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Meribella (Dear Mermaid) Chapter 35

Meribella (Dear Mermaid) Chapter 35




Maurice took the seat beside her and smiled back when she flashed him a smile. How he had missed that charming smile. He watched her beside him, she had changed too; positively of course, he remembered watching her on TV in a soap commercial; her skin had become more lighter and soft, her hair was now dyed peach and a little shorter than when last he had seen her. Her lips was full and purplish and the moon glistened in them, he fought the urge to pull closer to her and crash his lips on them, kiss those soft skin and hold her lascivious body. She had always been beautiful and it still kept on charming him even until now. His gaze moved to her long and seductive legs, the perfect one for a model figure.. He had missed her totality. He watched the awkward silence, he had so much to say to her but he just didn’t know where to begin.
“I’ve missed you?” He said, starting a conversation. “Why didn’t you say you were returning today over the call we had yesterday. I would’ve been more ready” he said and she sighed before smiling a bit.
“Because I didn’t want you to be ready and expectant” she replied “I’m sorry Maurice” she said and covered the distance between them before planting a quick kiss on his lips, she pulled away and looked at him. The emotions burst out. Maurice pulled her back to him and crashed his lips on hers, tilting his head and deepening the kiss. He slipped his tongue in as the kiss got more intense and inviting and he couldn’t help but want more. Diane suddenly pulled away, her eyes misty and her sight blur. She shifted from him like she was preventing something before facing him..
“I’m sorry Maurice, I-i’m really sorry” she sobbed, supporting her lips with her palm. “I hope you can forgive me” Maurice frowned in confusion.
“I don’t understand Diane, what do you mean forgive you and why are you crying? ” he asking, trying to adjust to her but she held out a restraining hand and sniffed.. She dabbed her tears.
“I don’t know why I’m this way but whatever happens right now Maurice I hope you understand and try to forgive me” she said, making Maurice more confused.
“Okay you’re really creeping me out” he said. “Can you go straight to the point. Why are you here–
“To break up with you” she answered.
“I’m sorry Maurice but I’m not ready to raise a family, to get married, have kids and get trapped up in marriage. I don’t think I can do all that Maurice–
“What are you saying Diane we–
“I’m saying that I want us to break up,” she repeated “It was hard for me to make that decision and even more difficult to come here and tell you without making my feelings visible but it’s what I want Maurice–
“Y-you’re joking right? You’re not serious Diane right?”
“I’m sorry. I know it’s unexpected and sudden but I have no choice Maurice, I’ve decided to give my life and future to modeling. I came here to say that, I’ll be moving back to the country tomorrow…
“Are you saying this because of Bella?” He asked “There’s nothing between us Diane. Bella’s is a girl I helped, I met her stranded on the street and homeless and I took her in. Nothing mutual happened, we’re just friends. You have to believe me Diane” Maurice said pleadingly
“I’m not doing any of this because of her Maurice. I’m doing this because of me and for the lasting of my long time dream. I’ve love my job Maurice..
Maurice chuckled hysterically then wore a stern look.
“Wait..Are you choosing your job over me? Over us?
“Yes. Yes Maurice, I love modeling too much to give it up. We both know about the many years I spent trying to be where I am now. I’ve wished for this life right from when I was little and you have to understand that it’s impossible to just give it up” she said before looking away and sniffing back her tears “I know it’s hard for you but believe it or not it’s hard for me too. I didn’t even think I’ll be able to say it to your face but one thing I know is that one day, somehow and in some ways we’ll forget we existed and everything that we shared will be pushed to the past and we’ll move on like nothing ever happened. It just takes time and that’s why I’m moving permanently to a place where we’d never meet, where memories of us will begin to fade and where I’ll be able to devote my life to my career without distractions. I still hope you can forgive me–
“I really can’t believe this. I can’t believe you’re breaking up with me this way and that you’re picking modeling over your happiness..
“Modeling is my happiness too. You might not know this but modeling is my life”
“What happened to everything we shared Diane?, all the promises we have for our future, all the vows we made and every moment we spent in each other’s arm. Doesn’t it mean anything to you? Are you going to push all that away because of fame? Are you sending me out of your life because of some goddamned job?” He asked “Answer me Diane?!”
She flinched at the sharpness of his voice and when she turned to him she saw the anger she had never seen since she had known him flaring up in his eyes, she saw the sadness pointing to her and she almost slapped herself for making Maurice feel that way towards her. Seven years ago when they met and started dating until now Maurice had never looked at her in anger nor hatred, his eyes had always been filled with love, passion and affection towards her. And when he smiled, she would feel her heart bursting out of love. He had always loved her and he never stopped telling her about his plans to get married to her and then have kids, he wanted to grow old with her and toothless. And that was exactly what Diane was scared of, modeling wasn’t something that came by easily, it wasn’t something that could be returned to after giving up. She had worked so hard to reach there and now that the opportunity to move higher in her long time dream presented itself and also with a decision of total self-devotion, she couldn’t let Maurice serve as an hindrance. She had to choose one for the other to stay and even though she loves Maurice too, she couldn’t let that opportunity slip by, she couldn’t be with him at the expense of her dream.
“I’m sorry,” she pleaded for the umpteenth time, Maurice ran a quick hand over his hair and let out a ragged sigh. She noticed the tears clouding his gaze and her heart pricked.
“You’re not Diane. You’re not sorry at all because if you are you’d have considered the years we spent together before making that decision, if you are you’d have put my feelings into consideration, if you are you wouldn’t be saying this at this time. Do you know how much I’ve missed you? Everyday I anticipate hearing your voice and getting informed that you’ll be back soon. I thought I could propose when we meet again but I get this instead. You’re fucking leaving me? After the days I spent waiting for you, you’re breaking up just like that? I just can’t believe this, I can’t believe you’re saying this to me” he said puzzled.
“I’m sorry again and I want you to know that I’m hurting too but I don’t want to be selfish,” Diane wiped her tears and stood up. “I hope we’ll be good if we eventually meet in the future. I’m sorry Maurice” she said grabbed her purse and started to leave. Maurice grabbed her wrist, restraining her movement and she turned to him, he intertwined their fingers and his flesh on hers released a long time refreshing feeling. Diane closed her eyes as a sense of déjà vu sliced through her. She opened her eyes, gulped and loosened his grip on her then started walking away..
“Diane,” he called her and she saw a tear fall from his eyes when she stopped and turned to face him “Damn you!” He mumbled and walked away. Diane watched him get out of sight before collapsing on the floor and crying out.
She hadn’t envisioned it ending this way and she also hadn’t seen it ending anyway better. She had only wished Maurice would understand her and even though it’d be hard, to forgive her and tell her he understands but his reaction had said everything. Maurice would never forgive her, he hates her now and she felt herself burning up over his last word. She only wanted to end it peacefully. Diane sniffed, if only he knows how she felt too before making this decision, if only he could see how her heart burst open with so much passion at just seeing him, touching him and kissing him. It was hard for her too but somehow she was glad they had separated; it was for her future and her life.
Her phone started ringing and she pulled it out from her purse then peered at the caller ‘Manager Rico’ it read. She sniffed, wiped her tears and swiped to the receiver then placed the phone on her ear.
📞 I’m almost there sir📞 she said not waiting for him to talk.
📞 I’ll meet you guys at the airport📞 she ended the call, stood up and walked away.
Bella fell from where she had been eavesdropping on Maurice and Diane conversation.. Her face was deemed from tears and her heart divided into two at what Maurice said about her. They were just friends and nothing else’ those words struck her like a bombshell. She just couldn’t believe that description qualified their relationship. Had her feelings meant nothing to him all this while. Had he kept quiet about Diane because he saw her as someone that wouldn’t let him go even at the expense of losing her pride. Was she that gullible to him that he had never even deem it fit to love someone like her. Bella’s heart shattered and she saw the shreds drop at her feet. She just couldn’t believe all this was happening in one day and so unexpectedly.
Somehow she had to accept reality, Maurice didn’t love her, never loved her and will never love her as long as Diane still had his heart. She couldn’t be the one between them. She had to let him go for his happiness, she didn’t want to have him choose and be the one at the loose end. He never loved her.
Bella slowly stood up from her spot, she had heard enough to tell her that she wasn’t needed here. Her stay was already creating discomfort.
Bella walked to the back door, getting there she opened it, turned back and surveyed the house then ran out. The pains she felt didn’t decrease her speed and she kept running until she was out of sally estate. She started running again and stopped with difficulty when she almost bumped into a car, the car stopped and its conveyer stepped out and walked to her in a hurry, staring at the familiar face of Diane she felt her inside racing. “Bella?” She called her, like they had known each other “are you okay? Did I hurt you?” She asked, scanning her.
“I-I-I’m f-fine” she stuttered.
“That’s a relief” she sighed. Bella noticed traces of dried tears on her cheeks and the bags under her eyes.
Bella made to walk away but she stopped her. “I know I don’t have the right to say this nor ask you of any favor but I really need this one from you,” she said then sniffed. Bella only stared “You’re the only one that’s here. Maurice is hurt at the moment and I know he could use a friend right now. While I’m away can you please take care of him?” She asked, “I know I shouldn’t say this but Maurice and I are in a really tight situation and somehow he’s been hurt. I’m really concerned about him but I can’t do anything that’s why I’m asking of this favor, you’ve stayed long with him and I know you’ll understand him that’s why I’m asking you” she said to her. “You might see me as a bad person for a first impression but I’m not. I’m only doing what I think is right. I really hope you’ll understand me when you find out” she said and Smiled at Bella.
“I wish to see you again Bella” she said to her, got into her car and drove off. Bella gulped down as she watched the car go down the road. She stared after it for a moment then turned and continue running, holding her tears from bursting out.
By the time she got to patty’s house she was short of breath. The security man led her in out of recognition and she walked to Patty’s door and placed a knock on it, forgetting to use the bell. Seconds later Patricia opened the door And her jaw dropped on seeing Bella and the condition she was in. She ushered her in after a long hug and offered her coffee. She knew better than to pressure her with questions that could wait for another day so when Bella asked for a bed to sleep, she gave her one and some clean clothes before giving her privacy. Her mind still wondered on what could’ve gone wrong.

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