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JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 96

JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 96

By Zeemah writes

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💞 Dan’s POV💞

The water was so deep that it kept pulling me back.
I’ve never swam in such deep water and now I felt like dieing.
I was starting to get tired and frustrated.

When will i get to the riverbed! Or am just gonna die soon.

My mouth was shut tightly and i held my breath as i swam.
Till when will i keep holding my breath.

“I love you too Dan! I’ve always loved you” Anel’s word kept echoing in my ears.
I was deep in the water when i heard her voice.
She loves me?
Or is she just saying that to make me feel better?

She told me just yesternight that she doesn’t have any feelings for me so how come she love me now?
Or was she pulling back because of the feud between her family and mine.

I was so crazy when i told her i will stop loving her.
That’s just impossible cause i can’t.
No matter how i try.

I swim sideways when i saw a Jellyfish swimming.
I’ve been seeing little fishes of different colors but i never expected to see a Jellyfish.
It’s a bit different from the ones i do see in papers and films. This one looks real.

I continued swimming,amazed by the different types of fishes i saw.

I pressed my lips tightly in a smile when i saw that I’ve gotten to the riverbed.

So beautiful.

The river bed is covered with beautiful white stones which had turned to golden in courtesy of our necklaces.
So neat and amazing…I’ve always heard of how beautiful the riverbed is but I’ve never seen it.
I guess this is another adventure for me,i felt sad wishing Anel is here with me.

I can’t find our necklaces.
They should be right here on the stones waiting for me but there’s nothing here.

Will i have to start searching again.
I’m getting weak already.

“I love you too Dan! I’ve always loved you” I felt strengthened by those words again and i started swimming, searching for the necklaces.
I was overjoyed when i saw the two necklaces laying on a big golden stone,I’m sure the necklaces made it golden ,it should be white.

I started swimming towards it but suddenly stopped when i saw a whale approaching.

Where the hell is this thing coming from.
And damn! It’s so big that I’m sure it could swallow half of my body.
God! Where am i gonna hide?
God you need to save me.

It was approaching me fast and my heart raced in fear.
I couldn’t swim anymore,i should scream but I’m afraid to open my mouth,if water should enter my mouth then I’m good as dead.

It has gotten to my front,i closed my eyes tightly in fear.

I felt it swim past me,i couldn’t believe it at first until i opened my eyes.
It’s gone.
Thank goodness!!

But how did it manage to escape me?
I thought it was coming directly at me.
Lord i thank you.

Now i can take our necklaces.
I swam towards it and picked it up.
My heart raced with joy and i tried not to smile. I won’t want water rushing into my mouth.
I wrapped the necklaces round my hand tightly.

I should start swimming back before i die here.
I stopped when i saw a big glass box ,it’s blur and i couldn’t see what’s inside.
What could be inside?

There are sure many things beneath this river.
I took one last glance at it before i started swimming back to the shore.
It’s gonna take quite long before i get there.


I’ve gotten so weak by the time i got to the shore.
I raised up my head and finally had the chance to breath.
I wiped water off my face,and coughed slightly.
I shivered in cold and sighed.

It was getting dark.

“OMG! Dan” i heard.
Vie,Theresa,Dave and Ashlyn were standing by the riverbank with tear-filled eyes.

Where’s Anel?

I got out of the river and they all rushed to me.

“Dan,are you okay?

Are you fine?

Thank goodness.

I’m glad you’re back safely” They chorused and i smiled ,still wondering where Anel is.

“Dan what happened?” Dave asked.
“I went to get our necklaces” I said dryly.
“You know how deep the river is,what if you had died!” Dave said.
“I know but i had to get our necklaces and i already got it ,i’m back safely” I said.

“Look,these necklaces are shiny” Ashlyn said in surprise staring at the necklaces in my hand.
“And the river was golden” Theresa said.
“But it turned back to it’s normal position immediately you walked out of it” Theresa said.
“Yeah,our necklaces made it golden” I said and noticed there was this sad look on their faces.
Shouldn’t they be happy that I’m back.

“Where’s Anel?” I asked they glanced at one another.

“Where’s Anel?” I asked again but none of them said a word.
“Is she in the cabin?” I asked and they shook their heads.

“Then where’s she!” I yelled, suspecting something bad might have happened.

“S..she..T..travis pus..hed her into the river and she has not..she’s not back yet, we’ve not seen her since then. We expected you to back with her but…” Theresa said in tears and my heart dropped.
The necklaces fell off my hand and sweat covered my forehead.

“I just hope Anel is not dead cause she’s not good in swimming” Vie cried.
“A..anel is in that river?” I asked in shock.
They nodded.

I turned back to the river and tears filled my eyes.
I’m a good swimmer yet it was difficult for me to swim in this river,not to talk of Anel who’s not even good at swimming.

“Nooo” I screamed in tears,my heart breaking into pieces.

My legs wobbled and i couldn’t feel my feet anymore.
I dropped on my knees, crying loudly.

I hope it’s not too late to save her.

I wiped my tears and stood up,i walked slowly to the river and was about jumping in when i saw a..a body washed ashore.


“OMG!” They all screamed and rushed towards her body.

Is she dead?

I stood without moving ,my heart beating fast.
Her face still looks perfect,just looking pale and soft.
Theresa shook her but she didn’t move and it felt like i was also dying..I couldn’t breathe with the fear that Anel might have truly died.
Another round of tears filled my eyes and i couldn’t move.

“She’s alive” They screamed happily and i was surprised when life returned back to me.
A smile appeared on my lip and my feet that once felt heavy to move,now moved freely.

I walked to where she was laid, theresa was pressing her chest and i watched as she coughed out water.
Damn! She’s looking more beautiful.

I bent slowly and took her hands. It felt incredibly cold.
Her breathing was slow and she coughed more water as Theresa kept pressing her chest.

“Our friend is alive” Vie screamed happily, dancing round us.

I smiled,the happiness I’m feeling right now is beyond control.
My Anel is alive!


“Dan,just sit okay,I’ll go get the coffee” Dave said.

We’ve all returned back to Anel’s cabin, she’s in the bathroom running a warm bath,theresa and Ashlyn already went to collect our dinner while Vie is with Anel in the bathroom.
Anel is still very weak and I’m afraid she might get sick.

I was about to go get coffee for her when Dave offered to go.

“Thanks Dave” I said and he nodded before walking out of the cabin.
I sighed and adjusted on Anel’s bed.

The bathroom door opened and she walked out fully dressed in thick clothes with Vie behind her.
Her hair was still wet.
She looked at me..”Won’t you also take a warm bath?”
I shook my head. “I’m fine,all i care about now is you”

She smiled and muttered thanks before sitting beside me.
Her lashes fluttered and my heart felt funny.
“Dave have gone to get you coffee and Theresa and ashlyn will be here soon with our dinner” I said and she nodded.

She now has this faraway look in her eyes since she returned from the river.
I touched her hand and it still felt cold. I hope the coffee will keep her warm.

“Do you want me to help you dry your hair?” I asked and she smiled.
“Where’s the dryer?” I asked.
“It’s beside Ashlyn’s box” She said and i stood up and quickly went to get it.
They all walked in immediately i finished drying Anel’s hair .

“Dinner is here” Ashlyn smiled, placing a plate of covered food each in front of everyone while Theresa served bottled water.

Dave stretched two cups of coffee to me.
“I feel you might also need coffee” He said and i smiled.
“Thanks Dave” I said and collected the cups of coffee from him.
I handed one to Anel and watched her drink it before gulping down mine.
I’m glad it made me feel a bit warm .

“Now let’s eat”

We all sat and started eating our dinner in silence.


“We should inform the teachers about this” Theresa said breaking the silence.

“No,i don’t want any of the teachers knowing about this” I said.
“Yeah,let’s keep it to ourselves” Anel said.
She was almost done with her dinner.

“Do you want more?” I asked and she shook her head.
“Thanks” She said, twisting the cap of her bottled water.

There are so many questions i want to ask her but this is not the right time.
She gulped half of her water and handed the rest to me before sliding under her blanket.

“Thanks everyone. Dan, you’ll sleep beside me right?” She asked and i nodded.
She smiled and muttered ‘goodnight’
She yawned and closed her eyes.

There are so many questions to ask and i think she also have a lot of things to say.
Till tomorrow then….

🔥{Next night}🔥

💞Anel’s POV💞

“My heart already left my body,i thought you were dead” Dan said and i laughed.
I’m feeling much better now and i can’t stop thinking about what happened to me beneath the river.

We were sitting at our favorite place,the lake,with our legs dipped into the water.
My head was placed on Dan’s shoulder.

It’s a beautiful night.

“Anel,i have a lot of questions for you” He said.
“And i also have a lot of things to say to you” I said.
“Okay,let’s start with mine” He said and i nodded.

“You are not a good swimmer yet you came out of the river safely,how did you do that?” He asked.
I smiled “I’m just gonna tell you everything from the beginning”


I couldn’t hold on any longer,water was starting to get into my ears and nostrils,my eyes closed itself,blackness covered me and i feel life slowly seeping out of me as i got deeper into the river.

Suddenly,it didn’t feel like i was inside water anymore,it felt like i was on land and i was even sitting down!
Have i been saved?
What’s happening?

I opened my eyes and saw myself in a large glass box that could contain three or more people,it was transparent and i could see lots of water which signified that i was still in the river,I’m at the riverbed , seated in a glass box.

What’s happening?
How did i get in here?

The sight is amazing and I’m glad I’m safe but..i just don’t understand what’s happening right now.
I was startled when i heard a movement behind me in the box.
I turned my neck and gasped when i saw my Mum seated,staring at me.

She’s looking so gorgeous in her pink dress with her hair styled differently.

“M..mum” I called and she smiled at me.
I smiled back and sat properly, facing her.
Am i dreaming again?

“Mum,am i dreaming again?” I asked and she shook her head.
“No princess, you’re not dreaming,this is reality” She said.
She nodded.
“Mum,I’m so glad to see you. We’ve defeated Felia” I said happily.
“I saw everything. I’m so proud of you guys” She said.
“Thanks mum” I smiled.

She didn’t say anything for a while,she only stared at me.

“Mum,what am i doing here? I could remember i was sinking and moments later,i found myself in this box” I said looking round the box.
It’s beautiful.
“I saved you” She said.
“Thanks so much Mum” I said and made to hug her but she held out a hand to stop me.

“Mum,you need to save Dan too” I said.
“Dan is fine, he’ll be fine” She said.

“Princess, this might be the last time you’ll see me” She said,and my eyes filled with tears.
“Do not cry princess, you’ll be fine” She said.
“Mum..i want you to be with me,why did you leave so early,i need you Mum” I said in tears.

“I’m sorry but i caused all this myself,i caused my death myself,it all started when i wasn’t satisfied with the way i look. I’m sure Liam told you everything” She said and i nodded.

“You didn’t cause anything mum. Dan’s dad did” I said.
“Bryan didn’t! I’m sure Liam didn’t tell you the true story, Bryan knows nothing about it,he’s not even involved in my death” She said..
“But you did everything for him” I said.
“I did it cause i wanted to. Bryan wasnt even aware of my feelings for him in the first place” She said.
“Really?” I asked.

“Yes,i bet Liam didn’t even told you that. Do you want me to tell you everything?” She asked and i nodded.


“That was what happened?” I asked after she was done with her narration.
“Yes princess.” Mum sighed.
“It’s so pointless to blame Dan’s Dad. Liam told me a different story” I said and she smiled.

“I miss him so much, He was the best brother in the world” She said, looking quite sad.
“Ofcourse he is” I said.
“Liam will continue blaming Bryan cause he’s still hurt by my death”
“How am i gonna convince him to drop the blame. Liam is so stubborn” I said.
She smiled ” Yes he is but never mind I’ll do that myself” She said.

“Is that not Dan?” She asked pointing to my back,i turned and saw him through the transparent glass,he was swimming and obviously looking for our necklaces.
I smiled.

“Dan has grown so handsome” Mum smiled.
“You like him right?” She asked.
“Huh?” I blushed.
“You were refraining cause you thought his father actually caused my death right?” She asked and i nodded.
“I’m glad you now know the truth and im looking forward to seeing both of you together” she said …
“Ohh..” I sighed, blushing harder.

I looked at him,he was staring at the riverbed admiringly.
I’m glad he’s okay.
He started swimming towards our necklaces which was on a stone.
I gasped when i saw a whale suddenly approaching him,he looked so scared that he had to close his eyes.
My heart beat faster and i screamed.

“Mum, please save him” I cried and watched her raise a finger,the whale suddenly swam past Dan without hurting him.
I sighed in relief.
“Thanks mum” I smiled.
She nodded.

He’s starting to swim towards the necklaces,he picked them up and i could see how hard he was holding his smile.
I smiled “Thanks mum”

I glanced back at the glass and noticed it has gone blur.
“Mum,what went wrong? The glass has gone blur” I said.
“Yeah,i did that,i won’t want him to see us. He’s looking right here” She said.
“Ohh…Will he be fine?” I asked.
“He’ll be fine, princess” She said and i nodded.

“I think my time is up,i have to leave now” She said and i felt sad immediately.
“Mum,why do you always have to leave?” I said, starting to tear up.
“I’m sorry, princess..im so sorry i always have to leave you” She said sadly.

“Bye” She waved slowly.
I cried and watched as she passed through the box,i couldnt see her again.
She’s gone!

“Bye mum” I shouted.

I closed my eyes and on opening it,i found myself on land, coughing out water.

🎑End of flashback🎑

“OMG! Your Mum saved me from the whale?” Dan asked in shock and i nodded my head.
“Thank you Auntie” He screamed and i laughed.

“I can’t believe you were in that glass box,i would have broken it open if i knew” He said and i smiled.

“Dan” I called.
“Huh?” He grinned happily.
I raised my head from his shoulder and said the word i never thought i will say.

“I love you” I said and tightened my lips together,my heart raced and i waited for what will happen next.
I couldn’t look at his face but I’m sure it will be full of surprise.

I intertwined my hands and stared at the lake, feeling nervous.

“A.. Anel,you love me?” He asked.
“Yes Dan,i do,I’ve always loved you” I said and faced him.
His expression was unreadable.
“I love you too” He screamed happily that had to block my ears.

I smiled as i watched his happy face.
His eyes shone in the moonlight and i wouldn’t even argue if i was told Dan is the most handsome guy in the world.

We both fell silent,lost in staring at each other.
I don’t know the magical force that brought our faces together,which made our lips inches apart and this time we did what we’ve never done.

We kissed!


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