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(To love or to avenge)




Jasmine’s POV
“What just happened to me there? ” I asked myself placing my palm on the left side of my chest.
Did my heart skip a beat just now?
I glance at my wristwatch.. Darn it! It’s getting late, I gotta go now..
“Hey Jasmine” I saw him in front of my door but he was putting on a cloth now.
“What? ” I barked at him.
“Emily is set for school too” He said slightly pushing her forward.
“Go meet the driver outside,I’m coming soon” I said.. Wow! I didn’t complain about entering a car with a zombie.
“Bye kuya! ” She waved at her brother.
“Bye cupcake” Shannon waved back at her.
I scorned.
Shannon’s POV
“So,thank you Alex! ” I said to him after seeing Emily off.
“C’mon it’s nothing,i mean what are friends for? ” He said and I smiled.
“And you, aren’t you supposed to be in college? ” I asked him.
“College my foot! ” Alex said ” I just wanna take pictures, sketch ,draw and portray pictures and work in Dad’s company, he said I’ll work there when I’m 22″
If Dad were alive, I would take over his company too! He died and no one knew or remember that I existed..
“What of you? ” He asked.
“I want to be a detective” I told him without thinking twice.
“More reasons you shouldn’t delay completing your HS class”
“Yeah, I know” “Did you say you’re into portraying? ” I asked him.
I smiled and rushed to my room, Alex followed me too and watched me bring out a picture from the drawer.
“Here,they are my parents” I told him handling over a picture to him.
“Wow, Emily looks alot like your mother” Alex said staring at the picture.
“Yeah, alot.. ” I smiled, that’s the only way to avoid tears from sliding down my cheeks.. “They died eight years ago ”
“I’m sorry”
“Saying millions of sorry won’t bring them back” I told him.
“May their gentle souls rest in perfect peace.By the way,is that why you said you were in pain yesterday?” Alex asked and I nodded gently.
“This is the only picture I have with me,all their belongings were burnt” I said with a teary eyes.. I couldn’t hold it anymore but to let it flow.
“Shannon” Alex patted me on the shoulder.. “I understand your pain now but all you need to do is to let go, be thankful you and your sister are alive,safe and sound.leave the bad in the past life and live happily”
“I can’t ” I shouted and Alex quickly stepped aside like I was abnormal.
“I’m sorry” I apologised “Portray a photo of them,I’m visiting the cemetery soon.. so i’ll drop the picture and give them some flowers” I said.
“Alright, I will leave you now. You need some space to cry out your mind and cool off your head..see you in the afternoon” Alex said leaving my room and gently closing the door.
I tried as much as I could to stop weeping but the memories I had with my parents kept on rushing down and I couldn’t help but to cry.
I’m definitely going to avenge their death…
Aunt Gilda won’t go scott free!!!
Jasmine’s POV
I returned from school with the little zombie, thank God I survived being alone with a zombie in the car.
“Thank you” Shannon said after letting us in.
“Thank you? What? Do you know how many times I vomited just because I went to school with a zombie? Ew! ” She said with an irritating look.
“I’m sorry” Emily muttered.
“Yeah, you’ve gotta be” I rolled my eyes at Shannon and his sister before cat-walking to my room.
“Kuya Shannon! Did you cry today? Your eyes are red” Emily asked as she stared into my eyes.
“Not at all.. How was school today” I asked so she won’t ask further questions about my eyes.
“School was fine and fun! ” She broke her yearning good news.
“Of course,school has always been fun” I told her patting her head gently.
She smiled “Kuya I want a puppy”
“What? ”
“I saw a chart in my new classroom.. there was a dog and its puppies. The teacher told us that Dogs are great animals” Emily briefly said.
“Yeah, Dogs are and not puppy” I corrected her feeling uncomfortable with her sudden demand for a puppy.
“I know but when you buy me a puppy, I will feed it well till it grow into a big dog” Emily gesticulated.
I smiled.
“Emily, do you know dog bites? ” I tried telling her a disadvantage of owning a dog and at least, it should ruin her desire to own a dog, a puppy.
“They bite really hard and it’s very painful” I told her.
“I still want a puppy” She insisted.
Wait, didn’t she see some other charts or wasn’t she taught something else apart from the chart of a dog ?
“There is a pineapple smoothie in the fridge,you would love it” I changed subject.
“Kuya Shannon! ” She frowned “cos she knew I was trying to change the topic.
” We will talk about it later”
“Promise? ” She asked folding four fingers and raising one.
“Emily I twisted my fingers while washing the dishes today” I lied.
“You can simply say you promise” Emily insisited.
Smart girl!
“I promise” I finally said. “And promise me you won’t ask Mr and Mrs Bryant for a puppy”
“I won’t” she said.
“Good girl” I smiled at her while wondering why Emily wants a dog all of a sudden.

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