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M.M.I.R.I.M.M.A (Born Of Two Worlds) Chapter 7

Born Of Two Worlds 7

Written by

Ifeoma Isabella Okeke


Continuation from the last episode:

Uzege laughed out in amusement when he made that statement.

“That is where you’re wrong Okike, I will change their fate like I did a long time ago.” Uzege said laughing hysterically at him.

“Perhaps you have forgotten Uzege, that when the Chain of Forbidden was used on him, his body was weakened and powers lessen. He died, and now he has been reborn, so the Chain of Forbidden holds no power against him in his present body.” Okike told her smiling.

“I will kill that witch to complete my ritual and will marry Ekenna, but the sad part is, you won’t live to tell the story. Okike you have bitten more than you can chew, and for that, you shall die.” Uzege said and pointed her index finger to him, a dark scorpion came out from it as it crawled towards him.

“And I have told you, I am not afraid of death. My mission has been completed, Ekenna is now at the other realm.” Okike answered her as the dark scorpion engulfed him, starting from his legs, it was eating it faster as the scorpion moved quickly along his body. He was still smiling through the pains it caused.

“You can kill me Uzege, but can you kill Mmirimma? The goddess whom every gods want as a wife, even your twin brother Uze, who has long seek for her attention, won’t allow you to kill her.” Okike said lastly before the scorpion ate his flesh. His skeleton scattered in his shrine.

Uzege smirked as she stare scornful at Okike’s scattered bones.

“That is why I haven’t told him that the witch, that I wanted to kill is actually the stupid goddess of light. None of the gods knows this.” Uzege said and sigh out in happiness. “I will change this fate Okike, shape it and mould it to my own satisfaction and this time around, Ekenna shall be mine alone, no stupid goddess alive shall have him.” She added proudly to herself.

Setting the shrine ablaze, she disappeared into thin air. Her laughed filled the air.

Okike came out of his hiding place, limping and coughing out blood as he slowly approached his burning shrine. He had knew that Uzege would come and kill him, so he divided himself into two. Uzege didn’t really kill him, but killing his half has lessen his powers and strength, thus the blood coming out from his mouth.

He had felt the pains the scorpion infested his half with and used all his willpower not to scream out in pains.

Coughing out more blood, he stood and watch as his shrine raze down to ashes. A new plan began forming in his head.

Uzege has said her twin brother didn’t know of the extant of the goddess of light, neither the gods. He would tell them.

“I guess it is time to let the cat out of the bag.” Okike smiled to himself at his new found plan.

If the gods and goddesses get to know the extant of the god and goddess they all desire, Uzege plans will fail. He just hope he wasn’t doing the wrong thing by letting the gods and goddesses know that the King of Darkness and the Goddess of Light has been reborn in the form of Mmirimma and Ekenna. That was the only option he can use to stop the Goddess of Death from proceeding in her plans.


Mmirimma jolted awake from the dream she was having. It wasn’t a scary dream as she has thought. Rather the dream had left her confused and in thoughts.

Why was she running to meet a strange man she hasn’t met before?

She thought to herself.

What was he trying to say to her?

She looked at her time and saw it was 2:30am. She looked at where her candles were and heaved out a relief when she saw it still burning and her windows were tightly closed, the power holding company has probably took the light when she had fallen asleep as everywhere was pitch dark, save for the light emitting out from the burning candles lightning the room.

She picked up her phone and decided to dial her grandmother’s number again, at least to tell her the dream she had, luckily for her, it went.

It rang and rang and rang but she wasn’t picking.

Her number was going through so why isn’t she picking, she tried the line again and it was picked at the fourth ring.

“Good morning grandma.” Mma greeted.

“Morning my child, did you still put the candle on before you slept? I forgot to inform you to be putting the black and white candles on for at least a week.” Her grandmother said.

“Of course grandma, I did and a bea..”

Interrupting her granddaughter.

“So what is it my child? Can’t whatever you want to say wait? This is 2:05 and you just awoke me up from my beauty sleep.” Her grandmother said yawning out loudly.

“It can’t wait grandma, sorry I disturbed your beauty sleep, I have a dream, a strange one.” Mma said.

“A strange dream?” Her grandmother demanded perking interest immediately. “What kind of dream my child? Do you dream of wolves again?” She added.

“No grandma, I did not dream of wolves.” Mma answered her.

“So whatever dream you had isn’t that bad, right?” Her grandmother asked.

“Yes grandma it isn’t bad, I am just confused. I saw myself in a meadow with a man, though I couldn’t make out his face, he was at the other end of the meadow. I saw myself trying to meet him but no matter how hard I try to run to him, I couldn’t. It was as if I was being held by something or someone which prevented me from coming to him. He tried to say something to me but I couldn’t grab it. He does look familiar to me grandma, but I don’t know where I have seen that face. So I woke up and decided to call you.” Mma concluded her dream.

The other line went silent for some minutes that Mma has to check that her grandmother was still on line.

“Hello grandma, are you there?” Mma asked to be sure she was still there and not fallen asleep.

“Yes I am still here.” Her grandmother answered her, “I was mediating. The man you saw in your dream is the white werewolf you saw in the dream you had few days ago, I don’t know what he want, but he is somehow connected to you.” Her grandmother explained.

“I don’t know this man, so I don’t know what he want with me, how did you even know the white wolf is the man?” Mma asked slightly confused.

“I know it was him, the same way I knew you had a dream about the wolves, my instincts speak at times.” Her grandmother replied her.

“In the dream grandma, I wasn’t scared when the white wolf came. At that moment I felt he was there to protect me from those wicked wolves.” Mma said and gasp out in shock.

“What is it my child?” Her grandmother asked immediately.

“If the white wolf is the man I saw in the meadow, then that means those wolves that were chasing me are actually humans, but why would they chase me?” Mma asked aloud as she pondered in thought.

“Give me a day or two to get to the root of this. And as for the white wolf, It is either he want to send a message across to you, or is from your past, I will call you once I get what I am looking for.” Her grandmother told her.

“Okay grandma, I will be expecting your call.”

“Take care of yourself Mmirimma.” With that, her grandmother ended the line.

Mma opened her window as she stare at the sky.

A clanking sound could be heard from the sky. It was as if a huge anvil was being dragged across the vault of heaven against its will. Branched lightning lit up the Stygian sky as thunder and lightning was seen. Buzzing and hissing, they trembled with the anger of being shackled to the sky since time began.

Then rain started. Lightning is the megawatt smile of nature, but there was nothing friendly about the terrawatts of violence it unleashed.

Mma quickly close her window, she crossed her legs, cutting every sound round her, she started mediating.


Somewhere not too far away from Mma’s house, a portal opened and Ekenna, Ebuka and Nnanna stepped out into the strange land.


In The Underworld Realm:

Udi was pacing around in the throne room when her brother came in with the god of time. She stopped when she noticed them.

“Well, did you find any information regarding to my Lord?” Udi asked the god of time.

Udo went to sit down, day dreaming about the beautiful goddess, but he was paying attention to what they were discussing.

“Have you heard of the four sacred generals of Darkness?” The god of time replied.

“You mean the four highly-ranked gods and goddesses that turned against the Realm of the gods a thousand years ago, and chose to fight by The King of Darkness side?” Udi queried to be sure.

“Yes, my highness. Namely, The God of Fire, Priestess of Time Travel, God of the wind and Priestess of the Moon, they are connected with the King of Darkness.” The god of time answered.

“I know them. However, the four generals are said to have followed their lord to lay at rest until their king rise again.”

“True, it was said that they will all be awaken when the King of Darkness rise but the true meaning behind ‘at rest’ is actually rebirth. To make things clearer, it was believed that some of them had actually chosen to reincarnate in order to pass those thousand years of waiting.”

“This is getting interesting… You are saying that they are immobilized human now?” Udi asked with a smirk.

“Yes, your highness. That is, before the King of Darkness awakes…” He pointed out, “Since they have not regained their memories or powers back yet, if we could get our hands on any of them, we may be able to lure the King to us.”

“And probably the Goddess of Light too.” Udo throw in into their conversation.

Ignoring her brother.

“That sounds marvelous! Have you found any of the generals yet?” Her evil laughter was heard echoing throughout the room.

“Yes, my highness. I will be able to get a brief location and identity of the Priestess of the Moon.” God of time responded.

To Be Continued…
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