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“Rose…” Tina smiled at me but her mom’s face remained stern and serious that it gave me chills.
“Tina…” I called and glanced at her mom not knowing what to call her.
“Aunt.” I finally breathed out. Still feeling a little intimidated.
“How are you feeling?” she finally asked. Her voice was calm unlike the harsh one I remember from my memory.
“I’m doing better.” I replied as I slowly sat up to see the room filled with not only my family but doctor Aaron another older doctor and five other nurses.
“You’re awake.” The older looking doctor smiled at me
“Time to move you to another ward… Rose Indiana.” The older doctor said and I nodded.
I was told about that before falling asleep.
“And you’re recovering faster than ever., Good job!” the doctor said to me, he glanced at the two nurses and they both smiled and walked up to me with filled coloured syringe.
I sighed and looked away when they pressed the needle in my arm.
“All done.” The nurse said. And as they walked away, I rolled my short sleeve down.
“Okay can you walk!” The older doctor asked.
“i.. I’m not sure.” I said.
“C’mon let’s try it, you’re now strong enough to walk on your own right?” The older doctor said and I shrugged.
“Move aside.” The doctor ordered the two nurses and they walked away. While he walked up to me.
“Now carefully, on your own, come down from the bed.” The doctor ordered and I nodded before pressing my hand down, pushing my body forward before moving my legs at the edge of the bed.
Leaving my body in a sitting position I carefully place my feet on the cold floor and stood on my own. I mean I was feeling better, way better and stronger. But I still feel sick, sick that I don’t have my memory.
The eyes watching me in the ward made my stomach churn. I looked around the room but I couldn’t find joy, but Henry was in the room.
“Okay since you can walk on your own” The doctor quickly said making me turn to him. “You’ll walk to your new ward by yourself okay?” he smiled.
“okay” I nodded in return.
“So is she moving now or… Tina tried to ask but got replied immediately.
“Of course she is moving now… She has gotten better already and this is the ICU room, she doesn’t need to stay here anymore.” The doctor told Tina.
“Oh okay, I better get her flip-flops before she gets cold!” Tina said, and before I knew it she was bending down in front of me, shoving the purple flip-flop under my feet, it helped me became even more balanced and warm, the ground was freezing cold.
“Okay, I’ll lead Rose to the new ward,” Aaron said gripping his clipboard.
“And I’ll follow her,” Henry said standing up and walking up to me…
“You’re not allowed to help her walk, she’ll walk by herself but you can come with her!” Aaron said walking toward the door.
Henry walked closed to me and nod. “let’s follow him!”.
I felt alive as I walked to the door by myself, I felt alright, I mean I was better. And the feeling was great, it’s been three years since I’ve walked and now I feel like walking and never stopping.
Henry trailed behind me and Tina’s voice called out
“Be careful Rose we’ll come meet you guys in a bit”. I turned and smiled at her and then turned to Henry too and we both followed Aaron out of the door.
As we walked out of the ward, the strong smell of antiseptic filled my nose and Gosh have I mentioned how much I hate the smell.
The cry of babies filled the hall and I suddenly turn to Henry as we both walked through the hallway.
“Where is joy?” I asked.
“Joy.. Joy is… Tina took her home since she fell asleep!”
I frowned “Why? I didn’t even spend much time with her!”
“Well you could have, but she fell asleep immediately you carried her. So it’s kind of your fault but it’s okay, you’ll be discharged soon, so you’ll spend plenty of time with her, she’s with a babysitter right now so don’t worry!” Henry smiled as he grabbed my hand.
I want to be discharged at the same time i want my memories to go back home with me so I don’t feel useless.
Aaron suddenly opened a door in front of us and led us inside.
“This is a VIP room your Aunt has requested for you to be in before being discharged” Aaron said and Henry and I walked in.
A VIP room, my aunt must be stinkin’ Rich.
The room looked like a comfortable bedroom, unlike a normal hospital room. I slowly walked to the bed and laid on it.
“Okay, I’ll go lead the rest of your family here, so be comfortable!” Aaron said before walking out of the room.
Henry moved a chair closer to me and held my hand.
He’s been holding my hand too much pretty lately, which feels really uncomfortable.
Well I know nothing about him, or whatever we had and I can’t blame myself, I blame my memory, and also whatever caused my accident.
I slipped my hand out of his and he breathed in and apologized.
“No… it’s okay, it’s just that It feels a little uncomfortable since…
“I know, I know, it’s okay!” Henry smiled “It’s a little uncomfortable, because you’re not used to me. Your body or eyes isn’t familiar with me, I get it, I’m like a stranger to you! Well I hope you find me in your memory soon, cause I’m always holding your hand because it’s what you love doing, you love holding my hand, I know you don’t remember but you always say this; Henry wherever we are, either we’re eating, sleeping or walking, hold my hands, cause i feel at ease when holding your hand!” Henry explained and his voice shook.
Suddenly I heard my loud voice and a small vision appeared in my head of me holding Henry’s two hand, Saying,
“Henry wherever we are, either we’re eating, sleeping or walking, hold my hands, cause i feel at ease when holding your hand!”.
Henry had laughed and we had kissed.
That short memory made me breathe in heavily but Henry didn’t notice I had anything cause I didn’t whince cause it didn’t cause any pain and I was glad and he continued.
“So… Regain your memory or not, you can forget about everything I don’t care, but just don’t forget about us. Rose, about what we had together. We were so much more than you could ever imagine.” Henry expound.
I smiled at his hand and held his hand. “You know, it’s uncomfortable, but comfortable in another way!”
“I love you Rose!” Henry said.
I stared at him blankly not knowing what to say.
Do i love him?
“I… I.. ”
He laughed and shook my hand. “You don’t have to say anything, I know you do too but I just want to let you know!”.
“I love you Henry!” I heard my voice saying in my head and I flinched… And the image of me trying to kiss Henry, but my huge stomach made it hard and we both laughed, appeared in my head.
I breathed in heavily.
The words Henry’s saying, are so familiar that’s it’s making it’s way through my head and bringing a little bit of my memory.
“Hen.. I tried to call but the door to the room opened and Tina and her mother walked inside.
Tina quickly walked closer to my bed and dropped the stuff she was carrying.
I glanced at her mom and the soft look she was giving me made me breathe In comfortably.
“Rose.” she smiled and walked up to me.
“Aunt..” I replied.
“Feeling better right?” she asked. And I nodded.
“Good., I hope you’re discharged soon!” She smiled before tapping my leg before turning and walking away.
Wow… She didn’t even stay for a little while.
That night I was giving another IV fluid bag and was told it was the last I will be receiving that I was recovering faster than ever.
Tina and Henry made my night by telling me how joy’s birthday was close by and the type of celebration concept they’ll be going for. I get to add my own concept since I’m the mother.
That night Tina went home, while Henry stayed at the hospital cause I insisted so.
Henry was already fast asleep with his body seated on the chair beside my bed and his forehead on my bed.
I sighed and looked out the window, the night was old and yet I wasn’t sleepy.
As I watched the crescent moon on the sky from my bed, I closed my eyes and prayed.
I prayed for my head, and my mind. I want my memories back I requested.
And who said prayers don’t come true.
T. B. C

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