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“Oh she’s awake!” Tina announced and someone quickly walked up to her and it was the boy from earlier who held my hand. Henry.
I felt a bit better, and I felt the heaviness in my chest and throat had vanished and somehow I knew I could talk again.
“Feeling any better?” Tina asked.
“Y..yeah!” I replied…
I can talk again.
“Oh God, this is real right?” The boy said to Tina and she nodded happily.
“You can see me right… it’s me Henry!” The boy smiled holding my hand.
“Hen-ry?” I repeated, my voice was low.
“Yeah it’s me Henry… I know you don’t recognise me, but it’s me Henry!” he smiled.
I felt my legs start to tingle and a hot weird feeling under my lower abdomen and I suddenly realised what was going on.
I glanced at Tina, then at Henry, then at Tina again.
She suddenly walked closer to me and shoved Henry away holding my hand…
“What’s wrong?” she asked.
I pursed my lips together and squeezed her hands.
“I… I
My voice was breaking.
“Yeah keep going” she beckoned moving her head forward.
“I have to pee!” I said and she smiled. “Oh okay… That’s good. Henry, come help me help her up!” Tina ordered,
As Henry and Tina slowly helped me out of my bed, my thin legs touched the cold ground and I shivered.
“Henry hold her firm!” Tina said as she quickly let’s go of me and moved to the other side of the bed . She pulled out something from under the bed and walked in front of me with a pair of blue flip-flops.
“Here, try putting your feet in these” Tina bent down and placed the flip-flops in front of my feet.
I slowly shoved my feet inside the flip-flop and it did a great job cause it made me stayed balanced on the ground, that I felt like I could stand on my own.
Tina held me and smiled at Henry. “I think your job’s done. I’ll lead her to the bathroom now!”.
“Oh okay!” Henry let’s go of me and nodded.
Henry and Tina helped me back on the bed after I’ve peed and seriously it wasn’t an easy task Tina did in there cause I couldn’t do anything myself…
“Thank.. You Tina” I manged to say as she covered my body with the blanket.
“Awwn thanks!” she held my hand. “You sound like you have your memories back, but anyways you’re welcome!” Tina smiled and glanced down at her watch.
“It’s 8:30pm already!” she gasped.
“Why what’s wrong?” Henry asked her.
“I have to go meet Joy” Tina said letting go of my hand but I held them tightly, she turned to me with a worried expression.
“Rose… Is there something wrong?” she asked.
“You’re leaving!” my voice was low,
“Yeah… I Have to go meet–
“Don’t go!” I said.
“What?” she smiled. “Why?” for some reason she was happy I said that.
“If… If… I want to pee… Again.. Who’s going to help… Help me?” I asked. A little embarrassed.
Tina laughed. “Oh that’s okay… Cause Henry will be here!”.
I glanced at Henry and he was staring at me, I looked at Tina and shook my head negatively.
“Stay,” I said.
“But it’s Henry it’s fin–
“No it’s okay.” Henry interrupted standing up. “Tina, you can stay and I’ll go meet joy!”.
“Really?… Okay!” Tina said.
Henry looked at me, and with one last smile, he walked out of the room.
Tina turned to me “So… Are you hungry?” she asked sitting on the bed.
I shook my head negatively.
“You’re not… But too bad I brought food, the doctor said a lot of vegetables will be good for you, and you’ll be getting another shot soon. So you have to eat.” Tina said letting go of my hand and standing up to take her lunch box she had placed beside the bed.
“Here, doesn’t it scent nice. It has a lot of peppers and less salt, just how you like it!” Tina said, she got me in a sitting position and took out a spoon, sitting down on the bed.
“So do you want me to feed you or you can give it a shot yourself!” Tina said and I slowly took the spoon from her.
“I’ll do it myself!” I mumbled. And she nods. Holding the food for me while I let the spoon scoop the meal and slowly led it to my mouth.
The sweet tatse was unbelievable, I had a smile to express how sweet it was.
“Is it good!” Tina asked happily.
I nodded taking another spoon. “And I’ve always doubt myself for being a good cook!” Tina laughed.
Oh she’s so lively.
I paused and looked up at her.
“What’s wrong?” She asked.
“Tina… We are cousins right?” I slowly asked and she gasped.
“H..ow.. Did you know?” she was shocked.
“I… I.. I don’t know… I had a dream and I heard myself saying it!.” I tell her and she dropped the tray on my body and stood up. “So does this mean… Your memories are coming back?” she yelled, her voice echoing.
“I.. I don’t know!” I said.
She smiled. “I hope it is, but… I don’t want you to use the term cousin, for the both of us. We’re sisters! Blood sister!”
“Maybe I should go tell a doctor abou–
Tina hasn’t completed her words when a doctor walked inside. It was the young doctor, I think he’s referred to as doctor Aaron.
“Aaron!” Tina called happily and run up to him, he looked tired and he held his clipboard to his chest.
“Yes Tina!” he replied.
“Rose.. Rose just asked me if I was her cousin, she said she had this dream about her saying it… Is.. Is that a memory!” Tina was excited, more excited them me. And somehow I think I should have been the excited one.
“You did?” Aaron looked at me.
I nodded slowly and he turned to Tina with a smile.
“It can be a memory, it should be, cause it can’t possibly be a dream. She has retrograde amnesia which leads us to explicit memory, her memories can return anytime, with multiple presentations of a stimulus and response, it can come during the day, anytime, it can also come like a dream, so yeah it’s a memory, looks like the medicine she’s been taking is really helpful, and she’s talking and eating all by herself, I say she’s recovering fast, faster than ever, if this continues she might end up being discharge before the end of the week.” Aaron said and Tina rejoiced happily.
Aaron turned to me and in a smile he said. “Yep! I wish you speedy recovery Rose, you’ve been lying on that bed for too long!”.
“Thank you!” I said, he barely heard me but caught on to what I said.
“Okay… Tina.. Later,” Aaron said, smiled at me before walking out of the room.
Tina walked back to my bed and smiled. “Go on eat, your food is getting cold!”.
I nodded and start to eat again, slowly.
I looked up when Tina started to talk again. “Doctor Aaron’s charming isn’t he?”.
I nodded and continued eating.
“He father owns this hospital, and he’s not only charming he’s kind, very kind too… And you wouldn’t believe what he did for you, even though you were a complete stranger to him!” Tina said getting my attention.
“What… Did he… Do?” I asked.
“Well…” Tina looked at me then at my food, “I’ll tell you later, first, you have to finish that!” she smiled and I nodded and continued eating.
What did he do?
After eating, I was giving some shots and an IV (intravenous therapy) Did a little talking with Tina, well she did all the talking cause she was a real talkative, but I loved her company and before I know it I fell asleep, leaving her to talk to herself.
T. B. C

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