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M.M.I.R.I.M.M.A (Born Of Two Worlds) Chapter 1

Born Of Two Worlds 1

Written by

Ifeoma Isabella Okeke



The night air was icy cold. The moon hid behind a moving curtain of thick dark clouds as the heavens opened and poured down, heavily. Thunders rolled and lightening flashed across the sky, striking down several trees within its reach. The wet cold night was silent, save for the heavy rain and the distant howling of wolves in the dense woods as a sound of running feet was heard in the silent night.

The wolves were gaining on her as Mma ran through the unknown thick forest for her dear life. The growling and howling behind her pushed her legs faster than before, even the heavy downpour couldn’t stop her from running. Trees were scratching her beautiful skin from all corners but that was the least of her problem. Mma turned her head backwards to see how near they are only for her to see how close they really are.

‘I don’t want to die’.

With that thought she pushed her feet faster, running faster than before. The cold ate into her flesh, causing her teeth to make a continuous rattling sound but she didn’t mind. Her powers weren’t working on them when she had tried it, it seems a barrier was preventing her powers, perhaps the rain or maybe the wolves knew what she was.

‘You can’t run forever Princess’.

Mma heard an alluring voice, she couldn’t distinguish the voice for a male or female when it spoke in her head telling her that she can’t run forever. She ran and suddenly came to a stop; in front of her was a deep running lava, a dead end. She quickly turn and saw the wolves a few inches away from her, they all stopped as if someone had commanded too and were growling at her.

‘I told you… you can’t run away forever’.

Mma heard the same voice in her head once again as one of the wolves slowly move towards her, its red eyes shone with wild fury.

Where does that voice comes from?

‘Who are you?’ She thought but the voice didn’t answer her.

Mma didn’t know what to do, she tried using her powers again but still ended up with the same result. She has made up her mind to jump into the lava rather than to be eaten alive by these wolves.

A sudden growl from her left side interrupted her death thoughts as she glanced fearfully at her left expecting the worst. Mma eyes widened in shock when she saw a different wolf, the werewolf fur was white and it stood at it’s hind legs and howl into the raining night, it was very big. Mma find herself not afraid by the wolf presence rather she felt as if it was there to protect her. Protect her from what?


Mma jerked up from her sleep by the soundtrack of her phone, her alarm woke her up from her strange dream. For the first time she sent a silent thank you to the alarm for waking her at that moment.

This was the first time she was having a dream, a very strange one at that.

Why was she running away from the wolves? Why wasn’t her powers working on them? Why are the wolves after her?

And that white wolf…

She checked the time again it was almost 6am, she quickly got up from her bed and went straight to the bathroom. Power Distribution Company were at their best, there was no electricity. She whispered some words and a ball of light appeared, consuming the darkness. Mma took her time to bath, her mind going through the dream she just had. She couldn’t understand the meaning of her dream.

Stepping out of the bathroom, the ball of light followed her, lightening the dark room. She went to her closet and pick up what she would wear that day to her work shop, a red gown with matching heels and bag; oddly enough almost all her clothes were red.

For her to beat the Lagos traffic she has to wake up early.

Finally she locked her apartment and boarded a cab to agege.


Mma a beautiful young lady of 25 was fair in complexion and average in height. Her red gown hugged the length of her silm and delicate body, revealing the curves in the right areas. Her red shoes making noise as she walk the street of agege. Been comfortable in her outfit, she cat walk gently along the lively environment towards her shop.

The time was somewhere around 8:30am or 9:00am.

She greeted her neighbors; some responded to her greetings while others responded with their nose. Mma didn’t care as she open her shop and get prepared for the day.

No one knew she was actually a witch, she read people palm and tell them the solution and they in return pay her for her services. It was one of her powers or gifts as her grandmother had always say.

Hardly has she sat down to rest after arranging her shop when Ugochi, her friend entered her shop.

“It has happened again”. Ugochi said immediately as she took a sit before Mma would gesture with her hand. Ugochi was a tall, 23, dark beauty that guys would kill themselves to have, at times Mma find herself feeling jealous over Ugochi beauty. Ugochi should in fact thank her stars that she, Mma, was a white witch.

“What has happened again?” Mma asked totally confused.

“The lady you read her palm last week couldn’t carry out the things you had told her to do… she died this morning”. Ugochi told her.

“Impossible, she told me herself that she would make sure she do as I have told her immediately”. Mma said not believing her.

“Oh you actually listened to her word, let me tell you something my friend which you don’t know. You see all those people that usually come to read their palms here, usually do it for fun, some take it serious while others do not. All that matters is that they paid”.

“I don hear you”. Mma said smiling.

“So what about Paul?” Ugochi asked.

Mma smile glow the more. “He is fine, I have a date with him tonight”.

“You get luck oooo, if na me be you I go hold that guy tight before other girls go take am away from you”. Ugochi said teasing Mma a bit.

“No girl fit take am away from me na, dem won die? Dem no fit try am”. Both girls burst out laughing.

“I have to go, we go see tomorrow make you gist me”. Ugochi said smiling and went out of the shop.

Mma smile quickly faded, she had lied to her friend, Paul had left her for another woman.

It wasn’t his fault but hers.

She remembered the last discussion they had in her apartment before he texted her the following day that they were done. She has the habit of calling out a man’s name- which she didn’t know- rather than her boyfriend’s name anytime they made love. Not only Paul.

Paul was every girls dream who had fell in love with Mma at first sight. He tried all he could to woo Mma to be his girlfriend, after 3 months of chase, she finally agreed to be his girlfriend which lasted only for 3 months because of this.

“Why do you like calling that name every time I make love to you?” Paul asked offended, he couldn’t hold his anger any more.

Mma couldn’t defend herself, this was the main reason why her pervious ex’s had deserted her. What could she say now to him.

“I am so sorry Paul, I tried all my best but I couldn’t stop the name, it won’t happen again, I promise”. Mma pleaded.

“How many times will you continue to tell me sorry? I thought you said you are a sorceress, how come you can’t solve your own problem?”. Paul demanded as he left her bed to pick up his clothes that was on the floor, he quickly put on his clothes.

“I will try my best Paul, I don’t know what is wrong with me”.

“I don’t think we can continue with this, I need to think”. With that Paul left her house that night without uttering another word.

The following morning she woke up with a text from Paul.

She cried for two days and couldn’t leave her apartment.

Mma made up her mind never to involve herself in a relationship.

She opened her bag to put a call across her grandmother she hasn’t heard for a while only to find out that she has forgotten it on her bed back home.

She closes her eyes and focused on her phone which she left on the bed. Once she opened her eyes, she smiled in triumph as her eyes laid on the phone in her hand. Her Telekinesis power is great.

She quickly dialed her grandmother’s number which was answered at the third ring.

Her grandmother’s strong soprano voice filled her ears.

“Mmirimma you use your Telekinesis again”.


In Another Realm (Umudike)

Prince Ekenna was confronting his elder brother, Prince Arinze in his hut.

“If it weren’t for you Mmirimma would have been alive and this curse we are all passing through wouldn’t have happened”. Ekenna told his brother in anger.

“Oh be quiet, I did not force her to leave you and fall in love with me”. Arinze said in pride.

“You knew how much she prided herself when it was announced to the whole villages that the Priestess of the Umudike has been engaged to you only for you to marry her second mate, what you did to her was unfair”.

“I can see that you’re jealous because she left you for me…. but she is dead and gone and there is nothing you can do about it. Our only option is to find a way to stop this curse that she afflicted on us”. Arinze spoke and entered his hut.

Ekenna couldn’t say anything to his brother. Arinze was right when he said he was jealous. Yes, Ekenna was jealous that after everything he had done for Mmirimma, she would leave him for his brother, a brother that later betrayed her by marrying her second in command.

He has an appointment to keep with Okike.


“Wise one what are we going to do to lift up the curse? Every full moon all the villagers in Umudike would turn into a human eating beast and they will hunt for human flesh” Prince Ekenna said sadly. “My brother and I have it worst. Every night we stay as a beast and as human in the morning. I am tried of eating human flesh of my neighbouring villages, please this curse has been going on for 100 years; is there nothing that can be done?”

“Nothing can be done my Prince”. Okike the great idibia of Ode told the Prince.

“Why didn’t we know in time she was Ekwusu daughter, at least my stupid brother would have prevented it. He caused the death of Mmirimma and still feel reluctant about it. Please wise one what am I going to do to prevent the calamity? Please I beg you”

Okike once again hit his gong and started his incantations. He stopped and stare at the Prince. “My eyes are blind when I am in the realm of the gods, but the gods has seen your heart, there is a way my Prince, the gods has revealed that she is still alive, but not from our world”. Okike said.

“How? She dead a long time ago or was she re born?” Ekenna asked confused.

“The gods do not permit me to speak of what I know hence they strike me dead. The girl who you will look for in her world is the look alike of the late Mmirimma”. Okike told him.

To Be Continued.

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