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Meribella (Dear Mermaid) Chapter 41

Meribella (Dear Mermaid) Chapter 41




Maurice woke up to the smell of frying bacons and egg sauce, he reached his hand for Joliet but he didn’t feel her and he knew she’d be the brain behind those sweet smell. Last night after dinner which Maurice surprisingly ate to his satisfaction, Jolie began telling him about how life abroad had been, like she does whenever she came on holidays, Maurice listened with interest and laughed when she made funny jokes or mentioned a funny adventure she had partook in, she persuade him into telling her about Bella and he did, she found her fascinating and told Maurice how she wished to see her. After the wonderful night talks and funny movie that helped a lot in clearing Maurice from his sadness, they decided to retire to bed and Joliet followed him, insisting they share a room together since they’ve been away for quite a while and Maurice, having no energy for arguments agreed and they said together.
<b>He arose and looked around for his flops, sighting it close to the other side of the bed, obviously Jolie’s work, he got it and put it on before moving to the closet, he got into it and took out his work clothes, he picked his shoes from the rack and set it on the floor before moving to the bathroom. After bathing and brushing, he got into his dressing robe and walked out of the room to the kitchen. He stood at the door and watched Joliet dance as she stirred the food cooking on the gas, he saw the Bluetooth connected to her ear and shook his head and walked into the kitchen. She turned back and saw him “You’re a little in time for breakfast” she said, lowered the gas and took the pan down, Maurice took the cutleries and helped himself with coffee. Joliet set breakfast and poured out coffee for herself, she added a little sugar and they had breakfast.
Maurice dressed up for work and left after Jolie told him she’d lock up and join them later.
He parked at the parking lot of the company and got down, he ran up the stair case and and got to the office first floor, he opened the door and got in..
A big banner fell from the upper ceiling and two holders held both side, Maurice stepped back as pretty lights turned up and surrounded the room, Maurice frowned and walked in.. He looked at the faces of all the staffs in D-MARTINEZ ENTERPRISE, They were gathered in a wide circle and he could see his father amongst them..before he could say a words birthday songs rented the air and a loud “Happy Birthday Sir Maurice” followed. Pablo stepped forward and hugged him, Maurice stood still, not reciprocating.
“Happy birthday son. I’m sorry we couldn’t do it yesterday, you were in such a tight mood, I didn’t want to be more bother. I’m sorry son,” he disengaged “I hope you feel the way I want you to feel about this” he smiled at him and stepped back. Maurice watched him in ecstasy, he wished he could pull him back and hug him but he restrained and blinked back his emotion as one of the staffs stepped forward and collected his bag before leading him to the cake stand. Maurice wowed silently as he saw the cake, it was a four stepped strawberry, vanilla and chocolate cake.. His name stood on top and the bottom had his age decorated with shiny cake stars. He wondered how Pablo had gotten this in a short time or had he planned this all along.. Maurice looked back at him and he smiled. He turned back to the cake and took the knife..
“Everyone gather around, it’s time for the cake to be cut” someone said and everyone gathered, Pablo stood behind, soft music rendered the air and Maurice cut the cake.. He was applauded and the cake was taken away, everyone went to Maurice to say their ‘happy birthdays’.
“Hello everyone,” Pablo stepped on the podium and got everyone’s attention “As we can see today’s a very special day and therefore all works for today have been canceled. We’re having fun all through”
Shouts of happiness took in as everyone began to jump in excitement. Music blared out from the speaker boxes and everyone swung into celebration mood.
“Starting the party without the guest of honor?” Joliet said as she walked in, dressed elegantly.
“You’re just in time honey” Pablo said as he kissed her both cheeks. She went to Maurice.
“You knew about this all along right?”
“Of course,” she said “They couldn’t plan it without me. Happy birthday bro” she kissed him before engulfing him in a hug.
Maurice plopped himself to a chair after having too much fun from the party, he was having mood swings and honestly it felt good. He sighed out and stared at the ceiling.. Bella would’ve loved parties like this, she was a fun-loving type of girl and Maurice wished she was here. His brows moved when he thought about all the happy time she must be having with Raymond. He says he likes her and since he’s that type of a handsome, rich dude, she would’ve accepted him, but he also said it was him that was holding them.. Could it mean that Bella still loves him?
“When do you plan on searching for her” he jerked a little when he heard Joliet’s voice, she walked in and sat opposite him.
“Searching for who?”
“Bella of course or you’re not thinking about doing that?”
“I don’t know Jolie, I hurt her ; I already told you about it and besides she has someone now, I don’t want to be seen as a pester” he said “I think it’s best if I let her be”
“Best?” Joliet scoffed and sat up, she threw the small book in her hand to him and Maurice took it “I found that in a bag I assumed belong to her, when I was doing a bit of cleaning”
Maurice opened the book and read.. ‘Maubel’ In bold letters, decorated in rings and Flowers. Below it was Maurice and Bella. He flipped to the next…
 I can only love Maurice💙 it read and he flipped to the next.
 Will Maurice ever love me too?😨😢
He flipped again..
 Bella+Maurice👉 so much love, happiness and pretty babies😊
He smiled and flipped to the next but it was blank. Joliet stood “If you’re still bent on staying then it’s up to you but I’ll advice you not to let an opportunity slip by” she said and head to the door then stopped at it. “The party’s getting aaa-mazing. You should come over when you’re done thinking” she said and walked out of the door.
Maurice dropped the book and stood up, he walked to the door, pulled it open and moved out.
“There’s no way I’m going on that!” Bella shifted away, eyes glaring at the toe-curling rolling castle before her. Raymond went to her. “You haven’t even tried it. It’s fun”
“I have. I rode it once with Maurice, I almost barfed on myself” she said, feeling a tug at her heart at the mention of Maurice name.
“Oh, him” Raymond primped “but this thing is no-joy killer, you could throw up though if we go at heavy speeds but it really amazing. Trust me Bel, just hold my hands.. We’re in this together” Raymond cooed and Bella looked at him thoughtfully then shook her head and shifted back.
“Come-on Bel, just take my hand” he stretched an arm to her and Bella slowly reached for it and took it before frowning “you’re sure?”
“Trust me” he said. They walked to it and got a seat, Bella placed her hand on his and grip it tight, he smiled assuring-ly at her and placed the second hand on hers, the coaster started rolling at a slow pace.. It kept going on and faster, Bella started screaming and she clung closer to Raymond. In no time she started seeing the fun in it as the ride’s pace fastened, she slowly released herself from Ray’s grip and smiled then screamed again. Raymond laughed.
After the first , Bella insisted they take another and he agreed, they got on again and had the second. They got down afterwards, got hot fudge sundaes and settled on a bench while watching others ride. Bella spooned her creams and sighed out loud.
“We’d visit lady gaga after this” Raymond said and Bella’s brow twitched, her face frowned she faced Raymond.. Granny’s word flocking back in her head.. To love Raymond?
“No!” Bella said, replying to her thoughts and Raymond’s statement.
“Why no?” He asked and Bella gulped.
“N-nothing” she said and and faced her sundae. “I’m just tired I guess it’s from that rolling. Can we go home?” She asked.
“But it’s just five and–
“Please Ray, I feel tired” she said and he nodded. “Okay. We’ll go after this” he said. Her time is limited?
Rejection can change her? Granny’s word flocked into her head and she shook it off.
“Raymond,” she called “If you find out in the future that I’m something else, like you wake up one day and see me in a strange look. Will you still love me?” She asked, looking at him.
“Strange look?” He asked “I don’t understand”
“I mean what if I happen to be something else, I mean like a bit different from human and in another form.. Just something like that, will you still see me same way as now?”
“Like a mermaid?” He asked and Bella heart almost leapt to her mouth. Did he notice that already?
“Mermaid look more like humans too, there’s just little differences”
“Yes. Like a mermaid or something like that. Will you love me still?”
“That depends,” he faced her “if you have a pretty tail and your hair’s as long as the ones I watch on TV then I will very much accept you” he said and Bella sighed “what about you?”
“Oh I will and those conditions apply too” Bella said.
“Wait, you’ll love me if I’m a merman?”
“Of course, same way I’ve always loved you” she said and he grumbled.
“As a friend?” He asked and she nodded. “Still because of that Maurice guy?”
“Why can’t you just love me, I’ve never hurt you and I’m always here. I won’t hurt your feelings like that dude, so why do you still love him and not me?”
“He asked but Bella was quiet “Are “you’re gonna stick to him even though he doesn’t love you? That’s not fair. Why not me?”
“I-I’m sorry Ray, it’s just not that easy for me” she put her sundae aside and faced him “Really I appreciate your friendship, care and love and I’m sorry if I’m not acting the way you want me to but that’s just me Ray. I try to change it too, I’m really trying to love you but it’s not that easy. I’m sorry” Bella’s eyes shone in tears.
“Bella I’m sorry I didn’t–
“No, you’re right. I know I’m being ungrateful but you have to understand–
“I do now okay, just don’t cry. I’m sorry” Bella sniffed and stood up.
“I won’t,” she wiped her tears and sniffed again. “Can we go home now?”
“Sure, of course” he said and stood up too. He took her hand and they walked to his car, he led her in and drove off.
He parked the car outside patty’s resident gate and opened the door for Bella, she came down and they stood side by side. “I’m really sorry Bel. I shouldn’t have said those words”
“It’s okay Ray, it’s not like they ain’t true”
“I understand and I’m not mad at you one bit. It’s okay” she said and he sighed, she pulled him in and they hugged.
💭 if you get rejected by the one you love because of who you are then you’ll regret💭 granny’s words itched Bella and she pulled away from Raymond’s hug and faced him, she looked at him, deep in his eyes like she was searching for his soul, she checked but she felt nothing. Not the type of thing she felt when she stared at Maurice.. Her feelings for Raymond was mutual, they just had many things in common.. But she still had to try, there could Be a hidden feeling deep down. Bella searched but found nothing and she started leaning, Raymond noticed the move and lean in too. They kept on leaning and their lips touched to a kiss..
“Bella?!” The obstruction abruptly broke the light kiss and Bella’s breath hitched as the voice got familiarized in her head.. Those lovable masculine voice. Bella gulped and slowly turned her head, her gaze caught his and she froze. Maurice, Her inner voice said the name to her and she exhaled deeply.

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