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Pulling Her HEARTSTRINGS Episode 32

Pulling Her HEARTSTRINGS Episode 32

A story written by HAPPY



Henry ogbonna (CMILT) – Biography


To say I was shocked was an understatement. Literally I was taken aback by that sudden brush of his lips against mine. When had we gone from teasing to serious? Even better, when had we gone from arguing about everything to interacting to becoming friends to kissing ? So lost was I in thoughts that I didn’t realize he was gently tugging on my lips with his teeth to grant him further access to the kiss. And even though this was something I dreamed of, it suddenly felt not right. The sensible part me was screaming “Stop!” but the rebel in me urged me on as I finally parted my lips on a sigh and moan. He took the kiss deeper, cupping my face in the palm of his hands while I ran my fingers into his hair, surprised at it’s silky softness. The moon felt like a witness that night, and even the insects chirps and critters squeaking sounded like they were applauding us.
Oscar broke apart for a quick breath, and I felt disappointed by the gush of air slapping my face. Then our lips met again, more fiercely this time, tongues engaging in a sensual tango as moans filled the night. His lips were soft but demanding, Sweet and drugging at the same time. My drug. Took just this kiss for me to realize that yeah, I really was in love with him. Throw attraction and lust and care and tons of emotions into the mix and I knew I was in Trouble.
Was he also…..?
When he pulled back again, his face held a smirk.
My heart sank.
A game.
Damn, how could I have been so stupid to….! My gaze fell both to hide the blush that crept up my cheeks and the tears that wanted out so badly. And yet again Dumbria, you’ve been fooled. Way to go, my mind berated me.
I shivered from the shock when I felt the tip of his index finger tilt my chin upwards to his intense gaze, blue eyes darkened two a black pool due to the serial of emotions that swam in their depths. Emotions that shocked as well as thrilled me. And his lips curled into a genuine smile that, coupled with the dramatic effect of moonlight on his features was completely breath-arresting. Hotness overloaded.
“I’m still alive,” he pointed out. ” Did you lost your gun?”
I let out a small laugh that was nervous.
“It’s here somewhere, I wasn’t bluffing you know?”
“Figures,” he replied chuckling. ”Um, there’s something I wanted to tell you…. it’s quite difficult to say because….” he left my chin an ran his hand across his face. “Damn this is more difficult than I thought,” he muttered.
My heart race accelerated as I asked, “What is?”
“Look I know I’ve been a massive jerk to you lately; hell, all the time.”
Giggling a bit to lift the mood I said, “True.”
“And you never wondered why?”
I shrugged to show I didn’t, when it’s what I did everyday. And nights.
“Remember what I’d told you that night after Sparkeys?”
I remembered. Clearly. How he said he’d have me tripping for him in no time. And how it’s worked.
I nodded, and dreaded what he had to say next.
“Guess it sort of… backfired. I don’t know, but I really, really, really like you Umbria. A lot.”
I gasped and eyed him like he was my Ragnarok— my doom.
There, I’d said it.
It’s been sitting on my chest for ages it felt good to let it out.
Earlier on after our little snack of cookies and milk in the ‘pristine’ kitchen, I’d gone off to my room for some alone time. To think. Of exactly what Umbria did to me and how these overwhelming feelings came into play. I know I’ve never felt this way before for anybody, and it was Wonderful if not a little bit scary. I needed distance to think it through. I went outside onto my balcony when my phone rang and I checked the caller ID. Victor. He couldn’t have called at a more better time. We spoke at length and I told him of how things seemed to change between Um and I, and how I felt like telling Chris and Stan about the kiss that wasn’t a kiss was a jerkass move. It’s been bugging me since. I don’t even know why I did that. Maybe if I treated her like ‘one of those girls ’ it would be easier to ignore the feelings springing up. Audrey was there and we talked for a while. Appears that she and Victor were getting a little more lovey dovey. Absurd, but happy for them.
Edward was busy wrapping up things, going here and there. But he told me she’d gone. And she didn’t look good. “Man I don’t know why you can’t or don’t want to see it, but you’re hurting that girl real bad,” he said.
I frowned. “What’re you talking about?”
He grinned and shrugged. “Only one way to find out huh?”
I watched as her eyes widened in what might be shock or surprise. The kiss we shared still lingered, the taste of her lips and the feel of her close to me. No kiss was ever like that. I wanted more. But I didn’t want to go far. Step at a time.
“I…..” she breathed out and scratched the back of her neck nervously. “I….”
“What’s up? Nothing to say?” I asked jokingly.
She huffed again and stared at me glaringly. “I don’t understand.”
“I bet you do. I’ll just play along though ’cause I’m scared of being shot. But uhm….just a little warning. I might be kissing you more often from now on. Come on.”
I got up and held my hand out to help her up.
As we walked back I could feel her stealing glances at me. Okay, I admit that at this point she’s probably confused, exactly the way I feel. Maybe I should ease her quandary.
“I meant that —”
“Hold up,” she cut in. I smiled and nodded. “You really, really, really like me like you do other girls huh? Well here’s news for you: I’m not like other girls.”
“I know.”
“Nope, you don’t. Wait, you do?”
“Uh, yeah? I like girls. But I really like you. Get it?”
She tutted and muttered something along the lines of “cloud headed but good looking bloke”.
I laughed. ” You know I’m right here?”
“Oh, yeah. Well, good night. Gotta hit the sack,” she pointed at the door with her thumb. “Drive carefully.”
“What gunwoman? Worried about me?”
“Ha ha, you wish. I just haven’t got a black outfit yet.”
What woke me up?
Sunlight or….my phone buzzing?
I reached out for it and viewed the message:
“Morning beautiful. I’m going to make things right, I promise.  u”
A smile curled my lips as I read it again.
Lately things had been toughening up for me. Been seen as the “engagement wrecker” on social media, the pauper on newspapers and news, being whispered about wherever girls gathered to gossip. I knew all this before I agreed to date Edward. I love him, and didn’t they say love conquered all? Mom was furious at first. “Heaven and earth were never meant to meet,” she said when she watched the news. “Your father Maggie, he would —”
“Say follow your heart,” I cut in smilingly. “That’s what I’m doing. You and Ummy knew how much I loved Prince Edward although it was always just a dream. Now it’s real. I knew it wouldn’t be easy, but I’m following my heart. It won’t lead me wrong.”
She sighed. “I know child and I’m happy, I just don’t like seeing you hurt by all these.”
“We’ll get through,” I told her.
As I dressed for work, I braced myself for the sneers and scornful looks I was going to get from girls and women around. I ignored them.
A grey rover was parked at the curb by the bakery. And in an alley spotted three people. One was Lucy. The other was a blond haired girl I think I’m supposed to know but couldn’t because she had her back to me. The last was a guy….wait, he looked very familiar. He wore a hoodie and black jeans. They were talking as if they were conspiring something bad.
I tiptoed and hid by the side to hear what they said. I was met with silence.
Maybe I’m being suspicious for nothing. I don’t even know the fellows was Lulu, how am I sure it’s something bad? Shrugging, I continued to work, telling myself to mind my business.
“Yah! I think it’s there he’ll ask me to be his girlfriend,” Audrey giggled happily. “We spent the whole weekend together. I met his mom and dad. They like me, especially when I told Mrs Evans that I loved books and wanted to become a writer. Gosh I’m so giddy right now I’ll bubble and spill over.”
I laughed. “A month ago you whined about Victor not remembering your name each time you said hi. This is a big leap,” I commented and took out my scrapbook. A paper fell out.
“You bet,” she replied and picked it up. She was silent. I looked up and snatched the paper away from her.
“You shouldn’t snoop,” I said dryly, folding it and putting it back.
“Hey, I didn’t. It fell off and I picked it.” Silence. “You really love him.”
I shrugged. “I’m working towards stopping it.”
“Why? Um falling in love is wonderful! You should let it lead and —”
“I can’t!” I snapped. Took a deep calming breath and continued, “Last night we were together. Oscar confessed to “really, really, really liking” me.”
“He did! Did you kiss?”
I blushed. “That’s not relevant. He —”
“Wait, you called him Oscar. Is that his real name, because everyone knows him as Osos.”
I laughed nervously. “Story for another day. Anyway, realized how scared I was. If he had feelings for me I’d be in trouble. I have a bad past,” I whispered. “It’s something that disgusts me, something I wouldn’t want anyone else to find out.”
Maggie would understand and provide better advice, but I didn’t want to bug her. She has problems in her own love life.
“Oh my….Um….” Audrey cooed softly and rubbed my shoulder. “Things will work out. Remember if you wanna talk, Victor and I are ready to listen.”
“Thanks, but I’ll prefer it if this stayed between us.”
Stanley, Christopher and Victor walked into the class. We had English so everyone was in the central grade.
“Hi girls,” Stanley said to us.
“Hey guys,” we replied.
“Somebody died? Y’all are looking gloomy,” Chris added.
“Yeah, my zeal to learn English,” I replied.
“Hey Um,” Victor said and I smiled as he kissed my cheeks.
“Hey babe,” he cooed to Audrey and kissed her lightly on the lips.
“Ugh, get-a-room! Singles here,” Stan exclaimed.
“Yeah, single and jealous,” Audrey teased and Stan flipped her the bird, but quickly withdrew when he saw Victor’s frown.
Audrey and Chris laughed.
“Uhm, where’s Os?” I asked after watching the door for him.
“Not coming today. Worried?” Chris asked and exchanged a look with Stan.
“No,” I shrugged.
“Aw come on, you can tell us. Don’t be shy,” Stan prompted.
I frowned. I looked at Victor to see him glaring hard at the boys who ignored him. Audrey looked confused.
“What do you guys mean?”
“Nothing really. Just curious as to how……tantalizing your kiss was.”
The hell!?

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