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Meribella (Dear Mermaid) Chapter 14

Meribella (Dear Mermaid) Chapter 14




Bella looked at Maurice in the whitish foam, she looked up at his face and the look he gave her showed he didn’t want her there.
“I’ll just stay in the kitchen” she head out and Maurice breathed out, he drained the water and washed his body with clean one before stepping out, he tied a towel to his waist, put on his flops and head to his bedroom. He went to his dressing table, after apply lotions and others and styling his hair, he pulled into a short and shirt then moved to the kitchen, he caught Bella’s gaze first.
“Maurice” Bella called and quickly took his hand before leading him to the counter. “I made coffee for us” she said and Maurice looked at the coffee jug, it was filled with coffee and it smells nice too.
“Wow, that’s good Bella. you’re really learning” he said and she nodded.
“Cookie or bread?” he asked her.
“Bread” he smiled.
“I’ll toast some”
“I’ll help” Bella said.
They had toast bread and coffee for breakfast and cleared the table, Maurice left to prepare for work and Bella went back to the living room, she turned on the television and watched a stage performance on it, she watched as the performing girl danced from one place to another in her high heels and waved her butt at the cheering crowd with a microphone in her hand which she used to sing, Bella smiled as she tried to sing along but she couldn’t. She had realized she loved music a lot.
Maurice was set to leave for work, he instructed Bella to warm up the leftovers if she get hungry while he was away, when he left Bella took the food and warmed it then ate it with a glass of water, she couldn’t leave any suspicion coz she had noticed he was beginning to wonder why she skipped lunch. She rounded up with the meal and washed the plate before setting them on the sink. She slipped her feet left into her flops and head out of the house, she got to Patty’s shop and assisted her in attending to her customers who kept on trooping in, they did so much they barely had time for conversation and when they did, they were too worn out to say much.
Bella did the dishes and Pat changed the sign and turned off the light, they talked for a while over coffee.
“This is good” Bella raised her cup up and took a sip. “It’s better than the one that guy bought for me”
“That guy? Maurice”
Bella shook her head.
“Raymond, I met him yesterday”
“And he got you coffee?”
“Yes. He paid for two cups and a cake” Bella said.
“Did he say something to you?”
Bella shook her head “No, he only mentioned his name, Raymond”
“Nothing more?”
“Nothing more” Bella replied. “He’s a good guy”
“Not everyone that buys you stuffs turn out to be good people Bell, some always wants something in return”
“But Raymond didn’t ask for anything in return, oh right! he asked for my name”
“Not those type of things, something else”
“Raymond asked nothing else, he’s a good guy”
“Maybe he’s not one of those bad guys”
“You’ve met a bad guy before?”
“Yes, during high school,” pat said “he tried to rape me” she whispered now.
Bella gasped.
“He saw your privacy?”
“I didn’t let him, I kicked him hard” Bella gasped.
“He tried taking me by force and I bit him before running off”
Taking by force, Bella thought, Just like Elliot.
“Thank goodness he didn’t have his way” Bella said.
“That’s what some bad guys do Bella, they get you something and take your body in return”
“I’ll so kill them if I come across any” Bella defended.
“I don’t think that’s best Bell, some are really strong”
“And I’m stronger, I’ll finish them up in a punch”
“It’s best you run or contact the cops, sometimes self defense doesn’t always work out”
she said “Just avoid trouble”
“You think Raymond’s trouble?”
“I don’t know Bell, I haven’t met him and besides it’s not written on their foreheads.,Just be careful”
“I will. it’s getting late, I have to go now”
“Oh, I’ll just lock up and drop you off”
Bella assisted and in no time they were settled in Patty’s convertible, Bella directed her and they arrived at the estate, she got down and they exchanged byes before she moved into the gate.
“Hi miss” the security man she had seen the previous day said to her.
“Hi” she said back and dashed off before he could say something else.
She reached home and settled on a couch, Maurice didn’t arrive so she went to the kitchen and took out ingredient for homemade lasagna, pat had taught her. She made the meal in a different way, the way pat had taught her and in less than an hour she was done. She heard the front door open and she went back to the living room to see Maurice coming in with his backpack, he looked completely worn out and she smiled. He could have dinner first then go to bed early.
“You’re back?” she went to him and he first sniffed in, he perceived the scent of food, he smiled, his hunger was playing tricks on him. he had nothing during work and break, he was too busy he couldn’t go to the cafe, he was hungry and tried but what could he do? Bella had to eat dinner before she goes to sleep.
“Arrgh” he mumbled.
“You look stressed out” Bella said.
“I worked all day–
“You can go to bed early tonight if that’ll help”
“And dinner?”
“I’ve handled that” she said and his brows narrowed. “Come” Bella took him to the kitchen and showed him the pot the of lasagna she had made, he wowed.
“You made this?”
“Yes” she said “I knew you’d be tired, I decided to help with dinner”
“That’s great, you’re really learning” he said.
“I watched a cook show” she said.
“Go change, I’ll set the meal” Bella said and he nodded before walking away.
Bella quickly arranged the table before dishing out the meal in two flat plates, she set them on the breakfast table then set the chair before the table, she went to the fridge and peered into its content then closed it back and walked to the counter, she poured out coffee in two cups and set them beside the meal. Maurice walked into the kitchen in all smiles, Bella was glad that she helped and Maurice was happy, now she hoped he’ll like the meal.
Maurice sat on a chair while she took the other, she waited until he took the first spoon into his mouth, chewed and swallowed then smiled. “It’s good” he said and she smiled as he continued eating, Bella took her spoon and joined. The rounded up dinner and Bella insisted on clearing the table, Maurice agreed and went to his room to shower before bed.
Soon, Bella was done with the cleaning, washing and keeping before she moved to the living room and sat on a couch to watch an ongoing music concert in L.A, she heard a loud beep behind her and she turned. It was Maurice phone ringing, she stood up and took it. ‘Joliet’ it read and she wondered who it is. The phone rang so loud she decided to take it to Maurice, she reached the door and turned an ear to it to listen for sounds, hearing none she turned the door knob and moved into his room, finding no one she dropped the phone on his bed and made to turn when she heard the running of water from the other room, she remembered Maurice hated water and she knew he’d be in that room, is he okay? is his phobia back or is he trapped there?
She pushed the thought and head to the door but stopped. Maurice wasn’t happy when she entered earlier today, what if he gets mad at her? her subconscious said, but what if he’s in trouble? her mind contemplated but she agreed with it, she moved to the door and put her ear to it, she heard the sound of water; lots if it very close now, she held the knob and turned in then moved into the bathroom, the first sight she caught was a naked Maurice, standing on the shower stand and water pouring on him. Her eyes widen as she realized what she was seeing but Maurice eyes was on her too and her feet kept stamped.
“I’m sorry” she quickly ran out and to the sitting-room, she breathed out the rasp of breaths she held in, she just saw Maurice’s privacy, oh goodness why is she so stupid? she hit her head with her fist and shot her eyes, trying to send the memories out of her head but they rushed in more and she shook her head before resting it on the couch headrest.
Maurice stepped into the living room, a bit livid at Bella’s earlier act, yes he knew she was dumb at somethings but she wasn’t stupid, she could’ve knocked or better still called his name and the heck! what does she wants in his room and his bathroom?
She turned and her heart skipped but calmed when she saw him clad in his pajamas. “What were you doing in my room?”
“Y-your phone” she stuttered “It was ringing really loud so I took it to your room”
Okay, that wasn’t stupidity.
“And what were you doing in my bathroom?” he asked.
“I-I thought y-you were in danger?”
“Water. I heard the sound of it and I thought you were in trouble since you have phobia for it”
Alright, that wasn’t stupid too.
“You should’ve knocked, it’s wrong to enter people’s room without knocking, you have to knock first and wait for an answer before moving in”he said and she nodded.
“It’s what bad guys do, right?” she asked “They don’t knock?”
“Bad guys?” he questioned, somehow confused. She nodded.
“They do bad things, I don’t want to be a bad guy” she said .
“You’re not a bad guy–
“prince Elliot is; he’s a real bad guy, I don’t want to be like him” she said, absent minded
“Prince Elliot?” Maurice questioned. “Who’s that?”
“Huh?” she gave a frightened look.
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