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Meribella (Dear Mermaid) Chapter 13

Meribella (Dear Mermaid) Chapter 13




That’s right. How do you know that?” he asked.
“Oh,” she paused ” I uh, saw it in the television” she said.
“Ah! of course” he said and helped her cover her hair well with the cap.
“Fill this with water from the tap” he handed her a pail “Right there” he pointed to the tap and she filled it up before bringing it back to him, he poured it in the pot and moved to chop the beefs while Bella watched.

The meal was ready in no time and Maurice dished it into two plates, Bella couldn’t stop smiling at the sight, it was the first time she was assisting Maurice in making a dish they’ll both eat and just as pat said, he was glad she helped.
Bella helped in arranging the breakfast stools and in no time they were settled for their meal, two cup of coffee beside them.
“Maurice,” Bella called and he glanced at her.
“When do I get to brush my teeth again?”
Okay… that’s a question. 😒
“You brush everyday Bella, once daily and at night before you go to bed”
“Really? I can brush tonight?”
“Yes and you have to stop talking during meals” she frowned.
“It’s against table manners and,it’s wrong”
“Table manners” she repeated “What’s that?”
“I’ll tell you after dinner”
“Okay” she faced her meal.
They finished up their dinner and Bella assisted in clearing the table while Maurice did the dishes, he set the plates on the drain board and wiped his wet hand. He went to his room after that and saw he had a missed call from Diane, he called her back and they talked for some minutes, her voice didn’t sound too lively and when he asked why she said she was tired, she reminded him about her project which was getting to its peak gradually, they talked about how much they had missed each other and she said she had something to tell him, she told him it was,important and she’d tell him when she gets back from the states. They kept talking and finally said their goodbyes.
Maurice got to the shower immediately and brushed his teeth after, he worked on his notes before going to sleep.
Bella reached her room, she first brushed her teeth before contacting her mother, they spend minutes talking and Bella was glad that nothing still had been suspected about her disappearance, she was happy her mother was safe too and Keenan they had a long night chat and Bella told her about Maurice, how they met and how she started staying with him , she told her about their tasty meal too and some of the thing Maurice taught and bought for her. The said their byes after hours of talking and Bella put back the mirror, she took the necklace; Maurice own and ran her fingers through it, she held it tight in her fist and laid on her bed before slowly drifting to sleep.
The next day Bella got to Patty’s shop after Maurice left, she assisted her in attending to some customers before they both relaxed after the evening was gradually seeping in and the shop had only them in it, pat changed the signpost and sat down to interact with Bella, a bowl of sweet dish on the table.
“I made dinner with Maurice” Bella said, taking a spoonful of the sweet pudding.
“That’s a good start” patty said.
“It is” she said
“One of these days you can surprise him and make either lunch or dinner on your own” pat said and she nodded.
“Pat,” Bella called “Are you married?”
“I’m not and I don’t plan on getting married anytime soon”
“But why?” she asked “Don’t you like kids”
“It’s not that Bell, I love kids but I’m just not ready to have a husband. You know after everything I passed through in guardian dad’s house, I don’t see marriage as a necessity, I love my life this way”
“But what about children, don’t you want kids around”
“I do,” she let out a sigh “I’ll work on that later Bella”
Bella nodded.
“I plan on having a houseful of kids with Maurice”
“Really?” Bella nodded.
“Does Maurice know about your plan” she shook her head.
“I can’t tell him that”
“But why?”
“I don’t know Patty but I think Maurice doesn’t love me” she said, her face down now.
“Aww, I know that feeling. if you think he doesn’t love you too then just let it go”
“I wish I can ma’am pat”
“Oh dear,” Patty moved to her and placed a hand around her back.
“Just handle it anyway you think is right, okay?”
“Thanks Patty,”
“You’re welcome” she said “Eat up, it’s getting late” Patty said and Bella continued her meal.
She finished up the meal and exchanged byes with ma’am pat, she walked along the streets in a haste, she recollected she had seen Maurice the other night so she hurried up even more.
She took a u-turn and a car also came through the same direction and almost ran into her, she stopped, her eyes wide but not in shock as the car stopped before her. the driver quickly whined down, pulled open the door and rushed to her in alarm.
“Miss are you okay?” he asked when he saw her standing on a spot, not moving nor shaking.
“Miss?” Bella slowly turned her head to him “Are you hurt anywhere?”
“I’m fine” she replied
“Are you sure?” Bella blinked.
“I’m sure” she replied and jogged away before the man could say another word.
“Take care of yourself, okay?” he yelled behind her and she waved, not turning to look at him.
He smiled before getting into his car, such a funny and pretty girl.
Very pretty much

He wondered why she was alone in the streets and where she was going, he’d have given her a lift and got to know her more. He was sure he’d like her, he smiled at himself and drove off.
Bella jogged and stopped at a little coffee cart, a man with a red hat was selling hot coffee to passers by, Bella went close and saw how he exchanged a cup of coffee for money , she stood and watched the people but she couldn’t buy like them because she didn’t have money.
“You want one?” she heard a voice and felt a mild breath behind her and she turned, it was the guy that almost ran into her. she nodded.
“I don’t have money for it. I’ll just go home”
“I’ll pay” she turned and gave him a look “Take as much as you want, I’ll pay for it all”
“Really?” her eyes widen.
First Bella got a large cup of hot coffee, she settled on a bench with it and the guy stayed beside her, watching as she smiled at each sip and moaned..She was indeed beautiful, he had never seen anyone as pretty as her and the way she acted, so innocent and outspoken… he liked her for it too.
“Can I have another one sir?”
“Of course” she rushed and got another cup with a soft tea cake, she sat on the bench and ate.
He ordered one too but without cake and sat beside her.
“It’s a pretty night, huh?” he asked, trying to start a comfy conversation.
“Night’s aren’t pretty” Bella said, taking a sip from her coffee and he laughed.
“I’m Raymond, you?”
“Bella” she said.
“Nice name,” he said, “I see you like coffee a lot” she nodded and drained the coffee empty before discarding the cup.
“I’m full” she breathed out and they both stood up.
“Thanks Raymond, I have to go now” she said.
“I-I was hoping we could get to know each other”
“No, I have to hurry home”
“Okay then how about I give you a lift Bella”
“A lift?”
“I mean drop you to wherever you’re going to with my car” she thought for a while.
“Thanks, but I’ll just go alone” she said and turned to move but stopped abruptly when she saw Maurice coming out of a grocery store with bags in his hand, she hid her face and turned back to Raymond who still stood.
“Please give me a lift to Sally estate” she said and he smiled.
“That’s more like it” she got into the passenger side and took a glance at Maurice from the front view, she bent when his eyes met hers.
Raymond got into the driver’s seat, inserted the key in it’s ignition, turned the gear and drove her home. Bella sighed once they were a bit closer to the estate.
“I hope we’d see again Bella” Maurice adjusted his spectacles as he parked his car close to the estate gate and Bella smiled.
“I hope so too, you’re very nice. Goodbye Raymond” Bella waved and rushed to into the estate. Raymond watched her, smiled to himself and got into his car.
He just met an angel😇

“Welcome miss” the security man greeted Bella and she smiled, his face wasn’t familiar. She guessed he was a new employee, she kicked the thought aside and dashed to Maurice apartment.
She unlocked the door and got in, closed it behind her and rushed to a couch, she turned on the TV and watched.
Maurice arrived a little later, a light grocery bag in his hand and his backpack in the other, she went to assist him with the grocery bag while he took his backpack to his room, he freshened up and laid on his bed for a while before making dinner with Bella being very helpful throughout the meal making, she set the table while he dished the food and they ate, she assisted in washing the dishes while he set them on the drain board, Bella left to brush her teeth while he relaxed on a couch, typing on his laptop.
Bella came to the living room.
“Bella,” he called and she turned her gaze from the TV to him.
“Did you leave the house today?”
“I didn’t” she answered sharply, skipping his gaze.
“Okay” he said after looking at her for a while, he guessed he was just hallucinating, but he had seen her twice, maybe he had seen her doppel-ganger.,he shook the thought off while Bella went to her room.

The next morning Bella quickly brushed her teeth and tried contacting her mother but it went fruitless so she dropped it , she took Maurice necklace and smiled before kissing it.
“It’s a nice morning, I hope it means something nice for both of us” she said to the necklace before kissing it again, she rubbed it on her cheeks and set it back in the shell before closing it, she changed her clothes and slipped her feet into her slippers, tucked her hair behind her ears and dashed off to the kitchen. She met it empty, Maurice wasn’t here yet and breakfast hadn’t been prepared, she decided to help with the coffee before Maurice wakes up.
She first set the water and lit the gas ring then took out the things Maurice used to prepare coffee, she set it on the counter and when the water was boiled she mixed them up and brewed the coffee then poured it in a coffee cup, she smiled at it. It was exactly the same.
She decided to call Maurice, she knew he’d be surprised so she walked to his room, placing her ear on the door and hearing no sound she twisted the knob and pushed it in then walked into his room.
She looked around the manly and very pretty room but Maurice wasn’t in it, she decided to move out when she heard sound from the other room, she moved to it and turned an ear close to the door. It was the sound of things dropping, was Maurice in there?

Maurice spent more minutes in the tub than expected, normally he’d have used the shower stand but he felt lazy to stand so instead he used the tub and let the soapy water wash away his weakness.
He remembered he had to make breakfast, Bella must be awake and hungry.
“Maurice” he heard his name from the other room “Are you in there?”
He was about to yell to her not to come in before the door,sprung open and Bella walked in.
He gasped as he saw her figure in his front, looking down at him in awe, he was speechless for a while.,😰😰
How’d you see this chapter?
So we’ve seen a new character I’m the story and as we’ve read, he likes Bella😟😟

Let’s keep reading, lemme not talk too much.

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