karissa.
I also have a duplicate of this necklace and that’s what I’m gonna give to Karissa.
I didn’t know what pushed me to keep the necklace in my box the day i was packing for camp and now it has proved it’s usefulness.
If she tells me the necklace isn’t shining, I’ll just cook up an excuse. She’s a dummy, she’s gonna believe me immediately.

I heard someone yawned loudly from the room and i quickly removed the necklace from the water.
The water stopped shining but the necklace still sparkled in my hand.
I smiled and stared at it amazingly.

It stopped shining after some minutes and i felt like dipping it inside that water again.
I hooked it round my neck and covered it with my pajamas before walking out of the bathroom.

I was shocked to see Ashlyn awake.
She was on a call.
Damn! She caught me?
Her facial expression said otherwise but I’m still bothered.

I walked to my bed and quietly laid on it.
I drew the blanket closer and closed my eyes.
I stole a look at her but she wasn’t giving me any suspicious look.
She was still on the call, smiling and glancing round the room.

Shows she didn’t caught me.

I smiled inwardly.


{Next morning}

💞Anel’s POV💞

I woke up with a pounding headache.
My eyes remained closed.
“Ah!” I sighed slowly in pain.

“Asanel are you okay?” I heard theresa asked.
I nodded,still not opening my eyes.
The headache increased and i had to start rubbing my forehead.
I tried hard not to let out any sigh of pain.

“Asanel” I heard theresa called again.
“Are you okay?” She asked.
I opened my eyes and shut it close immediately.
I felt dizzy and my eyeballs felt as it they’ll gonna pop out any moment.
The headache increased.

“Ahh! My head” I groaned.
“OMG! Asanel,what’s wrong with you?” I heard Theresa and Ashlyn asked.
I felt their hands on my body.
“M..my head” I cried.
“OMG! Quickly go fetch Mrs Claude” Theresa said to Ashlyn.

“Asanel,just open your eyes” Theresa said worriedly.
“I can’t” I said.
“Just try,i need your eyes opened. Please Asanel” Theresa said.

I remembered the last time this happened to me was when i pulled off my necklace and locked it in the drawer.
I slowly touched my neck and felt my necklace.
It’s there! Then why am i feeling this way.

“Open your eyes Asanel… please” Theresa repeated but i didn’t, knowing how i felt the first time i opened it .
“Jacq,please get me a bowl of cold water and a piece of cloth” Theresa said to Jacq.
“I think you should get that yourself” I heard Jacq said.

Theresa sighed;
“Asanel, please try to open your eyes before Mrs Claude comes so she can know what exactly is wrong with you. Please” She said.
I sensed the worry in her voice and decided to give it try.
My head didn’t stopped pounding.


I opened my eyes and was almost forced to close it back but i didn’t. I tried to keep it open despite the dizziness.
“Good!” Theresa said.
I noticed she’s still in her pajamas,her toothbrush is in her hand and her body towel hung on her shoulder. She was about taking her bath before i disturbed her.

“You can go ahead and have your bath” I said,still rubbing my forehead.
“No..no,i can’t leave you this way” she said and threw her toothbrush and body towel on her bed.
“How’re you feeling exactly?” She asked.
“J.. just a little headache” I said and swore at the headache that kept increasing each passing minute.

“You call this little headache and you’re groaning in pain? Where the hell is Ashlyn!” She said and just then the door opened.
Mrs Claude rushed in with Ashlyn.

“Asanel what’s wrong?” She asked crouching beside my bed.
“She’s having a serious headache and her eyes are dizzy” Theresa said.
“Really?” She asked.
I nodded.
“Have you felt this way before?” She asked.
“No” I lied.

“Okay,just hold on huh? I’ll go get you some medications now,Theresa get a bowl of cold water and also a piece of cloth. Massage her forehead with it till I’m back” Mrs Claude said before rushing out of the room.
Jacq walked into the bathroom and i heard her lock the door.

Theresa stood up and walked to the bathroom door.
“Jacq,you have to give me a minute. I need to get a bowl of water for Asanel” She said.
“I can’t open the door” we heard Jacq said.
“Please,i really need to” Theresa said.
“I can’t,no one can come in here until I’m done bathing” She shouted.

“Is it starting to subside?” Ashlyn asked worriedly.
“No” I said.
My head has never pounded this hard.
“Ahh.. sorry,i know how it feels” She said.
“Jacq,open this door. I need to get a bowl of water for Asanel” Theresa said, obviously starting to get pissed.

“Theresa, come stay with her. I’ll go get the water from the lake” Ashlyn said.
“Seriously this girl is annoying!” Theresa said.
“Just let her be” Ashlyn stood up.
“Where are you going to get a bowl?” Theresa asked Ashlyn.
“I’ll ask one of the cooks for it” She said before walking out of the room.

Theresa took her position beside me.
“Sorry huh?” She said and i nodded.
“Thanks” I said and noticed my eyes were starting to get blur.
She felt my temperature.
“Your temperature is cool,i wonder what’s up with the headache” She said.

Ashlyn walked in with the bowl of water after some minutes.
Theresa stood up and took it from her.
She placed it beside my bed and quickly opened her box to get a piece of cloth.

“Thanks Ashlyn” I said as she sat beside me.
“It’s nothing” She said.

Theresa dipped the cloth into the bowl of water,squeezed it a little before placing it on my forehead.
She massaged my forehead with it continuously and i noticed the headache was starting to relieve me gradually.

I’m not feeling anything again!

I laid still..maybe the headache is still gonna return.
Minutes passed,it didn’t!

“I’m fine now” I shouted and quickly sat up.
“Really?” Theresa eyes widened.
“Thank goodness!” Ashlyn smiled.
“You mean,the headache has subsided?” Theresa asked.
“Yes,I’m not feeling anything again” I smiled happily, caressing my forehead.

“Wow!” She exclaimed.
“Thanks so much guys” I said.
“You’re welcome Asanel” they both said.
Theresa pushed the bowl of water away.
“So are we friends now?” She asked stretching her hand forward.
I smiled. “Of course”
I didn’t take her hand,i hugged her instead.
“OMG!” She exclaimed happily “i can’t believe I’m hugging the most beautiful girl in Makers high school” She said and i grinned.

I saw a longing look in Ashlyn’s eyes.
“Com’on Ashlyn,you’ve also become my friend,you both helped me when i was down. I appreciate it so much. Come here for a hug dear” I said and drew her closer to Theresa and i.
“OMG” She screamed happily making me laugh.

“Asanel” She called still hugging me.
“Huh?” I asked.
“I’m one of the people who has always wanted to be your friend since the day you came into our class but you never noticed me,i always try so hard to make you do but you never do. I was so happy when i saw that you’re among the people I’ll be sharing this cabin with. Thanks so much Asanel,for making me your friend,you just don’t know how happy i am” She said.
“Wow!” I exclaimed.

That really gat me.

“Nice speech gurl” Theresa winked at ashlyn and we laughed.

The door opened and Mrs Claude rushed in with medication and a glass cup of water.
“Huh!” She exclaimed, surprised to see me sitting up and laughing.
“Mrs Claude,she’s now fine” Theresa danced and i stifled a chuckle.
“Yes Mrs Claude,the headache stopped already” Ashlyn said.

“Wow! Thank goodness,i was so worried” She said.
“Thanks Mrs Claude” I said.
“You’re welcome” She smiled.
“Do i still have to take those medication?” I asked.
“Yeah,you have to” she said and passed it to me.
I poured the coloured pills in my mouth before gulping it down my throat with water.

I dropped the glass cup beside my bed.
“So,you all should get ready. Your breakfast will be served soon and we’ll be leaving for mayhem desert after that” she said.
“Yes!” Theresa said happily.
“I have to also go prepare” she said and walked out of the room.
I caught a glimpse of the tattoo behind her neck and sighed in confusion.
This is the same tattoo I saw on the perpetrator’s neck but why do i keep feeling she isn’t the one.

Jacq walked out of the bathroom, with a towel wrapped around her body.
I wonder what she’s folding in her palm.
I saw Theresa and Ashlyn gave her a mean look,she returned their looks,hissed and started getting dressed.

“I’ve never seen a girl with bony shoulders!” Theresa scoffed and this time i couldn’t help but laugh.
Ashlyn didn’t also stop laughing.


I quickly got dressed inside the bathroom,I just finished bathing.
I’m not very used to getting dressed in front of everyone,i feel so uncomfortable while I’m at it.

My gaze fell on my necklace i and noticed it wasn’t shining.


Ohh..has it gotten dry?
It should still be sparkling cause i finished bathing few minutes ago.

I even forgot to look at it while i was bathing,my mind was distracted.

“Asanel are you done?” I heard Theresa asked.
“Yeah” I said loudly.
I hung my towel and walked out of the bathroom.
“I’m sorry i took so long” I said to her.
“It’s fine” She said and walked into the bathroom.
Ashlyn was done getting dressed,she’s having her breakfast.

I picked my body lotion and applied it on my body.
I combed my hair and decided to leave it unpacked.

I sat on the bed and placed my breakfast tray on my laps.
I started eating.


“It felt as it my head would blow off at that moment” I said to Dan as we all walked to the desert.
Vie is far behind us.
“Really?” He asked.
“Yeah,all thanks to Theresa and Ashlyn” I said.
“Who are they?” He asked.
“My cabin-mates and my new friends” I smiled.
“Ohh” He said.

“Areeee you jealous?” I teased.
He laughed. “Why should i get jealous?”
“Cause i now have new friends” I said.
” You can have dozens of friend,i won’t be bothered cause I’m not just your friend” He said.

“Yeah,you’re my best friend” I said.
“No,I’m not your best friend” He said.
“You’re what then? Best maniac?” I asked and he laughed.
I love making him laugh.

“I’m your boyfriend” He winked.
🎵Dream on🎵 I sang.
“Uh!” He sighed and we kept on walking.

Two teachers were at the front and two at the back.

“Can you believe i also developed headache this morning?” He asked.
He nodded. “Yeah,but i don’t think mine was as severe as yours”
“Oh..did you take medications?” I asked.
“Nah,i didn’t even told anyone about it,i just walked out of my cabin and dipped my head into the lake” He said.
“Wow!” I exclaimed.
“Yeah,i was surprised also” He said.
“The only time i felt that was when my necklace was off my neck but look,it’s on my neck” I said and brought it out.

“I think it’s because we played so hard yesternight.” He said.
I shrugged.

“OMG we’ve gotten to the desert” He said smiling widely.
“Wow!” I exclaimed staring at the wide empty land filled with smooth red sand. There was nothing,i mean nothing there.

“Here we are” Mr Jones said and everyone stopped walking.
“This is mayhem desert, we’re gonna tour now, we’ll also go into the woods, we’re gonna teach you how to cut the woods and make fire cause tonight, we’re gonna be making fire in front of our cabin” He said.
“Yaaaaay” Students shouted in excitement and we all spread across the desert,some already taking pictures while some jotted down things.

Dan and i glanced at each other and we laughed.
“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” I asked.
“Of course,you’re thinking we should come back here tonight and that’s also what I’m thinking” He said.
“Ohh… you’re surely my partner in crime” I said.
“Yes,until they get hold of us” He said and i laughed.

Vie walked to us, looking scared.
“There’s no evil goddess here Vie,stop being afraid” Dan said to her.
She nodded.
“Com’on Vie,i bet you don’t wanna miss out from the fun. Let’s goooooooo” I said and dragged her and Dan along.


Every students carried a bundle of wood as we walked back to our cabins.
The whole process was stressful but it was fun as hell.
We almost laughed out our lungs.

“I had so much fun” Vie said.
“See. I told you there was no evil goddess” Dan said.
“Yeah,i now believe that” Vie smiled.
“I actually thought deserts are mostly wastelands but this proved me wrong” I said.
“Me too…i can’t wait to be here again” Dan said.

“Mr Jones said we’ll visit other places tomorrow,so i don’t think we’ll visit here again” Vie said and i glanced at Dan.
She isn’t aware that we’re gonna be here tonight.. Dan and i.


Everywhere was looking so colourful and bright,we’ve made fire and we were sitting round it in groups.

Theresa, Ashlyn, Vie, Dan and i are seated round the fire we made with our wood.
We were all having our dinner.

“I’m glad to be seated here with you all” Ashlyn smiled
“Me too” Theresa said.
“Wow! I’ve always been avoided cause I’m fat but now, people are glad to be sitting with me. Isn’t that wonderful?” Vie smiled and we all laughed.


“I’ll be here with Dan” I said to Ashlyn and Theresa who were about going to bed.
“Okay, goodnight” They both said and walked away.
Vie has also gone to her cabin.

“Should we go now?” I asked.
“Ofcourse” he said and took my hand.
“Let’s be careful so we won’t get caught” He said.


We walked into the desert, smiling happily.
“It’s so much better with no one around except us” I said.
“Of course,that’s the reason we came this night” He said.
“I love the feeling of sand beneath my feet” I said and slid my feet out of my slippers.
I held my slippers in my hand.
Dan also did the same.

“What a beautiful sight,the moon is so bright here” I said.
Dan draped his arm across my shoulders as we walked farther into the desert.
We were laughing at Dan’s joke when a strange feeling suddenly rushed over me.
The exact feeling i once felt when i was in the school hallway.

“Anel,did you feel that?” Dan asked.
“You’re also feeling that?” I asked and he nodded.

The feeling grew intense that my slippers fell off my hand.
I held on to Dan tightly.

Wind started blowing sand in our direction.
I closed my eyes tightly and tried moving away but i realised we were stuck!

The wind suddenly stopped,i opened my eyes and looked at Dan.
He was shivering looking forward,sweat poured out of his forehead.
“Dan” I called.
“A..anel,l..lo.. look at that” He stammered pointing to the direction his gaze is stuck.

“What?” I asked and turned my neck.
My heart pounded against my chest,i stood rooted to the spot, shivering and sweating without control.
I breathed rapidly and lost all my senses for a moment when i saw a woman,looking so scary in a bloody red robe,her hair is pure white, long down to her feet,her fingers are black and smoke emanated from the staff she was holding.
Her eyeballs are mixture of yellow and red.
She touched her hair with a finger and it turned black immediately.

She rolled her huge eyes and this time my heart dropped when two mini snakes flew out of her eyes.

🔥I’m Felia,the evil goddess of wishes🔥 She said with fire pouring out of her mouth.

The whole desert shook wildly…

“Helppppppp!!!” I screamed loudly in tears.



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