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[the girl he never noticed]



suddenly feel as if i should get swallowed by the ground, the deadly glares from the queen was much.
I should have known she doesn’t play with her blood.
“how dare you? do you know who nkem is to me?”the queen said with so much air of supetiority.
I swallowed into nothing as i look down to the floor.
Nkem stood up,his arm was injured, a female necklace dropped from his hand,it was pure gold.
my eyes dialated the moment i saw it
ohhh I thought he want to use me sexually not knowing he only want to wear me a necklace.
ohh god must I always cause trouble everywhere?
it was me who get immoral in my thoughts…nkem is a nice person,is this how I should treat him.
“sorry, it was a…..
“it was what? you this troublesome bitch,how did you find your way into this palace?” she said.
I felt so bad…
Yes,am a bitch I accept.
“it’s fine aunt…its really nothing,I was the one who wasn’t seeing well if I was looking well I wouldn’t have bumped into where she is working”
nkem said…
“just be more careful in the future” the queen snapped and left.
that’s it,I bowed.
nkem turned to leave also.
“sir am really sorry….
“I can help you make the bruise heal quickly”I brought out my homemade ointment, it is always tied around my wrapper for emergency cases.
“nkem am sorry” I said..
he ignored me and left.
no words*no reply
but I thought we were friends right?.
I sighed and kept the ointment back.
finally,I was done with the litters,I washed my hands after wish I checked on Mrs okafor,she was sleeping soundly.
the cough left her already.
I tucked her in and left for the maids quarter where I met ngozi, she had come to visit me.
“Ife take me to the throne room,I want to see the queen” she said.
“in your dreams” I said and dragged her in.
I fell on my bed,ngozi fell on me giggling like a kid… it’s really pretty.
the other maids looked at us in surprise; someone is actually playing with me freely.
I rolled my eyeball like I care.
ngozi hugged me on the bed,
I pulled up the bed sheet and covered our bodies.
she still lay on me.
I smiled.
“you want to put me in trouble…stop all these before these people will think we are lesbians” I whispered into her ears.
“let them think” she crackled.
“I said it you’re crazy” I said.
“well we are both” she added.
I laughed and shift her body from mine…
she laughed and push her legs on mine,next she used the duvet to cover up.
“do you like Lotanna?”, she asked in a slow whisper.
“aaaaah no,I don’t like him”
I said with a smile.
I covered my face,she pushed my hands down and make a funny look.
“what now” I said and used an extra wrapper as demarcation.
she removed it.
“you smiled which means you like him” she said.
“no, I don’t like him”i nod my head in disagreement and still smiled.
I can’t like him okay,no need to persecute me…the Lotanna doesn’t even know my name not to talk of ever liking me.
“but you like him” she said.
“fine,I like him like I like you,hope you understand my type of like?”, I asked.
she chuckled as her pretty face beemed,
I wish I can someday pay her for her kind gestures,have never regret being her friend.
“will you attend royals?”, she asked.
“what’s royals?”, I asked.
“a sleepover party,it is taking place in the next kingdom… a lot of people from far and near are going to be there,just so fun filled” she said.
“the next kingdom….
isn’t that Akuna’s kingdom?…
I moved a bit and took a deep breath.
“huni you won’t go right?”ngozi ask.
“that akuna that look so scary and mean~ how am I sure she won’t make me cry” I said.
“it is akuna’s kingdom doesn’t mean they are the one organizing it” she said as she removed the duvet.
I escorted her to the palace gate,it’s really late outside.
finally,she left.
I touched my wrapper where the ointment was and purposely passed the garden to see if nkem was there since he wants me to come at night,
he wasn’t there,
maybe because i hurt him!.
I just wanted to beg him again and just give him this ointment.
since he is not here,I leave.
I still decide to check the palace backyard for him,he wasn’t there…
i know shouldn’t be troubling myself…
should I pass the backyard hallway to see if he is really there?.
I opened the hallway door,it revealed Lotanna.
I froze in sparkles,my eyes shimmers as they lock with his..
suddenly,he brought down his phone and pulled me in swiftly by my waist.
I got wild with sweetness as he touched me there…
I blinked my eyes twice,
was i dreaming???
I better wake up…
my whole system got wild with sweetness i really hugged him,I smelt him for the third time…
my eyes moves in sparkle as his skin glittered unlike mine that is filled with cane marks.
I felt my hands locked around his abdominal level,he must be really fit to have dragged me in by my waist with just one hand.
how sweet?..
like in stories….
he didn’t push me away,he didn’t touch me,he didn’t get carried away by my shape,I got more happy as i smell him so much….
only him gives me the hope to believe.
believe and let me stay in ur heart
your presence makes me wish forevermore..
today,tomorrow let me love you.
stay do not go again,
one day let’s meet
i promise the riches of these world
i promise till death we part…
I wish I could sing his song for him right now,but i really can’t…
am not privileged…
I didn’t get myself until I heard sounds of something crashing…
that was when he pulled away.
I looked up at where I was standing before he dragged my waist,it was the glassy chandelier light.
it would have fallen on my head if he had not dragged me and I hugged him….imagine.
I faced front,and only saw his back view leaving.
“thank you sir!!! I shouted.
sometimes I feel like he is close then after a while,he just seem so far .
I’m glad he didn’t push me away….
I hugged him omg! I really did…

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