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JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 88

JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 88

By Zeemah writes

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💞Jacq’s POV💞

My mouth dropped open when i saw the necklaces shone brightly across the lake which got completely golden.

Magical necklaces???

I gasped in shock.
W..where did they got it from?
But…but I’ve never seen necklace on Dan’s neck.
Where did this come from..

“Buzzzzzz” a fly flew past my mouth and i quickly shut it.

Is this perhaps the reason they are close.
I’m so confused right now.

They removed the necklace from the lake and it turned back to normal but it was still shining bright in their hands.
They laughed and said something i couldn’t hear.

He wore the necklace round her neck and she also wore his round his neck.
I couldn’t see those necklaces clearly cause im a but far from them but the necklaces looks oddly familiar.

I shifted back a little when i saw they were both standing up.
I quickly turned and ran back to the cabin.
I opened the door and quickly got on bed.

I closed my eyes tightly and breathed in and out severally.
Different thought ran through my mind and i just can’t comprehend a thing.
Like,what just happened?
Shiny necklaces?
Necklaces shine but not to that extent,those necklaces made the lake completely golden.
I mean; how!

I heard the door creak slowly and i knew the fool had come in.
I closed my eyes more tightly.

I heard her jump on her bed and i started opening my eyes slowly.
She was already on her bed, grinning and blushing like a rabbit.
Did he kiss her?
Damn! I should have waited longer.

Why’s she tucking the necklace in her sweatshirt.
She should bring the damn necklace out!
I need to see it.
I have to know the type of necklace it is.

She yawned and i must admit she looks beautiful when yawning.
No! She’s damn ugly.
Her eyes rolled to me and i quickly snapped my eyes shut.

I heard her yawn again…

I need to go also go to sleep,but I’m so bothered about what i just discovered.


📣Everyone,go bath real quick.

Your breakfast will be served soon and we’re gonna start adventure immediately📣” I heard Mrs Claude announced loudly in my sleep.

I yawned and turned in the tiny bed before opening my eyes.

It’s morning.

“Good morning” Theresa shouted in my ears and i nearly yelled.
I faked a smile. “good morning to you too”
“How was your night?” She asked cheerfully.

Just get the hell away from me!!

“Fine” I said and sat up on the bed.
My gaze immediately went to Anel’s bed but she wasn’t there.
I heard the shower running and then sighed.
She’s bathing!

I noticed others are also fully dressed.
Ashlyn is seated on her bed eating biscuits,while Theresa kept jumping round the room.

Is she truly a grade 8 student?
She doesn’t behave like one.

I drew my box of clothes closer and opened it.
I started selecting the outfit I’m gonna put on.
No! I need to see what Anel is gonna put on .
I brought my best clothes here and no one can beat me to it!
She can’t possibly dress more than i do.

I glanced at her bed but couldn’t find her outfit.
Maybe she’s gonna select it once she finish bathing.
That means I’m gonna wait.
I also need to see that necklace,i mean that strange necklace.

Or was i hallucinating yesternight?
No! I wasn’t.
It was real.

The shower stopped running and i expected her to come out of the bathroom immediately but she didn’t.
She spent more minutes than i expected.
I shifted to the edge of my bed impatiently.

I couldn’t control the hiss that escaped my mouth when the bathroom door finally opened.

She walked out fully dressed!
Why does she have to look more beautiful in house wears! Cheap house wears! A purple tank top and white leggings,her hair is still packed in the shower cap though.

What’s so amazing about her damn body that she couldn’t dress right in front of everyone.
And why’s the damn pendant tucked inside her blouse,I’m only seeing the chain.
Are they trying to hide the necklace from the world?
Dan also never bring his out.

I huffed angrily and they all turned to face me.
I opened my box and selected my outfit.
I placed them on the bed,stood up and picked my body towel before walking into the bathroom.


I walked out of the bathroom with my towel wrapped round my body.
They’ve started having breakfast,mine was placed on my bed.
It’s a breakfast of burger and coffee.

I really need to dress up fast,i hate my coffee getting cold.
I dried my body and applied body lotion.

Theresa and Ashlyn are chatterboxes indeed.

I hung my towel on the rail after i finished dressing up.
I pulled away my shower cap and grabbed my hair comb,i wonder how she..i mean Asanel normally pack that nameless style she do wear.
I combed my hair and styled it differently.

I sat on the bed and started having my breakfast.
They were all done with theirs.


“Good morning students” Mr Jones shouted.
We were all outside our cabins about to go on adventure.
“Good morning Mr Jones” We chorused
“How was your night?” He asked.
“Fine,Mr Jones”
“We’re about to embark on our adventure” He said and the students shouted happily.
“Yeah, so make sure you are with your phones okay?”
“Okay Mr Jones”

“Now..the first place we’ll head to is Grotil water view”…

I scoffed angrily when i saw Dan and Anel clung to each other.

Karissa sniffed..
“If you dare cry beside me!” I warned.
“Dan is now dating Anel, you’re the one who made him stopped talking to us” She bursted into tears and everyone turned to face us.
I quickly walked away from her.

Embarrassing bitch!

💞Anel’s POV💞

“This is funnnnn” I screamed happily as i scooped some water in my palm.
Vie smiled and started taking pictures.

Some students sat at the Riverside, while some ran around, laughing happily and taking pictures.

The river is conjoined with a beautiful waterfall.
It’s just so amazing and beautiful,i felt like jumping into it.

“I feel like swimming” I said to Dan.
“If you’re a good swimmer,go ahead but this water is damn deep. Mr Jones clearly stated that it’s for viewing”
“So bad I’m not a good swimmer,I would have swam all day” I said.

“I can actually swim here” he said.
“Ofcourse, haven’t you heard that I’m the best swimmer in Makers high school ” He smiled proudly.
“Ohh…is that the reason some students are asking if you can swim here?”
“Yeah” He nodded.
“But you kept saying ‘No’ ”
“Yeah,i won’t want to disobey the teachers” He said.

“I’ll love to see you swim” I said.
“At the lake?” He asked.
“Nah,here” I said.
“Anything for you but i can’t do that now,the teachers won’t let me” He said.
“Of course i know,let’s come here later in the night” I whispered to him.
He smiled and whispered back ” I was thinking of that too”

“You keep making us break rules” I laughed.
“Yeah, I’m a Shaw. The Shaw’s are meant to break rules” He boasted.
“Whatever” I rolled my eyes.

“Com’on,let’s go join them,we can’t miss out in the fun” Vie called on us.


We all headed back to our cabins after noon.
Everyone was visibly happy and stressed out.

“This is the first time I’ll be having so much fun ” I grinned happily, holding Dan’s hand in mine.
“Really?” Vie asked and i nodded.

Dan passed a bottle of water to me and i quickly uncapped it and gulped it down my throat.
“Ah!” I sighed in relief.
“No thanks?” He asked.
“Go to Babylon maniac” I said and Vie laughed.
“What the hell is that?” She asked.
“There are so many ‘thanks’ in Babylon so he should just go there and grab one” I said.

“Students” Mrs Claude called when we got to the front of our cabins.
“Yes Mrs Claude”
“You all are free to have fun outside here,then you’ll go back to your cabins in the night” She said.

It was such a large open space that could contain hundreds of people.
The floor is filled with smooth clean sand.
I pulled off my sandals and sank my legs in the sand.

Each students started taking space on the sand.

“Do they know there’s a lake somewhere there?” I whispered to Dan.
“I don’t think the students do but the teachers definitely do” He said.
“We might go to the desert tomorrow right?”
He nodded.

“Vie” I called.
“Huh?” She raised her head from her phone.
“Are you really serious about a wicked goddess living in mayhem desert?” I asked.
“Yeah,my mum told me so” She said.
I sighed and glanced at Dan who shrugged.

Students were being served pizza rolls and a glass cup of juice by the cooks.

“I can’t wait for that to get to us. I’m starving” Vie said.
“Me too” I rubbed my stomach.

“My kiss can fill you up though” Dan teased.
“Stop trying to make me blush” I said.
“You’re blushing already” Vie said.
“Huh!” I swore for my cheeks.

“Look,there are a lot of girls here who really wanna kisss you,just go ahead and start kissing them one after the other” I said.
“Even if i want to,will you really allow me to?” He asked.
“Of course” I said slowly, realising i can’t take it.
Those lips are meant for me alone.


“Stop the pretence psycho,you badly wanna kiss me. I know that” He said.
“In your dreams” I said.
“Nah, in reality” he licked his lips and shifted farther when i was about to hit him.
“You’re a maniac indeed!” I rolled my eyes.
“Your eyes will soon pop out of the socket” Vie said and we laughed.

“Pizza rolls is here” I said and took a plate filled with pizza rolls from the tray,then took a glass cup of juice from another tray.
“Thanks” I muttered and the sat on the sand.
I have no choice.

Dan and Vie also sat down to eat theirs.

“Delicious” Vie murmured.
I nodded and gulped my drink,my gaze flew to Jacq,Travis and Karissa whom i caught looking at us.
They looked away immediately and continued their discussion.

“Vie,do you know Jacq is one of my roommates?”
“Really?” She asked in surprise.
I nodded and then bit into my pizza roll.
“Travis is also one of my room mates?” Dan said.
“Wow! Like seriously?”
“Yeah,but I’m not bothered about that,I’m only bothered about what they are discussing now” I said.
Dan and Vie also turned to look at them.

“Ohh..they seems to be engrossed in their talk” Vie said.
Dan didn’t say anything,he only continued eating.
Is he probably missing them?


“Do you think we should tell Vie about the lake?” I whispered to Dan.
“Nah, we’re gonna tell her but not yet” He whispered back.
I nodded. “Remember we’re going to the water view tonight”
“Of course i do” He smiled.

Everyone was still seated outside even after dinner.
The sky is so nice and beautiful to watch.

“Hi students” Mr Rolland,our biology teacher said.
“Hello Mr Rolland” We chorused.
“For those who are not ready to sleep yet,there’s a lake down there,so you all can go have fun,i believe you’re old enough to take care of yourselves” He said.

“Yaaaaay” students screamed in excitement and started running towards the direction of the lake.
“We found out about the lake before they did” I said only to Dan’s hearing.
He nodded and smiled.

“Let’s go, Dan, Anel” Vie said happily.
“Uh” Dan glanced at me.
“We’re going to sleep, we’re feeling sleepy” I faked a yawn.
“Com’on let’s go have fun” Vie said, dragging our arms.
“Okay, we will come join you soon” Dan.
“Yeah,we need to discuss some things” I said.
“Okay,I’ll be expecting you” She said and left.
I felt guilty for lieing to her.
“We won’t stay long so no one would suspect a thing” I said to him and he nodded.

We pretended to be walking towards our cabin,and when we were sure everyone was gone.
We ran back to the river, laughing.

💞Jacq’s POV💞

“So what’s the plan?” Karissa asked.
“I knew that there must be something behind their closeness cause Asanel can’t possibly choose Dan over me! So now that we’ve known that those necklaces are what made them close, what’s the plan?” Travis also asked.

I scanned the lake with my eyes but couldn’t see any of them,but their fat friend is here, swimming like a balloon.

Have they gone to sleep?

“They are both not here” Karissa said.
“That’s true” Travis said.
“Yeah..i noticed that too” I said.
“They must be asleep in the cabin or cuddling! OMG!” Karissa shouted and stood up.
“Com’on stop acting crazy,sit and listen to our next plan!” I half yelled.

She sniffed before sitting down.
“You know there are duplicates of those necklaces” I said.
“Yeah,i have one” Karissa said.
“Me too” Travis said.
“Good! You’re with it right?” I asked.
“Yeah,i don’t wear it anymore,it’s outdated so i just keep it in my box” She said.
“Good! You’re gonna give it to me and then I’ll exchange it with Asanel’s tonight,then tomorrow I’ll give you hers and then you put it on” I said.
“Woah!” she exclaimed.

“Yeah,so Travis you’re also with yours right?”
“Yeah” He said.
“Good! So you’ll also try to exchange yours with Dan’s tonight and put it on” I said.
“No problem with that but what’s the aim?” He asked.

“Those necklaces are what made them so close to each other so with it away from them, they’ll stop being close, they’ll be attracted to the people wearing it instead. That means; Dan will be attracted to Karissa and Anel will also be attracted to Travis” I said.
Karissa smiled happily,while Travis grinned.
“I’m actually doing all these for the both of you” I said.
“Thanks so much Jacq” they chorused and i smiled.


“The necklaces are the same,how come theirs shine and ours doesn’t?” Karissa asked.
“They must have added something to it,and I’m very sure Dan made Asanel wore it which made her attracted to him,but all that is gonna change tomorrow” He smiled.
“I can’t wait” Karissa said happily.

I blew out a breath..

Good one Jacq!
You’re halfway with your plan.


I stealthily walked to Anel’s bed with Karissa’s necklace in my hand.
I bent and unhooked Karissa’s necklace,i made to unhook Anel’s when a voice stopped me.

“Jacq what are you doing?”

I turned and saw;



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