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woke up in the middle of the night, to see Rose fast asleep. I smiled and got up from where I was.
I glanced at sleeping Rose and she was like a rose, pretty just like always, though she’s a lot skinnier and a lot taller now, but she’s still my beautiful Rose.
I walked passed her and moved to the small drawer beside the bed where she had placed her water bottle and having a little drink from there I closed back the lid and dropped the water bottle.
I started to hear heavy breathings behind me and I when I turned, it was Rose, she was starting to get a little sweaty and her breathing had become heavy.
I muttered when she started to make little groans and grunts turning her head side to side a little.
I was getting worried and I started to wonder if I should get the doctor or not,
But then I just assumed she must be having nightmares, so why not just soothe her down.
I gently tapped her arm to cool her down, but then it got worse.
Her head started to turn even worse and her breathing became loud.
Her hands grabbed the sheets from the bed and her mouth opened and closed as she uttered words that came out as breaths.
“Rose…” I called lightly.
It was the middle of the night patients and babies could be asleep I don’t want to wake her up.
“Rose…” I called again, but knew I was fooling myself.
I quickly walked out of the room and ran through the hallway, due to my speed, I bumped into doctor Aaron and we both fell on the floor.
I apologized as we both stood up.
Doctor Aaron, he’s about my age, and he’s been really nice to us ever since Rose was brought here, surprised everyone by donating his blood to help save rose at the brink of her death, when she first got here the day of her accident after she had lost a lot of blood, but she had already fall into coma before she revieved the blood.
“Henry… What’s the rush?” He asked.
“Rose…” I said breathlessy.
“What?… Really? What’s wrong?”
“I don’t know… she’s asleep. But she’s not herself. She… she.. Just come on…
I said and started to head back to the room unable to explain and Aaron trailed behind me.
We both walked into the VIP room and I was shocked when I saw Rose getting worse. her whole body was tossing and turning and she was sweating
Aaron and I quickly rushed up to her and Aaron flinched when he touched her forehead.
“She’s burning up!” He said.
“Well… What should we do, what is happening to her?” I asked.
“I.. I don’t know,…” Aaron shrugged, “I have to get Doctor Felix!”
“What aren’t you a doctor yourself.” I was surprised.
“I’m not!” He replied.
What the hell is he talking about
“Look doctor or not, to my conclusion I think she’s having a memory!” Aaron said
“What? A memory? Is this how recalling memory is?” I asked.
“Look… just stay with you wife, and I’ll get doctor Felix!” Aaron sighed and rushed out of the door.
I held rose’s hand and it was hot, I was scared.
“Rose…please wake up.!” I was scared.
I touched her forehead and it was worse.
She groaned and when she turned to me, I swear tears that had crawled out of her eyes.
Her whole body quickly flinched and immediately she opened her eyes.
Her head snapped at me.
“Henry…” She called, her voice sounded weak, but the way she called me, she called me the way she always called me. Like I’m just there and no one is, there’s a way Rose always calls me, but after waking up from her coma, she never called me like that, but now, she just did and…
Immediately she hugged and cried.
“Rose… It’s okay!” I tell her.
I don’t know what happened but at leat I have to make her feel calm.
“She.. She tried to…” Rose breathed tiredly. “She tried to take my baby!”.
I was shocked when I heard that, I disengaged our hug and took a good look at Rose.
“She tried to take your baby?” I repeated. So she’ll let me see things vividly.
“Aunt… Tried to take joy away.” Rose tears kept falling.
She remembered.
Was it a memory?. Like Aaron said…
“It’s all her fault… That… I’m here!” Rose cried.
“She hated me so much!” Rise kept crying so I hugged her again. “Rose… It’s okay!” I pat her back.
“It’s not okay!.. Cause it hurts,… And I remember it all!” she sniffed on my shoulder.
I quickly break our hug and looked at her.
“You’re serious?” I asked.?
She nodded looking at me plainly.
“You have all your memories back?”.
“Every single one of them,” she sniffed and cutely swiped her hand under her nose to stop the tears that had crawled there.
“Oh… God, this is a relief!” I hugged her tightly. “This is a relief!” I exclaimed.
The door suddenly opened and doctor Aaron and I think Felix walked into the room looking pretty smart in their lab coats.
“What…? Is?” Felix turned to Aaron then me.
“This scene doesn’t look like an emergency to me!” Doctor Felix said looking at me hugging Rose.
“Oh..” I said and gently let’s go of rose. “See she wasn’t herself minutes ago, while asleep, but you wouldn’t believe me when I say, when she woke up. Her memories were suddenly intact, doctor Aaron was right when he suggested she could be having her memories back!” I explained.
Doctor Aaron and Felix both glanced at each other before walking up to the bed.
“Rose.” Felix called.
“Yeah?” Rose replied, her voice was suddenly sharp. Just like before.
“When is your birthday!?” he asked.
“Huh?…” Rose looked around. “Uhm… November 24” she suddenly said and I nodded with a smile.
She does remember.
“And… Who’s this man to you?” Doctor Felix asked.
Rose glanced at me.
“He’s the father of my child.!” she replied sharply and I think her head was getting clear.
“And How old is your child?” Felix asked.
Rose looked at me for help but she was thinking too… “I think two and a half!”.
“Yep!” I said as the doctors looked at me for confirmation.
“When is your child’s birthday!?” Felix asked.
“Uhm…” Rose closed her eyes like she was calculating something and then she opened them again. “December 25.” she smiled.
Now that’s my girl.
“Which is in three weeks time!” Felix smiled.
“Happy memory recalling miss Rose,” doctor Felix said as he and Aaron smiled down at Rose.
Aaron sighed, a sigh of relief. “looks like you’ll be getting discharged before the end of the week, congrats, you are really a fighter!”.
“I have to share this good news with everyone.” I said bringing out my phone, I couldn’t contain my happiness.
“Henry!” Rose called and I looked down at her.
“Do not call or text any one, it’s the middle of the night, you can do that tomorrow morning, and make sure you tell aunt to come see me first!” She said sternly. And I knew my rose was back.
She had always been sharp and frightening.
“Oh okay.” I dropped my phone.
“Have a good night rest miss Rose,” Felix said before he and Aaron walked out happily
I smiled and turned to to Rose.
“You heard the doctor!” I sat on the chair beside the bed. “you have to rest!”. I tell her.
Without replying or hesitating she laid back on the bed and reached for my hand.
“I don’t think I can fall asleep anymore!” she sighed.
“Well I’m still pretty sleepy!” I smiled at her.
“You go to sleep and I’ll just–
“Henry… shut up…” she interrupted me.
“Uhm.. Okay..” This is not the first time I’m hearing her say that to me. She’s fund of telling everyone to shut up.
“Don’t treat me like an Invalid and go to sleep, I can’t force my body to sleep.” she ordered,
I smiled at her. “Okay boss!”
I’m so glad she’s back.
I rested my head on the bed but her hand raised them up.
“What are you doing?” she asked.
“Trying to fall asleep like you told me to?” I arched my brows at her.
“You can’t possibly sleep like that, when the bed is big enough for two people!” She said.
“Huh…” Is she trying to say, I should lie on the bed with her?
“But you’re a patient and I’m..
“Henry… The bed…” she repeated and I sighed…
“Yep… You’ve always been bossy all your life but I’m so glad to have you back!” I said and kissed her cheeks.
She smiled and grabbed my face, gave me a light kiss on the lips and tapped the bed before scooting over for me to lie down.
I laid down on the bed with Rose and it was big enough for two people. She was leaning close to me and her head was on my shoulder.
Recalling her memories, she must seen I’m not a stranger, but closet person she could ever have.
She said she couldn’t fall sleep, but before I knew it, she was asleep. I was so glad she was back.
The next morning I woke up before Rose and texted everyone about the good news and by everyone I just mean Tina and her mom.
Tina replied saying she’s joyful and will be at the hospital soon but Tina’s mom never gave any reply.
Well that’s how she is.
She’s Cold
I woke up without Henry beside me and the first person I saw was my Aunt.
The woman who tried to sell my baby to an orphanage three months after her birth.
T. B. C


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