Meribella (Dear Mermaid) Chapter 15

Meribella (Dear Mermaid) Chapter 15




He-he’s uh–
“From the TV, right?”
“What? oh, yes!” she quickly succumbed and he shook his head.
“You have to stop mentioning movie casts like they’re real” he said.
“Uh, OK”
“It’s late, go to bed” he turned.
“Maurice,” he faced her “Can we have lunch together tomorrow?”
“I have classes tomorrow Bella,” she nodded sadly “But I’ll make it up to you in some very nice place”
She nodded and stood up.
“I’ll head out first” he could see the hint of sadness in her eyes. Truly he hadn’t always had lunch with her because he was always busy, either with school or work. He couldn’t miss any of them and Bella didn’t like it . She must’ve misunderstood.
“Bella” he called and she turned to him “Do you want to watch the stars with me from the pool?”
“Yes!” she smiled and he chuckled.
She took his hand and he led them to the pool, the moonlight glistened in it and the water shone brightly.
Bella ran to it and looked.
“It’s wonderful!” she cried.
“Let’s sit and watch”
They sat and stuck their feet in the water, the chills crawled through their entire body and Bella smiled before looking up.
“The night’s exceptionally pretty” Maurice said and Bella faced him.
“Nights are pretty?” Bella asked, facing him.
“Not the way you think. Everything’s pretty in their own way”
“What about me. Am I pretty to you?”
He looked at her and smiled, her hair wavered all over her face as the breeze enlightened the night.
“You are” he said and she blushed before smiling and shyly tucking her hair behind her ear
“You know, when I was little I’ve always dreamt of becoming a sailor or a ship captain. I don’t know if it had anything to do with my sea addiction at that time or I just really find that life as something that suits me–
“What’s a sailor?” Bella asked.
“A person who sails a boat. It’s a tough life though but I had that passion for it, not for the money but the fulfilment of doing something you love” he paused and sighed “But everything changed–
He looked at Bella, she was intently staring at him and obviously waiting to hear the rest of the story and then he realized he was telling her a secret no one apart from his mother knew. He shook his head.
“Life always just surprises us. We ask for one thing, it gives us another”
“I agree” Bella said, her eyes lovingly looking at him.
Life really doesn’t always give you your desires and she was a victim of that too. She wanted Maurice, right from the onset she had loved and watched him but life gave her Elliot, someone she detested .
She had to leave Tarania for it and leave the two people she cherished so much in danger.
That’s how cruel life can be. But now she’s with Maurice, her first love and for the first time he called her pretty.
Does it means they’re heading somewhere or did he say it to make her feel good..
She kicked the latter thought aside.
Maurice looked at Bella, her hair was flying allover and she struggled to keep them. He remembered he had an hair band he always used when he had long hairs, his mother loved it so much and most time she’ll braid it or help him pack it up. He remembered how he’d be mistaken for a girl after his mother had dressed his hair up, a smile curved on his lips as he recollect how a guy or two had approached him at that time.
The thought made him chuckle and Bella faced him, he kept a straight face and stood up.
“I think I have something for your hair, wait here” he said before moving into the house and to his room. He walked straight to his dressing drawer and pulled it open, his eyes caught the colorful band resting beneath a foil nylon.
He reached for it and gently took it out, he ran his finger through it, a smile across his lips. He closed the drawer and walked back to the pool, he met Bella still in same position and walked to her.
“Here,” he handed it to her and she took it, looked at it then back at him.
“Use it for your hair” Bella smiled at him before packing her hair in a handful and wrapping the band around it. She let it down and it stood straight in a ponytail.
“I like it” she said. “Thank you Maurice” she said.
“You’re welcome” he took his seat back beside her and took his legs into the water.
“Maurice,” he faced her “Have you ever planned on having children one day” Bella asked and he narrowed his brows. Truth to be told he had planned on that. Having a houseful of pretty kids with Diane, a mixture of boys and girls and then settling down as a father. He knew it’d be lovely, he had had it in mind to propose to her but he wanted to be free and fully ready to do that. Diane was still tied up in work and he knows that’ll serve as a distraction or an obstruction. He wanted them both to be free by then and then readily plan for it. He knew Diane would love it, she had always told him about how much she loves kids and couldn’t wait to have some but he’ll laugh it off even though it was his dream too.
“Yes” he answered and looked up, his eyes caught the dimness of the moon and he knew it was really late.
“Bella it’s–
He cut his statement when he sighted Bella fast asleep, her head dropping and standing. He smiled at her sleeping self and stood up, he carefully walked to her and tapped her. She stirred and moaned before falling back into sleep, he picked her up gently and carried her bridal style. She grumbled funnily and twitched her face. He shook his head and took her in then placed her on her bed before going to his. He collapsed on his bed and fell asleep in no time.

The next morning was surprisingly cold and Bella walked to the bathroom and brushed her teeth, she stripped and stood on the shower stand then turned it on.. The water rolled on her body and she loved it, it was her first time but she had seen it on TV, she knew how it worked but she hadn’t used one and since Maurice used it, why can’t she?
She loosed her hair and washed through her scalps then turned off the shower and got out, she shivered once she got hit by the chilly weather. She got to her room and wiped her body, dried her hair and tied it then dressed up in one of the body hug dress Maurice got her.
She walked to the living room and the scent of bagels passed through her nostrils, she moved to the kitchen and saw Maurice setting the table, he smiled at her and she reciprocated before taking a seat.

They had breakfast and Maurice left for school, Bella slipped her feet into her flops and locked the door before heading to the estate gate, she got there and the security man came with the keys.
“Hey,” he greeted, Bella could see the flirting look in his eyes. Elliot had looked at her that way too and she hated it. “You look really sexy” his eyes ran down her body in a quick scan.
“Keep your eyes on the gate Mr. Don’t step over your boundary” she said. He was a bit stricken by her word but he played it cool and opened the gate for her. Bella walked out and took the turn to patty’s shop. She jogged all through, not minding the pair of eyes fixed on her lustfully and admiringly.
She got to patty’s shop and got lots of compliments on her looks from customers and patty herself.
She smiled at it and assisted patty, they locked and she changed the sign. Patty insisted on dropping her home and she accepted, they got into her convertible, a plate of ice cream each on their laps as they talked and laughed. Bella enjoyed patty’s company, she enjoyed the ice cream more and when Patty parked at sally estates she became moody. Patty promised her another bowl of ice cream when they meet tomorrow and they exchanged their byes. Bella moved to the gate and knocked, the door got opened and she entered. The security man’s eyes staring lustfully at her. She took a step and stopped when she felt a fold over her eyes and darkness enveloping her gaze, she felt a pair of strong hand obstructing her defense.
“Who are you!” She yelled. “What are you doing? Let go off me!” She struggled to free herself from the grip but it was useless and she felt herself being dragged.
“Where are you taking me to?” She asked, turning her head frantically about. Then it struck her, bad guys!!
Patty had told her they had tried to rape her, were they going to do it to her too? Are they going to see her privacy and take advantage of her?.
She felt her feet giving in to the strong pulls and she saw her helplessness flashing before her. She knew she was helpless but she didn’t try to take it in..
“Let her go!” An angry male voice disrupted her thoughts.
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