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Early the following morning Nathan went for his usual workout. After taking a shower, he went to his father’s room to check on him and found it empty.

“Dad?” He called out thinking he might be in the bathroom.

“Where could he be?”

Walking out he saw the maid heading to the bedroom.

“Granny!” He called her. He had always referred her that right when he was a little boy.

“Have you seen dad? I didn’t find him in his room.”

” Yes, he is outside. Nora has started helping him exercise walking.”

“Oh I see,” He aswered. “Let me see how he’s doing then.”

As he walked dressed in his jeans and a loose t-shirt, he thought of Nora, he had a difficult time last night sleeping. He could not get over the feeling of kissing her and her soft breath. She was perfect. The intensity of the kiss he had with her gave him an assurance she had strong feelings for him. “I have found her” He thought to himself. “The woman of my dream.”

He stood outside and watched Nora trying to help Joe in his movement. “Try one more time” She encouraged him.

“I can’t do this Nora” Joe complained sadly .

“Oh please let’s try one more time” she begged him. “You need to stay focused and positive.”

Joe sighed and tried to move his legs again. Nathan felt a jealous as he watched Nora and his father with her hands on his back. But he quickly blushed it off and walked towards them.

“Well dad, that is good. Keep up like that and you will be on your feet very soon. Possibly next week!” He said as his father turned to look at his direction.

“Seriously, you two can make a good team” His dad teased. Nathan looked at Nora.
“Good morning ” He said smiling.

“Morning ” She answered avoiding his eyes.

“So how is it going here?” he asked.

“Well, trying to get me walk” Joe answered.

Nathan placed his hand on his father’s back. You will be okay dad, you have the best Physiotherapist here.” Nathan said and looked at Nora who smiled shly. He let go of his father’s back and held Nora’s finger and withdrew quickly before his father could see him.

“Well let me leave you two continue with your work here. I want to pick up something from the town. See you later” he told them and walked to his car in the garage.

After another session of exercise later that afternoon, she helped him back inside and gave him his super and medicine. As he sat to eat he called her.

“Nora come sit here.”

“Whats up?” She asked with a smile.

“Oh well I just wanted to say that am sorry last night I was a bit off. I said lots of things I shouldn’t have. I mean you are not here to listen to my problems.”

Nora smiled. “Don’t worry about it Joe. I understand, it’s okay you can trust me. I mean I have been here for a while now and I feel I’m a member of the family. So believe me you didn’t bother me with that. I actually felt honoured you trusted me enough.”

‘Thank you Nora”

“You welcome ” She replied.

“Well let me get to my room then call for me if you need me.”

“Yeah sure” Joe said nodding his head.

She went in and took the TV remote. She wasn’t oblivious of Nathan standing behind her. He cleared his throat and she turned startled. Nathan smiled.

“Am sorry I scared you. I just got this for you” He said extending his hand from his back with a bunch of fresh flowers.

“Oh Nathan, what? You should.”

she could not finish her sentence and he went to hold her hand. “I just wanted to say thank you and I’m sorry for last night.” he smiled.

“Thank you Nathan and I forgive you.” she told him getting the bouquet.

“You shouldn’t have gone through all this trouble for me Nathan. It wasn’t so necessary.”

“Yes it was for me Nora. Last night was the best night I have ever had in a long time. I mean I have not felt that happy since mom was, you know….”

“I know and it’s okay.”

Nora sat on her bed, “I have to watch my favorite movie program now she told him.”

“You mind I sit and watch with you?” He asked already sitting next to her. She looked at him and smiled.

” You are funny Nathan.”

He removed his sneakers and climbed up the bed leaning on the wall and placing a pillow on his head. “If you ask me, it’s more comfortable here.” He said slowly with a smile on his face.


“Okay Nora listen to me now.” Nathan crawled to her and sat touching the top of her leggings on the thigh.

“I don’t know how to put this but I want you in my life. Please don’t shut me off now. Just tell me what it is you feel for me and if you don’t want me then I will let you be I promise.”

Nora turned to look at him, his eyes displayed pure honesty and emotions.

“I can’t deny it I feel attracted to you, but come on we can’t do this now.”

“Why not?” He asked looking at her, “Is it dad? ”

“Please Nathan don’t start with that again.”

“No no please don’t get me wrong Nora” he interrupted. “I just meant to say, that maybe you’re afraid of what he might say or something” .

“Yeah something like that” She agreed.

“We will work something out. If you want we won’t tell him we are together at least not now” He said with his hands on her laps.

“Now come here” he took her hand and pulled her to the wall. He rested her back on his body and she leaned her head on him as they watched the movie.

“I always dreamt of holding you like this” He whispered in her ears. “It feels like home.”

“Yeah” Nora smiled her eyes still on the TV.
They had lot of time gisting and hours later they both fell asleep.

To be continued…

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