M.M.I.R.I.M.M.A (Born Of Two Worlds) Chapter 8

Born Of Two Worlds 8

Written by

Ifeoma Isabella Okeke


“Why do you like bringing me half messages, first of all, you told me that my Lord is coming, and when I asked when he would come, you said you don’t know. And now this, if you can’t identify the Priestess of the Moon, then do not give me an incomplete message! My patience is running low. Try that one more time and you will regret ever knowing me. Do I make myself clear?” Udi thundered at a shivering god of Time who bowed down to her. Her eyes sparkling in thunder bolt.

“Of course my queen.” He answered fearfully and excused himself from their presence, going out of the throne room quickly.

“Udi you shouldn’t have vet out your anger on him, he was only eager to tell you what he had found out. You shouldn’t have scared him off in such manner.” Udo said trying to reason with his sister.

“He should know by now that I don’t like half messages. You should know that the four generals would be use to lure my Lord here.” Udi replied her brother.

“I know that Udi, but don’t forget the promise you made to me, you will not harm my goddess.”

“Of course I remember vividly Udo. Our only problem now is, the realm of the gods shouldn’t know that they have been reborn.” Udi said to her brother as she sat down on her throne.

“Especially Uze who thinks because he is the god of war, he can have my goddess.” Udo said mentioning that name with hatred.

“Yes, and his twin sister Uzege, we should really hope that none of the gods apart from us knows this.”


The portal quickly closed behind them.

Ekenna looked around him in awe as this realm seems different from his. Ebuka and Nnanna were not left out. Everywhere was a pitch dark as the Power holding company hasn’t brought their light, but the three pairs of eyes could see their surroundings clearly as the moon shone on them.

“Wow, here looks so different from our world.” Ekenna said then pointing at a house he just noticed, he went to touch the fence. “This also feels different from our bamboo fence in our kingdom.” Ekenna concluded as he faces his friends.

“Yeah, some huts here are even double, look at that one.” Ebuka said pointing at a three storey building, moving towards it. “There are like two more huts on it. How can it be possible, this is fantastic.” He added in enthusiasm as he was completely flabagasted by what he saw.

“I think they use magic in building these doubles hut, which means this world we are in have magic.” Nnanna chip in.

They started walking away from the houses as they entered the road.

So engrossed they were with their surroundings that they didn’t hear the silent running feet heading their way, until the cracking of a sound alerted them.

Ekenna blinked his eyes as he turned to look at the where the sound came from. He noticed that they were surrounded by some strange looking men putting on all round blacks, 6 of them, in their hands was the thing that made that cracking noise.

Ebuka and Nnanna moved to protect Ekenna as one stood in front of him and the other one in the back.

“Who are you?” Ebuka asked going into his defensive stance as he stare at the group of men slowly advancing and surrounding them.

“We should be the one asking you that question, we are the vigilante of this street. What are you three naked men doing outside by this time of the night when you ought to be sleeping.” A man who seem to be their leader spoke, lifting up his Gun. He was putting on a red snail on his neck, according to the babalawo he went to meet, the red snail would protect him from harm, thus, getting the same snail necklace for his group. “Who are you?”

“Did he just say we are naked?” Ekenna queried as he stare down at his waist wrapper. “How are we naked?” He added as he stare at their clothes and his.

“Perhaps what we are putting on might be a sacrilege in this magic kingdom, I wonder what kind of weapon they are holding.” Nnanna whispered.

“I am talking to you, I asked a question and I demand an answer immediately.” The man spoke again this time aiming his gun in Ekenna’s direction.

“Whatever you are holding, I will advise you to put that away, do you know who you are talking to? Do you know who is he? Do you know who we are?” Ebuka asked vexed as he stare monstrously at the man, if only looks could kill, the man would have long been dead.

“E be like sey dem no dey hear word, make we waste their life since dem no won talk who dem be.” One of the men facing Nnanna said in a thick pidgin English.

“No, we go catch them first, then come carry them go police station, you know see the way dem look? That one wey their middle wey this small boys dey protect, you no dey see the way e hair be, see the wey dem dress sef as if dem dey come back from the place wey dem do their ritual. Who person wey their sense dey normal go wear wrapper for this kind cold night eh, make we arrest dem kon question dem.” Another one chip in.

Before they would talk more, Ekenna scream of pain alerted them.

“What is wrong with him?” The first man who spoke, their leader, demanded quickly as they saw him clutching his head.

“If you really love your lives, run away from here and hide now.” Ebuka suddenly announced as he told the man who he figured out was the leader, but he was ignored as all the vigilante touched their red snails in their neck.

The pain rushed through his bloodstream creating intense agony. His bones outstretched, his jawbone dislocated and developed into a vicious fanged mouth, his entire handsome face structure transformed. Hair spurted all over, his eyes turned blood- honey yellow. His fingernails grew at an alarming rate into razor-sharp claws, as he was forced on to all fours.

The vigilante eyes grew wide in shocked as they watched the middle man transformation, they quickly point their guns at the changing man.

“I am warning you now, run as fast as you can, away from here before it too late.” Ebuka still warned, but none of them made an attempt to run as he had advice.

Ekenna let out a ear-bursting howl that filled the silent night. He was no longer the man he had once been. The beast slowly stood up to its hind legs and gave out a loud savage howl.

The vigilante started shooting at the beast but their bullets wasn’t penetrating the beast.

Ignoring Ebuka and Nnanna, the beast attacked the screaming vigilantes, as they ran away with all their might when they realized that their bullets could not kill the beast. But no matter how fast they are, they couldn’t out run the beast who was more faster like a wind.


The night became stormy. Thunder crashed outside, and the room was briefly illuminated by a flash like a strobe light. Then, as soon as the storm started, it stopped. The wind stopped howling. The thunder and lighting stopped crashing. It was over.

Mmirimma was still mediating when she heard a loud thunderous howl. The howl was so piercing, it made Mma opened her eyes quickly.

The howl looks like that of the white wolf in her dream.

Or was she imagining things?

She slowly stood up from her bed and went to her room window, she opened it and was greeted by the darkness.

She heard the Howl again, it was as if it was calling out to her. Without thinking she jumped through the window and landed on the ground with her bare feet. Mma Levitate herself from her compound and flew outside her compound.

She landed on the ground outside her gate, her feet started moving towards a direction by her left.

She didn’t have to go far when she saw it. The wolf was digging into the flesh of what look like a man. She noticed two young men behind the wolf, their looks shows that they weren’t afraid of the wolf.

They noticed her and Ebuka ran to meet her.

“If you love your life, run away before it get too late.” He told her.

Mma heart rate was in trepidation, thrumming wings of a caged bird, when she realized that the wolf looks like the white wolf in her dream.

Terror sucked the very breath from her mouth as she tried to run for safety, but her feet would not allow her to do so. It was as if her body has a mind of its own.

But oddly enough, something feels familiar about the wolf that was calling her, and she felt like helping the wolf.

As if sensing her presence, the beast lifted up its menacing furry head and bare its large teeth on her. Howling to the moon, the beast started moving towards her slowly.

“Didn’t you heard what I said, run now if you love your life. The beast won’t harm us.” Ebuka said trying to persuade the young lady who came out to witness this bloody mess, and probably her death too.

Mma took two small steps backward as she stare at the approaching wolf. Something seemed wrong with the beast which she couldn’t place her fingers on.

As the beast approached, the night air brushed through its white fur, as condensation escaped its cringed snout. Saliva coated its tongue as it brushed against sharp, ivory canines; the occasional drop hitting the ground. Its ears were pulled forward and its lips tucked up. Two white paws stood firm to the earth’s soil, the beast lowered it’s head while its ember eyes watched every motion of its next target. Although its head was lowered it kept it’s nose tilted up to smell. Deep rumbles came from its throat when its dinner tried to move.

Mma stare at Ebuka who was beside her still urging her to run away and the other guy who was following the wolf from behind.

The white wolf gave out another large howl as it started running towards its food.

Every muscle in Mma’s body screamed at her to flee, but she still remained frozen. Her heart and body refused to comply, this isn’t a normal werewolf.

Following her instincts, she closes her eyes, took a deep breath to relax her body, she raised up her right hand and say the words only a sorceress would know. The inhalation of the one next to her prompted her to quickly opened her eyes.

The white wolf stood still in front of her, nearly touching her hand with its fanged large teeth. She had frozen the blood in the wolf’s body and has also cast a spell that prevented it from moving. As she brought down her hand, the wolf fell down to the ground, not moving.

“Who are you and how did you do that?” Nnanna, the other guy who hasn’t spoken a word asked her astonished.

“Who I am is not important.” Mma answered and turned to face Ebuka. “If you truly value the life of your wolf here, you will carry your wolf and get out of here, quickly.” Mma added and made to go, Ebuka hand prevented her from going.

“We are new to this place, in fact, we are from a village called Umueze. We don’t know anyone here, can you allow us to pass the night in your hut, please.” Ebuka said in a pleading voice.

Did he said Hut?

Now staring at the two guys in front of her, they also looked familiar to her. She didn’t know when she nodded her head and said before she could stop herself.

“Okay fine, come with me.”

“Thank you.” Nnanna thanked in appreciation.

Mma nodded her head, she felt she was doing the right thing by allowing them spent the night in her house, if they tried anything stupid, she will show them the other side of a witch.

Nnanna and Ebuka lifted up the beast and followed Mma.

From a distance, a hidden female figure saw all that happened.

“She has finally find the beast, I need to inform the Goddess of Death.”

To Be Continued…

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