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looked at joy and smiled, though it hurt that she doesn’t know me as her mom, but somehow I was relieved she’s okay, I gave birth to her and I’m alive.
“Joy…” Henry called holding her hand.
“This is mom!” Henry said pointing at me.
“Your mom!” Henry smiled at her.
“Yes!” Joy replied. Not looking at me but playing with Henry’s shirt collar.
“Don’t force her, As long as I’m alive, she’ll still get to know who I really am” I nodded.
“When you were still in coma we used to come here with her and show her your sleeping body on the bed telling her you’re her mom, she knows you’re her mom, but she really doesn’t know what ‘mom’ is supposed to be, she just got it imprinted that your name might be ‘mom’ or you being mom is something she should know!” Henry explained.
I sighed and shut my eyes and opened them again.
“Henry!” I called.
“What happened to me?” I asked.
“Huh?” he said.
“How did I end up in the hospital like this, in a situation like this!” sighed…
“It’s a long story!” Henry sighed.
I turned to him. “Is it that bad to talk about?”.
He sighed, “it’s just too… Get well soon and maybe I’ll tell you or maybe you’ll recall your memories before then.”
“Okay… Since you don’t want to tell me, I’ll just have to wait for my memory, Ending in the hospital was one thing and having a memory loss is another, I feel so…” Henry immediately held my hand.
“Don’t talk like this, everything happens for a reason, your memories are going to come back okay! Don’t worry about anything, pretty soon you’ll be out of here with your memories back and everything is going to be fine okay!” Henry assured and I slowly nodded.
Suddenly I heard Henry’s voice telling me “everything’s going to be fine!” and like a flash I saw my self lying on the bed, my stomach huge and I was sweating on the bed…
I whinced and shut my eyes cause just that small vision hurt my head.
“What’s wrong!?” Henry quickly asked.
“i…I… A memory!” I breathed out tiredly.
“Really… A memory!” Henry said, he moved closer to me letting joy wonder what was going on.
“But… it wasn’t that long, it was like… like a flash!” I tried to explain I don’t know if he understood or not.
“Oh okay, it’s okay now breathe!” Henry said and again I heard his voice saying the same thing.
“It’s okay, now breathe!”
Again, like a flash, I saw myself in the same room I was from the last flash memory with my bumpy stomach and sweating body, Henry held my hand and he was telling me to breathe.
I whinced again placing my hand over my head.
“This is painful!” I almost cried as I held my head with my hand.
“Another memory…? Oh…okay.. Wait I’ll go get a doctor!” Henry said, let’s go of my hand and ran out of the room.
“Daddy… Where are you going!” joy almost cried and wanted to jump down from the bed to follow Henry, but the bed was too high for her, and despite the headache I was having, I managed to grab her hand before she could try something dangerous.
“Leave me alone!” Joy cried as she stretched her other hand towards the door.
“Daddy!” she cried.
And I cried too. I really hate that she doesn’t know who I am too.
“Daddy, come back!” Joy cried too and before I knew it I started to sniff and I started to cry too.
A loud annoying cry that filled the room, I couldn’t hear joy cries again but I kept crying all these is just so painful.
I hate all this!!
And for the fact that joy doesn’t know who I am and wants to get away from a stranger like me.
What the hell happened to me that left me in a state like this.
Thinking about all this I cried, so loud, I cleaned my tears and opened my eyes to see joy staring at me.
“What?” I sniffed at her, as her big brown eyes stared into mine.
She didn’t say anything she just watched me.
Tears fell from my eyes as I read her expression that says “Why is this stranger crying!”
“You know joy, I’m your mom!” I sniffed.
“I know, daddy said so too!” she replied, she had suddenly stopped crying just because I started to cry.
What a sensitive child.
I could see my kid face in hers when I asked.
“You know what a mom is right?” I asked and she nodded, a nod that says she knows but doesn’t really know.
I asked again. “You know what a hug is right?”.
“Yes, I like big hugs like barney!” Her face lits up.
“Well can you give me a big hug. I’ll really like that!” I sniffed trying to clean my falling tears.
She carefully crawled to me and her hand circled around my neck.
My hand hugged her small body and I cried…
She smelled so nice.
She looked so nice, she talks nicely and she’s mine. She’s my baby.
I cried so much, on her shoulder and it seems like she didn’t want to let go, I didn’t want to either cause I felt like I shouldn’t, I suddenly felt like I should give her a hug that could replace the three years I couldn’t.
The door opened, Aaron, Henry and a female nurse walked in.
I quickly cleaned my tears but they caught me already, but I still didn’t let go of joy, and she felt heavy immediately.
“Is everything okay?” Henry quickly ran up to me.
I sniffed. “Yeah… everything is fine!”
“Really?” Aaron asked as he and his nurse assistant walked closer to me.
“Yes everything’s fine,” I replied.
“Okay… Heard about your episode. And we are here to give you a single shot to help you head cool down, and maybe even put you to sleep!” Aaron said and I nodded, i tried to let go of joy but she was heavy.
“Help me, take her away from my body!” I said to Henry and he gently carried Joy.
“She’s asleep!” I gasped when I saw her eyes closed as Henry took her from me.
Just that brief hug and she’s already asleep, I’m so touched.
“Wow,” Henry smiled as he let’s joy’s head rest on his shoulder.
“She hardly sleeps and all she does is talk!” Henry said.
“I just asked for one small hug and she fell asleep!” I smiled as I touched her hair.
“That’s the touch of a mother!” Henry said and I glanced at him and smiled.
“She’s your child?” Aaron chimed in and I nodded and stopped when he saw he was talking to Henry.
“Our child!” Henry replied.
“Wow…” Aaron replied.
Aaron beckoned the nurse to me and she came with the syringe.
“She’s beautiful!” Aaron said referring to Joy and Henry Thanked him..
“Anyways, Rose.” Aaron called and I turned to him. “You’ll be leaving the ICU (intensive care unit) room today and moving to a normal ward. Cause you’re recovering faster than ever! Which is a miracle!” Aaron smiled and my smile change into a whince when the nurse pricked the needle into my arm.
Recovering or not, I want my memories first. I want to have all my memories and I want them to come accordingly. But I think that’s even possible.
After taking the shot, Aaron and his assistant left leaving, Henry and joy with me, Joy was asleep and I had told Henry to let her sleep beside me and when he placed her beside me, I felt complete and was already feeling asleep and before I knew it, I was fast asleep.
I was lying on a bed, a small screen In front of my face, Henry and Tina standing beside me, and behind them was Tina’s mom.
A nurse stood in front of me and beside the screen and she rubbed something cold on my almost huge belly that made me shiver.
“It’s cold isn’t it?” the nurse smiled at me.
“Yeah,” I laughed. And slipped my hand into Henry’s hand and he held me tighter.
“Okay… Watch the screen!” the nurse announced and everyone turned to the screen.
“This is your second senogram isn’t it?” the nurse asked me and I nodded happily.
Something grey appeared on the screen and and a moving dot. “That’s your baby!” the nurse smiled at me.
“What? I don’t see anything!” Henry said looking at the screen.
The nurse drew a diagram on the screen describing how it’s my baby and showed me it heart’s beat, though I didn’t get the picture. I was relieved.
“I still don’t see anything!” Henry said.
“Me too!” Tina shrugged.
“I’ll be outside children. Come meet me when everything is over!” Tina’s mother said coldly and I frowned…
Somehow she didn’t like me being pregnant
Suddenly the scene changed and I saw myself crying banging a door, pleading for anyone to let me out.
“Aunt please,…. Please don’t do this to me!”.
“Aunt please… Not my baby… Aunt…Aunt.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I yelled and immediately everything went blank.
I woke up breathing heavily and the first person I saw was Tina and her mom.
T. B. C

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