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Just me (Me against the world) Chapter 1

Just me (Me against the world) Chapter 1


By Jennifer Owens

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👉 Caitlyn’s P. O. V👈
I’m Caitlyn, Caitlyn Vandals, the girl without a mother.
Living all through without a mother is something painful but I don’t care coz I don’t let myself care.
I live a life of “I don’t care ” coz if you let yourself care, you’ll always end up getting hurt.
I sat on my bed, putting on my shoe.
I need to go to school early today cuz I’m always late and end up getting detentions all thanks to the two witches I have as step sisters.
🎶 I got no excuses 🎶
🎶 for all of these goodbyes 🎶
🎶 call me when it’s over 🎶
🎶 cause I’m dying inside 🎶
🎶 wake me when the shakes are gone 🎶
🎶 and the cold sweats disappear 🎶
I was singing but stopped as I saw two legs at my door.
I looked up to see that bitch Vivian smirking devilishly.
Before I could figure out what she was up-to, she slammed the door.
OMG! She just locked me in.
“let me out, Vivian let me out ” I yelled, tapping the door.
“there’s no school for you today, I’m gonna make sure your grades fall ” I heard her say.
“no let me out, please let me out ” I pleaded as tears started strolling down my cheeks.
“let me out ” I cried tapping the door but got no response so I broke down in tears.
It’s not like I’m new to their maltreatment, it just hurts, it hurts badly.
Had mom not dumped me, then I’d not be suffering like this.
I blame no one but my mother for bringing me to this world and abandoning me.
At least dad loves and cares for me.
“aahh” I held my stomach as it growled.
I’ve not even had breakfast and now I have to stay hungry till those bitches come back home and unlock the door.
I got off the floor and went to the window..
It’s not like I can jump or climb out through the window cause my room is upstairs.
I stared at Roland’s house from the window.
Roland is our cute neighbor who lives with his parents.
I like him and Vivian likes him too but I don’t know who he likes between us, he’s a cool guy.
He attends the same school with us.
Now I won’t be able to see him today.
Now that dad and step mom traveled, I’m gonna live in hell.
But living in hell is a choice and I choose to live in paradise.
I’m not gonna let Vivian and Camille use me as their maids in my own father’s house.
Now that their mother traveled, it’s the perfect time to put them in their place.
👉 Vivian’s P. O. V👈
“finally! It’s lunch time ” Camille breathed out.
“yeah, I can’t wait to see Roland ” I said smiling.
“you’re still obsessed with that guy ” Camille said and I chuckled.
“well let’s just say he’s the only reason I come to school ” I said and giggled.
“you’re so busted when mom hears this” Camille said and my smile faded.
“and how’s she gonna know about it ” I asked and folded my hands around my chest.
“through this ” she said touching her lips.
“you parrot ” I exclaimed and she burst out laughing as we walked into the cafeteria.
“kidding, just kidding ” she blurted out and I heaved a sigh of relief.
“hey girls “Roland said in front of us.
My world stopped spinning.
Roland is right in front of me.
Gosh! He’s just too cute, always gat me drooling.
“hey Vivian ” he called and I almost fainted.
Camille nudged me in the arm and I came back to my senses to see Roland smiling.
“so where’s Caitlyn ” he asked and I frowned.
And he just have to ruin this moment by mentioning that bitch’s name.
“don’t know, probably flirting around somewhere ” I lied and he laughed.
“stop deceiving yourself and go get yourself something to eat so you can see reality ” he laughed and walked away.
“so annoying ” I muttered and Camille chuckled.
“come let’s go eat before you use all our lunch time imagining Roland ” she teased and I frowned and walked away.
“let’s go ” Camille urged .
We’ve closed already and I’m in the hall eye searching for Roland.
“no, let’s ride with Roland ” I pouted and she sighed.
I sighted Roland coming, looking like the Greek god that he is.
He walked pass us like we were invisible and I scoffed.
“let’s go ” I took Camille’s hand and we trailed behind him.
Camille sat at the back seat of Roland’s car and I sat at the front with him and he drove off.
👉 Caitlyn’s P. O. V👈
My eyes flew open and landed on the wall clock 🕒.
Those bitches must be on their way now.
Gosh! I’m so hungry.
I heard a car honk and I rushed to the widow to see Vivian and Camille alighting from Roland’s car.
Mins later, my door flew open and Vivian came in.
“you bitch” I sprung towards her and grabbed her hair and we fought.
I landed a very hot slap on her cheek making it blush without makeup and she screamed a little.
“waoh Vivian ” Camille cheered at the door but frowned as she saw me beating Vivian.
“let her go ” she yelled and pushed me to the ground.
“well mom is coming today and you’re so gonna get it from her ” Camille seethed and Vivian lips curved into a smile and I smiled too.
At least dad is coming back home too.
“don’t get too happy bitch, dad’s not coming along, just mom ” Camille blurted out and my smile faded.
Now I have no choice but to live in hell.
T. B. C

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