All I could hear was my voice, I was screaming at the top of my lungs, why was I screaming? I thought and immediately woke up from my deep slumber.
I breathed in heavily and looked around the room, Henry quickly rushed up to me and asked.
“Are you okay?”.
“Yeah… I’m fine!” I sighed as I realised what I had was a memory, a memory without an actual vision.
“Oh… Okay… go back to sleep then, it’s two in the morning!” Henry said quietly, he looked sleepy but he’s trying his best to stay awake.
“Oh okay…” I nodded and closed my eyes.
I opened them again and his eyes asked me. “What? Again?”.
“Won’t you go to sleep?” I asked.
“No… I’m fine… I actually have to keep an eye on the IV fluid bag, to know when it’ll dry out!” He said.
“No need,” I glanced at the IV bag, “It’s still full and I think you need rest!” I said quietly.
“No please Rose, you’re the one who needs enough rest!”. Henry said.
“But you look like you cou–
“Please just go back to sleep!” he begged and I gave up.
“Okay, then, goodnight!” I said and shut my eyes.
“Goodnight!” I heard his low face and felt his lips on my forehead, before he walked away from the bed.
My eyes became heavy all of a sudden and I drifted to sleep.
I was excited when I saw myself, I suddenly knew it was another memory, but suddenly I could see myself no more and everywhere was blank.

Suddenly I saw Tina and I walking alone in a cold and quiet street, we were both cold and we walked barefooted, it was nighttime but street lights brightened the whole street.
Did my memory continued from where it stopped last?
I thought.
Cause we were wearing the Same clothes from my last memory where Tina held my hand and we both ran out of the house.
As the both of us walked through the cold street barefooted, I started to freeze and Tina was too.
I sighed and turned to her immediately.
“Tina go home!” I had said.
“What why?”.
“You didn’t do anything, and besides I think your mom wants me out of the house not you!” I said folding my hand, because the cold was too much, I couldn’t take it.
“But if I go back home, she’ll never let you back, And I want you back!” She sniffed.
“Thanks Tina,” I smiled at her.
“Oh it’s so cold… No wonder shelter’s so good!” Tina said and when I tried to smile, I couldn’t cause my face was a bit frozen from the coldness.
“C’mon let’s walk to Henry’s house it’s not far from ours!” I said and me and Tina continued our journey.
My eyes slowly opened to another day and I breathed out a sigh of relief.
“Morning sleepy head! You woke up just in time!” Tina’s voice said and I almost smiled at Joe familiar it had become.
“Tina…” I smiled at her.
“Yeah Rose!” she smiled back, she had always loved me. The past, the future, she loves me.
“Good morning!” I said.
“Good morning to you too and guess what?” she half yelled.
I gave her a Confused look and she laughed.
“You’re getting better day by day and we received information about you going to be discharged very soon!” Tina rejoiced.
“Really?” I asked.
“Yes, according to the doctors, your amnesia isn’t too serious or going to be stable or permanent cause everyday you get to recall your memories, and according to your body health and weight, you’ve gain a little weight, and you’re getting more blood, your heart and breathing is stable, and your talking is even more clearer!” Tina explained and I smiled.
Thank God.
“Oh I’m so proud of you, you’re a fighter, you’ve always been a fighter! Physically, mentally any type of “Ally” you’ve always been a fighter!” Tina joked and we laughed.
“That’s why you always beat me up when we were kids, you’re stronger even though, you’re just older than me with a few months. I mean it’s not fair right?” Tina smiled making me laugh… out loud.
I mean for the first time, I heard my laughing voice.
“Okay, Get ready for your bath!” Tina announced and I nod.
She helped me brushed my teeth, took my bath and helped me in another hospital dress.
I was having breakfast, when Aaron came in with two nurses.
“Good morning Rosie” Aaron said cheerfully.
“Good morning!” I replied focused on my food.
“Yeah, you’re really doing great, looking healthy already, isn’t this your third day since you woke up?” He smiled staring at his clipboard.
“Yeah I shared the good news with her, she’s recovering quickly and will be discharged soon!” Tina said.
Aaron smiled “Okay… good, I know you’re having breakfast but if you can just put your food down for a minute and take your injection,…
“Okay!” I replied before he could complete his words.
Placing my food away, the two nurses stepped beside me and looking at the syringe it wasn’t looking friendly with me at all, it had orange liquid inside and when the nurse folded the hand of my cloth up I breathed in, and as she cleanse the place she’ll be shoving the needle. I shut my eyes and whinced when the first and the second needle was shoved in my skin.
“That’s Rose for you, she never liked taking shots” Tina giggled as the nurses placed a cotton wool over the place they pierced the needle.
“No kidding!” I replied taking back my food,
“Okay… Rose, thanks, i would have wished you speed recovery but you’re already faster than speed itself, so have a great day!” Aaron said making me laugh and then he walked away. While the two nurses trailed behind him.
“Oh he’s so sweet!” Tina smiled.
“Yeah,and is it true? About it not being a doctor?” I asked.
“Who Aaron?”
I nodded.
Tina laughed, “Of course he’s a doctor!”
“But he told me since his father own this hospital he just have to act like he’s a real doctor, my memorising people’s medication and stuff!” I explained.
“Uhh I don’t know what you’re talking about!” Tina giggled and then glanced down at her expensive looking watch.
“Are you going somewhere?” I asked.
“Huh?” she suddenly looked up.
“You’ve been looking down at your watch” I tell her.
“Oh… Yeah” She laughed nervously. “See I work at a tailor shop for just this summer, I just have to know a little about fashion before going back to college, and the tailor, Mrs Catherine, she is really strict. Me even mentioning her name is giving me chills and I’ve promised to come by her shop today by twelve pm and it’s almost twelve, I’ve been missing out a lot because I’ve been coming here, I really wish I can stay here longer but I can’t, and Henry told me he’ll be here by eleven thirty, and now it’s even fifty!” Tina sighed.
“Oh, I understand!” I said quietly.
She’s in college now? Was I in college before this happened to me or… What was I doing?
God, a person without memories is like a homeless person in New York.
The door to the ward suddenly opened and Henry walked in.
“And that’s why,” I heard a tiny voice follow.
“Oh Henry thank God you’re here already!” Tina rolled her eyes walking to the door.
“Aunt Tina!!!” a little black haired girl ran up to Tina giving her a hug.
“Oh, joy!” Tina exclaimed bending down to hug the girl.
I glance at Henry and he smiled at her.
“How are you doing?” Henry asked as he walked up to me and grabbed my hands.
“Better!” I shrugged.
I quickly turned to the little girl running up to Tina at the door.
“Where are you going?” she yelled at Tina.
“I’m going to work, now go to your dad!” Tina yelled back.
“i want to go with.. With you!” she said stretching out her hands.
“You can’t, now go!” Tina Said quickly running out and closing the door before Joy could follow her.
“Is that…?” I smiled at Henry and he nodded as we both watched joy walked over to Henry with her tiny body.
Oh she’s so cute I’m going to cry
I can’t believe we both created this angel.
“Joy…” Henry called as he lifted her and placed her on the bed, I had to adjust a little but somehow I didn’t cause her little body fit the spot Henry dropped her.
“Daddy…” Joy called but suddenly turned to me when I called her name and held her hand.
She looked at me strangely and suddenly pulled her hand away from mine.
And that hurt me, she doesn’t know who I am, my child doesn’t even know who her mother is.
T. B. C


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