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Meribella (Dear Mermaid) Chapter 28

Meribella (Dear Mermaid) Chapter 28




The next morning Bella was sure to rise up once her alarm rang, she quickly did the bathroom stuffs and made breakfast before dressing up for her new job and going back to the kitchen to eat.. She was halfway through her meal when Maurice walked in, still in his pyjamas.
“Good morning” she greeted, quickly puffing her mouth with bread and jam spread.
“You’re up early and.. You’re all dressed up?” His eyes moved to the sandals on her leg and then rolled up to the gown she had on.
“Yes. I’m going out with Patricia. I already made breakfast, there’s hot water left in the flask and I baked some fresh bread too. It’s in the oven” she said, standing up and packing the used plate to the dishwasher to wash.
“But.. Isn’t it a little too early to go out?” He asked as Bella walked past him. “It isn’t” she responded and went back to her room where she applied a little from her make up.. Walking back to the kitchen she washed her hands and dried it before pursing her phone and a little book. Maurice watched her and somehow he just couldn’t stare away and he didn’t know why.. Is it just him or is Bella getting more prettier by the day.
Bella hit the next road and ran across it, the day was completely bright and morning workers were all over the street. Bella took the last turn that led to patty’s shop and walked for few minutes before getting to the shop. She met Patty cleaning up the interior of the shop and after exchanged greetings she grabbed another broom and joined her in the cleaning. Patty left her to check on the dishes she was preparing.. Bella rounded up the cleaning and joined Patty with the food.
Their first guest for the day was a middle aged couple with their two children; a male and female. Bella took their orders and brought it to their table.. “Enjoy” Bella said. She tilt her head and noticed the male child of the couples, looking lasciviously at her.
“You’re so pretty miss” he said and Bella smiled. “Thanks you sir. I really hope you’ll enjoy your meal” she said, trying to sound work-like because she was honestly disliking the look the young dude was giving her.
“I hope so too. We decided to have something new and tasty for breakfast and we were directed here” the woman said and Bella put on a friendly smile “you were led right ma’am, we serve the best dishes here. You won’t regret it. I can pinky swear on that” she said and the woman chuckled.
“I like you already miss. I’m Leila and this is my husband Hugo, there’s my daughter Natasha and my son–
“I’m Desmond, beautiful” the guy said, with a flirtatious.
“And I’m Bella. I’ll leave you now to enjoy your meal” she said.
“Um miss Bella?” She heard her name from the dude’s mouth and her face twitched with disgust but she changed it to a smile immediately she turned to him.. “Yes sir”
“Can I have your digits, if you don’t mind” he asked..
“Actually I–” she cut herself from saying ‘I do mind’ .. “I’m sorry sir, but if you need home delivery service. We don’t offer that. Please enjoy your meal” Bella said and left them to go to the counter to attend to another customer.
“That pervertic jerk!” she breathed out her disgust once she was at the counter with Patty and away from the guest.
“What?” Patricia asked and Bella smiled. “It’s nothing. Here’s the next order”.
Bella walked back to the restaurant with the tray of food and somehow her head tilted to the Desmond dude direction and he winked at her, she nearly puked but she simply gave him a small smile and looked away.
He was a handsome guy, any girl could see that but she just didn’t like his type.. She was hundred percent certain he was a Playboy, one of those many guys that can’t keep their eyes from anything under skirt and she hates those kinds the most.
Work kept on getting hectic by the day but Bella couldn’t give up. She kept attending to more customers and tried her best to be as polite as her work demand.. She got little change as well from those that asked her to keep the change for being so entertaining and well beautiful ; mostly from males.
One of them; an old Granny even told her ‘I’ll be having a baking party on Saturday next week, please do well to come. I have a handsome grandson too and I’m sure he’d like to meet you’ Bella secretly rolled her eyes to that then mashed it up with a smile and said “I’m sorry granny but I have plans on Saturday”..
“Well how about next week?”
“I have plans for all Saturdays” and with that she smiled and walked away.
They were able to settle for the day when it was already dark .. And after having a light dish and getting her day salary which a little more than expected, Bella sunk to the comfort of one of the many chairs while Patty changed the sign to closed and turned off the exterior light. She walked back to Bella.
“So how’d you describe your first day at work?”
“Manageable I guess. At least I survived” she said and Patty laughed.
“That’s how it always is at the first day. But you’ll get used to it”
“Yeah. I know” she said. “I’ll have to call it a day Pat. I could really use some rest, I feel worn out” Bella said, lifting her weightless body off the chair.
“Yeah. I’ll give you a ride home”
“I’d appreciate that”
In no time they were settled in the convertible and Patty drove her home, they said their goodbyes and she walked into the estate and took the walk to the house. She typed the entrance password and got into the house.. Maurice got out of the kitchen.
“Oh goodness Bella! Why weren’t you answering your calls?” Maurice beckoned , rushing up to her.
“Huh,” Bella took out her phone and gasped “15 missed calls!” She looked up at him “I had no idea. I was busy”
“And why are you just returning?”
“I had things to do” she said, remembering she couldn’t tell him about her job because she’ll also have to give a reason and she didn’t want him to know about that.
“Busy? Do you realize that it’s past 9:00pm and how dangerous the streets can be?”
“Don’t worry Maurice, I wasn’t alone. Patty dropped me off” she said.
“But still it’s–
“Can we have this conversation some other time. I’m really stressed out,” Bella said and Maurice lips twitched “goodnight Maurice” Bella walked past him to her room.
Maurice wanted to tell her about dinner but he knew she mightn’t need it and hold on.. Did she just somehow avoid him?

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