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Meribella (Dear Mermaid) Chapter 48

Meribella (Dear Mermaid) Chapter 48




Maurice looked in utter confusion at the sudden silence that erupted after the introduction, he glanced at Mr Moore then rolled his gaze to Bella who was obviously shaken and has a look of what he could describe as shock, her lips were parted and her body, stiffened. Okay what’s going on??. “Bella are you alright?” He asked and she jerked up, closed her lips then faced him before smiling slightly.
“I’m sure she is, right Bella?” Elliot asked with a smirk and Bella gave him a quick disgusting look before looking back at Maurice “I-I’m fine Maurice” she said. “And it’s nice to meet you Mr Moore” she said to him.
“It’s a pleasure” he said, still on a smirk and she eyed him.
“Maurice, I’ll be in the hall” she said to Maurice and he nodded. Bella dashed out of the room and ran literally to the restroom, she rested her hand and stared into the mirror, at her reflection. Breathing out slowly. She blinked at her reflection and sighed when she realized she wasn’t daydreaming nor hallucinating. Prince Elliot is really here. And she needed no soothsayer to tell her he was here for her. Bella closed her eyes and breathed out, trying to get her heart pace to normal, she opened her eyes and sighed again.
He must’ve found out from a sea witch that she was here and he had come for her.. Bella had always felt that her time was beginning to get thin but she didn’t know it was to vanish this soon and now that Elliot is here, she knew he’d go any length to take her back. A tear fell from Bella’s eyes and she wiped it gently.. Her mother’s shell wasn’t connecting, had Elliot found out about their means of communication and had done something bad to her mother, Bella fought the thoughts off.. She was scared for herself and also her mother.. What if..what if Elliot had hurt her? Just like his family, she knew him to be heartless and pompous, he would always fight to get what he wants. He must’ve came at once when he knew she was here and she knew he’d waste no time in getting another body to come find her.
The door to the restroom opened and a lady walked in, Bella quickly rearranged herself and walked out out of the restroom. She tried her best not to shake as the thought of she and Elliot being in the same place rang in her head. Bella walked back to the hall and took a sit, absently watching the whole event. After the whole thing was gradually getting to it’s peak and Elliot or is it Mr John Moore was introduced; with Bella trying not to look at him. Bella watched Maurice in the hall as he smiled at someone he was having a conversation with, she stood up and walked out of the hall.. She needed to know Elliot’s motive and what he wanted from her. She walked to the room, looked back to be sure no one was following her before opening the door and walking in. Elliot was on his feet, backing her. She closer the door behind her and He turned, as if knowing she was there and his face twitched to a smirk, Bella’s teeth gritted angrily at it. “It’s a great surprise to finally meet you again Meribella”
“What do you want Elliot?” She asked between her teeth. “Why are you here?” He chuckled hysterically then looked straight-ly at her.
“I’m here to take my future wife back to where she should be, with me” he said “you of all people should know that” he said and Bella scoffed.
“In your dreams. I’m never going back to tarania with you” she said.
“Why? Because of that human? Maurice?” He questioned, anger surfacing to his face “You’re violating all the rules and loving a human? Do you know how much you’re endangering yourself because of a stupid worthless human?”
“Maurice is not like that, unlike you he’s gentle, loving and really kind. He loves me very much too”
“Of course, and that’s cos you’re with the mambannia. Have you thought of what would happen when he finds out about your true self? Have you thought of his reaction when he realizes he has spent days with a non-human?” Bella shut her eyes and took a deep breath. He’s right.
“I see you’ve made friends too and trust me Bella they’d have nothing other than complete hatred, disgust and regrets once they get to know who you truly are.. They’d waste no time n kicking you out like an annoying pest away from their lives” he said, his voice getting high in anger.
“Stop it!” She yelled slowly and sniffed. “Maurice loves me” she said, as if assuring herself. She has to deeply believe that.
“How long have you been here and how did you get to be Mr Moore?”
“I arrived just yesterday and John, that dumb human and his fellow freaks were too easy, I knew you were coming here and he too so I trapped him in a house and controlled the minds of his family. It was too easy”
“And my mother? What did you do to her?”
He chuckled.
“I suspected she was in the game with you but don’t worry she’s fine, at least for now. I’ll make sure she gets the right punishment after we return home”
“You’re despicable Elliot!” Bella spat “You’re still as wicked and selfish as always and just so you know, I’m not going back to Tarania with you!” she said that started walking to the door.
“I’m sure you will after I reveal to Maurice who you truly are” he said that Bella stopped “you don’t have a choice Bel. You know I always get what I want”
“To hell with you Elliot” she said and walked out of the door.
Elliot smiled after her before turning back.. If she wouldn’t return gently with him then he has to make it hard and forceful. Bella belongs to him, she was his right from infancy and he wouldn’t let anyone, not a worthless human take her from him. He would do all he has to do to get her back even if it means getting rid of every Human she saw as family, especially Maurice.
Bella ran out of the room, trying her best not to cry.. She couldn’t leave any suspicion. She just needed to get out of here. She blindly bumped into someone and when she looked up, it was Maurice. “Hey, I’ve been looking around for you. Where were you?” He asked.
“I-in the restroom” she said.
“That was where I didn’t check”
“Maurice can we go home?”
“Home? Why? Don’t you like the party?”
“It’s not that Maurice, it’s just that I feel tired and unwell”
“Are you sick?”
“A little, I just need some rest and I’ll be fine” she said and he nodded.
“I’ll just inform dad and go home with you, the function’s almost ending anyways. Wait for me at the car” he said and walked away. Bella slowly counted her steps to the car and waited, soon he joined her and they went home in it.
Bella alighted when he parked at the driveway and went into the house after unlocking the door, Maurice walked in too. “Should we go to the hospital babe?” He asked, concern etching his face and Bella negatively shook her head.
“I’ll be fine Maurice, I just need some sleep” Bella gave him an assuring smile, she tiptoed and planted a kiss on his lips before walking to her room.
“Should I come along?”
“No Maurice, you know I won’t be able to sleep if you’re there. I’ll be fine truly” she turned and said before continuing her journey to her room, she got there, locked the door behind her, squat on the floor and cried. Her happy life was starting to crumble.. She knew Elliot was right, Maurice only loved her because he thought she was human, what will happen when he get to find out that she isn’t? Bella didn’t want to think about the reality. From her spot she saw her phone beeping, she moved to it and picked it up, it was a call from an unknown number.. She sighed and picked it up.
“Made a decision yet?” Elliot’s voice stiffened her and she inhaled deeply.
“How dare you Elliot!–
“I have just two days left to stay here..I can’t waste a minute, where should we meet?” He asked.
“You’re crazy!” She spat “I said it before and I’ll repeat it, I’m going nowhere with you”
“Such guts!” She could sense him smirking “Looks like you still don’t play easy, I should’ve known, the toug doing Bella. Well I’m tough too and guess what I’m ready to play this the hard way too” he said.
*click* he ended the call. That bastard. An SMS entered just when she dropped the call and when she checked it was a photo, she clicked on it and a picture of the mambannia bracelet displayed. Bella heartbeat fastened, she knew what it meant… Elliot was going to tell Maurice who she is. Bella frustratingly threw the phone to the bed and stood, she walked into her closet, ransacked it and took out her shell, she tried connecting it to her mother and it went but it wasn’t her mother on the screen, it was Keenan.
“Keenan?” She called.
“Meri, is that you?” She asked.
“Yes kee it’s me where’s–
“Bella are you there?” She asked and Bella saw her straining her eyes to see her.
“Yes I’m right here, look it’s me. Can’t you see me”
“Bella? Can you hear me? Are you there? Meribella?”
“Keenan, what’s wrong? I can see you why can’t you see me?”
“Bella? Bella is that you?”
Bella sighed and it got disconnected, she threw it on her heap of clothes and walked out. Getting to her bed, she laid on it and the tingling sensation she had felt when she and Maurice laid on the same bed, confessing their love to each other in kisses and caresses, flew to her flesh. Bella closed her eyes, sensing the fresh touches. She didn’t know when a tear slide down, she wiped it and sniffed. Very soon, just very soon.. Those love they had shared will be exchanged for hatred and they will be over.
Maurice rounded up with dinner when Joliet arrived home, she gave him a small smile and walked to her room. Maurice took off the apron. It’s been five hours already and Bella still wasn’t out of her room, he was damn worried about her.. He knew she should be resting but he wanted to be with her and be assured she was okay. He walked out of the kitchen to Bella’s room, he tried opening it but it was locked from inside. He knocked gently on it and called her name but got no response, he repeated it but still no response. He slowly turned and walked to his room.
During dinnertime Bella joined them.. The food was served and they started eating, he saw Bella picking her food and noticed she was avoiding his gaze because she looked down sharply when their eyes meet. Joliet sensed the transpiration and decided to lighten the mood.
“Dad wants us for dinner tomorrow,” she said, forking her salad.
“Oh?” Maurice said, taking his gaze away from Bella and placing them on Joliet.
“He says he wants to formally and officially introduce Patricia to us, you know, his bride. I still can’t really believe dad’s going to get married again” she said, dropping down her fork.
“We should be happy for him, it’s our obligation” he said and Joliet rolled her eyes.
“It’s not like I’m not happy about it it’s just that I’m surprised.. I mean getting married ought to be happening to you or me but dad’s beating us to it” she said and Maurice looked at Bella but her gaze was still down, on her food.
“Well, why don’t you get married since you think it’s a competition?”
“I have just a year and half to get there and trust me I’ll not stay too long like you” she said and Maurice scoffed.. “You’re getting old bro. Time doesn’t walk anymore. It runs and before you know it you’re forty and looking all old and ugly, no girl will like you then” she said and Maurice chuckled. “Right Bella” she asked, her attention to Bella who was still on her meal..Joliet exchanged glances with Maurice before turning back to Bella.
“Bella?” She called a little sternly and Bella flinched, her gaze flying straight up at Joliet. “Uh yes” she answered.
“Um never mind. You seem far”
“I-I was just thinking about something, nothing serious though”
“Are you okay babe?” Maurice asked and she nodded, giving him a wry smile. She felt sick. Elliot’s issue’s really affecting her.
“I’m fine Maurice” she said and stood “And I’m done. Dinner was wonderful Jolie. Thanks” she said,
“It was me who made dinner” Maurice said and she smiled a small. Smile.
“And thank you too” she added, packed up her dishes to the kitchen, washed them and walked to her room. Joliet gave Maurice a questioning look and he shrugged before facing his meal.
Bella’s acting really strange.
Maurice walked to his room after dinner, he hit the shower and absent mindedly washed his body, his thoughts moving to the various things that could’ve made Bella this way.
He got out of the shower, dried his body and pulled into his nighties. He slipped his feet into his flops and walked out of the room, he walked to Bella’s door and knocked.. There was no response, he tried opening the door but it was locked.. He knocked again, calling her name and the door flew open. “Maurice?” Bella called, standing at the door.
“Can I come in?”
“Uh yeah” she shifted aside and he walked in, she closed the door after him and sniffed before turning to him. He moved to her and took her palms.
“Bella are you sure you’re fine. You’ve been acting strange since we got home from the anniversary party. I’m really worried about you” he said and Bella smiled faintly and looked down at his palm holding hers.
Will he still hold her like this when he get to know that she’s a mermaid.
“I’m fine Maurice, I guess I’m just too tired than I think” she said and he sighed. She was lying and it was pretty obvious but he didn’t want to push further.
“Okay then, I’ll leave you to rest. I was just really worried so I came” he said, caressed her palm a bit and slowly slipped his away, he pecked her forehead and was about walking when she grabbed his wrist. He turned to face her. “I’ve missed you” she said ‘I know you’ll get to find out about who I really am but before then, I need to make the moment that you’re still mine memorable’ she said to herself inwardly. He smiled.
“I’ve missed you too” he said and in no time their lips found each other, fastened on themselves and they were kissing hungrily.
Bella got up the next morning, she pulled into her clothes and walked to her bathroom, she looked around it for a while and sighed.. Maybe today will be the last day she’ll be visiting here. She’d really miss this world a lot, especially Maurice. All the night she stayed in his arms felt like paradise, she wasn’t ready to let him go, she wished deeply that the whole earth could cease with her in his arms. She realize she’d miss him even more than she had thought. The thoughts of Maurice hating her forever haunted her a lot. Bella grabbed her toothbrush and squashed some paste into it, she quickly brushed her teeth and had her bath before coming out with a towel.
Maurice finished breakfast and left the rest for Joliet before walking into his room, the first thing that arrested his sight was his ringing phone on his bed. He walked to it and picked it up and it stopped ringing, Maurice brows narrowed at the unknown caller.. He put the phone down and walked into the shower.

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