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Meribella (Dear Mermaid) Chapter 21

Meribella (Dear Mermaid) Chapter 21




Bella got up the next morning with a free sleepless spirit, she stretched and rolled out of bed before running a hand through her hair and waving it to the back.. She walked to the window and pulled it open before peering out, a rush of the early morning wind washed her face and scattered her hair all over them, Bella let out a happy smile before pinning her hair and inhaling a mouthful of clean air. She caught sight of two teenagers obviously a couple, holding hands with intertwined fingers and laughing heartily into the morning.. She watched as the girl lay her head on the boy’s shoulder and how he kissed it and made her blush while she kissed his cheek in return and they laughed and talked words that she couldn’t hear or read. Bella pictured she and Maurice in their place, holding hands, walking together in the sunlight, smiles on their lips and happiness in their heart, kissing in front of many people and doing things only lovers does; she pictured Maurice making her blush and confessing how much he loves her and adores her. Bella laughed out her fantasy and smiled when she felt her cheeks burning with blushes..
What a wonderful couple she and Maurice would make! She thought.
She really wished all her dreams wouldn’t come out as a nightmare, a frightening one at that..Bella sighed.
She has to make Maurice her’s somehow before her feelings for him reach an unreasonable stage, she had to be Monica and win Maurice to her even though they were never lovers in the past, she just wants to see her future and Maurice in it. She looked out for the couples and realized unfortunately that they were no longer on the street..
“It doesn’t matter, as long as Maurice stays with me and never leaves, my life’s perfect” she said to herself and nodded to it, somehow she just have to make it work, she’d make Maurice love her laugh last like Monica in the movie she watched with Patty.. Something good have to come out from her effort..
Bella slipped her feet into her footwear before loosening her pajama rope and stripping to bath..
“You’re up” Maurice asked or rather said coz it sounded more like a statement once he sight Bella come into the kitchen, her hair was deemed from the shower with droplets of water dropping on her shoulder and her lips bright and more pink-ish.. He shook the thought about her lips and faced the oven, mindless-ly watching the pan biscuit bake..
Bella watched Maurice back and decided to help set the table when an idea struck.. Okay, maybe a little lover act won’t harm.
“Ouch!” Bella yelped and suddenly gripped one of the breakfast stool close to her.. Maurice turned in alarm and rushed to Bella to assist her before she fall off.
“Bella? Are you okay?” He asked after helping her settle on one of the chairs.
“I-I d-don’t know” Bella stuttered in hypocritical pain. “I think I have a morning headache” she said.
Maurice brows rose as he felt her temperature with the back of his palm “should I get a doctor?”
“No!” Bella sharply objected before calming down a while “It’s not all that serious.. Can you just stay here for a while? That might help” Bella said and rested her head on Maurice stomach. “It’s more better” she sighed. Maurice stood and watched as she relieved her pains in her own way that seemed weird.. It’s not like he’s some pain killers or some body-to-body healer..
“Are you sure you’re OK?” He asked “I could get you some pain killers if you want” he said and Bella abruptly shook her head..
“This is better” she mumbled enough to his hearing and wrapped a hand around his waist, drawing him closer to herself and swaying in the nice smell of his cologne and the feel of his manly skin on her face.. Bella secretly let out a smile, thanks to her unbelievable acting skills she and Maurice were doing what she had seen lovers do in movies. Her first attempt was really paying off and to think Maurice easily fell for her prank made her smile more. ‘He cares about her’ Bella bit on her lower lip. Bella nose scrunched up a bit as the nice scent she was perceiving on Maurice’s body gradually faded and a slightly offensive, really strong and smoky odor took over.. She sniffed it and her nose wrinkled.
“Is it just me or does something smells kind of….
“Shitty fuck!” Maurice fiercely but gently tug away from her and dashed to the pan where the bacons were frying or rather burning, he quickly adjusted backwards as the flame popping out of the pan threatened him.. He coughed out and with few waves of his hand at the smoke he took another step and swiftly turned off the gas ring before covering the pot and breathing out in some sort of relief.
Bella eyes narrowed as Maurice glanced at her.
OK , her plan worked out well but at the expense of getting the house burnt. She sighed and gave Maurice an apologetical look.
“Come-on, let’s move out of here before one of us passes out” he took her hand and led her out.
Maurice was able to make up for the burnt bacon with bread and hot coffee at the expense of his work, he trashed the burnt food and set the new breakfast on the table, after have two bites and a sip of his coffee he left Bella alone to prepare for work..
He came out fully dressed and met Bella in the living room watching a kiddies show, she glanced at him once she felt his presence.. He told her to take care and handed her a pack of pain killers in case the pains which she claimed was gone, returned. “Call me if it gets too serious” he cautioned and she nodded and watched his exit the house to work.
Bella pressed herself deeper into the couch she sat in and sighed, the cuddle she had pretentiously shared with Maurice got pictured out in her mental screen and a smile curved on her lips.. He might’ve seen it as simply caring or helping her regain her health but she saw it as something else.. ‘Maurice had cuddled her’ it was something only lovers do and gradually they’d be close to that.. She blushed.
“Wait, you really did that?” Patty asked hysterically as she tried frantically to suppress another round of laughter that was threatening to flow out and Bella nodded with a smile.
“And he fell for it, you could’ve seen my face”
“I’m envisioning it right now. Seriously Bel, you’re so great”
“I know right. Though breakfast got burnt. I guess he forgot about that since he was cuddling me” Bella paused and shifted her head a bit closer to Pat’s “Could that be a sign of love?” Patty’s brows narrowed at Bella’s question. “I’ve seen couples that forget certain important things because they’re with someone they really love. do you think Maurice forgot about the food because we were together?” Bella asked.
“Well.. Uh, I’m not some love expert or mind reader but I think Maurice was just being caring, I mean it’s normal for you to forget about something else if there’s a critical situation at hand.. Anyone could’ve done that” Patty said and Bella face fell.
“You should’ve just lied if you wanted to say that..” She sighed “I feel like a failure now” Bella rubbed her palm “Well it doesn’t matter, I’m still at the edge of my plan so a no-progress is natural..I’ll just keep trying” Bella said.
“I really wish someone could love me as you love this Maurice guy.. It’s just so beautiful” Patty said and Bella chuckled.. “Good people don’t come out all the time, it simply happen at the right time.. Don’t worry Pat, yours isn’t that distant” Bella said and Patty smiled.
“Don’t be too pushy on Maurice if you really want him to like you, I’m saying this from experience.. You don’t have to be cloggy or distant, guys respect girls who are more supporting nowadays.. Just let Maurice see how determined and supportive you are and love you for that. Trust me, being hyperactive around guys makes them avoid you. Just ignite your girl power and let Maurice feel it, he’ll love you if he’s really yours” Patty ended.
“You think so?” Bella asked.
“I know so” Patty said and Bella sighed thoughtfully.
“Thanks Pat” she smiled “You’re right, it’s high time Maurice sees my girly charm in a new me, not the boring, nerdy, geeky Bella but the fun one. I’ll definitely make that happen”
Patty smiled “Just be careful”
“Yes mom” Bella replied sarcastically and they laughed.

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