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Just me (Me against the world) Chapter 18

Just me (Me against the world) Chapter 18


By Jennifer Owens


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 Just me 
[me against the world]
Chapter 18 🌹
By Jennifer Owens 🌹.
We boarded the car and drove to my house with me directing Larry.
We got there and alighted.
I breathed in and out then pressed the door bell.
Camille opened the door with wide eyes then slowly her lips curved into a smile.
“dad come, Caitlyn is here ” she announced happily.
“Caitlyn ” I heard dad’s low voice inside.
I smiled and went in.
“daddy ” I called like a child and ran to him.
He embraced me with warmth and love.
I’ve missed him so much.
Even though he made a mistake, I can’t be angry with him forever coz he’s still my dad and no one’s perfect.
“how are you child ” he asked.
“I’m good” I said smiling.
I looked at mom Rena with an angry expression.
“dad this is my friend Larry and Larry this is my dad ” I introduced.
Larry and I made eye contact and smiled at each other.
“dad I want to tell you something ” I said and everyone gave me their attention.
I looked over to mom Rena and scoffed.
“she ” I pointed at mom Rena and dad arched an eyebrow.
“she’s cheating on you dad ” I blurted out and their eyes widened in shock.
Dad stared at me in shock then looked over to mom Rena.
“what nonsense are you blabbering ” mom Rena yelled.
“it’s not rubbish, don’t you know me ” Larry chipped in.
“well I’m the son of Mr Brown, you come to our house sometimes to see my dad, you’re dating him for his money even though you’re married, you’re a cheater ” Larry yelled.
“this is all a set up, Caitlyn I know you don’t like me, is that why you’re trying to break my marriage ” she asked, feigning hurt.
“I saw you with my own two eyes, I live in Mr Brown’s house so I saw you that day ” I said and she was taken aback.
“dad believe me she’s cheating ”
“I do believe you Caitlyn, infact I’ve been suspecting her but because I was missing you, I couldn’t verify my doubts ” dad said.
“fine, I don’t want to stay in this house anyway, I mean you’re all useless” she yelled.
“then leave ” I yelled.
“Caitlyn what are you saying ” Vivian asked.
“it’s true Vivian” I said.
“why would I leave ” Mom Rena asked.
“so what if I’m having an affair with another man, what are you gonna do, I’m your wife, with two children and you can’t force me take a divorce ” mom Rena said, smiling.
Mom Rena glared at us and went upstairs.
I looked at dad and hugged him.
I’m gonna find a way out of this.
“dad ” I called.
“do you know where mom is ” I asked and he sighed sadly.
“no Caitlyn, I don’t” he said.
“ever since I took you away, I’ve not been in contact with her “he said.
“OK just rest ” I said and made him sit.
“OK dad, what made you take me away from mom ” I asked from the blue.
“well I received an envelope with pictures of your mom and Lucas ” he paused.
“who’s Lucas ” I asked
“he’s a guy who stalks your mom back then ” he said.
“so what was the picture all about ” I asked.
“it was your mom and him in a restaurant, they were seated like they were discussing ” he said.
“so ” I asked.
“they were planning to run away and I already married your mom then and she was pregnant with you “he said.
How could mom plan to run away with another man when she’s pregnant and already married?
Gosh I need to find mom.
“OK dad, we have to leave now coz tomorrow is school ” I said.
“what, won’t you stay ” he asked.
“don’t worry dad, I’ll be back and that too with mom ” I said and pecked his cheek then left with Larry.
“so what’s next” Larry asked.
“finding my mom ” I said and he nodded.
“this is her picture ” I stretched a photo of mom to him
“OK, don’t worry, we’ll find her ” he said and I nodded.
“it’s late now, so just rest okay ”
“yes goodnight ” I said and he smiled and got up.
He came back and pecked my cheek then left.
So cute.
I’m so happy Larry loves me.
At least it’s not a one sided love.
I laid on my bed and slept off.
I woke up the next day, tidied up and went to Larry downstairs.
We sat and ate the pizza he ordered then we left for school.
I smiled happily when I sighted Darnell at a far corner of the school.
I smiled and ran to him.
“hey where are you going ” Larry asked.
“hey ” I said as I got to Darnell.
“hey ” he said back.
“you’re here early ” I said and he chuckled.
“of course I had to be, mom woke me up with chilled water very early in the morning so I won’t be late ” he said and I burst out laughing.
Wow so cute.
This mother and son.
“did you copy all the notes for yesterday ” he asked and I nodded.
“lemme see ” he said and I opened my bag to bring out the book.
I took out the note book and something fell down from my bag.
“oh that’s my moms picture ” I said and he squatted to pick it up.
“your mom ” he asked with surprise, staring at the picture.
“yes ” I said and snatched it from him.
“but that’s my mom ” he said and my eyes widened.
His mom?
T. B. C

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