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O.G.B.A.N.J.E (The Child of Thunder) Chapter 17

The Child of Thunder 17

Ifeoma Isabella Okeke

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“Ebe onye dara ka chi ya kwaturu ya- Where one falls is where his god pushed him down. Obinnwanne your chi has deserted you. You must dance to the beat you started”. Oku, a dibia from another village told Omenkannaya and his son Obinnnwanne. As he finished speaking to the gods. He sat on the bare ground. His animal skin bag was resting beside him. A little raffle mat was spread in front of him where his crowies lay. Obinnwanne who was writhing in pains laid on a raffle mat and his father, Omenkannaya, sat very close to his son.

He stared at Oku bewildered.

“The great dibia please explain better those words you just told us now. You speaks in riddles and I don’t understand the meaning”. Omekannaya said.

“His chi has deserted him, your son and you know what that means okwia?” Oku asked Omenkannaya.

“I do wise one, but how could his chi abandon him now. What has he committed for his chi to have left him?” Omenkannaya questioned Oku.

“Ask your son, he alone knows. He was warned severely to stay away from a particular lady that she was being protected by some higher forces and has even gotten married to one but your son stares in the face of the gods and dared them, the outcome is this result. You should be thankful Omenkannaya that the gods didn’t strike your son dead”. Oku said as he explained to Omalenkannaya.

“Wise one, please help me. How can I return his chi? You know if one is without his chi he would never amount to anything in life and he will become useless to mankind, biko is there no other way out for my son to be healed and his chi returned?” Omenkannaya asked desperately.

“Eze mbe si na olu oha di mma, mana
oriri oha na-aka ahu- The tortoise said that many hands at work is enjoyable, but many mouths to feed can be embarrassing, Omenkannaya Nke a ka ibu karịa m- This case is bigger than me”.

“Ehm please wise one, I know you can help me. Please I don’t want my only son Nanị anya m na-eji na-ahụ ịnwụ, anwụ- The only eye I use in seeing, die. Please the great Oku help me, biko Ana m arịọ gị- Am begging you”. Omenkannaya pleaded not giving up, he was adamant that there is a solution.

Oku lifted his head and look at the sky. He raised his two hands up in the sky and asked “Should I speak? Should I tell him?”

Nodding his head as if he was listening to an invisible being he brought his hands down and faced Omenkannaya once again.

“Your son”, Oku began as he points at Obinnwanne who was writhing in pains. “Take him to the Nnenna’s hut he would see Nnenna’s son Ebuka. Only him can help him”. Oku concluded his talk as he gathered up everything that concerns him and put them in his animal skin bag, stood up and dusted himself up. “It is time to go Omenkannaya”. So saying, Oku quickly left their presence.


“What are you going to do god Ikenga. The human seemed to have a strong power backing him up for him to challenge you the way he did”. Aku began softly and slowly to the hearings of Ikenga who has been pacing about since he came home. “Something is definitely not right”, Aku added prompting Ikenga to halt his movement.

“You are right Aku, something is definitely not right because a mere little human wasn’t afraid of me and even talk back at me. He ought to be sacred when he saw me appeared in from nowhere and even disappeared in his presence. Something is definitely fishing here”. Ikenga spoke out as he stared into space.

“What are you going to do now god Ikenga, are you going to start monitoring the young man to know what or who is backing him up?”. Aku asked.

“I god Ikenga, the god of war monitor a mere, ordinary human? That is belittling my status. Ikenga never and would never do such a thing”. Ikenga boasted with pride. His head held higher in the air like a proud peacock.

“So what are you going to do now god Ikenga?” Aku asked again not offended when Ikenga waved off his suggestion.

Then suddenly a frown appeared on Ikenga’s face

Aku seeing the look on his face suddenly asked. “What is it god Ikenga, did you in any way remember something?”

“Yes Aku. I just remembered that the mere human called Ogbanje my ‘Alaolisa’. Ikenga said thoughtfully.

“And I don’t see a harm if the human calls her by that name”. Aku said trying to understand what Ikenga was trying to insinuate.

“You still don’t get it Aku. Alaolisa was a name given to my betrothed before she fell out of love with me and fell in love with my brother Amadioha when he became a wanderer”.

“I still don’t get your point god Ikenga. Remember Alaolisa left you for your brother a long time ago before she strangely disappeared. Even when you begged her to accept you back into her life which she promptly refused, how are you so sure of what you heard?”. Aku said still confused about it.

“Only my brother, Amadioha, calls her Alaolisa. No one ever calls her by her given name and live to tell the story. I will follow your advice Aku, I will start monitoring the mere young man. Something in me tells me he might be my brother in human form and Ogbanje is my beloved betrothed”. Ikenga said as he started drafting out a plan. It was Amadioha’s anger that blinded him into killing almost their father, Chuckwuolisa, creatures. He has provoked the god once before he can still do that once again. He will make Amadioha pay for collecting his Alaolisa from him before and also wants to collect Alaolisa once again in her human form.

“Aku my long time friend, I have a plan”. Ikenga said laughing out softly.


Nnenna’s Hut:

“Did you know that my brother appeared to me yesterday when I went to the farm and threatened to deal with me if I don’t stay far from you”. Ebuka told Ogbanje as they sat down, they were enjoying each other company. Ogbanje resting her head on Ebuka’s shoulder blade lifted up her head to look squarely at Ebuka as he said those words.

“What? You mean he has the nerves to threaten you? He is not serious, right?”. Ogbanje asked as she stares at Ebuka.

” The way I saw him and the look on his eyes showed that he is serious about dealing with me if he ever find me close to you”. Ebuka answered Ogbanje with all seriousness.

“Are you scared of his threats Ebuka?” Ogbanje suddenly asked her lover.

“Scared? Did you just say scared? Of who, Him? Mbanu Ada- No Ada, why would I be sacred of Ikenga. I Amadioha, the god of Thunder and Lightening sacred for his younger brother? It is not possible but nevertheless I will be very careful from now henceforth. I have this feeling that he might be up to something because once he had made up his mind and heart to get something he always do his possible best to get it with force”.

“I am not scared of Ikemefuna one bit. I am only scared of what he can do, remember he is the god of war and everyone worship him no one knows nor remember you anymore”. Ogbanje said her deepest fear to Ebuka who held his two cheeks for support as he listened to what Ogbanje said.

“The people would one day remember me and serve me like they once did. I have learnt over the years that I had roamed about that my only weakness is my anger. But with my human body I have come to realize that anger is a bad curse. I have subdued my anger, I hope so I did because that is what my brother will use against me”.

“Then try as much as possible to stay away from whatever that would provoke you”. Ogbanje said as she hugged Ebuka who immediately put his hand round her waist. “Nothing can stand in our way of love. We shall defeat every odds that stands against our love”. Ogbanje added


“What can the witches do for you Adaku, I thought you had left us to serve your own god, why are you back?”. Eze Nwayi asked as she and her fellow witches were astonish when Adaku appeared in their midst.

They had once again gathered as usual to decide which family is next to donate her child when Adaku made her sudden appearance.

She wore all white wrapper and her head band was in white with a touch of red on it.

“I am not here for that neither am I here to join you again rather I an here for something else”. Adaku replied.

“And what exactly can that be Adaku?” Eze Nwayi asked.

“It is a secret we both shared”. Adaku said pointing her fingertip to herself then at Eze Nwayi “Remember?” Adaku said with her eyebrows raised.

Eze Nwayi looked at every witches and did some incarnations on them, they all fell asleep immediately. She finally turned to face Adaku who had a smirked on her upper lips.

“Now what do you really want Adaku?” Eze Nwayi asked.

Adaku cast her own sleeping spell to make sure they were truly asleep.

“You know why I am here don’t you? Stop pretending it doesn’t suit you at all” Adaku said sharply.

“You haven’t killed any of them yet and you requested for her presence”. Eze Nwayi Queried Adaku.

“I can’t kill Ogbanje yet and Okoro too because Ogbanje is always there to protect him from harm. The time given to me by her is almost running out that is why I need her help, since she was the one who gave me the task in the first place then she might be able to defeat her sister. I need someone who is Ogbanje’s match and Uhammiri is her match”.

To Be Continued….

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