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Just me (Me against the world) Chapter 2

Just me (Me against the world) Chapter 2


By Jennifer Owens

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I made dinner for us three and we ate .
After dinner, I cleared the table and did the ditches.
I went up to my room and slumped on my bed.
Mom Rina will be back home tonight and I don’t think she’ll let me sleep.
I covered myself with my duvet and slept off.
2:30 am.
“Caitlyn ” I heard faintly as I shivered and snuggled closer into the duvet.
It’s raining heavily and I’m freezing.
“what the… ” I exclaimed and sat up as chilled water run down my body.
I looked up to see Vivian smirking devilishly and beside her was my step mom Rina.
My mouth hung open and I almost vomited out my heart at the sight of mom Rina.
“you little bitch ” mom Rina cussed squeezing my ear.
“you dare lay your filthy hands on my daughter ” she yelled and slapped me with her right hand while the other hand was still squeezing my ear.
She dragged me by my ear downstairs with tears streaming down my cheeks.
“you’re so gonna get it from me ” she yelled and opened the door making a gust of wind howl in.
I already started shivering cause it was raining heavily.
Mom Rina pushed me out into the rain and slammed the door to my face.
“mom open the door, please open the door “I cried as I started getting drenched by the rain.
“mom I’m sorry, just open the door, it’s so cold out here please let me in ” I cried, tapping the door.
“let me in “I cried and continued tapping the door.
“I’m freezing out here please let me in ” I cried out loud.
I slumped to the ground in tears as the rain fell heavily on me.
Mom why did you dump me?
Why did you bring me to this world if you know you were gonna leave me?
I cried bitterly as I shivered in the rain.
I staggered up looking to Roland’s house.
Should I go there for help?
No no no, Roland’s dad is very strict and doesn’t like Roland mingling with us.
I sat back on the cold floor, folded up my knees with my head in between and I cried more.
👉 Camille’s P. O. V👈
Mom, Vivian and I sat round the dinning table as we ate.
I kept glancing at the stairs expecting Caitlyn to come down stairs for breakfast.
“Vivian what about Caitlyn, isn’t she going to school ” I asked and mom gave me a deadly glare and I kept shut and faced my food.
After breakfast, we all headed out so mom can drive us to school.
“Caitlyn ” I gasped as I saw her laying still on the cold floor.
“don’t touch her ” mom warned as I squatted down beside her.
“but why mom, she needs help ”
“and you’re not the one to give her that” Vivian seethed.
“yeah so get up let’s go or you’ll be late for school” mom said sternly.
“what if she dies ” I asked.
“then that’s good news “mom blurted out.
“yeah it’s good news but what if dad asks about her ” Vivian asked.
“then we’ll cook up something like she went to a club and got drunk then slept out in the heavy rain and died “mom said and they giggled.
“Camille let’s go and don’t let me repeat myself ” she glared at me and headed for the car.
I sighed and trailed behind them.
We boarded the car and drove off.
👉 Roland’s P. O. V👈
“aah” I groaned as I tossed and turned on my bed.
I don’t wanna get up but I’m hell late for school.
I’m so not a morning person.
I got down from my bed, staggered to the bathroom and tidied up.
I dressed up and went downstairs.
“mom, dad, why didn’t you wake me up” I pouted at them.
Mom was setting the table while dad was seated on the couch.
“it’s that your way of greeting” dad asked and I rolled my eyes.
“and beside, we thought you took a day off from school ” he added.
“I’m out ” I said, heading to the door.
“what about breakfast “mom asked.
“I’ll have that at school ” I said and slammed the door behind me.
I boarded my car and drove outta the drive way.
I was almost outta the yard when my eyes caught Caitlyn laying still on the floor.
OMG! 😱.
I rushed out to her and raised her up a little.
“Caitlyn ” I shook her but she didn’t bulge.
Oh God, her breathing is slowing down.
I picked her up and put her in the car then drove her to the hospital.
I paced back and forth in the hospital, waiting impatiently for someone called a doctor to come give me info.
I inhaled and exhaled as I saw doc Maxwell walking up to me.
He got to where I stood, looking at me with sad eyes.
“so” I asked cause it’s like I’m gonna explode any moment from now.
“I’m sorry Roland ” he blurted out.
T. B. C

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