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Meribella (Dear Mermaid) Chapter 20

Meribella (Dear Mermaid) Chapter 20




Bella was no more in the sitting room by the time Maurice got there after dropping the call from Diane. He understood she might’ve gone to bed after probably waiting for him for long. He retired to bed too.

The next morning he woke up and drove himself fully into the morning before walking to the kitchen to make breakfast. Bella joined him minutes later, her first sight of him gradually jerked a feeling deep within her to life..
Yesterday he had called someone ‘his love’.. it must definitely be a lady. He can’t call a guy his love right?
But still he has someone else, is it still proper that he loves her too.. She had rejected Raymond for him because it was wrong to love two people but somehow she wanted Maurice to love her too.
Just like Raymond she still prefer being in second place too, as long as she could hear Maurice tell her he loves her everyday. But he’d tell someone else to right and she wouldn’t stand that.
Can’t Maurice just love her too, only her and no one else? Since he now has a girlfriend does it mean her chances now are thin or impossible. could he just–
She jerked up, causing her tea to spill carelessly but fortunately it didn’t meet her skin. “Here” he offered her a paper towel which she collected and wiped her the part of her cloth that had tea stain.
“Are you okay?” Maurice asked and she nodded continuously before setting the paper towel on the table.
She put down the tea and took her toasted jammed bread, she pulled in a not-so- greedy bite and chewed on it, her gaze far into space.. Maurice felt the urge to ask what was wrong with her but he kicked against it instead and focused on his breakfast.
After breakfast Bella cleared the table while Maurice left to his room, she finished the dishes and wiped the table before moving to the living room.
Maurice left for work without saying a word and Bella plopped herself to a couch, staring mindlessly at the TV.. She took her phone from her dress pocket and pressed the power button, she turned it on and went to her contact. She held her hand a little above Maurice name then sighed before dropping the phone on the chair. She glanced at the wall clock, a little after eight. it read.
She shifted her gaze back to the TV and stared on at the screen until she felt her eyes becoming tired and dizzy, she settled on the couch hand soon she was driving far into the Dreamworld.


Hours later Bella was up, she rubbed her eyes before getting up and walking into the kitchen. She quickly prepared a quick lunch and set it on the breakfast bar with a bottle of water and cup. She had her lunch and washed the dishes.
She walked to her room and changed her clothes to a red dress that stopped a bit above her knees, she loosened the band on her hair and re-packed it before heading out and locking the door then heading for the estate gate.
She head to Patty’s shop and yanked aside the stares that accompanied her, she got to Patty’s shop and moved it.
“Wow Bel, it’s you,” she said and Bella nodded “You look so… different”
“Nah, beautifully” Bella smiled
“Thanks patty” she said.
“But there’s something missing,” she took Bella hand “Come-in, I’ll just attend to this one and fix the rest of you up”
Bella helped herself to a cup of coffee while watching Patty attend to her guests.
Soon she was done and she changed the sign then turned off the outer light before moving back into her shop and leading Bella to one of the rooms. She sat her on a cushion chair and took out her little makeup box.
“I’ll do a light makeup for you then we’ll be ready to go”
“Makeup” Bella repeated ignorantly.
“Yes. just watch”
She opened the box and first took a face wiper……
Patricia wiped off a bit of the eyeliner that showed below the lines, she checked out Bella face once more, smiled then clapped. “All done” she stretched a mirror to Bella and she took it then peered.
“W-wow” she stuttered with wide eyes” It’s pretty”
“You’re pretty Bella” Patty said and Bella smiled.
“Thanks Pat,” she said “I feel like I’m different”
“Positively or negatively”
“Of course it’s positive,” she cried “Thanks Patty”
“You’re welcome” she said “It’s just one of my light artistic styles, no need to get too emotional. We’re just seeing a movie” Bella nodded.
“Wait here, I’ll just change these” she pointed to her work clothes “To something more better” she added before moving out.
Bella looked at herself once more in the mirror and smiled.
She was indeed more beautiful. She picked up the foundation and sponge with the pink lip gloss..
Did only these petty stuffs transform her this way.. Humans are really surprising though.
She put them down when patty arrived and sat to wear her makeup..
They rounded up by 5:39 before moving to Patty’s car, they got in and she drove them.
“Patty, I heard Maurice call someone ‘his love’ yesterday In a phone call. Could it be his girlfriend”
Patricia gave her a quick look before responding.
“Probably. ‘Love’ is a word used for anyone you cherish so much.. be it your siblings, parents or your friends” she said.
“So you think it’s his relatives right?”
“I don’t know Bel but you never can say, maybe he does have a girlfriend..” she paused when she saw the effect her sentence had on Bella “Or maybe he doesn’t” she added and Bella looked at her before plopping her head to the chair’s headrest.
“I hope he doesn’t” she mumbled and sighed.

They got to the cinema a bit late and almost the whole seats were occupied, unfortunately they had to move to the back since the front seats were occupied, they sat after having a pack of popcorn. Bella wowed at the sight of so many people, she had never seen so much in her life. She smiled and took a pick at her popcorn.
Minuted later into the dark the movie began and the silence erupted the whole hall.
“It’s starting” Patty pouted and pushed Bella with an arm, she simply smiled at her before relaxing as the movie’s title appeared on the large screen.

The walked among the crowd before getting out of the building, the cozy air hit them first then the chills it sent followed next and Bella sighed into it.
“Wow Patty, that movie was great” Bella said and patty nodded.
“Told ya” they walked to her car and got in.
“Monica was really determined to get Joshua. I’ve never seen someone so serious in my life” Bella said as Patty began driving.
“She was indeed determined and she got him, didn’t she?”
“She did,” Bella said thoughtfully “You know, I think my situation is pretty similar to Monica’s” Bella said, earning a quick look from Patricia.
“How. Pat and Josh got married” she said.
“True. And they divorced. Josh had an outside girlfriend, that was why he divorced Monica, because he loved someone else..”
“Ok-ay” Patty drawled, not understanding Bella’s thoughts.
“But Monica fought for him, she fought until he loved her, she believed she could get him back even when her chances were fading right in front of her. I think I need to fight for Maurice too, I can’t be sure if he actually referred to his sibling or one of his friends when he said ‘my love’ yesterday and until I’m clarified I still can’t jump into conclusion”
“I’m still clueless Bel. Where exactly are you driving to?” Patty asked.
“I’m saying that for me to have Maurice, I need to fight for him. Not really a physical ferocious fight but I need to let him know of my feelings and then keep letting him know until he agrees to it. I think it’ll work”
Patty smiled.
“You really love that guy so much”
“I do. It hurts so much just hearing that he called someone else his love” her face gave way to a frown.
Patty rubbed her shoulder “I know that feeling Bel. Cheer up”
“Do you think that one day, just one day, Maurice will love me too?”
“If you guys are meant for each other then he will. No doubts about that” Bella beamed with smiles.
“Thanks Patty”
“You’re welcome”
When they arrived at Sally estate’s gate, Bella got down and they bid each other goodbye before she moved into the gate and walked to her house.
If Maurice doesn’t love her even when she loves him so much, then she’ll make him to. They could use her love, which for sure was very strong, to build his right from the foundation and make it strong..
She got to the door and without knocking it got opened by Maurice and she moved in.
“I called. why weren’t you picking?” he asked.
“I didn’t take my phone along, it’s in my room”
she said.
“I was really worried. You have to always carry your phone anywhere so I can always reach you. Okay?”
“Okay” she nodded.
“I made dinner. Since it’s late you have to eat and go to bed” Bella nodded as she stared at his face.

Could he ever love her?
Okay maybe he can’t love her same way she does love him but can he ever love her as a close friend.. Will she ever, even for once, hear him call her his love.
“Bella, why ain’t you movi–
She cut short his statement as she walked to him and hugged him, she inhaled the cologne he wore from his pyjama.
“Can I just stay here for a little while?” she asked and rested her head on his chest. “Please Maurice”
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