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Later in middle of the night, Nathan woke up and noticed he had fallen asleep with Nora wrapped in his arms. He thought of going to his room, so he placed her head on the pillow, stood up and switched off the lights and TV but then he changed his mind. He slowly went back in and held her again.” I won’t leave you” he whispered placing her head on his chest. She moaned a bit and then fell back asleep instantly.

Nathan smiled and felt her heartbeats, he closed his eyes and slept off.

The following morning, they had slept so long. Joe from the other room noticed that it was past the time Nora usually come to greet and check on him, and he was surprised it was the old maid serving him breakfast.
“Is Nora still asleep?” He asked her after she came to retrieve the plates.

“I think so Sir I have not seen her” the maid explained.

“Oh I see” He nodded. “It’s unusual of her.” He said looking at the watch. It was 8:30 am.

“Let me find out if she’s doing fine” Joe told her pushing his wheel chair towards Nora’s room.

He knocked and then no response. He entered. He was surprised at what he saw. Seeing his son and Nora cuddled and fast asleep in the clothes they wore the previous day. He paused for a while feeling jealous, but then thought over it. She was perfect for Nathan and not him he comforted himself.

“I’m old and have had my chances in life so I would rather see my son happy.” he smiled at them in that position which reminded him of the love of his life Racheal. He wheeled back and closed the door quitely careful not to make a sound. As he pushed himself to the study he saw the maid who asked if she was okay.

” Yes” Joe answered with a smile, “I’m sure she’s fine” He said pushing to his study room.

Nora woke up almost immediately Joe went out and she realised Nathan was still beside her. She smilled as she looked at his sleepy face. Shaking him a bit she woke him up.

“Hey!” Nathan opened his sleepy eyes.

“Is it morning already?”

“Oh yeah, and so silly of me that I’ve not checked on your father and it’s almost getting to 9.am. I’m sure he will start looking for me. Come on now leave before anyone will see us.”

“Oh no please” Nathan yawned. “One more hour please.”

Nora chuckled. “Hmmm look at you? Just go to your room, spoiled boy” .

Nathan smiled and turned her to him “I had the most beautiful night of my life. should I come back tonight? Please.”

“No” Nora smiled “Don’t you even think about it. Remember what we discussed last night.”

“Yea yea.” He shrugged off the crazy thought in his mind. “We are still hiding like fifteen year old kids.” He said looking sad. He raised his head and kissed her. “See you outside” he said before leaving the room.

“Morning dad !” he greeted his father as he opened the door to the study.

“Morning son” Joe responded looking at the bright face of his son. “You slept well? ” He asked him.

“Yes ” Nathan smiled. “I had the best night of my life.”

“Oh I see the beaming of your eyes Nathan. I sure can tell you are in good spirits this morning”. Joe said in pretence.

“Oh dad you are funny” He laughed, “let me go to my gym, will see you later”

“Alright” Joe nodded. “You arent working this weekend?” He asked before Nathan closed the door

” Actually, I think I will stay home this weekend. Unless there will be an emergency at the hospital which requires my presence.” He explained.


When Nora was through with her bath. She went to greet him.

“I think it’s time for your exercise Joe ” she told him. “Sorry I woke up late today.”

Joe smiled widely “You are not the only one who over slept my dear. Nathan just went out too.”

“Really?” Nora answered shly . I guessed we were both so tired.” She added with a grin. Joe pushed his chair towards where she sat,

“Nora dear, You are a beautiful, kind and a honest woman. I want you to be happy okay? ”

Nora looked at him and she couldn’t understand what he was driving at.

“Well thank you Joe” she smiled.

“Yeah!” Joe patted her hand, “Now let’s go. You do your job on these dead legs of mine. I want to be able to walk on your wedding day” He teased.

Nora opened her mouth wide to say something but couldn’t find the right words to say.

“Hmmm you are acting funny today if you ask me ” She told him as she moved him outside.

Joe laughed. “I’m in good spirit today dear. What can I tell you? By the way, next week Monday the driver will come pick me up I need to check on some things from the company office. I have been working remotely but now I need to go sort a few things”

“That’s okay ” Nora said. “By the way do you know the weekend after next week will be my birthday?”

” No ” Joe responded. “Wow! so how old will you be my dear”

“Twenty four? she told him.

“Hmmm I see. I married Joe’s mom when she was twenty four and she was as beautiful as you are now.” Joe smiled

“I see ” Nora answered, “I’m sure shes still beautiful. So tell me” She continued helping him up. “Do you know where she is now?”
Joe hissed sadly. “No I don’t, the last time I met one of her cousins, all she told me was that Racheal was in Lagos and probably married to another man.”

Nora smiled. “Wow! Racheal? That’s my mom’s name”

“What? Do you mean that?” Joe asked, surprised. “What a coincidence.”

“Yeah” Nora smiled, “But not to worry she can’t be close to be your Racheal. From the way you talk about her, I’m sure she’s a lot more beautiful and probably older.” She said laughing..

“Well ” Joe, trying to push his leg forward holding his hand on Nora’s shoulder, “You are beautiful and am sure your mum is also beautiful.”

Nora laughed “Oh unfortunately people say I don’t look like her. Maybe am more of dad ”

“Come on” Joe told her “You must have taken something from her as well.”

“Oh yeah , my fingers probably” She teased.

Joe shook his head, “There you said it” They both laughed.

Somewhere in Asaba, Racheal and her husband sat in their living room talking.

“Honey it’s Nora’s birthday after next week. I want to pay her a suprise visit on her birthday. What do you think?” She asked her husband.

“It’s a good idea honey” Nosa answered. “I think we should both go since it’s a weekend.”

“That’s great honey” Racheal shouted in excitement.

“I’m sure she would love that. Besides we can use a week’s vacation before I start work. ”

“Sure” Racheal smiled happily.

The following week passed so fast that Nora and Nathan were getting closer by the day.

She told him about her birthday and he was so excited. He secretly planned to do something special for her.

She walked to his door step afternoon.

“Come in ” Nathan answered, seeing her by the door he went and pulled her in.

“I’m glad you are finally done with your work with dad. I was dying of holding you” He said kissing her.

“I can tell by the way your hands are all over me” she laughed kissing him back.

“Can you blame me, when I’m hooked by a pretty woman like you?” He asked teasingly as he rubbed his nose on hers.

“Well , Mr lover boy, I came to tell you am going out this afternoon. I need to go check on my small house and do some cleaning and dusting I might end up having no place to go to after am done here.”

“I’m going with you ” Nathan told her.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea Nathan.” Nora told him still holding him by the waist.

“Why not? I can’t endure spending this whole weekend without you babe. Allow me to come with you. If it will put your mind at ease, then you should go alone from here then I will follow you later. don’t worry about dad. I will have something to tell him.”

“Oh I don’t know Nathan I’m not so comfortable. Your father might suspect something.” she complained while removing her hand on his waist.

” I am almost certain dad is fully aware. He’s just waiting for us to tell him. So don’t worry if he hasn’t said anything it means he is not mad at us.”

“Alright then you will find me” She said.

“Thank you babe ” Nathan kissed her forehead.

“I promise to pay attention and watch you do the clean up.” He teased her as she walked out.

She shook her head. “What a lazy doctor!” She smiled while heading towards Joe who was watching soccer in the TV room to inform him.

“Go on my dear” Joe told her. “I will continue doing the exercises. I have started taking some steps, thanks to you.”
“You should” Nora said. Then moved very closed to him. “Use the crutches as much as posible. Avoid the wheel chair.”

“Alright” Joe said and nodded.

To be continued



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