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Just me (Me against the world) Chapter 14

Just me (Me against the world) Chapter 14


By Jennifer Owens


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👉 Caitlyn’s P. O. V con’t👈
I pressed the door bell and waited for someone to open up.
The door opened and the cutie stood in front of me.
I was lost in his charm that I forgot why I came.
He arched an eyebrow and I quickly got myself.
“Uhm, your wallet, you dropped it ” I said and stretched it to him.
“thanks ” he said and took it.
I nodded, looking at him dreamily.
“will you like to come in and have something ” he asked.
I wanted to say yes but then I thought, what if mom pass by while I was here? I can’t stand the risk.
“no thanks, I gotta go ” I said and he nodded then I left.
👉 Roland’s P. O. V 👈
The bell rang for lunch making me sigh.
I really miss Caitlyn a lot
I unzipped my bag, putting my books in.
Someone stood in front of me and I looked up to see Vivian.
Her face was dull, her eyes red and puffy.
Gosh! She’s been crying.
“why are you doing this ” she asked, her voice low.
I looked at her, pretending as if o don’t know what’s she talking about.
“why are you avoiding me, why don’t you talk to me Roland “she asked as tears streamed down her cheeks.
She must be very hurt.
I love her, I love her so much.
“if you don’t love me then tell me instead of making me look like and idiot ” she said amidst tears.
“if it’s Caitlyn you love, just say it and I’ll stop letting myself get hurt ” she half yelled.
I don’t love Caitlyn, I mean I love her but as a friend.
It’s Vivian I love but the way she treated Caitlyn, I didn’t like it.
Caitlyn left the house and we don’t know her where about, instead of Vivian to help with her dad in search for Caitlyn, Vivian isn’t even the least worried about her.
“look Vivian, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you so bad “I said and she sniffed.
“I love you, I do ” I said.
“stop it, just stop it, stop lying to me, stop fooling me, stop deceiving me ” she yelled, hitting my chest with her little fist.
I held her arms and crashed my lips on hers.
She was still for some sec then reciprocated.
We heard cheers and claps from the student so we pulled apart.
I took her hand and took her to the school garden.
“do you really love me ” she asked, smiling.
“yeah I do but I want you to change ” I said and she arched an eyebrow.
“I want you to take Caitlyn as your sister, treat her well ” I said and she looked down at her toes.
“Caitlyn is my friend so you should accept her coz she’s your sister” I said and she nodded.
“sure ” she said smiling
“I love you ” I said.
“I love you too” she said and I hugged her.
👉 Caitlyn’s P. O. V👈
I don’t think mom will pass by today.
I went back to the grocery store and got some food stuffs then boarded the bus and went home.
I’ve waited long enough for today.
I arrived at the mansion and went in.
I dropped the groceries in the kitchen and went up, heading to Larry’s room.
I have to give him the remaining money.
he gave me too much.
I stood at his doorstep.
I wanted to knock but I stopped asking heard moans.
I sighed and blinked back the tears that was threatening to spill out.
I ran to my room, closed my door and laid on my bed.
I already said I won’t let myself get hurt but I don’t know why I’m so affected.
I freshened up, wore my pajamas and laid on my bed.
If they’re through with what they’re doing, let that slut of his make dinner, not gonna prepare any food.
I closed my eyes and slept of.
I woke up the next day and slowly opened my eyes to see a blurry figure at my doorstep.
My vision became clear and I saw Larry at my doorstep.
Hands wrapped around his chest and legs crossed.
He’s so hot.
My facial expression changed when I noticed he was very angry.
“come to my room immediately ” he said and left.
OK what have I done?
I got up and went to his room.
I opened his door and went in.
I wanted to sit down but he said don’t sit ” and I stood straight.
” I wanna make some things clear to you ” he said and I nodded.
“just because my dad picked you up from the streets to come work here as a maid give you no fucking right to feel too comfortable ” he stated sternly.
“so I made up these rules for you to follow and if you break any of them, I wouldn’t hesitate to throw you back to the streets where you belong ” he remarked while I kept mute.
☑ Don’t enter my room unless I tell you to.
☑ don’t touch my things.
☑ you must know your limits as a maid making sure you do your works as a maid.
☑ don’t talk to me and whatever I do is none of your business.
He listed and I nodded.
It’s not like it’s my life or house anyway.
“and lastly ” he said and my head snapped up to him.
So the rules are not yet finished?
☑ any girl I bring to the house for fun should be respected ” he seethed as I stared at him unbelievably.
The prostitutes he brings into the house should be respected?
Yeah I know I’m just a maid, picked up from the streets but I’m better than those bitches that sell themselves for money or just to be in bed with a cutie like him.
“tell that to your dad when he comes back ” I said and turned to leave but he pulled me back and pushed me to the bed.
He climbed the bed and trapped me in between his thighs as he brought his hands to my belly.
I watched as he unbuttoned my shirt from down, slowly moving up to my chest.
“what… What are you doing ” I stuttered as he undid the last button exposing my bra.
He brought his hand to my face, what does he wants to do 😭😭😭😭
T. B. C

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