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Meribella (Dear Mermaid) Chapter 47

Meribella (Dear Mermaid) Chapter 47



(One week…)
“Bella?!” Maurice called “Are you out?” He asked but got no response.
“We’re gonna be late for the function if you spend all the time dressing up” he said, taking a quick glance at his wrist watch.
“Just a minute more Maurice!” She yelled back “Joliet’s trying to help get my zipper done” she said and he sighed.
She rushed out of her room minutes later, her heels knocking the floor.
“Sorry Maurice,” she apologized and he smiled before taking her appearance in. She wore a red sleeveless channel dress that exposed her shoulder and a little of her hand, her feet had sledge heels that shimmered in silver, on her ears laid a pair of silver earrings and her hair was styled in chignon, making her look extremely gorgeous under no make up.
“You look.. Stunning” he complimented and she blushed.
“Thanks to Joliet” she said.
“Speaking of Joliet, where’s she?”
“She’s having a change of clothes, says the previous one is too baggy”
“Ugh” Maurice sighed ” now I’m certain we’ll really go late” he said.
“I hope we don’t” Bella said.
“Oh.. I got something for you” he said to her and she gave him a questioning look as he dug his hand into his pocket and took out a small black box and gave it to her.. She took it from him, looking from it to him.
“What’s this?” She asked.
“Open it and see” he said, Bella opened the box and her eyes grew wide at the shiny silver colored stone bracelet. She slowly took it out from the box and admired it then looked back at Maurice, who was smiling.
“You like it?”
“Yes..It’s beautiful” she complimented.
“Here, I’ll help you put it on” he took it from her and took her wrist. His brows narrowed when he noticed the strange looking bracelet around her wrist.
“A shell bracelet?” He asked
“Is this something you made?” He asked, Bella looked toward his gaze and quickly slipped her hand away from his grip when she saw he was referring to the mambannia bracelet.
“Oh uhm.. It’s.. It’s actually..
“Alright guys. I’m ready” Joliet said coming out of the room, fully dressed for the occasion.
“Uh okay,”. Maurice slowly pulled his gaze from Bella to Joliet. “Just put it on” he gave Bella the bracelet and she took it before they walked out of the house to the driveway and then into the car. Maurice started the car and drove off.
Getting to the function’s venue and parking his car alongside others, Maurice got down and took Bella’s arm in his, they walked into the place. Joliet left them to find Pablo while Maurice walked with Bella to greet some guests.
Few minutes later, everyone was seated, well, except Maurice who wasn’t seen in the room and the event started with a welcome speech from Pablo, the purpose of the event was repeated and a guy, whom Bella assumed to be the manager of the company came to the podium to introduce and enlighten them on D-MARTINEZ. Bella took a drink from the proffered tray and drank a sip from it as she watched the whole event. It was the first time she was attending a function and even though she ought to be nervous at the unfamiliarity of so many faces, she wasn’t. She was feeling comfortable just like anyone else.
“Bella?” She looked up to see Patricia, she put down her glass and stood up to kiss and hug her.
“Wow Patty, you look extremely beautiful. It’s like I’ve never known you” she said.
“I can’t say less about you” Patty said and they smile and sat.
“Thank you. So how’ve you been?”
“Couldn’t have been much better” Patty said.
“That’s how it should be for a soon to be bride” she said.
“I know Bel, almost everyone already know about the marriage and even though I insisted on a small celebration which Pablo agreed to; I still feel nervous just thinking about the whole thing”
“And why’s that?”
“I don’t know Bel. I get goosebumps whenever I try to imagine how a wedding to Pablo will look like. With me in a white dress and people looking from all angle” Patty said.
“Hello!” Bella snapped her finger at her face “Is this the same Patricia who was all hyperactive about this whole thing. I still remember you saying you can’t wait for the big day” Bella said.
“Yeah but now if feels too near and I’m seriously having mood swings” Bella chuckled lightly.
“You’ll do well Patricia. Don’t worry”
“Yeah thanks,” she said and stood up “gotta go, it’s time to appear on stage with Pablo”
“Yeah. Good luck”
Patty kissed her and dashed off.
Soon she was on stage with Pablo who talked about stuffs that she wasn’t listening to, her eyes were scanning for Maurice around the large hall.
“Thank you once more Mr Moore for honoring our invitation. I have to go make a speech now. I’ll be back”
“Oh, it’s a pleasure Mr Martinez” he said and they shook hands before he walked away. Getting out, Maurice started walking back to the hall.
“Maurice?” He turned at the call of his name and regretted it at once when he saw Raymond, walking to him.
Okay, who invited him??
Definitely Joliet.
“Yes,” he answered, stopping for him to get to where he stood. “How may I help you?”
“I can see you still have something against me. Tell me, what is it?”
“I have nothing against you. Now if you won’t tell me why you stopped me, I’ll continue my journey” he said and turned to continue walking.
“Congratulations,” Maurice turned to see Raymond’s hand stretched out to him. “I heard your company got a promotion for topping a competition” he said, Maurice looked at his palm then at his face.
“Com’on man I’m trying to be friends”
“Thanks,” Maurice took his hands “But being friends won’t work”
Raymond scoffed.
“You’re really obnoxious Just as Joliet described…
“What? Joliet said that about me to you?”
“Com’on man, let’s quit keeping malice like ladies and be friends” he said and Maurice ran his eyeballs at him suspiciously. “Is that still a no?”
“Alright. We’re friends. I have to go now” he said and walked into the hall. Raymond went into the hall too to look for Joliet.
Bella emptied her drink and took another cup. Suddenly loud claps and cheers rented the air and when she looked up, Maurice was up on the stage and she followed in the cheers.. Soon the claps died down and Maurice took the Microphone and started talking.. He started with words thanks then briefs about upcoming events in D-MARTINEZ, Job opportunities that were to be given out soon and then promotions. He rounded up with “Happy anniversary to D-MARTINEZ. May we all lift our glasses as we make a toast to honor this event,” he said and everyone picked their glasses and raised it to the air.. “To D-MARTINEZ” he said.
“To D-MARTINEZ” They repeated and cheered.
After the speech Maurice got down and let the MC take over, he looked around for Bella and found her in the middle, interacting with a guy. He walked to them.
“Babe,” Bella’s attention turned to him from the guy and she stood up to meet him. He took her hand and led her out of the hall which was bursting out from laughter.
“I’ve been searching for you” she said, as they walked, his arm around her.
“Yeah. In the company of some guy”
“Hey are you jealous?” She asked, looking at his face with a smile and he shrugged.
“Maybe.” He said “I want you to meet someone”
“His name’s Mr John Moore, he’s the CEO of one of the biggest wine industry in the city” he said and Bella nodded. They reached there and Maurice led her in, getting Moore’s attention.
“Mr Martinez.. Is it time for introduction?” He asked.
“Not yet. But I’d like you to meet my girlfriend” he said and his attention turned to Bella. Bella brows narrowed deeply at the sudden familiarity, it was like she knew him but she couldn’t place a finger where and she really didn’t like the way her heartbeat increased as his gaze rested on hers.
“Hello Meribella,” he said with a crooked smile and Bella stiffened for a moment. Only one person called her in that voice and that manner.. Oh no. Please lord! It shouldn’t be.. It can’t be.
“Do you know her, because I don’t remember telling you her name?” Maurice asked, looking from Bella to John, Bella’s gaze was still on him, transfixed.
“Uh no Maurice, she actually told me her name” he said and turned to Bella, taking off his medicated glasses. “Right Bella”
Bella eyes widened as full familiarity and realization hit her, her heart leapt and she felt her feet getting jellied. He smiled at her.. That same lustful and wicked smile.
“E-Elliot” she mumbled to herself.


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