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(To love or to avenge)




Shannon’S POV
“Kuya Alex! ” Emily broke the silence after Jasmine and her friend left.
Looks like the movie she paid total attention to has come to an end.
“Yes baby” Alex replied.
“I miss school” She said.
“Hey Emily ! Didn’t I tell you I’ll get a petty job then I’ll be paid and you will go to school” I snapped..
“I know Kuya but I want to go to school now” She said as tears began to slide down her cheeks.
“You’ve not been to school?” Alex asked.
“She has, we have” I told him..
“We stopped when aunt Gilda sent us out of the house” Emily added.
Oh no..
“I’ll tell mom and dad about it” Alex concluded.
“No, no.. we are fine” I said.. It’s starting to look like we are gold diggers.
“Why not, trust me Dad is gonna assist you” He assured.
“Alex, I don’t wanna be a burden upon your family. We are fine now ever since your Dad granted us our greatest wish” I told him..
“And my Dad isn’t complaining” Alex said.
“Please Kuya” Emily pleaded with me..
“Emily no” I still disagreed..
Surprisingly that evening,Jasmine ate dinner with her family without making any complaints…it’s seems she has been seriously scolded.
Mr Bryant had said we should eat together and act like one big family..He is such a nice man. We ate quietly untill Alexander broke the silence.
“Dad, Mom.. I have something to tell you” Alex announced.
“Let’s hear” Mr Bryant said.
“Emily wants to return to school” He said.
“Alex!! ” I called him to stop but he won’t listen.
“Yes,yes!” Emily weened happily
“I thought about it too” Mr Bryant gulping a glass of he won’t choke.
“Emily is still a little girl, she has barely acquired the best legacy and if I don’t give it to her now, sooner or later I would be blamed for depriving her from Education.. and Shannon, you too.. ” He turned to me. This story is written by Wunmi Ijaola.
“No sir.. I’m in my final high school class, I can strive to complete it myself later” I told him..
“Oh Shannon, I noticed you’ve been avoiding financial assistance from me.. I give freely and I do not take back”
“I know Mr Bryant ”
“I hope you would give it a second thought though” Mr Bryant said.
“So Jasmine,I’ll do the online Registration while you take Emily along with you to school tomorrow ” He said.
“Are you punishing me intentionally Dad? ” Jasmine stop eating.. she’s been acting like she’s good and cool since we started eating dinner but now she’s back to her usual self.
“Don’t even go there Jasmine” Her mom warned and Jasmine frowned making Alex laugh at her.
“Good thing, your camera broke” Jasmine shouted at him hoping it will make him feel sad.
“Dad got me a new one today” Alex said with an half funny and half mocking look.
“So what do you think about the camera? you never mishandled it, you just woke up one day and boom it was broken” Jasmine smiled wickedly.
“Wait Jasmine did you do it? Did you break my camera? ”
And Jasmine continued to smile wickedly.
“Dad, Jasmine was the one who broke my camera” Alex reported immediately.
“Jasmine! ”
“I never said I broke the camera,I’m just glad it broke” She denied..
“Lair! Brat! ”
“Must you two always quarrel over a thing or the other.. This meal is very delicious,eat before it get cold .Shannon you did a great
Job” Mrs Bryant complimented.
Obviously,she enjoyed the meal likewise everyone.
“I cooked it myself ” Emily spoke.
“Whao darling! ” Mrs Bryant exclaimed.
“What the heck?! ” Jasmine dropped the spoon immediately and spat on the meal then quickly drank water.
“Dad, Mom.. A zombie cooked this meal?! ” She flinched.
“Emily cooked,can you? ” Her mom asked her..
What a spoilt brat she is she can’t even cook?
“A wretched brother and an irritating zombie sister are trying to kill me.. Oh God, I’m going to die of food poisoning” She exaggerated wiping her mouth with tissues and spitting continuous on it.
“Get out of here Jasmine,you are the irritating one here”
She frowned as she left the dinning room..
Jasmine’s POV
I barely ate the previous day and my stomach won’t stop rumbling…I don’t think I’m leaving the house without having breakfast today.
I hurriedly walked towards Shannon’s room,i will watch him cook the food and his zombie sister dare not come even close to the kitchen.
I didn’t knock before entering..Why d’hell do I need to knock?
I bumped inside only to see Emily getting dressed for her dream-school, Dad already got the school uniform late last night…
And,and Shannon, he was wearing a short,no shirt…a towel was on his neck but it revealed his bold chest,he has no packs yet his chest is to die-hard for and it smells like my favourite fruit, strawberry !
His chest smells like strawberry?
What am I thinking of and what am I doing? Why am I stocked staring at his chest?
Jennie is right about when guys are shirtless, they are hot! I remembered when so many girls fainted during the sport period after seeing the guys pulled off their cloth…I thought it was weird and abnormal.
“Hey” “Hey” Shannon said severally..i was lost, I didn’t hear him untill he waved his five fingers to my face.
“Ah.. I…Hi” I stammered trying to avoid staring at his damn hot chest.
“What do you want? ” He asked.
“Err,Errm..I.. I.. ” I forgot what I actually came for ‘cos my stomach already stopped rumbling.
He stared at me waiting for my response..
“Nevermind” I quickly said rushing to the door to leave.
“Sis Jasmine! ” I heard Emily called.
What? What? What does a zombie want from me?
I turned back to yell at her only to find Shannon just right in front of me, I mean if I take a step forward..Amma step on his feet and may fall on top of him.. So I moved backward a little before looking up to his face, Jennie was right, he is very handsome…am I just seeing his face? wait, I’m drooling!!
“Mr Bryant said Emily should come along with you” He spoke to me.
I lost my voice, I don’t know what went wrong ‘cos I couldn’t even move..
I’m lost! I’m lost again…Someone help!!
“Hey!! ” He hollered.
“Yes.. yeah.. I mean Ok” There came the voice but it came in a stammer..
I hurriedly opened the door..
“Do take care of my sister” Shannon said but I ran out of the room immediately.

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