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Meribella (Dear Mermaid) Chapter 49

Meribella (Dear Mermaid) Chapter 49



Maurice emerged from the bathroom, a towel wrapped around his waist, he sat on his dressing table and styled his hair. He got dressed in casuals and walked to his phone, he picked it up and turned it on.. Two messages from an unknown contact.
He clicked on the first, it was a picture and in it was a bracelet. His brows curved as he zoomed it, it was similar to the one Bella had on her wrist.
Did she send it to him? And why? But the number wasn’t hers and besides why will she message it to him when they’re right under the same roof.
He exit the picture and checked the second, it was a short note and he peered at it..
📩 Want to know Bella’s true identity? Take off the bracelet on her wrist and you’ll find out.. Here’s a hint; she’s not human.
From someone you shouldn’t know📩
The message read and Maurice frowned. She’s not human?… The bracelet?..
It somehow made a sense. Bella had been acting weird ever since he had seen the bracelet on her wrist and now that this had popped up he recollect that he had never seen the bracelet off Bella’s wrist.. Or maybe she does take it off. He shook his head.. It was absurd, Bella had to be human, they had spent so much time together and–
He sighed and walked out of the room, taking his phone along.. Bella was already on seat for breakfast and Maurice joined, after breakfast Maurice left to dress up for work while Joliet started clearing the table.. Bella helped her wipe the food crumbs and as she took Maurice phone off the breakfast bar it started ringing…Joliet turned. “It’s Maurice’s phone, I’ll go give it to him” she said to Joliet who turned back to the dishes. Bella put down the paper towel and made to walk to Maurice room when her sight caught the familiar last three digits of the number calling. She halt as recognition struck her, glanced at Joliet and quickly walked to the general bathroom.. She stared at the phone for a while until it stopped ringing.. Bella quickly wiped the number and sent it to blacklist. She pulled to the back and rested on the wall, letting out a sigh to the air. When she was done, Bella exited it and saw the SMS app on the screen.. Her brows struck as she clicked on it.. The first displaced a picture, she clicked and it appears.. Her heartbeat ceased for a while and she couldn’t feel her breath.. It’s the mambannia! She was about deleting it when she caught a glimpse of the next message, she frighteningly clicked on it.. Her eyeball bulge out after she finishes reading the content. “Elliot!!” She gritted and tried to breath slowly. She knew Elliot wouldn’t stop unless she heed to his request. Bella walked out of the bathroom after sending the messages to trash, she walked to Maurice room and knocked.. Her heart beating loud. She hoped he hadn’t seen the message, she has to end it all herself and disappear. “Maurice it’s Bella” she said. “Come on in” he said and with shaky hands, she turned the knob and moved in. Maurice was dressed up fully for work, he was checking himself out in his lengthy mirror.. His attention turned to Bella when she moved in. “I got you your phone” she stretched it to him and he took it.
“Thanks” he said.
“Maurice,” her look held fear and hope at the same time.
“I-I have something to tell you” she said. “No I can’t tell you, I have to show you”
His brows struck. Bella gulped and inhaled. She really hope he wouldn’t hate her too much.
“What’s it?”
Bella gulped again.
‘Please forgive me’ she said inwardly and slowly stretched her arm.. Maurice noticed the bracelet on her wrist and Bella’s gaze on it.
‘She’s not human’ the message flocked to his head. Is she trying to show him.
Bella placed her fingers around the bracelet. Maurice notice them shaking and her body trembling.. She was scared.
Does the bracelet really holds her true identity?
Maurice knew he should be scared but he isn’t, he really hopes Bella isn’t something worse or better still that all this happenings are lies. He loves her and he couldn’t imagine her staying away from his life.. It’d hurt him so much.
Bella sniffed and then realized she was crying, she went back to taking off the bracelet but she couldn’t. She knew she wouldn’t be able to stand his expression and words.. Those eyes that once held love for her, holding hatred and regret. She couldn’t stand it.. She knew for sure that Maurice wouldn’t accept her knowing she’s a mermaid and she also knows he would detest her and she wouldn’t be able to take it.
“M-Maurice I can’t–”
She sniffed and faced him, he stared sadly at her tears. Bella really isn’t human. “I’m sorry Maurice but–
He shut the rest of her words with a warm comforting hug.. Bella sobbed on his chest while he comforted her.
“It’s okay babe” he said to her “whatever you have to show or tell me can wait. You don’t have to rush it” he said and Bella sniffed then cried.
“Yo-you don’t get it Maurice, I–
Bella sobbed on her words… She couldn’t say it.
“Don’t force it” he said. Bella pulled away after sobbing for a while and he wiped the tears on her cheeks before kissing her forehead.and smiling at her. “I love you” he said and she smiled a little at him. He kissed her on the lips. “Take care. I’ll be back early today and we’ll have dinner at that french restaurant downtown, just the two of us” he said, Bella smiled. “Wait for me, okay?”
She nodded “I will”
Maurice left for work and Bella settled on a couch, her face direction to the TV but her mind on something bigger. Joliet came out, dressed casually but beautifully, a little box in her hand. “Bella, I’ll be staying at dad’s for a while. Want to come?”
“No thanks”
“Alright. See you when I see you then”
“Yeah bye”
Joliet walked out and Bella turned her gaze back to the TV when her phone beeped, sighing she picked it up. Elliot. She clicked on the receiver..
“Busted already?” His voice came and she sighed.
“You’re a bastard Elliot” she said, her voice pitchy. He laughed, more of sarcasm.
“I’ve been too patient and gentle a lot lately with you, that’s unlike me. You should know I don’t give up on things easily, especially what it’s mine–
“I am not yours!” Bella snapped “I never was and never will. I’ll rather die than be your wife”
He chuckled again and Bella’s teeth gritted. Jerk!.
“No you won’t Meribella, your death will be determined by me and you’ll be alive to marry me”
Bella exhaled deeply.
“And what makes you so sure?”
“Because I’ll kill that worthless human of yours, if you fail to go back to our world with me”
“Don’t dare me Bella.. I’ve taken many lives both on this world and on ours, One human can’t pull me down and you know it!”
Bella’s fear developed.
“Elliot please no! You can’t kill Maurice. You just can’t!” She cried, trembling with fear.
“Oh I will and if you don’t want that. I’ll be waiting for you at the shore 9pm. If you’re a minute late, Maurice’s life pay for it” he said.
“Elliot NO!–
*click* the call ended and she dropped it on the couch. Maurice is going to die! She can’t let that happen.. She’d rather die in his place.
Elliot wasn’t the type to joke when he issues a threat.
Bella stood up and walked to her room, she slowly counted her steps to her bed, sat on it and surveyed the room. She knew her time here was limited and that everything she could call fulfilment and happiness would be ending but she didn’t expect it to be today.
*wait for me okay?* Maurice words rang in her head and she sighed. She told him she’ll wait but it doesn’t seem so any longer.. “I’m sorry Maurice” she sighed and a tear drop.
“Really I am and I hope you can forgive me” she sobbed. She didn’t even get to say a proper goodbye.
She sniffed. “I hope you don’t hate me for going without your notice but your life’s at stake. I love you” she said to the empty room and on her spot she cried for a while. Patricia, Raymond, Joliet, Pablo.. Everyone that had contributed to make her life here fascinating and memorable. She’s leaving without even saying goodbye to any of them.. They’d hate her for sure and with time she hope that hatred will depreciate. Bella cried for some time before standing up, she walked to her lampstand and opened the drawer, she took the shell, looked once more around the room with a sad face and walked out of it. Maybe this is the right decision after all, disappearing would make them only miss her and hate her for a while but knowing the truth of her real self would make them hate her for life, have regrets of meeting her and finally her thoughts would disgust them..
Getting to the living room she looked around and sighed again before grabbing her phone.
📩 I’ll meet you at the shore, please don’t harm him📩she texted Elliot and put the phone down before walking out.. She typed in the lock pin, turned and ran off..

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