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Meribella (Dear Mermaid) Chapter 34

Meribella (Dear Mermaid) Chapter 34




Bella got down from the car and shook as the evening breeze contacted her skin, Raymond walked up to her and wrapped a jacket around her before watching her as she scanned the propinquity. “What’s this place?” She asked, adjusting the jacket to her body and sniffing as her eyes scanned the place.
“It’s a Nonprofitable medical health organization for the aged. It’s a place I come to when I’m depressed or down, I watch them play and then I realize how important life is especially when you’re still young and can do many things on your own without assistance” he says and Bella nodded.
They moved to the door and were allowed into the big hall, they took seats at the end of the room and Bella watched the aged, laughing, playing and talking with so much life even though it was obvious that life was already seeping from them.
“I’ll get us coffee” Raymond said to her before standing up and walking away. Bella shifted her gaze to another part of the large room where she heard sounds of music. She sighted an old granny, sitting by the corner of the room and working her fingers on the strings of a guitar while her mouth moved in a song. She smiled as she watched her humming like a teenager in emotions.
Her fingers stopped moving and when Bella looked up at her she noticed her gaze on her, she signaled on her to come and Bella went to her. “Sit” she said and Bella sat beside her on the carpeted floor.
“Here, ” the woman stretched the guitar to her “can you play? ” the woman asked. Bella shook her head and earned a spank from the woman, she yelped with twitched brows. “Ouch!”
“You young ones don’t pay attention to the things that matters anymore. It’s heartbreak and unimportant stuffs that’s clouding your young minds now” she said. “If you can’t play then why were you watching?” She asked and Bella shrugged “You play so well” she said and the granny shook her head.
“Even your response isn’t convincing,” she said. “Tell me dear, who is he?” She asked. “Huh?” Bella responded.
“Don’t play hypocrite with me. Your face already says how your heart feels. Is it a guy?” She asked again while Bella sighed and kept mute, looking down at the fingers on her laps. “Or a she?” The woman added when she got no response “Are you a lezzy?” She asked and Bella shook her head. “I’m not granny” she responded. “I’m not that old, just call me lady gaga. Everyone calls me that” she said and Bella grinned.
“What? Do you think I’m that weak, I can dance pretty well. I get lots of money when I pulled on some moves” she said and Bella couldn’t hold her chuckle. “I’m really good at singing too. Tell me what are you good at?” She asked.
“Um,” Bella scratched her head thoughtfully. “I can swim fast and I’m good at cooking too” she said with a smile. “That’s exceptional” she said.
“I was once like you too only that I was prettier and a little chubby. The guys always came and in the end it was me always breaking up with them. The guys still come now but I’m just really busy with my album to pay attention” she said.
“Gr.. Sorry lady gaga, you have albums?” She asked.
“Not yet, I release my songs to every one here, I don’t have to sell and make money to be happy, seeing everyone here happy at my songs is already a fulfilment” she said and Bella smiled.
“I’ve stayed here for twenty years, I’m one of the eldest here. I’ve seen people come and go most of them with sadness because the people they expected to be here don’t turn up. They just dump them here and go, then forget about their existence” she said and smiled while Bella watched her. “I was one of them too except that I’m still here. When my husband died in a motor crash I felt like dying too. He was the best thing and we loved each other with so much sincerity. He died twenty two years ago and during that time I wished I could die too. But when I came here and met people who had lost more than just one person in their life and don’t have hope on getting out of here I realized that life is too short to be sad and then I settled to making people here happy in my little way.
My children don’t like me being here but I chose here, somehow I just feel fulfilled watching them smiling, I love it a lot” she said and Bella smiled emotionally.
A sharp knock stopped Bella’s words and she primped, rubbing her head in pain. “It’s lady gaga. Don’t joke with the spirit of a lively lady” she said and Bella shook her head.
“Okay, lady gaga. Can You be my role model?” She asked and saw granny blush. “I get that a lot and because I like you a little, I give my permission” she said and Bella laughed. “Thanks”.
She looked past granny and sighted Raymond standing at the center of the hall with his eyes scanning around with two cups of coffee wrapped in his fist, obviously looking for her. She saw his gaze rest on her, watched him sigh in relief and started walking to her. Granny traced her eyes and saw her looking at Ray then she looked back at Bella. “Is it him?” She asked and Bella looked at her “Huh?” She asked, rather confused. “He has a fine face, was that why you chose him? ” she asked again but Bella still didn’t understand. Raymond reached them and looked at Bella “I’m glad I found you” he said, put the coffee down and made to sit but granny sharp spank sent him to the ground.
“Ouch!” He cried, rubbing his leg where granny had slapped. “Why did you do that?” He asked, Bella looked at granny in awe.
“Who said you could seat?” She fired “Do you go around breaking young girls heart? Or did you just choose who to toy with” She asked and Bella suddenly understood what she had meant, it was only that she had the wrong guy. Raymond looked from granny to Bella then back at granny “I don’t understand” he said.
“Maybe a little tip will help ” she said and pulled on his earlobe between her thumb and index finger and Ray cried out. “Ouch! That hurts” he yelped.
“Shhh” she stopped Bella from talking “one thing I didn’t tell you is that I’m also really good at meting out punishment on bad guys ” she said and pulled harder on his earlobe. Bella let out soft chuckles, watching Raymond act like a kid was so hilarious and granny proved to be strong. “B-Bella why ain’t you saying anything?” Raymond gaze on her was pleading.
“Hey!” Granny knocked him “Leave the young lady out of this” she warned.
“Tell me why you broke her heart. Is there someone else?” She asked and Raymond balls rolled at Bella who replied with a shrug, still laughing out. “I didn’t —
“Don’t even try to deny it. She already confirmed it” granny said and his gaze turned to Bella, tilting his head at her.
“Lady gaga i-it’s not him,” Bella said amidst laughter and granny looked at her “There’s no guy, I’m just a little down over something else” Bella said “please let him go ” she said, trying to suppress her laughter.
“Are You covering up for him because you love him?”
“No lady gaga, it’s really not him” she said and Granny reluctantly released Raymond earlobe and he shifted away, massaging his aching lobes.
Bella watched as she flexed and stretched her muscles before looking at Raymond, who pulled back.
“I never thought I’d be using this healthy muscles today, ” she said and Bella smiled at her “You have really big muscles lady gaga. I’m sure a man will die at your punch ” Bella said and she smiled.
“I know that” she said before winking at Bella.
“Hey. Don’t expect an apology from me, I’m not the type that apologize” she said to Raymond before grabbing one of the coffee cup and sipping from it. Bella took the other and gave it to Raymond who insisted that she have it and she did. Raymond watched them as they drank and he remembered Bella smiling, he had missed that a lot and he realized that bringing her here had not only made her to let go of her problem for a while but it had also made her laugh happily, even though it was at the expense of him being in pains.
Halfway through the coffee they engaged in conversations with granny spanking him at intervals for referring to her as granny and not lady gaga. One thing he noticed was that granny seem possessive though loving and corrective. She was also very friendly and caring. And Bella smiled each time granny bragged about herself and how healthy and strong she is. They sang a song while granny supported with her guitar and even though she wasn’t as good as an expert she was still far more than a novice.
🎶…. With a very big hug🎶
🎶And a kiss from me to you🎶
🎶Won’t you say you love me too🎶 they ended the second song and clapped, and was starting another together when a nurse interrupted, gaining granny’s attention she said.. “It’s time for your evening shot lady gaga” she said and granny frowned.
“I guess it’s a goodbye for the day here” she said and Bella pouted. “I really enjoyed your company, I’ll make sure we visit again”
“I’ll be looking forward to that” she replied. They pecked her cheeks simultaneously and waved as she was drove away on a wheelchair. Bella smiled as granny went out of sight before sighing.
“I really had a great time,” Bella said as Raymond walked over to her side.
“Thanks for taking me there”
“You’re welcome princess,” he smiled “And I’m glad it helped you just as it has always done to me” he said.
Bella took off his jacket and returned it “Does your ear still hurt?” She asked. “No, it’s fine”
“Sorry. I tried to tell granny sooner but she wouldn’t listen”
“It’s fine really. I’m just happy it made you laugh, I’ve missed that” he said and Bella smiled.
“Are you sure you have to stay here?” He asked and she nodded. “I’m fine and besides I have nowhere else to go” she said.
“You can stay with me. My house is big enough for us, I’ll take care of you” he said and Bella smiled.
“Thanks Ray but I can’t and don’t worry I’ll think about your offer if I think it’s time to move” she said. “And thanks for today”.
She gave him a peck, pulled away with a smile and waved at him before moving into the gate.
Bella plopped to a couch once she got into the living room of the house, she sat there for a while before taking out her phone from her pant pocket and turning it on. She had five unanswered calls from Patricia and some voucemails, she also had two from Mira. She had been too busy crying over Maurice and having fun that she hadn’t noticed her phone ringing, she was sure Patty would be worried over her. She clicked on patty’s contact ID and called, there was no pick at the first call and she was about trying again the doorbell rang, only one person came to her mind but she knew Maurice doesn’t sound it when he’s home, he knows the pass key.
She set her phone down and stood up, moving to the door she opened it and her face twitched in unfamiliarity at the sight of a very pretty lady before her. She saw as the lady scanned her from her head to her feet with her long lashes and then her gaze rested on her face. “Hi” she said and her voice sounded like music, it was calm and friendly. “I’m here to see Maurice, is he in?” She asked, her accent pure and educating and her dressing evidenced her high level of education.
“W-who are—
Bella’s voice failed when a car pulled into the driveway and Maurice emerged from the driver’s side, she watched as the lady turned and her gaze was on Maurice whose gaze was not on her.. He was getting to the front of the porch when he finally noticed her and she saw a wave of shock pass through his eye as he stood on his spot staring at the lady who now wore a smile that made her face more heavenly. “Maurice” she called him and for a moment Bella prayed that it shouldn’t be who her instinct told her it is. Her body froze when Maurice said “Diane” and ran to hug her with so much love right in her presence.

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