Meribella (Dear Mermaid) Chapter 12

Meribella (Dear Mermaid) Chapter 12




Ma’am Pat?” Bella called, moving into the shop that was nearly scanty, she looked through the few people present but ma’am Pat wasn’t there.
“Bella? is that you?” ma’am pat interrupted, coming out from another room.
“Yes, it’s me” Bella moved to her and they hugged.
“I was expecting you earlier Meribella, I almost lost hope of seeing you today” Patty said.
“I’m sorry. Maurice had to stay long today” Bella said, a smile passing through her lips as she thought of the hug they shared.
“Oh, I get it. I left the chips so we could make them together and some pies too”
“Yes, I knew you’d like to learn”
“Okay, I’m ready”
“Hold on, I’ll just put the close sign”.
Patricia collected the pays from the customer as they left then changed the sign to close, she turned off the outer lamp and moved back inside.
She and Bella moved to the kitchen, she handed Bella an apprentice apron and put on hers , they covered their hair with nets and washed their hands. patty pulled out the washed and peeled yam in a basin, she turned on the electric stove and set a flat pan on it and added oil.
She first directed Bella how she peeled, washed and cut the yam to make them like this before taking a spoon full and throwing it into the frying oil, they danced and separated, Bella watched in awe.
When the first set was ready and the colors now changed Patty turned them into a flat plate and scattered it. She directed Bella and left her to do the rest after warning her to be gently and cautious so the chips won’t get burnt.
Bella happily took over and in no time they rounded up the yam chips. Next ma’am patty carefully set out ingredients for peach pie, she explained them to Bella and directed on it’s use, Bella watched as she turned ingredients to batter before turning it in a baking pan and setting it in an oven.
“Maurice have this at home” Bella said, her hand slimy with batter.
“It’s called an oven and it used mostly for baking. It’s not surprising if he owns one” ma’am patty explained and Bella nodded.
They stayed in the kitchen, talking and laughing and whiling away time. Soon enough the batter was converted to a pie..
Bella took the chips while ma’am pat carried the peach pie, the smell waffling in the air. They gently set it on a table and took two seats.
“I had no idea cooking is so much fun” Bella said as she and ma’am pat dug into the snack, Bella taking the lion share .
“Of course, it’s one of my favorite job here. Haven’t you made a meal before?”
“No,” she shook her head “Maurice does all the cooking–
“Really? And what do you do?”
“Nothing. Maurice does the washing and cleaning too, I only eat whenever he cooks and watch TV or sleep when I get bored” Bella said, taking a forkful of pie and sending it to her mouth.
“That’s unfair Bella” ma’am pat said “You’re supposed to help too”
“But he never calls me and besides he doesn’t complain”
“He doesn’t have to Bella, since he took you in without taking a dime, gave you a room and got you clothes without you asking why can’t you help without him asking?”
Meribella thought for a while…
“You think Maurice wants me to help him?”
“Of course and that’ll only make it slightly equal, it’s like you’re showing gratitude. You can also surprise him with lunch or Dinner someday after a tiring day at work” Patty said. Bella smiled at the thought.
“Will Maurice like that?”
“He will! he’ll be really surprise and happy to know that you’re concerned about him”
“Yes. I’ll pen down some very nice meals recipes for you someday”
“Thanks ma’am pat”
“Just call me Pat, ma’am Pat seem like a long distance” she said and Bella nodded then continued her snack.
Bella stayed for a while longer at Patty’s shop, they had many talks and she laughed at Bella’s silly attitude. Bella loved her already, she acted more like Maurice; caring, funny, kind and giving. She was happy she had a friend apart from Maurice that she liked, Patricia was more like a sister to her now, someone she could talk to when Maurice wasn’t there.
“Goodbye Pat,” Bella waved.
“Goodbye Bella, you’ll be here tomorrow alright?”
“Alright” Bella said and dashed off, she reached a taxi park and the driver mentioned a place very close to the estate she lived in with Maurice. She went to him.
“Connor streets, sally estates” she said.
“Get in miss” she entered and the driver drove, she stuck her head out of the car window and Ahhed at the waving breeze that passed her, she felt the chills as the car sped past things.
She saw her face pass Maurice car, she kept mute and looked back, it was his car and when she shifted her gaze it met him, he had seen her and was looking at her quizzically now.
“Oh Geez!” she stuck her head back in and exclaimed, praying silently Maurice hadn’t notice her, she had to hurry home and act like nothing happened… She couldn’t let him suspect she was going out while he was away and while he had warned her not to.
The taxi dropped a bit down the estate and she got down.
“Miss my–
She dashed off before he could say another word, she had to get home before Maurice.
“Miss! my money!!” the driver yelled as he got down his taxi but Bella was far ahead now, he wondered how she could be so fast and knew it was fruitless chasing her.. She was far ahead. He shook his head at his ill-luck.

Maurice drove home, his mind flashing back at the girl he had seen earlier in a taxi who looked so much like Bella, her hair was flying in the wind and her head was stuck out through the window. She looked so much like Bella and her action also clarified his thought but he knew it couldn’t be her, Bella knew nothing about getting into a taxi on her own and the streets?; she knew nothing about it too.
He shook the thought aside and turned into the estate.
“Welcome sir” the security man greeted as he drove into the estate. “Thank you stones” he handed him five dollars and he smiled in appreciation, he drove to his house in the estate and parked his car in the lots.
He came down from the car, two shopping bags in his hand as he moved into the house, he turned the knob and the first sight that greeted him was Bella on a sitter couch watching TV. He shook the thought of the girl in the taxi being Bella and moved into the house.
“Welcome” Bella said innocently, her gaze on him now.
“Uh, thanks”
Her gaze moved to the bags in his hands, she saw how he struggled to hold them well enough and to lock the door, pat’s word flew to her mind and she stood up and walked to him.
“I’ll help with those so you can lock up” she said, Maurice looked at her; somehow stunned but he gave in and locked the door while she took the bag which she assumed to he groceries into the kitchen.
Maurice left her and went to his room to freshen up, he changed his work clothes and respond to messages on his iPod. He wore his flip flops when he noticed the evening was gradually becoming thick and he needed to make dinner, if it was just him he would’ve either skipped dinner or have a cup of warm milk and cookie but it wasn’t just him, he had a guest too; a food monger at that.
He got to the kitchen and set out ingredients for a simple pasta dish, he was done with that and he set a pot on the now on gas ring.
“Maurice?” he turned and saw Bella, she must be hungry.
“Dinner won’t take long Bella…
“No, it’s not that,” she walked to him. “I want to help you make dinner; can I?” she asked and Maurice brows narrowed.
She wants to make dinner with him?; surprising!
“Are you sure you want to?” he asked and she nodded.
“Please,” she begged , her voice innocent.
“Ok-ay” he drawled “First you’ll–
“Put on the apron and hairnet” she completed “I know that”
Okay.. that’s unusual.


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