Meribella (Dear Mermaid) Chapter 29

Meribella (Dear Mermaid) Chapter 29




The next morning Bella got up early and did the routines before getting ready for work in no time, after grabbing her clutch she walked to the living room and Maurice was on a couch, sipping from a glass of water.. He saw Bella and gave her a questioning look before standing up.
“At least, can I drop you off to wherever you’re going?” He asked and Bella shook her head negatively.
“No. I’ll be fine. Don’t worry too much, I’ll try to come home early today” she said.
“I’m not completely worried. I’m just– Well, just don’t stay out too late” he said and walked to the kitchen, scratching his hair nervously. Bella shrugged and walked out of the house.
Well, she didn’t make it home early that day as work seem to keep piling up each minute.. She got home and went straight to bed after little chats from an obviously worried Maurice.. She piled up her money and kept it inside her bedside drawer before showering and going to sleep, the other morning history repeated and Bella was able to give him some lame excuse before walking past him to bed.
The next morning Bella left for work after making breakfast and left a small note for Maurice since he didn’t come out of his room.
She got to work and saw another lady and Patty doing the cleaning.
“Good morning Patricia,” she greeted and dumped her purse on the counter before going to join them
“Morning Bella,” Patty responded “uh Miranda, she’s the girl I was telling you about. Bella this is Miranda, she’s a part time college student, she’ll be working here with us” Patty said.
“Oh Hi, I’m Bella”
“I’m Miranda.. Nice to finally meet you” she said and Bella gave Patty a secret look and she shrugged. Well, obviously looks like those two have been talking pretty much and the subject was her.
Work started and it became less easy for Bella since Miranda proved to be hardworking.
Bella took her purse when she heard the ringing of her phone and took it out, she checked the caller ID; Raymond and she swiped to the receiver.
📱Hey princess📱 his voice sounded first.
📱 Raymond? Why are you calling?📱
📱 can you come out for a while?📱
📱 Actually I’m not home at the moment📱
📱 I know that.. I saw you going into a restaurant. You seem to be in a hurry so–
📱You followed me, didn’t you?📱
📱 That’s right. I’m waiting📱
He hung up. Bella stood up from the chair, took off her apron and adjusted her clothes.
“Uhm Pat, can I go out for a while? I’ll be back soon” she said.
“Sure. Can you get some paper bags while you’re at it?, the seller’s just across the street”
“Okay” Bella picked up her purse, took some money from the bag and walked out of the restaurant.
She caught sight of Raymond a bit opposite Patty’s restaurant and she walked up to him. He saw her and a smile twitched his lips.
“You know it’s wrong to stalk a woman don’t you?” She asked.
“Hello to you too princess” he said and she rolled her eyes.
“That wasn’t a greeting but anyways, why are you here?”
“What? You’re not happy to see me? I missed you so much I thought I was gonna die. Didn’t you miss me too?”
“Stop being such a big baby Ray”
He chuckled “you look stunning princess” he complimented What are you doing here?”
“Working,” she answered simply “and you’re distracting me. Do you want me to get fired?”
“Of course not princesa but really I’m glad I caused you distractions. Tell me, you’ve been thinking about me lately?”
“You wish,” she scoffed at him “I need to get paper bags, can you drop me off across the street?”
“Why not? After we’ve had one or two cups of coffee”
“I’m not taking no for an answer Bel. I’ve missed you too much to be disappointed”
“Alright but just a cup”
“As long as you’re there” he said with a smile and they got into the car.
He packed at a coffee shop and they got in, Bella ordered for a cup of dark coffee and whipped cream while Raymond went for cappuccino. They sipped and had little gist, after the first cup of coffee Raymond settled the bills and they walked out of the coffee shop, heading to were Ray’s car was parked.
“Hello..” They heard a voice behind them, trying to catch up with their pace; it finally got to them and it was a woman dressed in casuals and a camera in her hand. “Sorry for being a bother but would you like a couple photo. It’s just for five bucks and the photos comes out immediately; neat and very clear” she said.
“But we’re not–
“Oh ma’am I’m sure your husband will love it” the lady cut off Bella’s words.
Wait husband???
“That’s impossible miss, we’re just–
“Okay, how about three quick shots. I want each of them doubled” Raymond said, stepping forward and Bella gave him a questioning look.
“Com’on princess. It’s just three photos that won’t even take up to two minutes and besides there’s nothing wrong with taking a couple photo”
“A couple—
“We’re ready miss”
“Okay, you have to stop cutting me off. It’s annoying” Raymond gave her a sorry look and she rolled her eyes.
“Here let’s move away from the sun” the lady said and they moved to a less brighter place.
For the first shot they stood side by side, an inch apart from each other and the camera clicked. “That wasn’t very romantic and couple-like, let’s try another style” the camera lady said, shifting backwards again to pose for the next shot. For the second shot Raymond cupped Bella’s face and they stared at each other like they were couple, hungering for a kiss.
“That was better than the first. Let’s take the last”
Raymond turned, bent and gave her a kiss on her cheek, Bella frowned and was about looking at him when the camera clicked and he shrugged.
“That was really good” she said and Bella gave Raymond a glare.
“It was just a peck. Don’t make a fuss over it” he grumbled, Bella shook her head and shifted her attention to the lady who was trying to get their photos out in double. She cut it out and handed it to Raymond who checked it out before paying and she left.
“I don’t look particularly pretty here and it’s your fault” Bella asked, looking at the photo where Raymond kissed her and her face was completely crumpled.
“How ever you look you’re still gonna be mì amore (my love)”
“That was a lame compliment” Bella chided and climbed up to the passengers seat, she kept the photos in her purse as Raymond laughed and she looked at him..
“Is it me or do you look like the lady Morgana?” Raymond asked, referring to the photo where Bella’s face was twitched while he pecked her. Bella rolled her eyes.
“Is it me or do I feel like you’ll need a punch before you drive” Bella asked and he smiled.
“I’d better drive” he grinned as he turned the accelerator.
Patty dropped Bella off earlier than the normal late hour and she walked to the gate, she got to the porch and typed the pin. She walked into the house, Maurice wasn’t in the living room so she journeyed to the kitchen where Maurice was taking out some oven fried apples from the oven with the gloves. He turned as if sensing her presence.. “Hey,” she said, walking to where he stood. She closed the oven which he left open before facing him “you look like you’ve seen a ghost”
“I’m just surprised at your early arrival” he said and she smiled. “I wanted us to have dinner together today” she said.
“Then I’ll have to bake some more apples” he said. “Okay. I’ll help”

They had dinner and Bella cleared the dishes while Maurice wiped the table.. “Maurice,” Bella called and Maurice faced her. “It’s been a while since we stayed at the pool together. Can we hang out there tonight. I have something to tell you” Bella said, her gaze still on the dish washer “And to give you” she added before moistening her lips..
“Okay. I’ve missed the pool too” he said, Bella wiped her wet hand and turned to him.
“I’ll freshen up and meet you there” she said, moistened her lower lip, sighed and walked out of the kitchen.
Maybe it isn’t a bad idea if she ends it all tonight.


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