Meribella (Dear Mermaid) Chapter 22

Meribella (Dear Mermaid) Chapter 22




Maurice?” Bella called as she took off the kitchen glove and ran to the living room in time to see Maurice coming in.. “You’re back”
“Um yeah” he answered and she hugged him, making him flinch a little because it was unexpected.
“Uh Bella that’s okay, I’m a little weak for this” he said, trying to reduce her grip and she pulled away and brushed few strands of hair off her face before looking at him.
“Sorry, I just missed you a lot” she said and Maurice smiled.
“What’s up with you? Does your head still hurt? Did you forget to take the drugs?…”
“I’m fine, I’m fine” she cut him off with a wave of her hand.
“Uh okay”
“Go freshen up, I’ll just round up with dinner and set the table” Bella said and Maurice nodded before walking past her…Bella smiled after him before clapping her hands dramatically.
So couple-like..
Bella quickly finished dinner, hoping the extra effort she put into it wasn’t puny.. She quickly set the food on the table and washed her hands before settling it on the table with steaming coffee. Maurice joined her and took a seat, he first took a sip of his water and looked up at Bella to see her staring at him with her both palms resting on her cheeks and her elbows on the table, her eyes looking at him in some sort of awe.
“Is something on my face?” He asked her while using the other hand to check his face.
“, sorry” she rushed her words while sitting up right and she gulped. “I-I want you to tell me how the food taste” she said and Maurice nodded before grabbing a spoon on the towel, he dug it into the soup and gulped it then savored it.. “It’s good” he said taking another spoonful.
“I wanted it to taste that way that’s why I put in so much effort”
“Looks like it paid off” Maurice said and she smiled “it” she passed him the meatloaf.
Bella did the dishes before joining Maurice in the sitting room where he was typing into his laptop. She settled on a couch and switched channels to a movie sitcom.. She settled for it, it became a bit boring towards the middle so Bella paid less attention to it and watched Maurice instead as he typed into his laptop, his front hair falling to his face and curling to a side.. She smiled at the masculine haven beauty. She saw him moisten his lower lips and watched them move inaudibly and her eyes drove to them, they were pink and full and the urge to see hers on them came.. She looked up at his eyes and saw them looking at her, she searched for something else apart from the look of confusion it held. She saw his brows lift and flinched when she heard her name, it sounded a bit aggressive.. She drove out of Bella’s-world and looked at Maurice to see him looking at her.
“Uhm, what?”
“I asked if we still have some milk and eggs” He said “But you didn’t respond even though your eyes were directly on me”
Bella wet her lips.
“Oh… I don’t know about eggs but they’re about five bottles of milk in the fridge” she said.
“That shouldn’t be enough” he mumbled then looked into his laptop and typed.
“What’re you doing?” Bella stood up and moved to him.
“Ordering some groceries online” he said and she peered unfamiliarly into the laptop. “Online?” She repeated and he nodded.
“Can’t we just get them at the store together when you’re less busy at work?” She asked and he looked at her.. “I’m almost done with the orders” he said.
“You couldn’t have mentioned it all, you must’ve left out some things since I’m the one who makes most of the meals” she said.
“Just tell me their names, I’ll order it right away” he said.
“I can’t recollect most of it, I’m not really familiar with them and besides I need to get recipes for a new dish too. You can’t order those online” she said.
“Okay then. We’ll go shopping after I check my less busy time on this week schedule” he said and Bella smiled.
“So it’s a date?” She asked shyly , her eyes going up and down on him.
“What?” He raised his eyes at her in surprise. “it’s not a date, it’s called grocery shopping” he shut his laptop and stood up from the chair, moving to his room. Bella face fell disappointingly.
“But can we call it a date?” She raced after him.
“No” he said.
“Please, let’s call it a daaaate” she drawled.
“No! Stop insisting” he said.
“Please Maurice” she followed him.
“Goodnight Bella” he got to his room and closed the door.
Bella stood there for a while, staring at the door with her lips pouted, her fingers playing with themselves and her eyes staring at Maurice room door with a sad face.
She sighed slowly before moving to her room.
Maurice set his alarm on and laid on the bed, he reached for the light switch and turned it off before grabbing his duvet up to his hand, he rested his head on the pillow and stared around the dim room.
“A date?” He said to himself, remembering Bella’s word and he sighed before turning to the other side of his bed.
Was she kidding when she asked that or… But she didn’t look like it was a joke. Is she really asking them to go on a date?. Maybe she just heard the word and it sound nice to her but…
“Ugh!” Maurice grumbled and pulled the duvet over his head before shutting his eyes.
The next morning Maurice left for school with Bella escorting him to the car and watching him drive off, she walked back into the house and grabbed her jacket and phone, she slipped her feet into her flops and got out of the house.. Adding the lock to the door she walked briskly to the estate gate and got out. Feeling the uneasy air a bit rougher on her skin she pulled into her jacket and rubbed her palm together.
“Bella?” She suddenly heard a distant but near voice and she turned to see Raymond, resting his butt on his car’s butt…he smiled at her and started walking to her.
“Ray” she said as he got to her. “Let me guess, You were waiting for me?” She asked when he stood close to her.
“Yes and fortunately I didn’t wait for too long” he said and they started walking to his car. “I could’ve come in but I wasn’t really certain if you lived here so I decided to wait”
“What if I wasn’t coming out today?”
“Well you did and that’s what matters” he said with a smile.
“And why were you waiting for me mister?” Bella asked, folding her hands together.
“I want to take you on a date” he said.
“A date?” Bella asked, suddenly remembering her conversation with Maurice.. She shook it off. “Isn’t that what first time lovers do?” She asked.
“It is,” he tells her “But we both know it’s your part that’s still left blank. My part is filled Bella, I’m ready to be your lover because I love you. It’s you who haven’t accepted” he said and Bella blinked twice. OK, for a fact Raymond is a really nice guy. He loves her and buys her things and she could say she liked him a lot, way more than Elliot but her heart just doesn’t reach out for him the way it does for Maurice. Raymond is just a friend, scratch that.. He’s a really great companion and maybe most girls dream but that just doesn’t apply to her. She just really loved only Maurice.
“You know what, let’s just go for lunch” she said, skipping his last statement.
“A lunch date?” He asked and corrected.
“A lunch lunch” Bella replied and moved to the car before him.
“Okay princess” he said and got into the driver’s seat.
“It’s Bella” she said.
“I think princess’s more suitable for you” he said and she shook her head.
“Knuckle head” she primped and he laughed.
“All for you princess” he said and Bella gave him a quick look before chuckling.


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