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Meribella (Dear Mermaid) Chapter 40

Meribella (Dear Mermaid) Chapter 40




She’s an old granny with many grey hairs and she loves instruments” Raymond described to one of the workers at the clinic and he shook his head.
“They’re lot of people with that description here. Doesn’t this woman have a name?”
“Oh she does,” Bella squeaked in “Lady gaga, she’s pretty popular here”
“Of course. We all know her as lady gaga and not old granny, she’ll make your ear as soft as a foam if she hears you describe her that way” the guy said and they chuckled.
“So can we see her. We’re her friends, just tell her Bella’s here” she said and the man directed them to a chair and walked away. Minutes later lady gaga was wheeled on wheel chair to them. She looked weak and her eyes were sunken while her legs were covered with a white cloth.
“She have just twenty minutes to stay here, she’s still receiving treatment” the nurse that wheeled granny said and they nodded.
“I’ve missed you lady gaga” Bella said, moving to her and giving her a light hug.
“Don’t hug me like I’m seven months old, do you think I’m weak?” She scoffed and pulled Bella closer, she chuckled and they disengaged.
Bella could feel her soft and wrinkled skin when they hugged, she knew she was aging fast and it was sad. She wasn’t planning to let her know that but she knew she could make memories.. Granny would still have many days left.
“Hi granny,” Raymond waved, trying to get closer for a kiss but got a knock In its stead, he pulled back with a questioning look and Bella chuckled.
“That hurts!” He primped and granny stood to give him another spank but slumped back on the chair with a hissing pain..
“Are you okay?” Bella rushed to her with her arms wide, Raymond after her. Granny’s eyes were shut for a while and when she opened them Bella could see the old lady fighting in the pain that she felt.
“I’m.. Fine”
“Are you sure? Should I get the Doc or anything?”
“No child, but I could use some coffee. No cream, no sugar” she said and Bella signalled to Raymond.
“On it” he hurried away and Bella calmed granny. She took in gentle breaths and finally looked up, her secret pains gone.
“Your touches are magical” granny said and Bella’s brows etched “Don’t be too shocked dear, I already know you’re not human” she said and Bella’s eyes grew wide, she suppressed a gasp.
“W-what are you saying? I don’t know what you’re talking about” she stuttered, trying to hold the shock expression she had.
“You know exactly what I’m talking about Meribella and just like you I’m not human too,” Bella gulped in fear “it’s just that I’m not what you are”
“I-I know nothing about what you’re saying granny”
“I’ve known you for a long time Bel, I know Lana and Elliot, I’ve lived in Tarania too but it was for a short time and that was when you were born, I recognized you through the mambannia bracelet you have on,” Bella felt her body shivering “just like you, I fell in love with a human and defied the warnings, he was just too perfect to ignore.. I still don’t regret the whole time we spent together before he died. I’m not going to advise you to give up on love because I can see the pains you’re going through because of it but you should always remember that your time here is limited; you can live a good life, have friends, get married and all but the instant you get rejected because of who you are by the one you love all your effort get wasted.. You’ll return to the other world and get stuck in it forever” granny said and Bella sniffed.
“What can I do?” Bella asked softly and granny sighed “The one I want doesn’t seem to want me–
“You don’t know that well Bella, you should be sure before you conclude” she cut her off “But if you still think that’s it then I’ll advice you give your heart to someone that you’re sure can love you regardless of who you are or where you’re from” she said and Bella sighed and sat on the floor absentmindedly.
“T-that’s not possible gran. I -I can’t love Ray, I mean I can but it’s not working” Bella said, granny touched her hair.
Footsteps were getting closer.
“I know you’ll make the right choice. Just follow your heart” she said and Bella looked up at her before standing up and giving her a smile.
“Here you go” Raymond handed a coffee to granny and another to Bella, she thanked him and collected it..she and granny exchanged glances and Bella looked away before sighing. She didn’t feel anything for Raymond or was it because she hadn’t tried to?
Who couldn’t love a guy like Raymond?
He’s like everything a girls would want; he’s handsome, caring, loving and romantic, probably lots of ladies choice but not Bella.
She couldn’t think of any reason not to like him, they were only many reasons to like him but she didn’t.
Maurice had this much of an effect on her that no matter how much he hurt her she couldn’t bring herself to hate him, she couldn’t even admit it to herself or anyone else. She couldn’t even stop loving him; she could only wish he would love her too and those wishes only came to pass and existed in her princess dreams.
Maurice stared at the meal before him with disinterest and a sudden dislikeness, now he couldn’t pick out if it was loneliness that was making him this way or Diane. It’s been few days already since she broke up with him and also few days since Bella left the house.. He was still sick-worried about her even though he had at least seen a beam of light telling him she is fine, her boyfriend or should he say wannabe confirmed it. He missed her, he couldn’t deny the emptiness of his home without her little-clumsy free lifestyle around. The sincerity when she had told him she loved him without feeling nervous or paranoid or even dramatic, it came straight from her heart and he had missed her honesty. He was sure that even if they stayed away for long, she’d be one of the people that had left a memory with him, the only person he had been open to at first and the only one that had helped him overcome his fears.
.. A knock from the door drew Maurice to reality, he pushed the food to tlhe waste basket and stood up, he walked to the door and opened it, his face was expressionless even though his heart was rejoicing as he stared at his guest who wore one of the prettiest smile ever, the one she always had on.
She jumped on him in a hug and Maurice staggered back a little before succumbing to her demand.. He had missed her so much, so very much that even though he had once been mad at her for keeping Diane’s unexpected breakup away from him, he could feel them ebbing away and love representing it. “Maurice,” she called his name softly, still in his arms and Maurice giggled. “I’ve been worried-sick about you” she said.
“Yeah, I’ve forgotten I’m the baby of the house” he joked and she pulled away, wiping a tear off and sniffing.
“Really, are you okay?” She asked.
“I already told you I’m fine,” he smiled “Now will you come in? It’s getting cold” he said and she smiled before walking in. He looked behind and saw her small box.. Still the bossy Jolie. He took it in.
“I’m truly sorry about Diane, Maurice, she pleaded with me not to tell you about it, she wanted to tell you verbally herself. It was her decision and I had to respect it” Joliet said.
A verbal breakup?
“It’s okay, she chose her path. And even though it’s hurtful it’s leading her to her happiness, it’s no ones fault that it wasn’t the way we expected” he said and Joliet hugged him again before pulling away.
“For the first time Maurice has proven to me that he has grown up. I’m proud of you bro.” Maurice rolled his eyes at that. “I work and school at the same time, pay my bills and practically fend for myself. That has always been an adult life and it’s obvious my kid sis is just noticing that” he said and she laughed “yeah keep whining. We both know it doesn’t last”
“Whatever. How was your trip?”
“Stupid and hellish. The plane had some issues and dad arrived late, I was in so much hunger and I was pretty cashless. I had to tell dad to drop me here, he had work to finish at the office” she rested her head on the headrest. Maurice felt guilty, he could’ve actually done those work if Pablo and he hadn’t quarreled.
“This place almost look same except for some little touches and new stuffs” she said.
“That was Bella’s handwork–
“Yes that’s her name, Dad told me about her but not everything I needed to hear. I’ll hear it all later but now I’m starving. Have you had dinner?”
“No? I’d fix us something” she stood up from the couch and walked to the kitchen.
“Uh Maurice?” She called from inside “Are you seriously getting over Diane, what I’m seeing here doesn’t say so”
“Just ignore it Jolie–
“No. We’ll finalize that after dinner”
Maurice rolled his eyes and collapsed on a couch.
The house was getting lively again, thanks to his blabber beak of a sister.

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