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“Should we tell her?”
“Why should we, she must be so confused, she’s not ready to face that!”.
“But she needs to know.”
“Oh For Christ’s sake she’s going to find out sooner a later, don’t rush her and let her fully understand her situation okay!”
Isn’t that Tina and Henry’s voice? I thought as I breathed out a sigh waking up from my deep slumber.
I heard them quiet them as my eyes slowly opened.
“Rise and shine… Sleepy head!” Tina said cheerfully and when I took a good look at her, she was dressed in another expensive looking cloth different from the one she was wearing yesterday, but when I glanced at Henry, he was still wearing the same clothes from yesterday.
“Good morning Rose!” Henry smiled at me.
“G..good morning!” I replied.
I glanced at my hand and saw that the IV (intravenous therapy) that had been placed there had been removed and I was glad.
“So Henry, she’s awake now, I can stay and you can leave!” Tina said.
“But… I’ll like to stay for a little while.” Henry protested.
“According to the routine list I got for Rose, it’s 7:42am and she’s supposed to take her bath around eight o’clock and she will be undressing soon and will find it really uncomfortable if you’ll be here with us, isn’t that right Rose?” Tina turned to me and I nodded…
It will be very uncomfortable to undress in front of this henry guy.
“Oh okay!” Henry held a sad face…
“Henry, you’ve been here since last night even when everyone went home. Seriously, you can go home and rest now, go home, go shower, spend time with joy!” Tina instructed.
Joy? Is that another family member?
I haven’t really seen Tina’s mother for a while…
Its only just Henry and Tina around here all the time.
Henry sighed “Okay fine, and I’ll be back, Joy talks too much, and i have a slight headache!”.
“which gives you another reason to go home and rest! Rose is awake now, she’s fine, she’s not going anywhere and maybe you don’t know but her memory’s coming back bit by bit!” Tina said.
“Really?” Henry was surprised.
“Yeah? Cause she figured out we were cousins even though I didn’t tell her!”.
Henry quickly faced Rose… “Really,? Which means you recognise me too right?”
“She doesn’t don’t force her, now leave.!” Tina yelled.
“Remember me or not, You’ll still be my Rosie…” Henry smiled at me, while I stared at him plainly,
Did he and I ever had something?.
Henry waved at me and Tina before walking out of the room.
“Finally, he’s been here all night good thing he’s gone, okay now get ready, I’ve gotten your tooth brush ready, and your bath water, I was instructed to let you bath with warm water, let’s get you undress before your water gets cold.” Tina said and I nodded.
She quickly placed the blue flip-flops in front of me and I placed my legs in it.
As Tina went to look the door, I tried to stand on my own, standing from up from my bed, I tried my best to stay balanced and with my feet on the flip-flops and the flip-flop on the ground balancing my body.
I stood on my own, even though my body was going sideways a bit I stood on my own and I was happy.
Tina turned away from the door and then to me.
She gasped “Wow! You can stand?”.
“I… I … Can” I said, I wanted to say more than that, but standing and talking at the same time was a bit hard.
“I love how you just decide to do things on your own, without any one consent, you go your own way, keep on this way and you’ll discharge in no time!” Tina said as she walked up to me.
She held my hand and told me to sit down, I did and she starts to unbotton the hospital dress on my body.
Soon enough my body was wrapped in a pink thick towel and Tina slowly held me and led me to the bathroom.
“You know the nurses were supposed to do this, the hospital have special nurses who do this, but I suggested, why would they take care of Rose, when she has me.!” Tina smiled making me laugh.
She’s so nice.
“Thank you!” I said to her.
“Don’t thank me, we’re family, this is what sisters are supposed to do.”
I slowly got into a brick looking bathtub and the warm water started to wake up some part of my body that seemed dead, the water was warm and just perfect.
“Hmm” I breathed out!.
“The water’s great isn’t it?” Tina smiled.
“Yes”. I smiled at her.
“Okay enjoy the warmness I have I to go get something!” she said and left me in bathroom.
I looked around the small bathroom, it wasn’t that wide but it looked quiet appealing.
The sweet lavender smell the water in the bathub, carried was sweet and it made smile.
The door opened and Tina walked in, I looked at her then at her hand.
she smiled and raised the cadbox box she was holding, inside the box were different coloured plastic bottles.
“These are my hair shampoos and conditioners, I have to wash your hair too. You know it’s been three years” she laughed and walked up to me.
“Yeah!” I nodded.
As Tina gently washed my hair, with me still in the bathtub, I remembered the pretty woman from last time and curiously asked.
“Tina!” I called.
“Yeah Rose.” she replied as her fingers moved behind my ears.
“The tall woman from yesterday. Is she your mom?”
“Oh Yea, she is, but I’d like you to refer to her as mom, she’s our mom!” Tina instructed.
“Why isn’t she here?” I asked.
“Oh mom’s a pretty busy person, she’s been busy her whole life!” Tina said and when I didn’t say anything,
She laughed “Wow… rose your hair grew longer! But it’s shame cause once you get out of this hospital you’re cutting it, cause you don’t really like growing your hair long.”
“i..dont?” I asked.
“Yeah, you always for shoulder length, and you have pretty long hair. Why don’t you try letting it stay!”
“Oh… Okay I’ll try!” I shrugged.
After washing me hair, I took a proper bath, brushed my teeth, and tina helped me dress into another neat hospital dress.
She helped me get on the bed and two nurses came and each of them gave me two shots which hurts like crazy.
I was having breakfast by myself. And Tina was watching me as she sat quietly at the end of the bed. I glanced at her and stopped eating. Another curious question formed in my head and I asked…
“Have… Did.. We ever fight? Have we ever fought?” I was confused how to put my sentence cause the last memory I had was the two of us fighting.
Tina hesitated looking at the floor before looking back at me.
“Well we fought, all the time. You’d win aways and then my mom would scold you for wining and then I’d come apologize later, it was a childish fight, don’t think about it.” Tina smiled.
“Okay…” I smiled.
“But when we fought with other people, we always had each other backs.” Tina added.
I smiled to myself and continued eating.
Soon I was done and Tina took the plate from me, this time I didn’t have to drink water from the nippled bottle water, cause I drink from an actual bottle because I was getting better.
I laid carefully on the bed and Tina pulled the hospital blanket over my thin body.
“Now all you have to do is rest, because sleeping does a lot on our body!” Tina said.
“But it’s still bright!” I said looking at the window.
“For you, anytime Is suitable for sleeping, you need to rest okay! Now close your eyes!” Tina instructed and I closed my eyes.
I could feel her sit on the bed and as my eyes remain closed, I tried to go to my memories, I wanted to have them back, but I also remembered that I wasn’t supposed to force them back, so I just decided to let the sleep that was calling me to take me and it did, calling me into a deep sleep.
There he was again, the faceless boy whose expression I could tell. But yet I couldn’t see his face.
He standing three feet away from me and he held a worried expression on his face.
“So she knows about…. Your.. Our…?” The boy whispered pointing to my stomach.
“Yeah, i carelessly placed the test.. Kit.. On the bed and she found it” I said and immediately a door opened and Tina walked inside.
She looked at me then at the boy, I was talking to.
“Henry, what are you doing here?”.
Immediately she said that, the boy’s face, became visible and I saw the Henry guy from the hospital, he was a lot younger.
Tina walked in and closed the door “Wait… Why are you guys together, why am I even asking, you’re both inseparable, Is Henry responsible for rose’s…
Tina gasped as she glanced back and forth between the two of us.
“Are you guys crazy!” Tina yelled.
“Shhh..” Henry covered Tina’s mouth with his hand. “Can you stop yelling, your mom’s home!” Henry said and she pushed him away.
“I don’t care! Cause sooner or later she’s going to find out!” Tina barked.
“Did you tell her?” I asked moving closer to her but she stepped behind Henry,getting intimidated by me.
“No! I’m just saying, it’s going to be a bump soon, so you’re wasting your time keeping it a secret!” Tina rolled her eyes.
“She’s right Rose!” Henry said.
“Okay well I’ll tell her,’ I sighed.
“When?” Tina barked.
“when I’m ready don’t yell at me Tina!” I yelled and she kept quiet rolling her eyes.
“Tina, Rose… it’s time for dinner!” someone yelled from down the stairs and Tina opened the door and walked out.
“Come on… Let’s go!” Henry said grabbed my hand and led me through the door and down the stairs.
“Oh Henry I didn’t know you were here how are you!” Tina’s mom said and Henry smiled.
The scene suddenly changed and I saw myself crying in front of Tina’s mom, Henry wasn’t there and Tina was standing beside her mother.
I received a slap from Tina’s mom that sent me to the ground, my tears fell even more but I got up again.
“You’re pregnant!” Tina’s mom yelled.
I said nothing and she was about to give me another slap when Tina caught her hand.
“Mom… Please!” Tina yelled, she was crying too.
“If I hadn’t eavesdropped on your conversation, when will you tell me this?” Tina’s mom yelled.
“I was planning to tell you… I’m sorry!” I sniffed.
“And Henry’s the father, what were you children thinking!” Tina mom’s voice sounded like she wanted to cry.
“But I’ll take responsibility over-
“You’re saying it like it’s a simple thing, a child is a big responsibility, why did you think my sister left you for me? It’s because she couldn’t take care of you!” Tina’s mom yelled.
“You got pregnant under my roof, And if you think you can take care of a child, you can’t do that under my roof, you’re leaving this house.” Tina said and I flinched and got on my knees.
“Aunt please.” I cried.
“Shut up! And get out of this house… Get out” Her voice was loud and it made me cry even more.
She suddenly raised me up from the ground and pushed me towards the door, she was coming close to me when Tina appeared in front of me, she was in tears and she spread out her arms.
“Don’t come any closer mom!” she threatened and her mom stopped.
“If you chase her out, I’m leaving too!” Tina breathed out angrily.
“Tina go back to your room!” Her mom yelled.
“I won’t!” Tina yelled back and ended up receiving a slap from her mom, Her mom suddenly regretted it right away, but Tina got angry held my hand and we both ran out of the house.
I suddenly woke up breathing heavily and my eyes was soaked with tears, I looked at the room and found Doctor Aaron walking closer to me.
“Is everything okay? Rose?” he asked.
I shook my head positively as I cleaned my tears.
Another sad memory
T. B. C

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