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Just me (Me against the world) Chapter 16

Just me (Me against the world) Chapter 16


By Jennifer Owens


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🌹 Caitlyn’s P. O. V 🌹
Sitting up on my bed, I rub my sleepy eyes.
I can’t believe today is Monday and I’ll get to meet Vivian, Camille and Roland in school
Gosh! The people I’m running from.
Karma is indeed a bitch!
I got down from my bed and went to the bathroom to tidy up.
I dressed up and went downstairs to meet Larry already waiting for me.
And I thought he’d wake up late.
“I’ll just make breakfast ”
“no need, already ordered pizza ” he said and pointed to the dining.
“oh” I said and we went to the dinning to eat.
We sat down and started stuffing pizzas into our mouth.
I cleared the table and we went to school in Larry’s car.
I tried to calm my breathing as we got closer to the school.
“They’re human not monsters ” my subconscious told me and I calmed down.
🌹 Darnell’s P. O. V 🌹
I took one last glance at the mirror and smiled at my charming look.
I’m so full of charisma.
I took my bag and went downstairs.
Mom was setting the table while I rummaged inside the sitting room looking for……. Yeah my headphone.
Found it!
“honey breakfast is ready ” mom announced and I chuckled to myself knowing fully well that I already woke up early this morning and ate all the snacks, so I’m full.
“no appetite ” I said.
“that’s what I thought, after a rat had woken up early this morning and ate all the snacks ” she said and I giggled.
“OK just a bite ” she said and placed some bacon inside my mouth.
“bye mom ” I pecked her cheek and walked out through the door.
I wouldn’t wanna miss the bus.
🌹 Camille’s P. O. V 🌹
Sitting at the back seat of Roland’s car, I watched as Vivian and Roland stole glances at each other.
So funny.
They’re dating and I’m happy that Vivian’s happy.
Roland pulled into the schools parking lot and we alighted.
We turned to go but I stopped on my track when I caught a glimpse of Caitlyn, or maybe not.
I turned to my left and saw her with a guy.
“isn’t that Caitlyn ” I pointed to her direction and Vivian’s mouth fell open.
Roland smiled and ran to her.
🌹 Caitlyn’s P. O. V 🌹
“Caitlyn ” I heard someone call.
I turned to see Roland running towards me with glee.
“Caitlyn ” he called again when he got to me.
“oh I’ve missed you ” he said and wrapped his hands around me.
Though he hurt me, we’re still friends and nothing will change that.
You can’t tell the heart how to feel and who to fall for anyway.
I hugged him too and enjoyed the moment.
How I’ve missed him.
We disengaged and I looked at Larry.
I almost laughed at his expression but suppressed my laughter.
“Roland this is Larry and Larry meet Roland ” I introduced.
Roland stretched his hand for an handshake but Larry scoffed and walked away.
What’s with the attitude?
So impossible.
“hey” Vivian said, smiling.
I looked back and forth, looking for who she’s referring to.
“hi Caitlyn ” she called my name.
“OK I know this is weird but I’m sorry, we shouldn’t have treated you like trash and I’ve come to realise my mistakes so I’m sorry, we’re all sorry ” she blurted out sincerely.
Did I hear her say “all”?
Is her mom sorry?
Wait till I tell dad that’s she cheating.
I’m just waiting for the right time and I need evidence.
“so are we cool ” she asked
“cool my butt, go find someone like yourself to tell that ” I said and walked away, ignoring Roland’s calls.
“hey ” I said to Larry when I caught up with him.
He looked away, not acknowledging my presence.
“OK what’s with the long face? Dude you’ve gat to catch some fun ” I said.
“who’s that guy ” he asked and my head snapped at him.
Wait! Is he jealous?
Well we’ll see.
Why don’t I try to make him jealous.
“well he’s my… ” I was saying but trailed off when I saw that cutie passing by.
The one I returned his wallet to.
“well Roland is my friend, my best friend and that’s my boyfriend ” I pointed to the cutie.
He arched an eyebrow and I smiled wryly.
I left Larry and walked up to the cutie.
Time for a play.
“hey ” I said when I got to him.
“hey ” he smiled as if happy that I’m here.
“you school here ” I asked.
“today’s my first day and I’m happy at least I saw a familiar face” he said and we chuckled.
I looked from my corner eyes and saw that Larry was still in the spot I left him.
I smiled to myself cunningly.
“so let’s go ” I said and he nodded.
“OK I’m going to that class ” I pointed at a class.
“that’s my class too ” he said
“oh” I said and we went in.
We stood, eye searching for an empty seat.
Larry brushed past me and I smirked.
“here ” Larry tapped a seat beside him for me to seat.
I looked over and saw two empty seats behind him.
“no thanks, I’ll just seat with him ” I said and we walked over to the back seat.
I smiled as Vivian, Camille, Roland and Larry’s eyes were on me, I mean “us”.
The bell rang for lunch after some few classes and the cutie which I learnt his name to be Darnell, went to the cafeteria together.
After lunch, we went back to class.
School closed and Darnell bade me goodbye and left.
“would you like to come home with us ” Camille asked.
“yeah dad is… ”
“no” I cut them out.
I sighed when I felt Darnell’s headphone around my neck.
I was using it and now he has forgotten it.
“I’ll be back ” I said and ran out.
I have to return it.
🌹 Darnell’s P. O. V 🌹
Already outside the school compound, I sighted mom at the bus station that’s close to the school.
“mom ” I called and ran to her.
“honey ” mom embraced me, kissing all over my face.
“I was passing by so I decided to wait here for you since you guys would be out soon ” she said.
“thanks ” I smiled.
We both sat, waiting for the bus.
T. B. C

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