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O.G.B.A.N.J.E (The Child of Thunder) Chapter 18

The Child of Thunder

Ifeoma Isabella Okeke

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“I am surprised seeing you in my hut today Omenkannaya, please what brought the great agu to my home?” Nnenna asked.

“Ukpala gbabara n’ikpo okuko na-ala ala mmuo- The grasshopper that runs into the mist of fowls ends up in the land of spirits”, Omenkannaya began softly to Nnenna. “I have come here because I have found a way out of my situation. I greet you once again”.

“Omenkannaya, the only wrestler who had fought with the spirits and lived to tell the tale. The one who is being feared by many both in Udum and other villages. You are welcome to my humble home”. Nnenna said softly at Omenkannaya. “But that hasn’t answered my question as to why you are here”. Nnenna added as She stared at the face of Omenkannaya whose face depicted trouble.

“Nnenna Nwata bunie nna ya enu, akpaamu ya ayochie ya anya- If a child lifts his father, his scrotum will blindfold him. I seek for your household help”.

“Help? Nnayi you know how I have been managing myself and my children since the day it was discovered that I was among the night movers. I denounced them and things are not moving well for me like it used to before”.

“Nnenna, that was not the kind of help I came here for. It’s about your son. He alone can help me out of my son’s predicament”. Omenkannaya explained briefly.

“Nnayi, you know that I have two living sons so I don’t really know which of my sons you are speaking of”. Nnenna told Omenkannaya.

“It’s no other person than your son Ebuka”. Omenkannaya replied back without hesitation.

“Ebuka? How can he be of help to you?” Nnenna questioned.

As they were speaking, Ebuka and his siblings were seen coming back from the farm they had gone earlier. They greeted Omenkannaya and their mother then leaving them to continue their discussion.

“Ebuka”. Nnenna said halting Ebuka.

“Yes mama”.

“When you have dropped that cutlass you are holding please come back”. Nnenna said to her son who nodded his head and left them to continue their discussion.

Nnenna turned to look back at Omenkannya and said to him. “You haven’t told me why you want my son’s help yet”.

Omenkannya cleared his throat. “Yes Nwayi mmaramma. You see my only son Obinnwanne went and offend someone who he did not have any atom of idea that the person he had angered is a god in disguise. The god dealt with my son mercilessly. When I went to call Oku, the great idbia, he told me only your son can help my son out of the misery the said god has put him in. Biko Nnenna should in case your son refused to go with me help me and beg him for my sake for old time sake”.

“Your son went ahead to offend a god? Was he in his right senses Omenkannaya”. Nnenna question in bewilderment.

“That is what I can not tell Nnenna. You need to see my son writhing in pains as he laid at the front of his hut. The gods had afflicted him with pains”.

“I have heard you Omenkannaya….”.

Ebuka came to meet them prompting Nnenna to stop speaking. “Yes mama, you told me to come”.

“Yes I did Ebuka”. Nnenna said then pointed at Omenkannaya. “Do you know this man here sitting beside me?”. Nnenna asked Ebuka as she pointed at Omenkannaya.

“Who doesn’t know about the great wrestler and his entire household in this village”. Ebuka said to the hearing of Omenkannaya who nodded his head in pride.

“Nke a bụ nwa m- That is me my child”. Omenkannaya replied Ebuka.

Nnenna nodded her head.

“And you also know his son, Obinnwanne too”.

“Aha mama, I just said who in Udum whom doesn’t know of Omenkannya and his son Obinnwanne”. Ebuka repeated.

“Very well. Omenkannaya here has something to say to you”. Nnenna said and gestured Omenkannaya to Ebuka.

“My son”, Omenkannaya began. “I will be very grateful if you can help me in this situation which I am in”.

“Help you Omenkannaya, if it is within my powers then I can help you”.

“It’s about my son Obinnwanne”.

“And what about him?” Ebuka asked.

Omenkannaya repeated what he had told Nnenna earlier on.

“Well, since the Idbia said only I could help him, then I will go with you to see him”. Ebuka told Omenkannaya who became elated on hearing what Ebuka said.

“Thank you so much Ebuka”. Omenkannaya said thankfully.

“Don’t thank me yet because I haven’t seen what is doing your son and haven’t cured him yet”. Ebuka said nonchalantly at Omenkannaya.

“At least you are willingly to come and try that is all that matters”.


ChuckwuOlisa Abode:

“Father, you called me”. Ikenga said as he stood in the presence of his father ChuckwuOlisa.

“Yes I called you Ikenga. I heard and saw what you did to that human. As if that was not enough you went ahead to threaten a young man in his farm. Ikenga you are over stepping your bound”. ChuckwuOlisa told his son.

“Father he did something and I have to punish him for what he did and for the other young man I threatened he was getting on my nerve on something”. Ikenga answered without any form of hesitation laced in his voice.

“I have always told you that a day is coming and you will meet your match”. ChuckwuOlisa said softly and slowly.

“And even if that day comes, I Ikenga, the god of war would not be it’s match”. Ikenga boasted to the hearings of ChuckwuOlisa.

“Father, I beg to take my leave now”. Ikenga added as he left the enormous light coming out from the golden sit.

If only Ikenga knows what is ahead of him, if only he knows the battle ahead of him.

ChuckwuOlisa pondered in thought.


Witches Abode:

“I need Uhammiri. She is the only one who has the powers to defeat her, powers like that of Ogbanje’s own”. Adaku said in persistent of it.

“And you think your daughter, the real Ada of Okoro would defeat Ogbanje the child of Thunder? A wife of a strong god? The princess and only child of her previous mother, the Ogbanje queen? Think again Adaku”. The Eze Nwayi told Adaku.

“Uhammiri is the real Ada and was the one who had sent me back to Okoro in the first place to deal with him for neglecting her and me for Chidinmma (Ogbanje’s Mother) in the first place”. Adaku told the Eze Nwayi not so gently.

“You left your promise and went ahead to Amummamiri to seek for her help and powers to defeat Ogbanje, which you couldn’t or did you succeed Adaku?” Eze Nwayi asked Adaku in mockery.

Adaku snorted rudely. “I did what I was supposed to but still Ogbanje isn’t down yet”. Adaku answered.

“But Uhammiri made you promise her that you would have wiped off Chidinmma’s generations before she wakes up from her deep slumber she had entered. You want me to wake her up when you haven’t even killed the one she wanted you to kill. Waking up Uhammiri is like trying to see if you could walk on waters Adaku. She would be furious when she find out that the task she had given out to you hasn’t been carried out yet”. Eze Nwayi fired back at Adaku.

“Ogbanje is stronger than me, including my own great grandmother, Amummamiri, her powers and even that of Ikenga are no match for Ogbanje I will admit that. But Uhammiri is her match and she is as powerful as Ogbanje is, since she was the one who had wanted them dead she would have known a long time ago from the very start that Ogbanje won’t be such an easy prey to kill. I have done my part, now, let Uhammiri do hers. Wake her up for me Eze Nwayi and tell her I need her presence”. Adaku said still adamant of what she came here for.

“Alright Adaku, I will wake up Uhammiri for you. You and I know that she had slept for many years waiting to be awake with the death of Okoro and Ogbanje. But since you couldn’t kill Ogbanje you want to involve Uhammiri into this. I will wake her up for you Adaku, be prepared Adaku. Even if you are her birth mother the fact doesn’t change that she won’t be livid when she finds out that you have not succeeded”. Eze Nwayi told Adaku as she shook her head sideways at Adaku.

“Let me bear my own cross Eze Nwayi. Do not worry about me, Uhammiri is my daughter and I am her mother. Ogbanje is bigger than me and I can’t face her alone that is why I need Uhammiri’s help in the first place. Once she is battling with Ogbanje I on the other hand would be battling with Okoro that has been my plan”. Adaku answered.

“Akwukwo juru n’ohia, ma a baa a choba okazi- There are various leaves in the bush, but people go in to look for okazi leaves”. Eze Nwayi said as she stood up from her sit and started dancing to a tune best known to her. She stops, stretched forth one of her hand towards her and beckon Adaku to come to her.

Adaku walked steadily and swiftly to her she doesn’t have all the night to herself and placed her right hand on top of the Eze Nwayi’s own.

They both disappeared immediately.

To Be Continued…

Story by Ifeoma I Okekey

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