(To love or to avenge)




…Then there was a knock on the door.
“Come on in” Director DW said.
A middle-aged man walked in with some papers which he later dropped on the table right in front of his director.
“I’ve checked the files again,no error sir” The man said as he avoided eye contact with his director.
“Mr May, are you assuring me now that you didn’t make any mistake?” The Director asked.
“No mistakes sir” Mr May responded.
Mr DW neatly arranged the files…”Good,good”He said.
“Yes sir” Mr May turned to go.
“Sss.. Sir”He stammered.
“There’s a task I ought to deal with myself but it’s never gonna be possible b’cos I’m travelling to Dubai” Director D paused “I don’t know why I feel like you are the perfect one I should hand-over the task to”He concluded.
“You’re leaving for Dubai? With who, Me or Mr Jeremy?”
“I just told you that I’m handling over a task to you.Two,it’s
not a business trip.. I’m not taking Mr Jeremy along with me.It’s just I and my family”
“Seriously Director DW, This is so unfair” Mr May yelled,hitting the table angrily. “It’s not even a business trip,you are leaving the country just for the fun it”He continued to yell angrily.
“Be calm Mr May” Director DW snapped.
“My bad! I’m sorry sir” He said acting like he’s really sorry.
“Anyways, I’m not leaving San Francisco for the fun it like you just said.My wife, her condition and I’ve got the best doctors in Dubai” Director DW told him..Now glaring deeply into his eyes. “Mr May,I know you have a grudge against me yet I don’t know why..B’cos you hate me doesn’t mean you are allowed to disrespect me.I,Mr Dawton remains the director of this company.Therefore, I deserve full respect Ok? ”
“Ok then, safe trip” Mr May rudely said, leaving the office.
“Mr May!!” Director DW shouted after him but he ignored,slamming the door, making it give an annoying noise.
“Warning Mr May, I won’t go easy on you next time”
+ +
“Fine! he should just kill me” Mr May soliloquised in anger, kicking a chair and re-kicking it.
“I remain the director of this company.Therefore,i deserve full respect” He mimicked.
“Seriously,I’m no fool but he is turning me into one and I strongly refused to be used by anyone, just anyone.I am not stupid, why am working for someone younger than me? It’s supposed to be the other way round..Why is he my Director? Isn’t that position mine? C’mon I’m not the little one here, What d’hell am I gonna do??
“Hello Mr Jeremy” Director DW said immediately after receiving the call.
“Ohhhh…Get him what he wants,you and I know he is troublesome..besides,he is very fond of you.. So buy him whatever he wants”
“Really? Today’s kid are so unbelievable! I mean, you took him to a fun park yesterday and today, he wants you to take him there again” He laughed “I love the man my little boy is becoming.Do satisfy him, he already sees you as an elder brother anyway.Please take good care of my son and do take good care of yourself too”
“Oh the tickets,Get three”
“Thank you so much Mr Jeremy.Keep on with the good works, I have never regretted having you as my personal assistant,i really… ”
The door opened unexpectedly and the cell phone fell off Director D’s hand as he saw Mr May walked in majestically with a gun.
“Mr May,What the hell are you doing with a gun? ” He shouted.
“Relax Director DW or should I call you the ex-director? ” He laughed hysterically.
“Wh..What? ”
“Don’t freak out yet, I’ll be a bit fair. So is there anything you wanna say to someone? your loved ones? your son? your lovely wife? Oh no, she would join you soon,i’m terrible at separating couples”
“Please drop the gun Mr May. If there is any dispute between us, we could simply settle it amiciably” Mr DW trembled.
“No, no and no. Don’t make me spend too much time. I didn’t plan to see a drama or listen to stories… They would be awake soon” Mr May said smiling wickedly.
“Security!!! ” Director DW screamed.
“Didn’t you hear me say they would be awake soon? Everyone is sleeping! Thanks to the unobservant food-vendor” He continued to smile satisfactorily,pointing the gun at him.
“I do not think I have ever done you wrong,never have I! perhaps I have, I’m deeply sorry” He cried.
“Just one bullet,goodbye Mr DW”He pulled the trigger.
How do you see the prologue?



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