Just me (Me against the world) Chapter 13

Just me (Me against the world) Chapter 13


By Jennifer Owens


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👉 Caitlyn’s P. O. V con’t👈
I quickly took two steps backward so she wouldn’t see me.
I ran back to my room when I saw they were coming upstairs.
I waited a while and I came out then went downstairs.
“what ” Larry asked, judging from my facial expression that something’s wrong.
“Uhm no-nothing” I stuttered and he arched an eyebrow.
“can I go to my room ” I asked.
Gosh what am I saying?
“I mean can you please order something to eat, I can’t prepare dinner ” I said.
“why ” he asked.
“coz, well, I, because, well I’m sick ” I blurted out and he looked at me weirdly.
“ah my stomach ” I said and held my Tommy.
“are you alright ” he asked and rushed to my side.
“I’m not ” I said, wincing in pain.
“ah it hurts ” I lied.
“let me take you to your room ” he said and carried me in a bridal style to my room then laid me on the bed.
“have u eaten ” he asked and I shook my head negatively.
“I’ll just order pizza for us both ” he said and I nodded then he left the room.
What’s mom Rena doing here?.
Is she here for some business or what?
I laid comfortably on the bed waiting for Larry.
My door flew open and he came in.
“already placed the order ” he said and sat beside me on the bed.
We kept mute staring around the room like it’s new.
“that woman that was with your dad ” I said and he looked at me.
“is she a business partner ” I asked and he scoffed.
“she’s just some slut that comes here time to time, dad uses her to pass time and nothing more ” he blurted out and my mouth hung open.
I felt a warm hand close my mouth together and I blinked back to reality.
Mom Rena is cheating on dad.
“why are you surprised, do you know her ” he asked.
“no, I’m just surprised how a matured woman will be a slut ” I lied and he nodded.
“that will be the pizza ” Larry said when the door bell rang.
He got up and went to get it downstairs.
He came up with the pizza and we both ate.
“are you alright now ” he asked and I nodded.
“OK good night ” he said.
“good night ” I said and he left.
I switched off the light and closed my eyes waiting for sleep to envelope me.
👉 Darnell’s P. O. V👈
After having dinner with mom, I cleared the table and did the ditches while mom go to her room.
I went upstairs heading to my room but stopped when I heard soft sobs coming from mom’s room.
I opened her door and went in to meet her crying.
I went over to her and sat beside her.
She held a photo of a little baby, she was beautiful.
That’s my sister, Caitlyn.
She told me dad took her away from her.
“mom” I called her and she laid her head on my shoulder.
“mom you don’t have to cry, where ever Caitlyn is, I’m sure she’s fine and happy ” I said, patting her back gently.
“mom don’t worry, we’ll find dad so we can see Caitlyn ” I said and hugged her tight.
“just rest okay ” I said and made her lay on the bed.
I covered her with the blanket and sat beside her.
I caressed her hair till she fell asleep then I went to my room.
I laid on my bed facing upward.
My mind drifted to the girl I met in the bus.
She is beautiful though.
Ah back to my sister.
Where could Caitlyn be?
How do we even know her?
Mom said dad took her away when she was just a baby so how do we know her now.
Caitlyn where are you?
👉 Caitlyn’s P. O. V👈
I opened my eyes, yawned then stretched and got outta the bed.
I went to the bathroom and did my morning routine then went downstairs.
“hey you’re up ” Larry said as I descended the last stair case.
“I already placed an order for pizza since you’re sick so no need to prepare breakfast ” he said and I nodded.
Mins later the pizza arrived and we both ate.
“has that woman left yet ” I asked.
“yeah she left early this morning ” he replied and I nodded.
OK I have to go wait at my usual spot to see if mom will pass by.
What do I tell Larry?
I can’t just blab out all my life story to him just like that.
“Uhm Larry ” I called and he looked up at me.
“we’re almost out of food stuffs so I thought maybe you could give me some money so I can go shopping for the groceries ” I said.
He brought out his wallet and gave me some dollar notes.
“thanks ” I said and he nodded.
I got up and left.
👉 Darnell’s P. O. V👈
I boarded the bus heading to the grocery store.
Mom’s asleep so I had to come.
I arrived at the grocery and bought all that we need.
I turned to leave but bumped into someone.
The girl from the bus last time.
“sorry ” I apologized and walked out.
👉 Caitlyn’s P. O. V👈
Someone bumped into me at the grocery store and it was that cutie.
“sorry ” he apologized and walked out.
I took a step forward and stepped on something making me trip.
I looked and saw a wallet on the floor.
It must belong to that cutie.
I picked it up and went after him.
He already hailed a cab before I got there so I hailed a cab too and followed him.
I alighted the cab and called after him but I think he had his headphone on so he couldn’t hear me.
I saw him enter a house so I ran there.
Already at the doorstep, I tried to catch my breathe then I rang the doorbell.

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