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JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 95

JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 95

By Zeemah writes

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💞Anel’s POV💞

“Now baby girl,let’s go get our necklaces” He shouted carrying me high in his arms.


He ran back to our cabin,still holding me in his arms.
I chuckled happily and played with his hair.

“Felia is goneee” I screamed in the air.
“Anel,i can’t believe we did it” Dan laughed.

I closed my eyes and allowed the breeze lift my hair as Dan carried me away.
I was over joyous and i couldn’t stop screaming.

“Lessen your voice Anel, we’ve gotten to your cabin” He said.
“Huh?” I opened my eyes and realized we’re truly in front of my cabin.
I smiled and expected him to drop me but he didn’t.

“Is your hands not hurting?” I asked and he grinned.
“You can drop me now” I said even though i want to remain in his arms forever.
“No,i don’t wanna drop you” He said.

“Oh..my” my mouth widened when i saw that he was grabbing my butt!
He has been grabbing my butt all this while!

“Dan,you’re grabbing my butt!” I screamed.
“Yeah i know” He smiled.
“You can fart in my hands,i won’t mind” He grinned.
“OMG!” My cheeks turned pink in embarrassment.

“Naughty jerk, Let go of me!”
He laughed “I won’t!”
“Com’on Dan! Let go of me and why’s your grip on my butt is getting more tight!”
“You’re the one making me grip it more tight” He said.

Darn it!
I can’t believe I’m letting Dan touch my butt!
My sacred butt!!

I forcefully removed myself from his grip and then dropped to my feet.

“Ahh!” I sighed before hitting his forehead hard.
“Ouch” He frowned.
“How dare you touch my butt! And you didn’t only touched it,you grabbed it!” I said, trying to sound mean.

“I had to grab it so you won’t fall off while i was running” He said still rubbing his forehead with a fake frown.
“You didn’t see any other thing to grab except my butt!” I said,still looking embarrassed.
“Yeah,your legs are too tiny. Your butts were the only thing i could grab” He said trying to stifle his laughter.
“Naughty ass!” I said with a forced frown but ended up laughing,he let out his laughter too.

“Stop laughing..actually its not funny” I rolled my eyes.
“I’m sorry” He said still laughing.
“I can’t believe you..you grabbed my..”
“Hey Asanel” I heard and turned to see Ashlyn.

“Hi Ashlyn” I smiled.
“Where have you both been?” She asked.
“Uhm…the lake” I said.
“Ohh!” She sighed.

“Is Theresa in?” I asked.
“No,we were taking a stroll but i got tired and decided to come back to the cabin” She said.
“I’m tired too,let’s go in” I said and grabbed her hand.
“Bye Dan” She said and we both turned to leave.

“Mind you,they are very soft” Dan shouted after me.
I sighed and stopped walking.
“What is he talking about? Did you gave him anything soft” Ashlyn asked.

“Ahhh!” I growled and turned back.
He was already running off,i blew a deep breath before giving him a hot chase.


I yawned and open my eyes..I guess my nap is over.
I turned in bed,before sitting up.
We didn’t even get to celebrate Felia’s departure properly.
Dan spoilt everything by touching my sacred butt!

“Is Theresa not back yet?” I asked Ashlyn who was busy with her phone.
“She’s with Dave” She whispered to me and i smiled.
“Where?” I asked back in a whisper.
“Outside our cabin” She whispered.

“Let’s go peep” I giggled and we both stoop up and walked to the door.
Ashlyn opened it quietly and we both stuck out our heads.

Theresa was blushing terribly, smiling and nodding at every word Dave said.
Ashlyn and i glanced at each other before bursting into laughter.
Theresa glanced in our direction and we quickly brought in our heads before shutting the door .

We both fell on the floor, laughing hard.

“Theresa is obviously in love with Dave” I said.
“Of course she is” Ashlyn said.
“Seems he like her too” I said.
“He does. I’ve studied him” Ashlyn said.
“It’s so good to be love” Ashlyn said dreamily.
“Are you in love?” I asked.

“No, though I’m crushing on few guys in our class, Dan inclusive” She said and my heart skipped a beat.
She laughed. “Com’on Anel,i was crushing on Dan and i won’t deny it just because you’re my friend but trust me it’s all over now” She said.
“Ah!” I sighed in relief and wondered why i didm

“Dan is the most handsome guy in school and almost all the girls want him” She said.
“Yeah” I nodded.
“So tell me,are you in love?” She asked.
“No” I said.
“You are,stop trying to deny it” She said.
“I’m not” I said.
“Thank goodness,that means I’m free to have him” she smiled.

“What! No,you can’t have him” I said and she started laughing.
“I thought you are not in love?”
“Huh” I said and blew my hair from my face.
“I gat you, you love Dan” She laughed.

Yeah i do!
And i shouldn’t.

The door opened and Theresa walked in, looking more happy than ever,her cheeks glowed and she held her chest while she slowly walked to her bed.
She sat down,still holding her chest, i guess her heart is beating fast.

Ashlyn and i glanced at each other before glancing back at Theresa.

Ashlyn cleared her throat..
“Are you that blinded by love that you didn’t even notice your friends” She said.
“I’m sorry” Theresa smiled.
“You love Dave that much?” i asked.
“Yeah,i do. I love him so much,he has been my crush since grade 6 and he had never noticed me until recently” she said happily.

“Wow,like seriously?” I asked and she nodded.
“OMG!” Ashlyn exclaimed.

“So,what was he telling you?” She asked.
“He was telling me more about himself and i think he likes me too” She screamed happily, jumping on her bed.

“Wow” I smiled.
“I’m glad you’re happy” Ashlyn said.
“Thanks girls” She giggled.

💬Hey Miss butty,I’m outside your cabin.

“Ah!” I groaned as Dan’s message popped on my screen .

“Girls, I’ll be right back” I said and stood up .
“Going to meet Dan?” Ashlyn asked.
“Yeah” I nodded.

I walked out of my cabin and closed the door.
I twitched my nose when i saw Dan standing, holding a pack of juice and two glass cups.

“Miss butty” He smiled.
“I hope you don’t mind if i smash those glass cups on your head” I said.
“Arrgh! So mean” He pouted.

I grabbed one glass cup and smiled.
“Let’s go celebrate the departure of Felia” I said happily and started running to the direction of the lake.
“Yaaay” He shouted after me.
I stopped running and turned but couldn’t find Dan behind me.
I heard his footsteps just now.
“I’m right here” He said startling the day living out of me.
The glass cup dropped from my hand and shattered into pieces.


“You startled me” I said.
“I’m sorry but i was right beside you” He said.
“I actually thought you were behind me,i didn’t know when you got beside me” I said.
“I’m a fast runner” He grinned.

“Now the glass cup is broken” I said.
“Then, we’ll have to share this one” He winked.
“Those cooks will feel pissed about it” I said.
“I’m gonna pay them for it.. com’on let’s go celebrate” He smiled and started running to the lake.

“Aren’t we gonna pack this?” I asked running after him.


“I can’t believe we defeated her so easily,are you sure she’s really gone?” I asked Dan who was sipping the juice.
We were seated by the edge of the lake,our legs dipped into the cool water.
“Of course she’s gone…we showed her how powerful we are” He smiled proudly.

“Yeah we did” I smiled and collected the glass cup of juice from him.
I emptied the glass cup and dropped the cup.

“You just indirectly kissed me” He said.
“Nah! I think Kisses are not kisses unless lips touch” I said.
“Wow! Where did you learn that from?” He asked.
“I read books you know” I smiled.
“So..should our lips touch?” He asked and my cheeks grew hot.

“Uh..No” I said and could read the disappointment on his face.
“I’m sorry” I said.
“Anel” He called.
“Don’t you like me at all..i mean, don’t you love me? Don’t you have any feelings for me?” He asked and my heart pumped twice.

“I..i don’t have any feeling for you,i don’t love you Dan” I said and felt like hitting myself.
“Oh..fine” He smiled painfully.
The hurt in his eyes was so obvious and i felt so bad that i nearly cried.
He picked the juice and the glass cup and then stood up.
“Dan, where are you going to?” I asked and my heart broke the moment tears dropped from his eyes.
He started walking away..

“Dan” I called but he didn’t respond,he kept walking.
I sighed and stood up.
“Dan” I called, running after him.
“Dan,just wait please” I said, trying to hold my tears.

“Ahh!” I shouted in pain when i felt a sharp object tear my feet.
I tightened my fist, trying to take in the pain.
I should have packed the broken glass cup earlier.

I saw dan turned and running back to me, looking so worried.
He glanced at my feet and then at my face.
“I’m sorry” He said,not sounding like the Dan that was with me minutes ago.
His voice sounded more deep and emotional, his eyes were not bright as they used to be and he was wearing a totally different look.

“It’s fine” I said still trying to hold my tears.

He won’t talk to me again..

“Okay,can you walk with that feet?” He asked.
“Yeah” I said.
“Okay” He said.
I started limping away in tears… normally Dan would have offered to carry me but i guess everything changed already..

Why can’t i tell him that i love him too!

“Anel” He called and i stopped limping,i couldn’t turn.
I quickly wiped my tears when i heard his footsteps.

“Get on my back” He said, crouching in front of me.
“I can walk my…” I was saying but he cut me off by carrying me in his arms, Bridal style.
“Thank you” I muttered, hating the tension between us.

He nodded and started walking.
My gaze was rested on his face all the while and i felt a bit embarrassed when he caught me staring at him.

“Did you cry?” He asked and i shook my head.
He smiled and i felt better immediately.
“I’m sorry Dan” I said.
“For?” He asked..
“You don’t need to apologise for not loving me back..it’s fine,love can’t be forced. I’ve also decided to stop loving you,I’ve decided to erase any sort of feelings i have for you and I’m sorry for loving you” He said and my heart dropped.

My eyes filled with unshed tears and i tried not to make it drop.
He dropped me in front of my door and i didn’t bother saying thanks cause i know I’m gonna burst into tears any minute from now.

I opened the door and limped in,i closed the door behind me and bursted into tears immediately.

“OMG, Anel what’s wrong?” Ashlyn and Theresa rushed to me.
“Dan has stopped loving me” I cried.


{Next day}

I sat on the grass and watched other students play around the golilop garden.
We were on out day 7 adventure.
Dan was sitting beside me but not very close,he hasn’t spoken to me today.

I haven’t been feeling good since yesterday,my heart is broken.
Dan doesn’t love me anymore….

“Are you okay?” I heard him asked and my heart beat in a funny way.
i quickly turned to him.
“I’m fine” I said.
“Okay” He said and continued taking pictures.

Tears filled my eyes once again,i shifted up my knees and rested my head on it.
I started crying silently.

How could i be this weak!
I should be glad he wants to stop loving me.
Was that not what i wanted?
And why am i feeling so down about it.

This adventure should end already!!!


We’ve gotten back to our cabin and i was seated on my bed looking moody.

“Com’on Anel,you need to stop acting this way. I’m sure Dan didn’t mean what he said. Do you want me to help you talk to him” Ashlyn asked and i shook my head.

“I’ll be fine” I said.

The door bursted open and Theresa ran in, panting.

“What’s wrong?” We asked.
“A..Anel, Jacq, Karissa and Travis drugged Mr Jones. They’ve succeeded in collecting the necklaces from him and right now they’re all headed towards the direction of the river. Anel hurry!!” She shouted.

I jumped up from my bed and ran outside the cabin.
I headed first to Dan’s cabin and banged the door.

“Who’s there?” Dave asked, opening the door.
“Dan” I shouted.
“What’s wrong?” Dave asked.
Dan appeared behind him and i noticed how red his eyes were.

Was he crying?

“Dan, jacq,Karissa and Travis are taking our necklaces to the river!” I said breathlessly.
“What!” He exclaimed.
He pushed Dave out of the way and started running to the direction of the river.
I ran after him,not even stopping to catch my breath.

We got to the river and truly we met them standing at the riverbank.
The necklaces are in jacq’s hand.

“OMG!” Dan exclaimed and ran to them.
I also did.

“What are you doing?” He asked as we got to them.
“Give us back our necklaces!” I yelled.

Their faces were still bruised from yesterday’s beating and i felt glad.

“We’re not giving it back!” Karissa said.
“You want your necklaces back right?” Jacq asked.
“Yes” I said.

“Then go get it” She said and threw the necklaces in the middle of the river.
I gasped in shock.

The necklaces didn’t last long on the surface before sinking and whole river turned golden immediately.

W.. we’ve lost our necklaces forever!

“No!!!” I cried and made to hit Jacq but Dan held me back.
“Anel,I’m going to get it” he said and pulled off his shirt.
“I love you Anel and i will never stop loving you” He said before jumping into the river,i watched him swim to the middle of the river.
He turned to look at me for the last time before diving deep into the water.

I stood rooted to the spot when i couldn’t see his body on the surface again.
I love you too Dan! I’ve always loved you” I shouted in tears, hoping he heard me.

Will i ever see him again?
The river is so deep and he didn’t even dared to go deep the last time we were here.

Tears rolled down my cheeks as i stared at the now-golden river.
Dan is deep inside trying to get our necklaces.

I furiously turned to Jacq and grabbed her by her hair.
She shouted in pain, trying to pull my hand away but i didn’t let go,i kept pulling her hair until karissa pulled my hand away.

“You’re all b..” I was saying but Travis suddenly pushed me hard,my feet slowly lifted away from floor and i was on the air in seconds..
I couldn’t gather what was happening until i landed into the river..
Right in the middle..

“No!” I shouted, struggling to get out.
“Please help me, i can’t swim” I coughed out water.

I couldn’t hold on any longer,water was starting to get into my ears and nostrils,my eyes closed itself,blackness covered me and i feel life slowly seeping out of me as i got deeper in the river.


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