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Just me (Me against the world) Chapter 20 Finale

Just me (Me against the world) Chapter 20 Finale


By Jennifer Owens


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My plan worked out.
Now it’s time to put the next plan to work.
Oh my God! Larry.
I completely forgot.
I ran out of the house and took a cab to the mansion.
I arrived, paid the cab man and went in.
I ran upstairs to Larry’s room.
I tried pushing the door open but it was locked.
“Larry please open the door “I said, hitting the door.
“please open up ” I pleaded.
“Caitlyn just go away, I’m not in the mood ” I heard him say from inside.
“please Larry, just open up ” I pleaded.
I know why he’s upset.
Because I left with Darnell and I’ve been hanging around Darnell lately.
He must be jealous.
“Larry please just open the door ” I pleaded but no response.
“fine! If you don’t wanna let me in, then suit yourself ” I said angrily and went to my room.
I freshened up and put on my pajamas.
I laid on my bed with my phone.
I need to set the next plan.
I sat up on my bed and got to work with my phone.
My mom and dad are gonna reunite and I’ll see to it that it happens.
I heard my door open and I looked up to see Larry.
I looked down at my phone like he was invisible and continued my work.
He walked over to me and sat on my bed.
I still didn’t acknowledge his presence.
“hey ” he said softly but I paid deaf ears.
“Caitlyn ” he called but I still didn’t answer.
“I’m sorry ” he blurted out and I looked up at him.
“for what actually ” I asked.
“for everything, I think ” he said and I arched an eyebrow.
“for not opening up the door and girls over reacting ” he added.
“but why were you upset with me ” I asked and he looked away.
“well… I… I.. Uhm… ” he stuttered and I gave him a stern look.
“because I want jealous ” he blurted out with closed eyes.
He slowly opened his eyes to look at be and I burst out laughing.
“you’re so silly ” I teased and chuckled.
“I’m sorry too ” I said and he gave me a confused look.
“for spending more time with Darnell instead of you ” I said and he smiled.
“you better not do that again ” he warned and I giggled.
“I won’t ” I said with my hands up as surrender.
He moved closer to me, staring at my lips then straight into my eyes.
“I love you ” he said, his breath all over my face.
He didn’t give me any chance to say it back but crashed his lips slowly on mine.
Our lips moved in perfect sync with his hands all over my body.
He slowly took off my clothes, exposing my bra.
He kissed my cheeks down to my neck and in between my breasts.
“are you sure you wanna do this” he asked and I nodded.
“at least it will keep you from passing time with those your bitches ” I said and he chuckled.
“I love you and I’m ready to wait till forever ” he said and I smiled.
He removed my pajamas pant and stared lustfully at me.
I’m so happy that I’m giving my body to the one I love.
I woke up the next day, entangled in Larry’s arms.
I smiled as I remembered last night.
It was so special.
I got up and went to freshen up.
I put on my clothes and woke Larry up.
He freshened up and we had breakfast.
“let’s go ” he said but I nodded no.
“we’re not going to school today ” I said and he arched an eyebrow.
“just follow me ” I said and we headed out in his car.
🌹 Rena’s P. O. V 🌹
My phone buzzed and I looked at the message.
“come to jarden hall now ” the message read.
Who can this be ?
And where has everyone gone.
OK Camille and Vivian have gone to school and my sister called husband must be at work.
This is a perfect time to go tang place and find out who it is.
I took my car and went to the hall.
I arrived there and went into the hall.. It was dark, very dark that my spirit almost jumped out of my body.
I looked around and saw a figure at the door.
A female figure.
She came closer to me and I sighed when I saw her.
I should’ve known.
“what is it Caitlyn ” I asked and she smiled.
“well it’s about our conversation last time, how you framed my mom and got her husband ” she blurted out and I sighed.
“so? ” I asked rudely.
“well I want to expose you ” she blurted out and I laughed.
How straight forward.
“and how are you gonna do that ” I asked.
“well maybe I’ll just find Lucas and make him confess ” she said.
“yoy can’t coz Lucas is dead, he died in an accident ”
“oh ” she breathed out.
“and Lucas only helped in inviting your mom to the restaurant coz I told him to, I was the one who planned everything and the pics ” I said, laughing.
She flipped her fingers and the lights came on.
My eyes almost popped out of its sockets when I saw everyone in the hall.
My husband, Camille, Vivian, Roland, Caitlyn’s friend, a guy and most especially, Caitlyn’s mom.
” so you did it all ” my so called husband said, coming closer to me.
“you’re so despicable ” he said sternly.
“you made me take away Caitlyn from her mom, you made me doubt my wife ” he said.
“mom how could u ” Vivian asked.
“you’re so selfish ” Camille added.
“and she’s even a slut ” Caitlyn’s friend added.
“all those years, you made my wife suffer for what she didn’t commit, I took away her child from her”.
“why did you do that” Caitlyn’s mom chipped in.
“you made me stay without my daughter for years ” she said amidst tears.
Caitlyn walked up to me and before I knew it, she landed a slap on my cheek.
“what the… ” I was saying but was cut off by Caitlyn with another slap.
“you’re so evil ” she cursed.
“come here ” Caitlyn said and held my wrist so tight.
She dragged me out and threw me out that I tripped and fell.
I got up and headed towards my car.
“no no no ” Caitlyn said behind me.
“that car doesn’t belong to you, it’s my dads so it’s mine ” she said and snatched the car key from me.
“get out of our lives forever “she yelled and pushed me..
I glared and turned to face her.
“I don’t even want to stay here anymore, your family have been a pain in my neck, so adios ” I said and left.
I have my own life to live anyway.
🌹 Caitlyn’s P. O. V 🌹
Mom and dad hugged each other and I couldn’t help the smile that tugged at my lips.
“Caitlyn my baby” mom said and hugged me.
“come here ” mom told Camille and Vivian.
They came to mom and embraced her.
I went over to Darnell and hugged him.
“who’s he ” dad asked, referring to Darnell.
“he’s my son ” mom answered.
“so you… ” dad was saying but mom nodded no.
“I.. Uhm.. I…. I didn’t remarry ” mom blurted out and our gaze drifted to her.
I could see the surprise on Darnell’s face.
If she didn’t remarry then who’s Darnell?
Mom looked over to Darnell and breathed in.
“I… I adopted him ” she blurted out and our eyes widened.
I looked over to Darnell to see him shocked.
“but you never told me ” Darnell said softly and walked away.
“Darnell ” mom called and ran after him.
We all followed behind then and stood behind them.
“common Darnell, it doesn’t matter if u adopted you or not, what matters is that I love you and you’re my son ” mom cooed Darnell.
“I love you so much honey, you made me feel alive and not alone, you’re the best thing that I’ve ever had, I love you ” Mom said.
“I love you too mom ” Darnell said and hugged mom to prevent us from seeing him cry.
I smiled and looked around us all, my family is complete and happy.
This is the best.
I looked over and saw Camile and Vivian on a phone call.
I walked over to them .
I could see tears in their eyes.
“what is it ” I asked and they sniffed.
“we just called mom” Vivian said.
“Caitlyn mom doesn’t want us, she doesn’t love us “Camille cried.
“you don’t have to cry dear ” dad said and walked up to us.
“I’m here for you ” dad said and embraced them.
“I’m here too” mom said and embraced them too.
“me too ” Darnell said and joined in the hug.
“sure I am ” I said and joined.
“OK this what we call family drama ” I heard Larry say.
“I’m in too ” Larry said and joined.
Roland smiled and joined.
And there, we are all complete.
My happy family.
Now I’m not alone.
Now It’s not just me, not me against the world but me and my whole family against the world.
The end!

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